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Pro Wrestling Insider

Backstage WWE News & Rumours

Originally Posted by Pro Wrestling Insider

After the news on Monday morning that ECW was being axed, it has been an explosive week with a few shock announcements. The Open House announcement on Smackdown from Stephanie McMahon saying that any superstar can switch brand from now until the end of the year is a decision that has been made to increase ratings with the expectation for viewers to tune in to see a big name superstar switch shows. With some superstars due back from injury, there is the chance that they could return to a different brand too. Whether that happens or not, only time will tell, but it's thought that the creative will pull no punches in the attempts to boost the ratings that showed a decent turn this week with Raw going up to a 3.4 and Smackdown up to 2.9.

There is still no word on whether Ric Flair is still with the company.

The main talking point of the week aside from the ECW closure concerns the Smackdown General Manager role now that Vickie Guerrero has left the company with family reasons being quoted as the reason, but we are being told by some sources that there is more to it than that. Several names have been mentioned and as we saw this week, Armando Alejandro Estrada won't be the new GM. Stephanie McMahon, her brother Shane, JBL, Jonathan Coachman and even Dusty Rhodes are the main names being mentioned. We saw Stephanie announce there will be different candidates getting a chance each week for the next several weeks, but she acted shocked this week when she agreed to let a mystery name take charge next week. That is supposed to set up a major shock for whoever is GM next week.

The Save_US.222 promo didn't air this week on Raw, suggesting that Chris Jericho may not be coming back after all or that the creative team has decided to pull the promos temporarily or change focus on a possible return on Jericho if he is indeed the focus of them. The other possibility is that Shawn Michaels has decided not to come back just yet, either way Raw is in need of a major face now that John Cena is out for a long time. It is believed however that Jericho will return to the WWE in the very near future despite no confirmation coming from both parties.

We have received a lot of information that there will be a huge storyline running very soon on Raw, possibly involving Mr. McMahon. It could well be one of the biggest storylines ever seen on WWE television.

On a positive note, Edge is closer to a return and the video that aired on Smackdown suggests he is not far off returning to television. However, we also found out that The Great Khali will be out for at least six months with a back injury he sustained at No Mercy in the Punjabi Prison Match with Batista.

Harry Smith worked dark matches on Raw and Smackdown this week with the prospect of him making his television debut next week in the United Kingdom. Before Raw, he beat Hardcore Holly and before Smackdown, he teamed with TJ Wilson to defeat The Major Brothers. Road agents were very impressed with his in ring ability and the same was said about Paul Burchill after his dark match with The Miz. It is not known whether any debut will be held off until after Cyber Sunday in two weeks time.

One interesting event from Smackdown this past week was Kevin Thorn's debut on Smackdown. The Undertaker had a say in being put together in the match and put him over as best as he could despite the clean victory. This could lead to a program with the pair or was just helping Thorn get over.

Also, on an interesting note, the plans for CM Punk’s debut would have involved him helping Maria from Santino Marella’s advances, but when creative heard about their real life split, those plans were put to bed. On the flip side for Punk, he may now receive a much bigger push.

The Cruiserweight Championship which is currently vacant could be decided in an elimination match at the Survivor Series. The new booking team feel that the division has a lot to offer and feel that a traditional Survivor Series elimination match can only help the division. Jimmy Wang Yang, Jamie Noble & Kenny Dykstra all gained wins on Smackdown this week, and with Super Crazy back on the show in addition to Chavo Guerrero’s expected return, the division is only getting stronger. Johnny Jeter is also slated to work dark matches and could also earn a call up.

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