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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Sprion’s Raw Review.

Alright, the opening promo was pretty good. It’s always hard to do promo’s in recapped form, but you did a pretty good job of it. Triple H and Orton were in good, and it was VERY realistic promo, it almost felt like I was reading this out of some site like Gerweck or something. Okay, I know you probably wrote the show before Monday, but it’s going to be a pretty boring main event seeing as it just happened in real life on Monday….shit happens though, and I’m sure it wasn’t intentional.

Wow, nice booking. I like to see Dreamer win, and it’s good to see him being used. Lance Cade was a good opponent for him, he’s over, but losing really doesn’t effect him. It was a good match, with a nice ending.

I’m not really up for seeing Cody Rhodes and a Carlito feud. It seems a bit bland to be, to be honest. The Cabana was good, and it’s structure was perfect as well. Decent promo, if not a bit boring.

Hmm, I like Morrison being thrown in there, but doubt he will be the one to face Orton at Cyber Sunday. I’m positive it will be Hunter. You just fixed the main event problem, and by just tweaking it a bit, you’ve livened up the whole show. Well done.

Squash match, if anything. Nice to see Burke on Raw, and a credible win for him. I can see a push coming. Anyone who squashes always gets some form of push.

Very nice tag match, and good use of superstars………no matter how familiar it may be. (Jeff and Kennedy both faced each other in a tag match on Raw this Monday. Dude, what‘s wrong with you? Are you, like, Vince in disguise?) You really need to differ you’re product from the WWE bro.

Not a fan of women wrestling, in BTB, of course. So, whether it was a good match or bad, I don’t know, because honestly, I would be lying if I said I read it……..okay dude, seriously. A Beth Phoenix attack during a woman’s match….where have I seen this before? Oh yeah. Raw on Monday. Dude, I know its probably not you’re fault, but you have to see where I’m coming from.

Once again, the main event is changed. I like it, though not as much as when Punk was in it. Good to see him as a candidate for Cyber Sunday. Doubt he’ll win the vote though. Wow, was almost half expecting Hunter to win. Good booking, I have to say. Wasn’t expecting the RKO.

Okay dude, as harsh as it may sound, I’m only being honest with you. You’re BTB is too much like the current WWE product. You need to change storylines around, or you will begin to lose readers, and lose them fast. Too many things happened in this show, that also happened on Raw in real life. The thing that really bothers me, is that you’re a really talented writer, it’s just you’re booking skills are, well, it would be unfair to say bad, but it’s almost TOO realistic. You’re match writing and promo writing are excellent though, so thumbs up for that bro. Keep it up.
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