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WWE.com - Raw Results

RAW RESULTS (15th October 2007)

Birmingham, England

***“Wanna Be Loved” plays around the arena***


***“King of Kings” blasts out as Triple H walks out to an amazing ovation***

He gets in the ring and looks very serious as he lifts the microphone to his mouth and says that he's not out here to talk about how great it is to be in the United Kingdom, saying he's out here for two reasons, the WWE Champion Randy Orton and the man who's responsible for him not being the WWE Champion right now, Vince McMahon. With the fans booing loudly at the mention of their names, Triple H continues by saying that at No Mercy he became an eleven time champion, and didn't do just that, he retained it in the same night against a Samoan monster, but says that wasn't enough for Vince.

He says that Vince is out to screw him over at all costs and won't stop until he's got what he wants and that is having Triple H out of the picture. He then says he's got to focus on the one thing he wants and that is the WWE Championship, saying that he has to put Vince to the back of his mind and after Randy Orton screwed him last week, he's got The Legend Killer well and truly in his sights because he knows that the WWE Championship belongs around the waist of the King of Kings (Pop). He then says that after what happened last week on Raw and at No Mercy, it's just made him more determined to get his hands back on the gold that was stolen away from him.

He says that he can't make himself one of the options to get a title shot at Cyber Sunday, but if Orton's got any guts, he'd accept the challenge to let the fans vote for him to get the shot (Pop). He then calls Orton out and wants to see if the champ has the balls to back up the gold. He waits for several seconds before Orton appears on the tron, standing in the back and getting a lot of heat. HHH shakes his head as Orton says that he'd love to see the fans vote Triple H in at Cyber Sunday so that he can leave him laying on his back looking up at the stars like at No Mercy, but reminds Triple H that he's got the WWE Championship and not the power to make decisions.

He then says that whatever happens at Cyber Sunday, whether Triple H gets voted in or not, there's only one person who will be leaving the WWE Champion, and that is The Legend Killer (Heat). Trips then says Orton has created history by becoming WWE Champion, in fact he is the first WWE Champion to have no balls, and that if he doesn't want to face him at Cyber Sunday, he can do it tonight. (Pop) Orton smirks and says that Triple H is in no position to make demands because when it comes down to it, he's a nobody, a no one when William Regal walks out to the entrance ramp and says that by the orders of Mr. McMahon, Triple H will face Randy Orton right here tonight, Randy Orton and Umaga in a handicap match. Regal's music hits as Trips looks pissed off in the ring and Orton smiles on the tron.


Tommy Dreamer w/Stevie Richards vs Lance Cade w/Trevor Murdoch

In what was a very competitive match, Dreamer used his spirit to pull himself up from Cade's hard, stiff attacks. Cade thought he had it won and went to finish off Dreamer, waiting for him to get to his feet, but Dreamer stunned him as Cade then pulled him up by firing at him with rights and hitting a spike DDT out of nowhere. Murdoch got on the apron, but Richards quickly ran round and pulled him down as the ref counted the win for Dreamer.

AFTERMATH: Richards slides in the ring and joins the ref in raising Dreamer's hand as Murdoch sits up on the outside, looking on in shock


*** “Cool” hits & Carlito walks down to the ring, set up for Carlito's Cabana***


Carlito says that he needs to clear things up because he's had some dumb English kids being disrespectful to him all day, saying that he was signing autographs for all his fans when two kids laughed at him and said he lost to Cody Rhodes last week (Pop). He says that Cody cheated to win and that he could never lose to Cody with one arm tied behind his back and that when they meet later on tonight, he will show everyone that Cody got lucky before then calling Cody a tribute act to his over weight and over rated father (Heat). He says the one thing he hates most about Cody is that. . . He's cut off by Cody walking out to the ring and a good pop.

Cody walks right into the ring and picks up a mic off a stool and says that no one disrespects his father, no one. Carlito says that it's a disgrace that people think Dusty Rhodes was greater than his father, the great Carlos Colon. He says that his father has done more for wrestling than eat cheese burgers and dance around like an idiot (Heat). Cody gets right in Carlito's face and tells him that his dad has done more than that and when he said that no one disrespects him, he means it and warns Carlito to be very careful. Carlito then pushes him and asks him what he's going to do about it and Cody then punches Carlito down to the mat. Carlito gets up and the two brawl until security run down and get between them.


John Morrison is walking through the hall and he sees Mr. McMahon and walks quickly towards him, with both getting heat in the arena. He approaches and Vince and calls him Mr. McMahon. He tells Vince that he thinks Cyber Sunday is such a great idea and that's why Vince is a self made billionaire. Vince says that Cyber Sunday is one of the best ideas he's ever had and that it's going to be a big success again this year. Morrison then says it sure will be, but he just wishes he could be one of the options to face Randy Orton since he never got a rematch for the ECW Championship.

Vince looks at Morrison for a second and says that he thinks Morrison certainly made a better champion than CM Punk and that he thinks he does deserve that chance to get a title shot after what happened to ECW and that he will allow John Morrison to be one of the three men to have a chance at the WWE Championship at Cyber Sunday (Heat). Morrison thanks Vince and tells him he won't regret it, then Vince says he has a great idea for tonight. He says that he's made a handicap match tonight with Triple H facing Randy Orton and Umaga, then says that his idea is to have CM Punk team up with Triple H and then that Morrison will join Orton and Umaga. Morrison says he loves it and thanks Vince again before walking off with a big smile on his face.


A recap of last week is shown when Elijah Burke walked through the back and insulted Val Venis & Jim Duggan, with Val holding Duggan back from Burke.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs Elijah Burke

In a short match, Duggan went after Burke early, but Burke's speed and athleticism saw him counter most Duggan assaults. Duggan got Burke into the corner and was hammering away with hard right hands when the ref pulled him back for open hands. Burke then stepped out of the corner and pushed Duggan lightly into the ref, whose back was then turned as Burke took advantage with a low blow before then hitting the Elijah Experience for the win.

AFTERMATH: Burke gets his hand raised and celebrates with a very cocky look on his face


Mr. McMahon
walks into his office and his face turns to horror as the camera pans to Triple H sitting down on the sofa, getting a massive pop from inside the arena. The camera goes back to Vince, who looks petrified. After a couple of seconds pause, he turns round to go to the door, but is stopped by Trips who slams the door shut (Pop). Vince slowly turns round, still looking scared senseless as Trips gets right in the face of Vince. He tells Vince that he's not here to play games, and that he just wants what he deserves, and that is his rematch he is owed for the WWE Championship. Vince still looking worried says that he won't allow it, which makes Trips even angrier.

He grabs hold of Vince's suit, picks him up, turns him round and pushes him onto the sofa (Pop). He then gets right back in his face and tells Vince not to be stupid because he knows what he's capable of doing to him if he doesn't give him what he wants. Vince remains silent as Trips yells at him to give him what he wants or he'll make him suffer and do something he might just regret. Vince says he won't do it, but Trips then pulls him up to his feet and is about to punch him when Vince gives in and reluctantly says that he'll give him what he wants for Cyber Sunday (Pop). Trips then calms down and lets Vince go, then slowly walks out of the room with Vince looking very angry.


We see Todd Grisham at the interview set where he introduces CM Punk as his guest, which gets a big pop. First he asks Punk how it feels to be on Raw. Punk says that his entire career he's worked to being on the biggest stage and now he's on Monday Night Raw, describing it as a dream come true. Then he asks Punk how he feels about being one of the three men who could possibly face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Cyber Sunday. Punk says that just having the chance to get a title shot is incredible, but to get so close and not to feel it would be very difficult to cope with.

He says that ever since he came to the WWE, the fans have been great to him and that they know if they pick him, he'll go out there against Randy Orton and put on the performance of a lifetime (Pop). Grisham then asks him about his match later on tonight and how John Morrison wormed in on a chance at the WWE Championship for Cyber Sunday. Punk just smirks and says that whatever happens in life, you can rely on Morrison to kiss ass to get what he wants, where he just goes out and gets it. He then says that tonight is his first match on Raw and he's going to show everyone that he's more than capable of being on Raw and getting a shot at becoming the WWE Champion at Cyber Sunday. Punk walks out of the shot to a good pop.


Jeff Hardy & Cody Rhodes vs Mr. Kennedy & Carlito

Jeff spent the most part of the match as the legal man for his team. For the later part of the match, he was in there with Kennedy who was working on Jeff's legs. Kennedy was in complete control and after a running neckbreaker, he went to the top rope after knocking Cody off the apron with a forearm. Kennedy then leaped off the top, but Jeff rolled out of the way. With the crowd cheering for Jeff, he slowly got to his corner as Cody got back on the apron and made the tag, with Carlito too getting a tag, they slug it out. After some close calls, Cody manages to dodge a Back Stabber by holding on to the top rope. He then runs at Carlito as he gets up, but Carlito ducks and Cody runs through into the ropes and a kick to the back from Kennedy. Jeff then runs over and he and Kennedy brawl to the outside as Carlito rolls Cody up, holding onto the tights and the ropes for the victory.

A short highlight reel of The British Bulldog is shown and then it shows him with his son Harry backstage from around ten years ago. It then cuts to clips of Harry Smith training in a gym and some location shots and then fades to a “Harry Smith Coming Soon” text overlay.


A big pop is heard coming from the arena after the video promo just before as Maria is in her dressing room when Torrie Wilson walks in (Pop). They seem happy to see each other but Torrie then tells Maria she needs to talk to her about Santino. Maria seems a little surprised as Torrie then tells her what happened last week about Santino trying it on with her and then pushing her to the floor. Maria says she doesn't know what Torrie is talking about and that Santino isn't like that. Santino then walks in and Maria asks him if what Torrie said was true.

He says that she is lying and that she is jealous of Maria and how beautiful she is. Maria looks sad and asks her if it's true. Torrie denies it and tells Maria she would never lie to her, and Santino then says that she should apologise to Maria before he tells her to leave as she tells Maria to be careful. As Torrie leaves, Santino hugs Maria and says that she shouldn't listen to other people and that she has him. They hug as we go to commercial.


A recap of the Battle Royal last week where Mickie James became the Number One Contender for the Womens Championship and was then attacked by Victoria after the match.

Mickie James vs Victoria

A very close match up with Victoria looking very dangerous, but Mickie keeps fighting back. Mickie manages to escape Victoria's clutches as the match came to an end and connects with a neckbreaker, but Victoria was able to kick out. Mickie then went for a Mick Kick as Victoria got to her feet, but Victoria ducked it and kicked her in the gut, then tried to get Mickie up for the Widows Peak. Mickie managed to slip down and went for an Implant DDT and nailed it. As she was about to go for the cover, Beth Phoenix left her position at the announce table, and as Mickie hooked Victoria's leg, Phoenix slid in the ring and stomped across the back of Mickie, causing the ref to disqualify Victoria.

AFTERMATH: Beth continues the assault on Mickie until she smashes her in the face with her title belt. As she leaves the ring, Victoria gets to her feet and looks shocked and angry towards Phoenix


Mr. Kennedy
walks into William Regal’s office (Heat) and says that he was told he was wanted by Regal. The Raw GM says that was correct and he has something he needs to discuss with him, and it concerns what happened last week and his match at Cyber Sunday. Kennedy tells him to shoot as Regal says that Mr. McMahon was not best pleased so to speak with what he did last week to Hornswoggle when he knocked him over. Kennedy tells Regal that it was accident, when he turned round, the little guy was right there and he couldn’t stop it. Regal then tells Kennedy that it wasn’t just that, but he mocked Mr. McMahon of sorts when he told him he must be proud. Kennedy asks Regal if he would be proud of Hornswoggle and he replies “Oh god no” but then says that Mr. McMahon is the one who is upset and angry, not him. Kennedy asks him what his point is and Regal tells him that when he made Kennedy’s match with Jeff for Cyber Sunday last week, Mr. McMahon took it upon himself to make the match choices for the fans to decide on.

Kennedy says he hasn’t got a problem with that, and says whatever match the internet geeks pick, he’s leaving Cyber Sunday the Intercontinental Champion (Heat). Regal then says that Mr. McMahon ordered him to tell Kennedy the matches that the fans can vote for, and tells him that the options are, a No Disqualification match which Kennedy seems to be fine with, a Ladder match (Pop) which again Kennedy is fine with and then Regal says the last choice is a First Blood match (Pop). Kennedy stares Regal in the face for a few seconds with a serious look on his face before nodding sadistically, turns round and walks out of the room. As he walks out, Hornswoggle walks in with Coach and Kennedy looks down at the little guy for around five seconds with Hornswoggle looking quite worried. Kennedy shakes his head and then walks away as Coach asks Regal what that was all about, and Regal says he doesn’t know with Hornswoggle looking confused as we go to commercial.


***All the superstars are in the ring for the main event***

***“No Chance in Hell” hits & Vince McMahon walks out to the entrance with a microphone in hand***


Vince tells CM Punk that he is no longer required for this match and tells him to leave to the back. Punk is reluctant and looks at Triple H as Vince then tells Punk if he doesn't leave, he will take him out of the equation for Cyber Sunday (Major Heat). After a long think, Punk apologises to Triple H and leaves for the back. Vince, getting a lot of heat, tells Triple H that he would take away his place too, but says that once Randy Orton, Umaga and John Morrison are done with him tonight, he won't be able to go to Cyber Sunday anyway. Trips looks up at him with a very angry look on his face.

Triple H vs Randy Orton, Umaga & John Morrison

Triple H has been destroyed for the majority of the match with his opponents jumping in whenever he got on top. As the match was coming to an end, Orton was the legal man and after he reversed a whip into a side inverted back breaker, he stalked HHH for an RKO. As Trips got to his feet, Orton leaped up for an RKO, but Trips managed to push him away and then kicked him in the gut for a Pedigree. Before he could hit the finisher, Umaga came in and distracted him, forcing him to let go of Orton. Umaga ran at Trips, but HHH ducked a clothesline as Umaga ran through into the ropes and Trips then ran over and clotheslined him over the top to the outside. Morrison then ran in and was back body dropped to the outside, but as Trips turned round, he walked right into an RKO from Orton who then covered him for the win.

AFTERMATH: Orton gets his arm raised and stares down intensely at Trips as Vince looks on with a sick smile on his face from the outside. Orton is then passed his WWE Championship and holds it aloft of Triple H


Tommy Dreamer df. Lance Cade
Elijah Burke df. Jim Duggan
Mr. Kennedy & Carlito df. Jeff Hardy & Cody Rhodes
Mickie James df. Victoria
Randy Orton, Umaga & John Morrison df. Triple H

Harry Smith & Paul Burchill df. Dave Taylor & Drew McIntyre

Santino Marella df. Balls Mahoney
Hardcore Holly df. Val Venis
Paul London & Brian Kendrick df. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

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