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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Alim's Smackdown Review

Matt Hardy and MVP starting the show was a real surprise, because usually it's just some main eventer who usually starts it off, I like that. I enjoyed the talk between Hardy and MVP, it was like the ones they have on television, but I still love their promos and their feud all together. BDV and Matt Striker coming out was something else that I didn't expect. I'm a fan of these two, and Striker seemed in character throughout the promo. I find him underrated, so hopefully they can win this next match and some how get a title shot for the gold.

WOOO! BDV and Matt Striker win! I really hope these two get a shot at the tag titles in the near future, so we can finally see Matt Hardy vs. MVP for the US title. By the finish of this match, it looks that it will be coming up shortly.

The announcements by Stephanie were great to hear. No general manager for now, I can live with that. Kevin Thorn vs. Undertaker should be decent, probably a squash though. All superstars being able to compete on any brand was icing on the cake. Like I said when I replied to your news, this should spark up some new, fresh feuds between the two brands.

Mysterio doesn't cut a lot of promos, so I'm not really sure how he was character wise. This Finlay/Mysterio feud doesn't look to be finished, I hope to also get some answers sooner or later on why Finlay did this.

I love Cruiserweights, and I'm happy that you gave them some airtime. These teams do look very promising, I hope you keep them together, or maybe this is just a one time only thing. The finish was a little weak and confusing, but other then that, good match.

Another MVP/Hardy promo. The match between MVP/Hardy for the US title is pretty much down and confirmed now, after reading this, but the question is, when will they actually face each other?

Khali getting injured is pretty not bad. I'm a fan of Khali, but I guess sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Masters facing Batista later on, it seems decent. I don't like how Masters just popped up and asked for a title shot, but I guess it's a booking decision you need to make for a future feud. Hopefully this won't be a squash.

WOW! Jimmy Wang Yang gets a pinfall win over Finlay!? That was a big surpise. I was expecting a Mysterio inteference for sure, but I thought the match would end in a DQ or something. I guess this sort of puts over Yang, and doesn't ruin Finlay's credibility either.

Kind of weird for Thorn to just attack Funaki like that, meh.

This wasn't really a squash, Thorn did get some offense in there. I didn't see Undertaker losing. I think this will turn out into some monster type of feud, which should be good.

Eh... I'm not a fan of Estrada to be honest. He kind of bores me, I liked him better when he was with Umaga. I wouldn't want him to be the GM. Steph saying she doesn't have the power is wrong, she does, she's the boss's daughter lol.

I guess Masters held his own against the champ. Not a squash, but definatly a kind of weak match. I find Masters boring, and I don't think he's World Champion material, so I was happy with this decision. Aftermath, an Edge video package?! Really, really good. Adds suspense, and I'll be waiting to see when Edge returns, because it should be good.

Overall, it was a good show. Not your best show, a couple of matches were squash like which I didn't like. Good luck with Cyber Sunday!


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