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Re: WWE: Afterlife

SummerSlam – August 15th 2004

Heat Match

William Regal and Eugene defeated Steven Richards and Val Venis
Trish Stratus defeated Jazz to retain the Women’s Championship

15th August 2004
Air Canada Centre
Toronto - Canada



The show begins with a Video Promo containing these words…

‘When men aspire, envy greets their enemies,
Cold hearts pump out cold blood,
‘Matt Hardy, I will end you’re career’,

Footage of Scott Steiner/Matt Hardy

The need to win holds no boundaries,
Injuries caused by harmful aggression,
Ego’s dented by the thought of victory,

Footage of Brock Lesnar/Undertaker shown

No man can ever bear a grudge,
‘Only A Street Fight can settle this’,
Jealousy defeats the point of pride,

Footage of Booker T/The Rock

Heritage mocked by those weak in soul,
Only those bold and brave will come through,

Footage of JBL/Eddie/Kurt Angle

Then there are those who seek no comfort,
Men who have their own needs cared for,
Resilience will always be noted,

Footage of TWGTT/La Resistance

One man who came for Gold,
A new start against a seasoned Veteran,

Footage of A.J Styles/Chavo Guerrero

Persons who strive for no end,
‘I will take you’re Title away’,
‘This will be the Final Encounter’,

Footage of Edge/Randy Orton

Then there is hope…
‘Chris Benoit, you’re mine’,
‘Triple H, I will never defend my Title against you again’,
‘Goldberg, if it’s you, and me I wont back down’,
‘Austin, That was for WrestleMania XX’,
‘Jericho, you will see fit to compete tonight’,
‘Kane, I will make you’re life hell’,

Footage of all Six Men

Six Men, One Chamber, One Prize, The World Heavyweight Championship,
Welcome To SummerSlam…’

Voice – Now join us as Snickers and PS2 host WWE SummerSlam.


Massive Pyro goes off around echoing around the whole Arena as SummerSlam is on the air.

J.RWe are completely Sold Out, Jam Packed here, and live, in the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada as the WWE presents SummerSlam, As always I’m Jim Ross alongside my colleague Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and King will this be Chris Benoit’s night or will one of five other men take away the top jackpot, known as The World Heavyweight Championship.

KingJ.R, If Chris Benoit walks out of that Elimination Chamber with the Gold still around his waist, then I will believe in miracles.

J.R - The World Heavyweight Championship will be defended for the second year running in that demonic, unforgiving, steel structure known as The Elimination Chamber, but that’s not all we have tonight, let’s join our colleagues over at Smackdown, Michael Cole and Tazz for more.

The Camera goes over to the Announce Table at Ringside

ColeThanks a lot J.R. The Raw Main Event sure is going to be great but Smackdown! Might be able to top it!

TazzThat’s right Cole, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar have been at it for weeks, and tonight we will finally see who will walk out of the Air Canada Centre the New WWE Champion

ColeTazz, what about Booker T and The Rock? Booker actually attacking The Rock on the set of his new film, The Rock will be looking for payback in their match later on tonight. It’s no ordinary match, It will be a Street Fight, but for now back to J.R and King for the first match.

Camera’s turn back to J.R and King

KingThanks a lot guys, did you hear that J.R? The Rock and Booker T in a Street Fight! J.R, get ready because SummerSlam is just about to begin. This is going to be great!

Lillian Garcia is standing in the Ring

LillianThe following match-up is scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Tag Team Championships

La Resistance Theme Plays

LillianMaking their way to the Ring, the Challengers. Now residing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. At a combined weight of 480lbs, Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway, La Resistance.

Some cheap pops after announcing from Canada

J.RThe cocky Frenchmen from Quebec, Canada lost the titles only 2 weeks ago on Raw, when our Chairman, Vince McMahon was in charge.

Footage shown of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin’s victory

KingIt was a travesty! La Resistance should have won. That damn Charlie Haas made Rob Conway tap out.

J.RRob Conway, an American by birth but an associate of the French.

The World’s Greatest Tag Team’s Theme Plays

LillianAnd making their way to the Ring, at a combined weight of 487lbs, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, The World’s Greatest Tag Team.

J.R Hold onto you’re hats everybody, this is going to be one wild night.

World Tag Team Title Match
The World’s Greatest Tag Team © v La Resistance

Shelton Benjamin and Rob Conway start in the Ring. They Lock-Up. Conway pushes Benjamin all the way to the Turnbuckle behind Benjamin. Conway lets go of Benjamin and Benjamin lands a punch. Conway punches back. Benjamin punches Conway twice until he falls onto the Canvas. He goes for a Pin


J.R - Rob Conway manages to kickout so early in the match. It would have been a shock if Shelton had got the 3 count.

Rob Conway gets to his feet where Shelton is waiting to deliver a Suplex. Benjamin lifts Conway up and makes the tag over to Charlie Haas. They both land a double DDT onto Conway. Benjamin leaves the Ring and Stands on the Apron. Meanwhile Haas goes for the cover,

1…Sylvain Grenier breaks up the count

Benjamin tries to enter the Ring but is blocked by the Referee who can’t see what is going on behind him. Grenier has remained in the Ring and is stomping on Haas. Grenier gets a Leg Sweep in before the Referee turns back around and orders him out of the Ring. Rob Conway gets the tag to Grenier. Grenier immediately goes on the offensive, picking up Haas, swinging him into the Ropes, kicks him in the Groin and lands a Snapmare takedown into a Sleeper Hold. Haas struggles to get out of it as he is loosing his Oxygen flow to his Lungs very quick.

U.S.A Chants begin.

Benjamin hits his hand repeatedly on the Turnbuckle whilst urging his Team Mate and Tag Team Partner on. The Referee lifts Haas’ arm to see if he is not unconscious. Haas manages to raise one hand in the air, get to one knee, and deliver elbows to the Mid-Section of Grenier. One fist to the Skull of Grenier and Haas is back up gasping for air. Benjamin extends his hand out for Haas to Tag but Haas can’t reach. Grenier makes sure of this by landing a Leg Sweep on Haas.

Both men are down, Referee starts counting…

1…2…3…4…5…Grenier gets back up and tags in Conway

Conway goes right after Haas but Haas tags in Benjamin who runs into Conway with a Clothesline, then a Northern Lights Suplex. Bridge and a cover…

1…2…Grenier makes the save again.

Grenier gets a Small Package on Benjamin…


KingI thought we had new Champions just then

Grenier is frustrated and kicks the Rope to vent that frustration out, whilst he does this, Benjamin lands the Super Kick. Before he can make the cover, Conway grabs him from behind and executes a perfect Full Nelson Slam. Charlie Haas then throws Conway over the top Rope, outside of the Ring. Haas locks in the Haas Of Pain but he is not the legal man! It’s Benjamin! Haas picks up Grenier, lays him horizontal on the top Rope and Benjamin runs to the opposite Rope, and Leapfrogs Haas, landing onto the Lower Back of Grenier. Conway re-enters the Ring but is swiftly clotheslined over the top rope by Haas, who knocks himself over in the process. Meanwhile in the Ring, Benjamin Irish Whip’s Grenier into the corner, he lands the Splash followed by a Release German Suplex, cover by Benjamin. Haas stops Conway entering the Ring.


Here are your winners and still World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

J.RThe World’s Greatest Tag Team have done it again! They have beaten La Resisitance twice in two weeks for the Tag Titles. What a win for this young, upcoming duo.

La Resistance are in the Ring, consoling each other. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin take their Tag Titles, walk up the aisle, and raise each other’s Arms, signalling to the World that they are still, the Tag Team Champions.

KingJ.R, the Referee should be shot! Did you see that fast count J.R? Did you?

J.RStop making excuses for yourself.

Backstage a Limo pulls up in the Parking lot, the driver gets out, walks to the back and opens the Door.

J.RI wonder who that could that be?

Out steps the Boss, Mr. McMahon. He grabs a Bag containing his Attire from the Trunk.

KingThe Boss is here!!!

He does up the Buttons on his Blazer, and strolls by the Cameraman, with a grin on his face.

J.RFolks, the announcement was made on Smackdown! That Vince McMahon will be the Special Guest Referee in the Edge/Randy Orton, Intercontinental Title Match.

KingWith all the history between Randy Orton and Vince McMahon, and the Title match tonight, who knows what is going to happen?

J.RNow over to Michael Cole and Tazz for the first Smackdown Match

Cameras turn over to the Smackdown Announce Table

TazzCole, that was just the first Raw match, I don’t know how we are going to top that?

ColeWell we will just have to wait and see because coming up next, A.J Styles in his first ever appearance at a WWE PPV will face Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Title. This is how this one all started…

4 weeks ago on Smackdown…..

The Chavitos were celebrating Chavo Jnr’s victory against Billy Kidman in the centre of the ring. Suddenly, someone appeared on the titantron……

Crowd cheer

???Hey Chavo!! You think you’re so big huh? You think you’re unstoppable with that title don’t you? We’ll guess what? I’m coming for you Chavo. I’ll be here next week. You better kiss goodbye to that title.

Crowd Cheer

Cole – Oh my God, that was… that was A.J.STYLES!!!

TazzA.J Styles is coming to the WWE!!! And he’s after Chavo Jnr!!!! Chavo better watch out next week.

The Chavitos looked around worriedly, and then hurried out of the ring.

3 weeks ago on Smackdown....

Chavo was in a match again Rey Mysterio and was about to win the match…..

J Styles music starts* A.J Styles makes his way to the ring to the surprise of Chavo Jnr.

Styles runs into the Ring. Chavo runs to try and clothesline him but Styles ducks, turns, and hits Chavo with the Styles Clash. The ref signals for the bell. Mysterio has been disqualified. A.J Styles continues his assault despite the many bell rngs. Styles then leaves the ring, takes the belt and poses with it over Chavo.

A.J was on the path to the Cruiserweight title, when Rey Mysterio stopped him and gave him a challenge, which Styles overcame and became the number one contender for the Cruiserweight title…..

3 Days ago onSmackdown

A.J Styles’ music starts A.J Styles comes out, a massive crowd cheer

TazzA.J is scheduled to fight tonight. This must be about his shot at the Cruiserweight title.

StylesLast week, I battled Rey Mysterio for a shot at the Cruiserweight title and I came out on top. Now I want my match against Chavo for the title. I came out here to ask Shane to schedule me a match for the Cruiserweight title. I don’t care when it is, tonight, Summerslam, next week, next month, I don’t care, just schedule my match!!! Shane, I…..

*Shane McMahon’s music starts* Shane McMahon comes out to a huge cheer

ShaneWell Styles, you’re doing well for yourself. You recently joined the WWE and you’re already number one contender for the Cruiserweight title. You couldn’t definitely go places in the future. Since you’re got so much potential, I think you should get the experience you need in the WWE, so I’m gonna book your match against Chavo for the Cruiserweight title at SummerSlam.

Crowd Cheer

*Chavo Guerrero’s music starts* Chavo comes out to loud boos

ChavoHey, hold up homes. Styles is no way good enough to challenge me for the title. He beat one high profile wrestler then suddenly he gets a shot at the…..

ShaneShut up Chavo!!!! Who’d you think you are? You may be the Cruiserweight champ, but I’M THE G.M!!!! Don’t forget your role Chavo!!! Now you two are gonna have a match this Sunday. If you wanna keep your title, then win your match. Now please take it easy tonight, I want both of you to be in good condition for Sunday’s match, we need SummerSlam to be as good as possible.

Shane leaves the ring, leaving Chavo and Styles in a face off.

StylesI’d kick your ass all over this ring right now Chavo. But Shane is right; I’d need to be fit for my first big match in the WWE. Be ready Chavo.

Styles leaves the ring, leaving Chavo alone in the ring.

ColeI wonder what’s going through his head.

TazzFear Cole. He fears that he’s going to lose the Cruiserweight title. And what’s worse is that he could lose it to someone who hasn’t even been in the WWE for at least a month. A.J is good Cole, but I don’t he’s ready to play with the big boys.

ColeLet’s hope Chavo is ready for this match.

TazzChavo’s definitely going to win this match. A.J’s a newbie to this game, he’s gonna have to learn that it’s not easy to just come into the federation and win a title from a veteran player like Chavo.

ColeWell it’s time to start the first match from the Smackdown side. We sure hope it’s a good one.

Cruiserweight Title Match
Chavo Guerrero © vs. A.J Styles

*A.J Styles’ music starts* Styles comes out to loud cheers

*Chavo Guerrero’s music starts* Chavo comes out accompanied by his father Chavo Classic. They both receive boos from the crowd.

Chavo leans over the ropes and tell his father to look after his title for him. When he turns around he gets nailed by some punches to the face from Styles. Styles tries to reply but Chavo blocks. Chavo grabs Styles and whips him into the ropes. Styles bounces off the ropes and rebounds straight into a crossbody from Chavo. Chavo goes to the head of Styles and lets loose with a fury of punches.

ColeChavo looks really determined to retain his title.

Chavo goes to pick up Styles, but Styles pushes him off and goes for a grapple. Styles gets the upper hand and puts Chavo into a headlock. Chavo struggles to get free so Styles snapmares him to the mat, followed by a dropkick to the back of the head. Styles then goes and lifts the legs of Chavo and sends a hard stomp down onto his groin. Styles picks up the downed Chavo and lands a belly-to-belly suplex. Styles picks him up and whips him into the turnbuckle, and then give him 10 punches to the head. Styles then lifts Chavo to the top turnbuckle. Styles climbs to the second and attempts to suplex Chavo off the top turnbuckle.

TazzWe could see a big move here from Styles.

But Chavo resists and pushes Styles down to the ring mat. Chavo then stands on the top turnbuckle and waits for Styles to get to his feet. Styles gets up and receives a flying dropkick in the face. Chavo goes for the pin. 1…2… Styles kicks out.

ColeA close call. That was hard to judge.

Chavo looks shocked and argues with the ref saying it was a 3 count. Chavo gives up and turns his attention back to Styles. Chavo gives Styles a few good stomps on the head to weaken him, then goes to pick him up. Styles pushes him off and gives him a few shots to the face, followed by an irish whip into the turnbuckle. Styles then follows it up with a clothesline. Styles then whips Chavo into the opposite turnbuckle and follows it up with a clothesline. He then whips him back into the opposite turnbuckle. Styles goes for another clothesline, but Chavo pulls the nearby ref infront of him. Styles lands a clothesline on the ref, knocking him to the ground and temporarily out of service.

ColeWhat a cowardly move from Chavo!

TazzIt’s tactics Cole, tactics.

Styles looks at the damage he has done, but his attention is soon brought back to the fight with some shots to the faces from Chavo. Chavo then uses a fake irish whip, followed by a kick to the gut. Chavo goes for his finishing DDT on the dazed Styles, but Styles pushes him off. Chavo then receives a kick to the gut and is suddenly put into position for the Styles Clash.

ColeIt could be all over here! Styles is so close to a victory!

TazzWait, look!

Styles gets ready to land the move, but he is suddenly stroke in the back of the head with hard, cold metal. Chavo Classic had made his way into the ring and stroke Styles on the back of the head with the Cruiserweight title.

TazzHa ha ha, welcome to the WWE Styles!!!

Styles drops to the ring mat. Chavo Classic then goes to help up Chavo Jnr and then slides out the ring. Chavo Jnr then goes and helps the ref get up. The ref says he’s ok, so Chavo goes over to Styles and lifts him to his feet. He gives him a kick to the gut, followed by a Brainbuster DDT. Chavo goes for the pin. 1…2…3 Chavo retains the Cruiserweight title.

ColeYou can always count on the Guerreros to cheat their way to victory. Styles fully deserved to win this match.

TazzStyles just needs to learn how to play the game in this federeation. You’re not gonna pick up an easy win against a Guerrero.

ColeI doubt this will be the last we will see of Styles going after Chavo’s belt.

TazzChavo needs to go home and study some videos of Chavo before he’ll be ready for another match against him.

The camera switches to backstage.

J.R -The Coach is standing by with Chris Jericho

CoachThank You, J.R. Chris, later on tonight you will be part of the historic Elimination Chamber match for the third time in you’re career. Will it be third time lucky for you?

JerichoWell Coach, I’m up against 5 awesomely talented, and physically strong Wrestlers. Apart from Kane…who’s just a freak. Anyway, Chris Benoit has done tremendously well to hold onto the belt for nearly 5 Months, but tonight it will be the turn of the First Ever Undisputed Champion, Y2J to hold the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Rock walks by…

RockHey it’s your2jackass, Chris Jericho!!

JerichoIs that right. You ass-clown

RockWhoa, those are pretty big words for a boy your size. You need to know your role Jericho. Either just bring it, or SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!

Rock and Jericho stare at each other in the Face

Unforgiven Commercials air

J.RWhat an intensely built up match we have next, The Hardcore Title will be on the Line as Scott Steiner takes on Matt Hardy.

KingMatt was told to stay at home this past week on Raw, but Matt decided to show up in Kingston, Ontario and he paid the price.

J.RThat’s right King, Matt seriously injured as a result of an attack by the Hardcore Champion. But you have to keep in mind if Matt Hardy does not turn up for his Match, Eric Bischoff will fire him instantly.

LillianThe following Match is scheduled for one fall and it for the WWE Hardcore Championship.

Scott Steiner’s Theme Plays

LillianMaking his way to the Ring, from Bay City, Michigan weighing in at 275lbs, he is the WWE Hardcore Champion, Scott Steiner

KingHere comes the Hardcore Champion, who may I add is undefeated as Champion on Raw.

J.RIt’s going to be one tough night for young Matt Hardy

Steiner grabs a Microphone

ScottNow Matt, The Big Bad Booty Daddy hasn’t seen you since Monday when I beat you’re ass to a bloody pulp. I told you not to come to Raw, you ignored me, so you got you’re ass whooped, but Matt that was only just a taster, you see I gave you that opportunity to back out, you didn’t take it. We could have gone to Eric Bischoff, called off the match and everything would have been fine but no Matt Hardy had to be Matt Hardy. Well Matt good luck tonight, if you’re gonna even make it. So this goes to Matt Hardy’s last night as a Raw Superstar… Holla If Ya Hear Me!

Crowd Boo

LillianAnd his opponent…

Crowd wait anxiously for a few seconds before Hardy’s Theme Plays

J.RLooks like Matt Hardy is here!

LillianAnd the challenger from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 225lbs, Matt Hardy

WWE Hardcore Championship
Scott Steiner © v Matt Hardy

Hardy paces slowly to the Ring, clutching a Steel Chair in his right hand; he enters the Ring and tries to hit Steiner with the Chair but Steiner kicks him and DDT’s him, the chair is then let loose from Hardy’s hand and lies in the middle of the Ring. Steiner goes for a quick cover…

1…2…Hardy kicks out

J.R – [/color=red]Matt Hardy will not give up that easily I can tell you that folks.[/color]

Steiner rolls out of the Ring, grabs the Hardcore Title and brings it back in. He measures Hardy up and nails him right in the forehead with the Title. Hardy is slightly busted open with this shot. No cover and no pin by Steiner instead he grabs a Table from beneath the Ring. Folds it into the Ring, climbs back in and tries to set it up, as he’s doing this Matt has got back up and Clotheslines Steiner all the way out of the Ring. Hardy rolls under the bottom Rope and grabs a Steel Chair placed under the Ring. Hardy nails Steiner with a shot to the Back. They another shot to the back but Steiner doesn’t want to stay down. Hardy then tries to swing him into the Steel Steps but Steiner reverses it and Hardy gets clattered right into the steps. Meanwhile Steiner gets back into the Ring and has set up the Table. He goes to the outside, gets Matt back into the Ring. He sets Matt up onto the Table, and is about to Scoop Slam him through it but Matt Low-Blow’s him. He then gets the Twist Of Fate on Steiner. He covers him…

1…2…Steiner just raises his shoulder up.

Hardy then drags Steiner onto the Table, and climbs up to the Top Rope. Matt jumps off, Steiner rolls off the Table, Hardy crashes violently through the Table. Steiner goes for the cover….


J.RThis one is over, Scott Steiner has beaten Matt Hardy

Here is your winner and still WWE Hardcore Champion – Scott Steiner

After the Match Steiner exits the Ring and is walking up the aisle. He sees Matt on the TitanTron moving. Steiner then runs back and grabs another Table and throws this one under the bottom Rope. Steiner sets this up and is about to get Hardy in the Frankensteiner position; he lifts him up…




Jeff sprints down the aisle and takes out Steiner’s knee this forces Matt to fall down to the floor. Steiner tries to hit Jeff with the Title but Jeff kicks him in the Mid-Section and lands the Twist Of Fate in, rolling him onto the Table he then climbs to the Top Rope…


Hardy lands the Swanton Bomb on Steiner through the Table, EMT’s come rushing to the scene. Matt grabs Jeff and rolls him out of the Ring; they both celebrate on the SummerSlam aisle for this is the return of The Hardy Boyz!

Eric Bischoff is backstage with all 6 Elimination Chamber Members

EricI have gathered you all here to make the draw for the first two men who will square off in the Ring. The first man to enter the Chamber will be…

Takes out a piece of Paper from the Hat, looks at it and laughs

EricThe 1st Participant in the Raw Elimination Chamber will be…CHRIS BENOIT!!!

He shows the camera the piece of paper. Benoit is irate but the others seem pleased.

EricNow I will draw the second participant in the Elimination Chamber…

He picks out another piece of paper from the Hat and smiles as well he shows the camera this piece of paper as well

EricThe 2nd Participant will be our new celebrity…GOLDBERG!!!! Ha ha ha. Good Luck to all of you.

KingDid you get that J.R, Benoit and Goldberg will start the Elimination Chamber!

WWE Live Commercials

Camera goes backstage to Booker T’s locker room where he is punching the air, preparing for his match.

Booker TThe Rock don’t know who his messing with. Who does he think he is, tryna beat me down last week. I’m gonna take him out of this company and give him a beating that he’ll NEVER forget! NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT…..

Booker T leaves the locker room and shuts the door. The cameraman goes and opens the door to leave, when Booker T jumps out from round the corner.

Booker T – [/color=blue]SUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAA!!!!!!!![/color]

ColeWell the time has come for the Rock to choose what path he’s going to take in his career.

TazzThe Rock better win this match. We need him in the WWE. I need him in the WWE!

ColeWell let’s look back at the feud that started four weeks ago…

4 weeks ago on Smackdown, Michael Cole made the announcement….

ColeWe’re sorry that are about to return to some bad news. The Rock was savagely attacked in his locker room during the commercial break. The Rock was found laying unconscious in his locker room and is being rushed to the local hospital as we speak.

TazzWe sure hope he will back in action next week so he can debut his new segment. Damn, I was looking so forward to it.

3 weeks ago on Smackdown, the Rock returned, searching for answers…. And revenge….

*If Ya Smell* The Rock comes through the curtains with a bandage on his head and is welcomed by a massive cheer from the crowd.

ColeThe Rock has come out quite early. He’s not scheduled to be out here till later.

TazzIt looks like the Rock wants to get down to business right away.

RockFinally the Rock has come back……to New York City!!!!

Massive cheer

RockThe Rock would like to thank all my layol fans who sent him those get well cards while he was in hospital. But the Rock is back and out for revenge. That is why he have decided to start “If Ya Smell” much earlier than scheduled. There is one man in the back of this arena. One jerbrony-kissing-candyass son of a bitch that sent me to the hospital last week. That man will be my special guest for the show. Would you kindly bring your punkass out here.

Booker T’s music starts* Booker T comes out to a loud boo

ColeSo Booker T is to blame for the Rock’s injuries last week.

RockWelcome to “If Ya Smell”. And boy, the Rock can sure smell you!!! But enough of the funny business. The Rock has only one question then you can take your candyass off my show. That question is why? Why did you take it upon yourself to try and attack the Rock? You can’t even take care yourself yet you want to try and take out the Rock. Look at your hair for goodness sake. It looks like a mop. You can see all the nits jumping up and about.

Booker TYou think your some big shot Rock. Wrestling made you who you are today, then you left it for Hollywood. Now you think you can make your one appearance every 6 months and that’s it. Well let me tell you something sucka, I’ve had enough. You either stay, or you get the hell out and leave the wrestling to the really committed people.

Crowd boo

RockWho do you think you are? You think you can out here, and give the Rock ultimatums on the Rock’s shows? You think you can come out and tell the Rock to pick between the two things the Rock loves, and the two things the people like to see the Rock do?

TazzTwo things? I know wrestling’s one of them, but what’s the other?

RockWell Bucker T, Buck Tooth, Bookshelf, whatever you name is….

Booker TIt’s B…


Loud cheer

RockWhat matters is that the Rock is about to whoop your ass all over this ring, then he’s gonna use your mop head to clean up your sweat and blood from the ring.

Crowd cheers and Rock takes off his shirt. He and Booker T go face to face and exchange words. Booker T attempts to punch the Rock, but it is blocked and the Rock “Lays the Smackdown” on him. The Rock then bends down preparing for the Rock Bottom.

Crowd cheer

Cole Look, our G.M Shane McMahon is heading for the ring.

ShaneHold it, hold it. This is not the right time for this. You two have already delayed the start of the first match. You both have to leave this ring right now. But don’t worry, you’ll both get the chance to go at each other’s throats at SummerSlam.

Crowd cheer

1 week ago on Smackdown, Booker T’s point was proven, and he decided to take action by attacking the Rock on the set of his film….

3 days ago on Smackdown, with the match 72 hours away, and the cards already dealt, Booker T decided to add to the stake…..

*Booker T's music starts* Booker T comes out to boos

TazzWhat’s he doing here? Where’s the Rock?


Loud boos

Booker T As you can see, the Rock’s punk ass has yet again sold out on you wrestling fans. But don’t worry, the REAL Great One is here and ready to give you a show. Now I’m not like the Rock. I never grew up in the posh suburbs of Miami. I grew up on the rough streets. I was harsh life, but it was on the streets where I learnt to fight. I do my best fighting in the street. So to really give it to the Rock, I’ve asked Shane if he could add a stipulation to our match at SummerSlam. And that stipulation was granted. At SummerSlam, me the Rock will go at it in a street fight. But there’s more Rock. Since you love your movies and you can’t seem to decide whether or not to stay in wrestling, I’m gonna help you with that decision. If you lose in our match at SummerSlam, you can keep on staring in your movies…. But don’t come back to the WWE. I want you gone for good you sell-out. If you love wrestling, you better be prepared. NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT…… SUCKA!!!!

The Rock’s music starts* The Rock runs out to the ring ready to fight. The Rock jumps in the ring and he and Booker T exchange punches. Booker T grabs the Rock’s arm, whips him into the ropes, but the Rock counters, and lands the spinebuster. He then looks towards the crowd and signals the peoples’ Elbow. He runs to the ropes, rebounds, jumps over Booker T, rebounds off the ropes again, and then lands the Peoples’ Elbow.

ColeWell the ball’s in Booker T’s court in this match. Booker T grew up fighting on the street. Do you think the Rock could pull one over on Booker in this match?

TazzDefinetely. The Rock is fighting for much more that something like a title, he’s fighting for the People! And not to mention his career.

ColeWell let’s switch our attention to the ring and get ready as Booker T is about to go one on one with the Great One!

TazzThis match may start in the ring, but I doubt it’ll finish in there…

Street Fight – I Quit Match (Stipulation only applies to the Rock)
The Rock vs. Booker T

*Booker T’s music starts* Booker T comes out to boos

*The Rock’s music starts* The Rock comes out to cheers. The Rock runs to the ring and slides in. Booker runs at him and attempts a clothesline but the Rock ducks and then “Lays the Smackdown” on Booker, sending him over the rope and out of the ring. The ref then signals for the bell.[/B]

The Rock gets some good stomps to the head of Booker T to weaken him. The Rock lifts Booker to his feet and then whips him into the steel steps, dislodging them from the ring post. The Rock then lifts Booker T to his feet and whips him into the security barriers and “Lays the Smackdown” yet again on Booker T.

TazzThe Rock’s fighting hard for his career.

The Rock then gets Booker T into a headlock and begins to take him up the ramp, while the camera picks up him saying, “You want a street fight so let’s take it to the street”. The ref follows close behind. The Rock drags Booker T to the top of the ramp until Booker T finally manages to break free. The Rock turns around and receives a clothesline sending him straight onto the hard metal of the ramp. Booker T lifts up the Rock and sends him back down to the metal with a suplex. Booker goes to the head of the Rock and gives him a few good punches to the face. Booker then hits him with a few knee drops. Booker then grabs the Rock and slams his head into the nearby security barrier, and then lets him drop to the floor. Booker T then drags the Rock up to the titantron and through the curtains. He then throws the Rock down the steps behind the curtains. The Rock tries to crawl away but Booker stomps on his back sending him to the floor. Booker lifts up the Rock and then whips him into some nearby production boxes, sending the heavy boxes tumbling over, but the Rock manages to keep on his feet. The Rock turns around and ducks just in time to miss a back kick aimed at the face from Booker T. The Rock grabs the head of Booker T and slams it onto a production box, sending Booker to the floor. The Rock wants to finish the fight early and goes for the pin. 1… Booker kicks out. The Rock then disappears from the view of the camera and comes back with a 12” metal pole. He stands waiting for the Booker T to wake up. Booker T gets to his feet and turns around, and the Rock begins to “Lay the Smackdown” on Booker T with the metal pole.

TazzThe Rock’s laying the Smackdown Cole!

He hits him once, twice, three times, then he raises his hand in the air and goes for the fourth hit, but Booker T counters and grabs the pole, but then receives a kick to the gut followed by a DDT on the hard concrete. The Rock rolls him over, showing a slight cut on his forehead. The Rock goes for the pin. 1…2… Booker T kicks out. The Rock stalks Booker T yet again, waiting for him to get to his feet. Booker slowly manages to get to his feet, and turns right into the Rock Bottom.

ColeThis could be it for Booker T.

But Booker counters, kneeing the Rock in the groin, and out of nowhere delivers his Scissor Kick finisher. The Rock’s body lands on the hard concrete.

TazzOh no, the Rock’s in trouble here….

Booker goes for the pin. 1…2… The Rock kicks out. Booker T grabs the Rock and begins to drag him back towards the steps to the curtain. Booker reaches the steps and slams the Rock’s head against them twice, causing a cut to open on the Rock’s head. Booker then drags the Rock up the steps and through the curtain. Booker then lifts the Rock and lands a sidewalk slam on the metal followed by a pin. 1…2… the Rock kicks out. Booker T gets up and lands a few knee drops onto the Rock. Booker T then lifts the Rock and lands a Fireman Carry. Booker then moves to the centre of the stage and performs his trademark “Spinaroonie”. He then goes over to the Rock and lifts him to his feet and gets him into position for the Book End. But the Rock counters, followed by a suplex sending Booker T off the stage towards the RAW announcer’s table.

ColeThe Rock senting Booker flying with that suplex!

TazzThey’re getting a bit too close to the RAW announcer’s table….

The Rock then jumps down, picks Booker T up and lands a scoop slam. The Rock then drags Booker to the RAW announcer’s table and begins to unload the items on top. He then rolls Booker T on top and climbs up.

TazzThe Rock about to put an end to this match.

He lifts Booker to his feet, puts his arm around his neck, lifts him in the air, and Rock Bottom’s Booker through the table. He goes for the pin. 1…2…3 The Rock wins.

ColeThe Rock is staying in the WWE! What a win by the Rock.

TazzLike I said Cole the Rock was fighting for a lot in that match. I’m just glad the Rock’s staying in the WWE.

ColeWell before we go to our next match, we will go backstage to Josh Matthews where he is currently waiting outside JBL’s dressing room for an interview.

Camera switches to backstage

MatthewsThank you Michael Cole, we are currently waiting for JBL who should be leaving his dressing room any minute to make his way to the ring.

JBL’s door opens and JBL comes out

MatthewsGood evening Mr. Layfield. We were just wondering if we could get a pre-match interview from you?

JBLOf course! I’ve always got time for my fans.

MatthewsWell Mr. Layfield, what do you….

JBLSorry boy, but if you don’t mind, I’ll do the talking.

JBL snatches the mic from Josh Matthews.

JBLTonight will be an historic night! Tonight you will see the only true American in this business become the number one contender for the good ol’ United States Title. That title has been held by many good wrestlers, ranging from Teery Funk to Ric Flair, Jimmy “Fly” to Ricky Steamboat. But now the title will reach a new era. It will finally be held by a GREAT wrestler! But that’s not the only historic thing that will happen tonight. Tonight you will also see the only true American in this business put a stop to that lying, cheating and stealing Mexican who goes by the name of Eddie Guerrero from getting his hands on our U.S Title. That title should be held by good, honest Americans. And I will…. Oh, I lost track of time, it’s time for me to go kick some ass. It’s been a fun interview.

JBL gives the mic to Josh Matthews and heads to the ring.

ColeWell before this match starts, let’s look how it came to be.

3 weeks ago on Smackdown, Kurt Angle was due to face Eddie Guerrero for the number one contender spot for the United States title. But due to injury, Kurt wasn’t able to compete and had to be replaced. His replacement was JBL. JBL lost the match, making Eddie the number one contender…..

2 weeks ago on Smackdown, JBL wanted to make his feeling about his match with Eddie felt…

RockThe Rock would like to welcome his fans to the second ever “If Ya Smell”. And tonight you will see the Rock interview the former WWE Champion, John “Bradshaw” Layfield. You may remember him as his beer bellyed, fake cigar smoking alter-ego, Bradshaw, when he part of the APA. But once he finally made himself a couple of dollars, he finally decided to make himself presentable to the public. So here he is, JBL.

*JBL’s music starts* JBL comes out to boos

RockWelcome to “If Ya Smell*. You asked to be interviewed, so make it quick, the Rock is busy. What’d you want?

JBLExcuse me Rock but that is mighty rude. I’ve taken some precious time to come and make your show exciting and this is how you treat me? We’ll I don’t have energy to waste of vermin lik yo…

RockWhooh, whooh, whooh!!!! Vermin like the Rock? The Rock isn’t vermin. The Rock is the Peoples’ Champ. The Rock is the champ to the millions (AND MILLIONS!!!) of people out there who don’t like vermin. Just hurry up and say what you came here for then get off my show.

JBLI came out here to talk about my match from last week. I was screwed out of my rightful victory. First the ref does a slow count, then Eddie Guerrero gets a cheap suplex in on me. And what’s worst is he’s not even American!!! I’ve come to call Eddie out and demand a rematch. Eddie, get out here!!!

*Eddie Guerrero’s music starts* Eddie comes out to a huge cheer

EddieListen ese, I won that match fair and square, man. You made a rookie’s mistake by turning your back on the opponent, homes. You don’t deserve to be the number one contender.

JBL I don’t care what you think Eddie, I want…

RockThis is all great, but the Rock would like to bring out his secret guest at this moment. This person feels he should be the number one contender and could beat both of you anytime. Ladies and gentlemen… and Eddie Guerrero, please welcome Kurt Angle.

*Kurt Angle’s music starts* Kurt Angle comes out to a massive cheer and “You Suck!” chants.

AngleAnyone in their right mind would know that I’m the real number one contender. If it weren’t for that attack by the Undertaker, I’d have been in that match against Eddie and I would have beat him no problem.

JBLWell too bad Kurt. Injuries happen. And because of your injury, the better man got the shot, but unfortunately was screwed by this un-American.

Crowd boo

The Rock gets a call on his cell phone

RockThe Rock has a major announcement involving you three Stooges. Shane McMahon has just called the Rock and told him that the number one contender will be decided at Summerslam, in a triple threat match.

Crowd cheer. Angle, JBL and Eddie exchange glances.

1 week ago on Smackdown, JBL decided to make the feud personal, with results he hardly could have expected…..

*JBL’s music starts* JBL comes out to massive boos

ColeWhat’s he doing here?

JBLWell since the Rock has sold-out yet again, I saw it fit to fill in the empty time slot. So I’d like to welcome everyone to my one-time-only segment of “Learn English with John Bradshaw Layfield”!!!

Massive boo

JBLThis segment is being hosted especially for those who are contending for the U.S Title, but are having trouble speaking the U.S native language. You know who you are…. This lesson will come in handy when you finally decide to apply for your American citizenship. Our first lesson of the day will be the alphabet. There’s song which is very easy to remember that will help you with the alphabet. He sings the alphabet song. There is a mix of laughter and boos. Now onto the next lesson….

*Eddie Guerrero’s music starts* Eddie comes out to a huge cheer

JBLOh Eddie, nice of you to join us. Have you come to practice the alphabet? Sing the song for us.

EddieYou think you’re funny, homes? You think you’re a comedian, man? You think you can make fun of the Latinos? I’ve had enough of you, ese. I can’t wait till SummerSlam to shut you up for good, I wanna do it right now, homes. Ring the bell, start the match!

This will be a singles match. Disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

Eddie gets the early upper hand in the fight, and dominates most of it.

Eddie goes to pick up JBL off the mat, but receives a low blow, followed by a DDT. JBL picks up Eddie and whips him into the ropes. He goes for the Clothesline from Hell, but misses. Eddie then kicks him in the gut, and lands a neckbreaker. Eddie then drags JBL into the centre of the ring and applies the El Paso. JBL is in too much to crawl to the ropes, so taps out. Eddie wins.

3 days ago on Smackdown, all hell broke loose….

*JBL’s music starts* JBL comes out to the ramp with a mic

JBLYou call that a match? I’m definitely going to win that triple threat match at SummerSlam. You couldn’t wrestle your way out of a greasy paper bag! I should come down to that ring and show you how to wrestle.

TazzWhoa, I think JBL’s mouth’s writing a check his ass can’t cash.

Angle signals for a mic.

AngleJBL, why don’t you come down here and show us what kind of wrestling they teach you down there in Yamakra.

Crowd laugh

JBL walks down to ring and rolls up his sleeves. He slides in and receives stomps to the head from Angle. He gets to his feet, but walks right into a German Suplex. Angle then applies the Ankle Lock to JBL, who screams in pain and struggles to get free. Suddenly Eddie Guerrero comes out of the crowd and enters the ring. He knocks Angle to the floor with a dropkick to the back of the head and Angle lands on top of JBL. Eddie climbs to the top turnbuckle then lands the Frog Splash on both Angle and JBL.

ColeAfter our last Smackdown, it looks like Eddie has a pretty good chance of walking away the number one contender. Let’s see if Eddie can come out onto again.

United States Title No. 1 Contender Match
Eddie Guerrero vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

*Eddie Guerrero’s music starts* Eddie comes out to loud cheers

*JBL’s music starts* JBL comes out to boos. When JBL enters the ring, he is attacked by Eddie. Both wrestlers begin to exchange punches.

*Kurt Angle’s music starts* Angle runs out to join the action. Eddie knocks JBL to the floor with a solid punch, and then switches his attention to Angle.

Angle and Eddie exchange punches, until Eddie gets the upper hand, causing Angle’s knees to buckle. Eddie then lands a Manhattan Drop on Angle and goes for the pin. 1…2… JBL breaks up the pin. JBL continually to kick Eddie while he gets to his feet but Eddie grabs him and whips him into the ropes. JBL rebounds and spears Eddie, followed by some punches to the head. JBL then gets on his knees and goes for the sleeper hold on Eddie, but Angle attacks JBL, causing him to release the hold. Angle then lifts JBL off his knees onto his feet and lands a Gutbuster on him. Angle then goes to the lower body of JBL, lifts up one leg and stomps on his groin. Angle then switches his attention to the downed Eddie. He picks him up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Angle then goes over to Eddie and slams his head into the turnbuckle, sending Eddie down to the ring mat. Angle goes to lift Eddie to his feet, but receives shots to the gut, followed by a DDT. Eddie bends down to pick up Angle but receives a double axe handle to the back from JBL, but manages to stay on his feet. JBL then turns him around and lands a scoop slam. JBL then goes to the head of Eddie and lets loose with punches. JBL picks up Eddie and twists his arm around, followed by a club to the back of the neck. JBL then picks up Eddie, lifts him to his shoulders and powerbombs him. He goes for the pin. 1…2… Eddie kicks out. JBL gets up and is suplexed from behind by Angle. Angle goes to the lower body of JBL and stomps on his ankle, and then goes for the Ankle Lock. But it’s too early and JBL easily breaks free and kicks Angle to floor.

A dry spell in the match then occurs, with the wrestlers just using moves to weaken each other, and pins only reaching 1 or 2 counts.

Eddie and JBL are in the ring with Angle on the floor outside. Eddie has JBL in the turnbuckle. Eddie runs at JBL to clothesline him, but JBL moves out the way and then goes for a back suplex on Eddie, but Eddie lands on his feet. JBL turns around, and receives a Hurracarana. Eddie then climbs to the top turnbuckle and signals for the Frog Splash. But Angle climbs into the ring, runs to the turnbuckle and suplexes Eddie off. Angle goes for the pin. 1…2… Eddie kicks out. Angle looks ready to finish the match and pulls his straps down. He goes over to JBL and lifts him to his feet. He irish whips him into the ropes, runs at him, and clotheslines him before he can rebound off the ropes, knocking him out of the ring. Angle then stands waiting for Eddie to get to his feet. Eddie uses the ropes to get to his feet, and turns around straight into an Angle Slam. Angle goes for the pin. 1…2… Eddie managed to get his feet on the rope and the ref stops the count. Angle then drags Eddie away from the ropes and grabs his ankle and goes for the Ankle Lock. Eddie screams in pain and tries to crawl to the ropes, but Angle drags him further away. Angle has had Eddie in the Ankle Lock for around 15 seconds now. Eddie’s hopeless and looks destined to tap, until JBL comes in and hits Angle on the back to make him break the hold and sending Angle to the ring mat. JBL then picks up Angle and gives him a DDT. He then rolls him out the ring and switches his attention to Eddie. JBL goes to Eddie and lifts him to his feet. He then whips Eddie into the ropes, ready to hit Eddie with the Clothesline From Hell. Eddie rebounds off the ropes, runs towards JBL, and ducks the Clothesline From Hell. Eddie rebounds on the ropes again and lands a swinging neckbreaker on JBL. Eddie goes to the top turnbuckle and lands the Frog Splash on JBL. He goes for the pin. 1…2… Angle came into the ring and broke the pin. Angle continually stomps Eddie while he gets up. Angle then goes for an irish whip but Eddie reverses it, gives him a kick to the gut, grapples with him and lands a fall away slam. Eddie then goes to legs of decides to get his own back and goes for Ankle Lock. He drags Angle away from ropes and applies the Ankle Lock. Angle struggles to get to the ropes but manages to kick Eddie of him. Eddie begins to fall and falls into JBL who manages to get him into a roll up. He holds the tights. 1…2…3 JBL wins.

ColeWhat a cheat. JBL knew he wouldn’t have been able to win this match legit, so he cheats.

TazzI doubt Eddie would have kicked out anyway even if JBL didn’t hold the tights. Eddie can’t be shocked at the way he lost, he lost at his own game, lying, cheating and stealing.

Snickers and PS2 Sponsorship Promotion

Mr. McMahon exits his Locker Room, Randy Orton blocks his path

RandyVince, I’ll see you in the Ring, we’ve got things to sort out…

J.RComing up next is the eagerly anticipated Intercontinental Title match between Edge and Randy Orton.

KingJ.R, don’t forget the Special Guest Referee is none other than the boss Mr. McMahon!

J.RThis one should be a slobberknocker! Let’s find out, how this one got so personal…

A highlights promo of the feud is shown.

LillianThe following match-up is scheduled for one fall and is for the Intercontinental Title.

KingJ.R, are you ready to see Randy Orton regain the Intercontinental Championship,

J.RKing, the odds are stacked in Edge’s favour. He should go into this match confident that the troubles between Mr. McMahon and Randy Orton could boil over in this one Title Match, which will be ‘The Final Encounter’ between these two men.

Mr. McMahon’s Theme Plays

LillianFirst of all, introducing your Special Guest Referee for this Match, he is the Chairman of the WWE. Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon strolls to the Ring. With his referee top on and famous black trousers.

Randy Orton’s Theme Plays

LillianMaking his way to the Ring, the Challenger, from St. Louis, Missouri. Weighing in at 245lbs. Randy Orton.

J.RThe Former Intercontinental Champion and Self-Confessed ‘Legend Killer’

KingJ.R, let me interrupt you there. Randy Orton killed the Legend of Mick Foley. At Backlash, he killed the Legend of Cactus Jack. J.R, have you seen Mick Foley in the WWE since?

J.RNo, I haven’t

King - He has not been seen in the WWE since. This kid has a very bright future in front of him. So we should not be calling him a Self-Confessed, ‘Legend Killer’, when he actually is one.

Randy Orton steps into the Ring, Vince McMahon has a vile expression on his face. Orton picks up a Microphone

OrtonVince. When you walked out of that Limo, Thursday night on Smackdown, I didn’t know what to expect. I said to myself… maybe he’s looking to see how his son is doing as General Manager. Maybe he came to view the Smackdown Roster and to see how they are doing, hell I might have even thought that he was there to see how Michael Cole and Tazz were getting on, but Vince, you making yourself the Special Guest Referee in this match, possibly the most important match in my career, that shocked me. Vince you know about the history we have. You only gave me this match to ‘shut me up’, what’s that all about? McMahon, listen up nice and clearly. I have killed Legends. I have beaten people who have done more for in-ring wrestling then you have done for this company. What makes you think that one day I wont kill YOU…huh? You ever thought about that? Vince, I’m coming for you…

He drops the Microphone on the floor. Vince looks flabbergasted.

J.RWas that the right moment to say something like that?

KingI have to agree with you J.R. Randy Orton might have signed off this match, even before it has started.

Edge’s Theme Plays

LillianMaking his way to the Ring. From TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA,

Huge crowd cheer

LillianWeighing in at 240lbs, he is the Intercontinental Champion, Edge

Intercontinental Championship – The Final Encounter
Edge © v Randy Orton
Vince McMahon is the Special Guest Referee

Vince McMahon gives Edge a sneaky smirk. He takes the Intercontinental Title Belt, puts it in front of Edge and Orton, raises it up in the air, then calls for the bell to be rung.

Edge and Orton stand in the centre staring each other right in the eyes. The eye contact seems to be never ending. Finally they break up and walk around the Ring with Vince poised against one Turnbuckle. Orton gives Vince a quick glance as if he’s worried that he will strike him from behind. Finally Edge and Orton lock up in the centre of the Ring. Both men seem to have an equal strength advantage trying to push the other to the opposing side. Orton swings Edge’s arm around and gets him into a Headlock. Edge gets out of the headlock by pushing Orton into the ropes. Orton flies straight into an Elbow from Edge. Edge goes for a cover,

1…Orton kicks out,

Edge picks Orton up but Orton gets Edge into a sly Small Package

1…2...Edge kicks out,

They both realise that this is going to be a Match where both men are going to be as sly as each other, they both pace around the Ring one more time and lock up again. This time Edge pushes Orton to the Turnbuckle behind him. He then gives Orton one chop to the chest followed by another, then a huge Knife Edge Chop. Edge pulls Orton away from the corner and gives him 3 punches to the forehead, then taking him down with a clothesline. Edge then puts him in a STF submission hold. McMahon is quick to react and looks for signs to see if Orton has passed out. Orton desperately wriggles about looking for every bit of air he can find, with this constant jiggling about he manages to find the bottom Rope. Mr McMahon forces Edge to break the hold. Edge picks Orton up by the Head and gives him a strong forearm to the back of the head, this knocks Orton down to his knees. Edge waits for Orton to get up and as Edge tries to land a punch, Orton blocks it. He then charges into the Ropes, but when he runs back, Edge lands the Dropkick on him. Edge then climbs out of the Ring and onto the top Turnbuckle and jumps onto Orton with a Cross Body, Orton counters this and goes for a pin.

1…Edge kicks out.

J.RThat was one slow count by the Referee, Mr. McMahon.

Orton gets up and looks at Vince, giving him hand signals saying ‘one,two,three’. Mr McMahon shouts back saying that he ‘counted the way he should have’. Whilst these two squabble, Edge knocks Orton out of the Ring. He then proceeds to follow Edge to the outside, Edge then picks up Orton and drops him head first into the Spanish Announce Table. He then rips off the top cover and hits Orton over the head with it. Orton his knocked out on the floor. Mr McMahon has already got up to a 6 Count.

1…2…3…4…5…6…Edge climbs into the Ring, then back out. Mr McMahon nods at him, signalling he his doing the right thing.

King J.R that’s not fair, it’s like a Handicap Match. How can you win if you have a referee who won’t even help you?

Edge then swings Orton into the Steel Steps, causing Orton to roll around in pain clutching his shoulder. Edge though has no mercy and drives Orton first into the side of the Ring and then into crowd Barrier. McMahon has got up to a 5 count

1…2…3…4…5…Edge breaks up the count by tossing Orton back into the Ring

J.RKing, I think Edge has snapped. He’s putting Randy Orton back into his place

Edge chants begin from his home-crowd

Edge goes immediately for a pin,

1…2…Orton just manages to get half a shoulder up as McMahon makes a quick count.

J.REdge was just half a second away from beating Randy Orton.

KingAnd you can’t say that the referee is calling this match ‘down the middle’ can you?

J.RWhy not? He’s counting when both men are on the outside, he’s counting all pins, and he’s looking at all submissions, I think that Mr. McMahon is doing one hell of a job.

Edge then swings Edge into the ropes and gets a One Arm Flapjack on Orton. Orton crawls to the Turbuckle to try and recover. Edge then moves into the opposite Turnbuckle and bends down, in motion for the Spear. Mr McMahon goes and checks on Orton. Orton is about to get up and Edge runs for the Spear. Orton then grabs Mr McMahon as a shield and Edge spears Orton instead of McMahon!


KingDid you see that J.R? Did you see how clever Randy Orton was? Orton should get an award for that that was brilliant!

J.RThe referee has inadvertently been knocked down by Edge.

Edge goes to check on McMahon, he then sees Orton crawling up right behind him, Edge nails the Spear for the second time, this time on Orton. He goes for the cover but the Referee is down.

The crowd simulate counting 1,2,3 as if Edge has won, but the Referee is down. Another referee comes running quickly down the aisle, runs into the Ring, and starts counting.

1…2…Orton kicks out!!

Edge seems completely flabbergasted. He goes for yet another count.

1…2…Orton kicks out again.

Edge this time picks Orton up and swings him into the Ropes. Orton tries to kick him in the Chest but Edge gives him an Enziguri. Edge then picks him up and goes for a Snap Suplex, which he executes perfectly. He then drags Orton to the corner, for a top rope Superplex. Both men are knocked out, lying in the middle of the ring. Edge is the first one to recover and goes for the cover

1…2…Orton kicks out again!

J.RWhat will it take to keep Orton down???

Orton is thrown to the outside. Edge sets up the Spanish announce table, and gets clear of all the equipment. He dishes out 2 final punches to the head, Orton tries fighting back but Edge is far to superior in strength at this stage of the match. Orton runs at Edge, but Edge gets a Big Back Body Drop in. Orton is sent crashing through the Announce Table.


Randy Orton is barely seen moving, the referee is already up to 7. Edge doesn’t want to win on a count out though, he wants to pin Orton once and for all. Edge tosses Orton back into the Ring. Vince McMahon has got back up and ordered the other referee to the back. Edge goes for the cover….


An irate Edge gets up and looks at Mr. McMahon, who has that evil smirk on his face. Edge turns back around to focus on Orton who has got up but Mr. McMahon low blows Edge

J.RI can’t believe this is happening!!! What is Mr. McMahon doing???

As soon as Edge gets up, Randy Orton RKO’s him; he falls straight down to the floor and barely covers Edge with his hand.


Mr. McMahon makes a quick count and calls for the bell.

Here is your winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion – Randy Orton

J.RI can’t believe it!! All those weeks of squabbling between Orton and McMahon were just a trap. Randy Orton and Mr. McMahon have joined forces and made an alliance, I can’t believe this!!

To add insult to injury, Orton RKO’s Edge one more time, then McMahon spits on Edge

J.RVince McMahon, you are one sick Son of A Bitch. How could you do this to Edge, in his hometown, in front of his family, his friends, his fans, Why Vince, Why?

Vince raises Orton’s hand one more time; Orton raises the Title in the other, signalling a pact, as Edge lies motionless in the middle of the Ring.

A Highlight package of how the Elimination Chamber match was made is shown

J.R - Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Showtime

KingJ.R, I haven’t been this excited since Randy Orton beat Edge and Vince McMahon aligned with Orton!!

J.RWell King, that was one hell of a match between those two men, u have to think, what will the Elimination Chamber look like when the Raw Main Event is finished? You’ve gotta believe though that all hell is gonna break lose here.

Lillian Garcia goes over the Rules. 2 men namely Chris Benoit and Goldberg will start in the Ring. Every 2 minutes one man will be released from his Chamber, the match will not finish until there is one man left standing…

J.RLet’s get this thing started…

World Heavyweight Championship
Elimination Chamber

Chris Benoit © v Triple H v Chris Jericho v Goldberg v Kane v Stone Cold Steve Austin

Chris Benoit’s Theme Plays

LillianThe following Match is the Elimination Chamber Match, and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship, making his way to the Ring, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, he weighs in at 235lbs, Chris Benoit.

Benoit is the First to enter the Chamber

Goldberg’s Theme Plays – Goldberg Chants Erupt

LillianMaking his way to the Ring, from Atlanta, Georgia, he weighs in at 285lbs, Goldberg

Triple H’s Theme Plays

LillianMaking his way to Ring, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at 260lbs, Triple H.

Kane’s Theme Plays

LillianMaking his way to the Ring, weighing in at 326lbs, Kane

Chris Jericho’s Theme Plays

Lillian - Making his way to the Ring, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, he weighs in at 231lbs, Chris Jericho

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Theme Plays

LillianMaking his way to the Ring, from Austin, Texas, weighing in at 252lbs, Stone Cold Steve Austin

All 4 Participants are locked in their respective chambers; the official outside the ring locks the Chamber with a Chain and Padlock. Benoit and Goldberg are in the Ring, the referee rings the bell and the match is under-way. They both pace around the Ring, looking right at each other, Goldberg seems to be anxious and looks right to the Chamber of Stone Cold, who gives him a big fat middle finger right to his face, Goldberg tries to climb out of the Ring but is caught from behind by Benoit. Benoit hits him with vicious elbows, one after the other to the back of Goldberg. This gets him down to one knee, Benoit runs to the ropes and tries to kick Goldberg to the floor but Goldberg clotheslines him flat out in the middle of the Ring. This gives him more time to taunt Austin. Austin doesn’t seem phased by this as the referee pleads for Goldberg to get back into the Ring. Goldberg does as the official asks, and gets back into the Ring. Benoit struggles to get back to his feet but as he does Goldberg manages to hit him with a Suplex. He picks him up and Irish Whips him into the corner. Goldberg runs at full speed at the Turnbuckle but Benoit moves out of the way, Goldberg rams his shoulder hard into the Turnbuckle. Benoit takes a few seconds to catch his breath before moving towards the Turnbuckle in Goldberg’s direction. He kicks him a few time in the back and gives him a Snap Suplex, both men lie in the middle of the Ring.

The Crowd count down…10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…the next participant in is…Chris Jericho

[colore=red]Jericho rushes out of his Chamber, he sees Goldberg lying on the Mat so he climbs to the top Rope and does a Diving Moonsault onto Goldberg. He covers him…[/color]

1…2…Goldberg kicks out

Benoit immediately goes to work on Jericho, swinging him to the ropes and giving him a Hip Toss. Benoit then quickly Elbow-Drops him, gets up runs to the Ropes and lands another Elbow-Drop, then grabbing his arm and getting it into an Arm Bar. Jericho feels the intense pain, and it shows on his face. Goldberg meanwhile has got back up and landed a huge Elbow Drop to the surgically repaired neck of Chris Benoit, which forces Benoit to break the hold. Goldberg raises Benoit by the head and Bodyslams him. He then tosses him to the outside of the Ring. He then picks him up and chucks him like a missile into the Cage. Benoit falls down straight away whilst Goldberg keeps stomping him. Jericho then hits Goldberg in the back of the head causing him to fall down. When Goldberg gets back up Jericho lands a Spinning Heel Kick on him, he injures himself in the process. All three men are down outside of the Ring. Jericho crawls to the ropes to drag himself back up, he enters the Ring and sees Benoit standing up. Jericho runs from the ropes and dives through the Ropes at Benoit knocking not only Benoit but causing injury to himself as well. Goldberg gets up but clutching his right shoulder, injured minutes earlier trying to spear Chris Benoit in the corner. Goldberg waits in the Ring, as the clock ticks down again…

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…the next participant is…Kane

Kane is released from his Chamber; he is in no rush to enter the Ring, and on entry delivers a huge boot to the face of Goldberg. He follows this up with a Running Clothesline knocking Goldberg to the floor. Kane climbs onto the Top Rope about to hit a Top Rope Clothesline on Goldberg but Benoit pushes him off the Top Rope. Now the three people, Benoit, Jericho and Goldberg are launching a three-on-one attack on Kane. Kane tries with all his might to fend off this attack with punches and uppercuts flying everywhere but Jericho knocks out his knee from behind. Kane is left helpless in a heap on the floor as Benoit lifts Kane up for both Jericho and Benoit to punch him. One punch by Jericho misses and hits Benoit accidentally. Kane manages to wriggle free and goes after Goldberg. Kane misses with the running punch and Goldberg hits the Spear…. He covers him…

1…2…3…Kane is eliminated

Goldberg goes after Jericho, picking him up and Press Slamming him. He does the Press Slam into the Spinebuster move. Jericho is out on the canvas. Goldberg slits his throat in a motion directed at everyone. Benoit rolls out of the Ring, he tries to use the Glass from the Chamber to help himself up. Goldberg climbs out of the Ring and measures Benoit up for the Spear, he runs at him, and Goldberg dives out of the way again, he sends Goldberg crashing through the Glass protecting each Chamber.

The crowd count down again…10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…the next person to enter the match is…Triple H

Triple H walks past the battered and bruised body of Goldberg, and also that of Chris Benoit. He climbs into the Ring and goes to pick up what’s left of Chris Jericho, Jericho Low-Blow’s him. Triple H falls to the ground clutching his modesty. Jericho goes for the Lionsault… but Triple H puts his knees up…. Triple H gets back up and lands the Pedigree on Jericho…Jericho had no strength whatsoever to reverse it…Triple H goes for the cover…

1…2…3…Chris Jericho is eliminated

Triple H taunts Stone Cold Steve Austin who we know is the last entrant in this match. Goldberg is still lying in a heap by the glass, which he tried to Spear Benoit through. Benoit clotheslines Triple H from behind. He then lands not one, not two, but three Snap Suplexes on The Game. The Crippler is on fire! Triple H tries to go for a punch but Benoit gets the three Germans in. He then slits his throat and climbs to the top rope. He leaps over half of the Ring to get to the stricken body of Triple H. Goldberg finally has got back up and entered the Ring. He is busted open at the forehead. He picks up Triple H and tries to go for the Jackhammer but Triple H counters into a standing Position. He tries to get the Pedigree on him but Goldberg reverses it into a Big Back Body Drop. Triple H gets back up and Goldberg goes for a Clothesline but instead gets an Atomic Drop by Triple H, who then runs to Chris Benoit but Benoit grabs Triple H’s right arm, he is getting Triple H into position for the Crippler Crossface!! He’s got it locked in; Triple H is locked in the Crippler Crossface. Triple H can’t make it to the Ropes; He taps right in the Middle of the Ring…

Triple H has tapped out…. Triple H is eliminated

As the announcement of Triple H being eliminated is made, the final countdown is made…

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…The Final man to enter the match is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Stone Cold runs out of the Chamber like a trapped Dog. He runs at Goldberg and clobbers him over the top rope with an elbow, he then runs up to Chris Benoit and Stunners him not once but TWICE…he goes for the cover

1…2…3! The World Heavyweight Champion has been pinned! Chris Benoit has been eliminated

Goldberg gets back up and Stone Cold stares at him. They are both looking at each other with violent looks in their eyes; finally Stone Cold breaks the look with 2 middle finger salutes at Goldberg, Who immediately charges at Austin. Both men are punching each other profoundly, one time Austin, the Goldberg, the Austin, then Goldberg, then a flow of Austin punches and he mows him down with a Lou Thez Press. Austin keeps stomping on Goldberg, using the Ropes as leverage and for maximum power. Austin then picks him up and tosses him over the top rope. When they are on the outside Austin suplexes Goldberg onto the hard surface, then straight away picks him up and throws him into the Chamber. Blood keeps gushing out from the face of Goldberg like a water fountain. Finally Austin tosses Goldberg back into the Ring. Austin takes a little breather by the turnbuckle. He then picks Goldberg up, gives him a one-finger salute and stunners him…he almost instantly goes for the cover…


Goldberg barely even lifts his shoulder up, but it signals that there is still life left inside Bill. Austin is getting frustrated and picks up Goldberg for another Stunner Goldberg counters it!!! He pushes Austin to the furthest Turnbuckle, Goldberg is measuring him up, he runs at Austin and lands the Spear!!! Goldberg is feeling it, Austin is lying down on the Floor, A bloody Goldberg rushes to pick Austin up, then landing the Jackhammer on Austin, driving the neck and especially the back region into the Canvas…Goldberg hooks the Leg…


The referee calls for the bell, gets the World Heavyweight Title, and awards it to Goldberg

Here is your winner and the NEW World Heavyweight Champion – Goldberg

A bloody and battered Goldberg accepts the World Heavyweight Title, then the Referee lifts up his arm in victory. Goldberg celebrates on each Turnbuckle then climbs out of the Elimination Chamber, where EMT’s assist him to the back. Stone Cold just manages to stand up in the Ring, he looks gutted. The fans cheer him as he leaves the Ring and walks back up the aisle

J.RGoldberg has been in the WWE for less than 2 weeks, he defeated 5 other men to become the new World Heavyweight Title, tonight has been Goldberg’s night. Let’s take you over to Michael Cole and Tazz for the upcoming Smackdown Main Event.

ColeThank you J.R. and it’s time for the Smackdown and SummerSlam main event. To fighters will enter the elimination chamber which is filled with blood, sweat and glass from the last match. Those two wrestlers are the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

4 weeks ago on Smackdown, Shane vacanted the WWE Title, and made a Smackdwon Tournament where the winners of the two matches would face each other at SummerSlam for the WWE Title. It was JBL vs. the Undertaker and Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar. What happened at the end of the show was a sign of things to come….

All the lights in the arena turn off, and a gong is sounded

Massive cheer

The lights come back on and the Undertaker is standing over the non moving bodies of Angle and Lesnar

ColeOh my God!!! The Undertaker has appeared out of nowhere and taken out Angle and Lesnar!!! I can’t believe….

All the lights go out again, then back on and the Undertaker is nowhere to be seen.

TazzAnd there he goes. It’s gonna be a long and hard road to SummerSlam for Lesnar, with the Deadman doing everything possible to knock him off it.

ColeIf the Undertaker can do this, imagine what he could do to Lesnar at SummerSlam!!!

Tazz Imagination won’t even come close Cole. We’ll just have to wait till SummerSlam to see what happens.

Show ends with EMTs removing Lesnar and Angle from the ring.

3 weeks ago on Smackdown, a sickening prophecy was made….

*Brock’s music starts* Brock Lesnar comes out to a massive pop from the crowd

BrockI can’t be bothered to come out here and express my feelings about last week’s attack, I just want the Undertaker to bring his sorry ass to the ring, so I can tear him limb from limb!!!!!

Brock pasces around the ring

Brock COME ON!!!!!!!!!! BRING YOUR ASS OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!

A gong is sounded (massive cheer), and then the lights go out. The light then come back and Undertaker is standing in the ring (massive cheer).

ColeOh my God!!!!

Tazz – It’s the Deadman!!!!!

Lesnar goes to strike the Undertaker, but the lights go out again. The lights come back on and the Undertaker is on the other side of the ring. Brock goes to strike him again, and the lights go out again.

ColeWhat’s going on?

The lights come back on, and the Undertaker has Lesnar in position, ready to deliver the Tombstone.

ColeOh my God!!! This is incredible. The Undertaker has…

The lights go out again, and then come back on. Now Lesnar has the Undertaker in position for the F5.

TazzF5!!!!! F5!!!!!!!!

Lesnar spins the Undertaker through the air, but before the Undertaker hits the floor, the lights go out again.

TazzDid he do it?!?!?!?! Did he F5 him?!?!?!?!?!

ColeI don’t know!!!! What’s happening?

The lights come back on, and neither the Undertaker nor Lesnar are anywhere to be seen. Instead, a tombstone is left in the middle of the ring.

TazzCole, what is that?!?!?!

ColeIt’s looks like a tombstone.

TazzIt looks like there’s an inscription on it.

ColeYeah, it says, “REST IN PEACE, BROCK LESNAR. BORN JULY 22 1977, DIED AUGUST 15 2004.”.

TazzOh my God!!! That’s the day of SummerSlam!!! Brock’s gonna die at SummerSlam!!!!

2 weeks ago on Smackdown, Lesnar made a wish….

*Brock Lesnar’s music starts* Lesnar comes out to the ring. The crowd goes wild.

TazzIt’s Lesnar! He’s not scheduled as our first match.

ColeIt must be about what happened last week between him and the Undertaker. He doesn’t look shaken up at all about last week’s events.

Lesnar The Undertaker, this has gone too far. What happened last week was nothing. You didn’t scare me. I landed the F5 on you and I’ll do it again at Summerslam. But I need to make sure that you don’t disappear while I’m knocking you senseless. So Shane, get out here!

ColeI wonder what he wants from Shane McMahon…..

*Here Comes the Money* Shane comes out. The crowd cheer, and chants of “Shane, Shane” and “G.M, G.M” erupt through the arena

ShaneLook Lesnar, I’m a busy man, so make this quick, alright?

LesnarThis won’t be long Shane. All you have to do is say yes. Shane, I want Taker in the one place he can’t escape, in a Cell!!! I want Taker in a Hell in A Cell match at SummerSlam!!!

Massive crowd cheer

TazzOh my God!! We could see Lesnar and Taker in a Hell In A Cell match… AGAIN!!!

ShaneThis is such a waste of time. Did you not watch Raw on Monday? There’s already an Elimation Chamber match at SummerSlam. How am we gonna hold an Elimation Chamber AND a Cell over the ring?

LesnarI don’t care, just…

ShaneLook Lesnar, I’ll see what I can do, just get out of the ring and let the first match start.

Shane leaves the ring and goes backstage

His wish was granted… And so was the Undertaker’s…

Brock Lesnar is shown heading towards Shane’s office

BrockShane, you know why I’m here. What are you going to do about the Undertaker? What’s gonna happen at SummerSlam?

ShaneOk, I’ve thought about it and there’s only one thing I can do. You two are going to have to fight in the Chamber. Once the Elimation Chamber match is over, you and Taker will enter it and have your match.

TazzWow! Instead of Hell in A Cell, it’ll be Hell in a Chamber!

BrockGood, good, there’s no way the Undertaker can get out of th…

The lights go out in Shane office. When they come back on Brcok and the Undertaker are face to face.

ShaneHey, they’re be no fighting in my office!!! Did you hear me, there’ll be none of that in here!!!

TakerI can’t wait till SummerSlam, I want to kill you before that. I want a match next week.

Brock No way, you’ll just use all your magic to go in and out of the ring. I don’t want you to be able to escape.

ShaneOk, ok. Look, I’ll do you both a favour. Brock, you want a match where he can’t get away from. Taker, you wanna kill him. S next week, you two will have a match. But you’ll be tied together. That way, Taker can’t escape. Now will you two please leave my office.

But 1 week ago on Smackdown, the Undertaker’s wish turnt into a nightmare…. For Lesnar…. And an unexpecting EMT…..

Brock unties the rope from his arm and wraps it around Taker’s neck. Brock pulls the rope with all his strength, making Taker wave and kick his arms and legs in desperation. After a while, Taker stops moving. Brock leaves the ring.

Cole Oh my god. I think Brock killed him. Brock’s totally lost it!!! Someone get the EMTs out here!!!!!

The EMTs rush out to help the Undertaker. They get in the ring and unravel the rope from his neck. Suddenly Taker rises, grabbing the nearest EMT by the neck, and chokeslaming him. All the other EMTs scatter out of the ring.

TazzEveryone should know, you can kill a deadman….

3 days ago on Smackdown, Paul Heyman and the Undertaker took the feud to a whole new level, showing they mean business……

Matthews Ok, Heyman’s limo has finally arrived and we are about to find out if the Undertaker is inside.

The limo stops and the driver steps out and goes to open the back door. Paul Heyman steps out.

The crowd boo

Matthews Paul, Paul. Is the Undertaker in the limo? We’d like to get a few words from him.

HeymanIs the Undertaker in this limo? Of course he’s in this limo! You didn’t think he’d just stay at home after what that animal Lesnar did to him last week, did you? But it’s not just the Undertaker in there, oh no! The Undertaker was so upset after last week, he decided to take out some aggression. But not on Brock…..

The Undertaker steps out, and then pulls a tied up and gagged Sable out of the limo.

Mix of cheers and boos

Cole Oh my God!!! There’s the Undertaker! And he’s got Sable, Lesnar’s fiancé!

Tazz Lesnar will not be happy about this!!! I sure hope he’s here tonight, for Sable’s sake.

Fortunately for Sable, but unfortunately for Lesnar, he showed up….

*The Undertaker’s music starts* Paul Heyman comes out with the urn, followed by 10 druids, followed by the Undertaker with Sable. The druids line up on the ramp while Heyman, Undertaker and Sable enter the ring.

TazzLesnar better get here soon…

HeymanLast week we all saw Lesnar try to kill the Undertaker, foolishly forgetting that the Deadman is dead. The actions of Lesnar have deeply hurt the Undertaker who needed deep consoling, While I was consoling the Undertaker, it popped into my head, hey, the Undertaker hasn’t made any sacrifices lately. Maybe if he makes a sacrifice, he can get over his depression. So I started to think, who would be an ideal sacrifice? And then it came to me, Sable, Lesnar’s fiancé. If you sacrifice Sable the Undertaker would come out of his depression, and the depression would be passed onto Lesnar, who wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the fight at SummerSlam. We’d be killing two birds with one sacrifice!!!

ColeWhat a sick, sadistic man….

Tazz – [/color]Where the hell is Lesnar?[/color]

HeymanWell Taker, it’s time to get down to business.

A gong sounds the lights dim. Taker lays the tied up Sable in the centre of the ring and then gets on one knee beside her. He lowers his head and raises his arm, then lightning strikes the ring. Sable’s body begins to rise.

Tazz The Undertaker better get out here now!!!

The Undertaker gets to his feet and raises both hands in the arm. Suddenly Lesnar comes through the curtains and runs into the 10 druids. Lesnar punches and F-5’s his way through them then makes his way to the ring. Heyman rushes out and leaves Lesnar and the Undertaker in the ring with the floating Sable. Lesnar and the Undertaker begin to exchange punches as the lights go back to normal and Sable slowly falls back to the ringmat. The Undertaker irish whips Lesnar into the ropes and hits him with a big boot to the face off the rebound. He then picks him up and lifts him onto his shoulder and then into position for his finisher. The Undertaker hits Lesnar with the tombstone and then crosses Lesnar arms over his chest and Taker sticks his tongue out to the crowd and rolls his eyes back in his head.

But it all ends here tonight on SummerSlam. Only one person will leave this arena….. as the WWE Champion…..

TazzWell the time has come, for Lesnar’s life to end….

ColeYou never know, it could be the Undertaker’s.

TazzYou’ve forgotten Cole, you can’t kill a deadman…..

WWE Title Match
The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

*Brock Lesnar’s music starts* Lesnar comes out to loud cheers. He walks up to the Elimination Chamber and the ref opens the door and lets him in. Brock enters and waits in the middle.

*The Undertaker’s music starts* The Undertaker comes out, led by Paul Heyman and the druids. The Undertaker walks up to the Elimination Chamber and circles it, while he and Lesnar stare each other out. He then goes to the entrance and climbs in. One ref enters after him, while another locks the chamber door. The bell is rung, the match is begun.

Lesnar and Taker stand in the middle of the ring surrounded by the Elimination Chamber staring each other out. The begin to circle each other until the Undertaker holds his hands up showing that he wants to have a test of strength. Brock Lesnar cautiously approaches the Undertaker and then they lock fingers in a test of strength. They push each other backwards and forwards, struggling to get the upper hand. Neither person is able to get the upper hand so the both release, but Taker gives Lesnar a kick to the gut. The Undertaker then grapples him and takes him to the floor with a Russian Leg Sweep. Taker lifts Brock to his feet, and knees him in the stomach a couple of times, and then snapmares Lesnar to the ring mat. Taker goes to the head of Lesnar and chokes him for a few seconds. Taker then lifts Lesnar to his feet and attempts to whip him into the turnbuckle, but Lesnar reverses it, whipping Taker into the turnbuckle. Lesnar then runs up to him and spears him, followed by multiple shoulder thrusts to the stomach. Lesnar then takes Taker out of the corner and gives him multiple knee strikes in the stomach followed by a gutbuster. Lesnar then give Taker some stomps to the head. He then grabs Taker and rolls him under the ropes to the outside metal floor of the elimination chamber. Lesnar then goes to the head of Taker and repeatedly bangs it against the steel floor. Lesnar then picks up Taker and bangs his head against the steel side of the elimination chamber once, twice, he goes for a third time but Taker blocks, grabs Lesnar and bangs his head against it, and then grates his face against it. Taker then picks up Lesnar and sidewalk slams him onto the steel. He goes for the pin. 1…2…Lesnar kicks out. Taker then lifts Lesnar to his feet, lifts him over his head and throws him into the side of the elimination chamber. Lesnar drops to the steel floor with a thud. Taker goes to the legs of Lesnar and begins to work on them by bending his knee into an arkward position. Taker then lifts Brock to his feet, and spinebusters him back down onto the steel. He goes for the pin. 1…2… Brock manages to kick out. Taker begins to look frustrated. He then turns his attention to one of the chambers. He lifts Brock to his feet and attempts to irish whip his into the glass on the chamber. But Brock reverses it and whips Taker into the glass, shattering the glass and sending Taker straight through. Lesnar goes over to the chamber and stomps on the downed Taker. Lesnar lifts Taker out of the chamber. And kicks him in the gut. Lesnar then lifts Taker onto his shoulders, and then sends him back down to the steel floor with the F5. Brock goes for the pin. 1…2… Taker kicks out. Lesnar goes for another pin. 1…2… Taker kicks out again. Lesnar then goes up and looks around frustrated. Taker sits up and stares at Lesnar. Taker gets to his feet and approaches Lesnar. Lesnar gives Taker some shots to the face, but they have no effect. Lesnar goes for another punch but Taker grabs his hand. Taker then puts his other hand around Lesnar’s neck, going for the chokeslam. But Lesnar kicks him in the gut, lifts him to his shoulders and sends him back down to the steel with another F5. He goes for the pin. 1…2… Taker kicks out. He goes for another pin. 1…2… Taker kicks out again. Lesnar has become angry and is desperate to finish the match. He stands up, signalling for the Undertaker to get up. Taker sits up. He gets to his feet and approaches Lesnar. Lesnar kicks him in the gut and then lifts Taker to his shoulders. But Taker slides off, turns Lesnar around, kicks him in the gut and gives him a DDT. Lesnar rolls over and a drop of blood drips down his face. Taker goes for the pin. 1… Taker decides to break the pin. He stands, faces the crowd and makes a cut-throat sign. Taker lifts Lesnar to his feet and lifts him to his shoulder. But Lesnar slides down, spins Taker around and lifts him to his shoulder. He then sends him down to the steel with a 3rd F5. Lesnar stays on the floor from tiredness. Taker rolls over to reveal blood dripping from his head. Lesnar slowly gets to his feet and then goes over to Taker to attempt a pin. But Taker sits up and stares at Lesnar. Lesnar looks shocked. Taker gets to his feet and approaches Lesnar. Lesnar goes for a punch, but Taker grabs his hand. Lesnar goes for a punch with his other hand, but Taker grabs that one as well. Taker then grapples Lesnar and lands an Oklahoma Slam on the steel. Taker then lifts Lesnar to his feet and grabs him by the throat. He lifts Lesnar in the air, and then throws him down to the steel with a Chokeslam. Lesnar’s body forms a dent in the steel. Taker goes for the pin. 1…2… Taker decides to break the pin. He rolls Lesnar under the ropes into the ring and then does his cut-throat taunt. He then lifts Lesnar to his feet, but him on his shoulder and then puts him in position for the Tombstone. Taker then drives Lesnar’s head into the mat with the Tombstone. He goes for the Darkness pin. 1…2…3 Taker wins.

ColeTaker is our new WWE Champion! Lesnar tried so hard, but he just couldn’t keep the Undertaker down.

TazzJust as I keep saying, you can’t kill a deadman. It looks like Lesnar learnt the hard way, and hell that steel is hard.

ColeWell it’s time to bring this show to an end. Join us next Thursday on Smackdown where we find out what lies ahead for the new WWE Champion. And check out RAW on Monday to see the aftermath of the Elimination Chamber match. Goodnight everybody!

The show ends with Taker leaving the ring and being led up the aisle by Paul Heyman and the druids, while the front druids hold his title.

Match Results

The World’s Greatest Tag Team defeated La Resistance to retain the World Tag Team Titles.
Chavo Guerrero defeated A.J Styles to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Title
Scott Steiner defeated Matt Hardy to retain the WWE Hardcore Title
The Rock defeated Booker T
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield defeated Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero to become the Number One Contender for the United States Title
Randy Orton defeated Edge to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion
Bill Goldberg defeated five other men to win the World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker defeated Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship

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