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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown review:

Opening promo/match:
The Matt/MVP promo was good, it would of been interesting to see what would of happened between the two. What Striker had to say was good, he seemed in character and I could really imagine him saying those things. I liked the line about him being a role model for kids, that would of come off really well IRL for heat.

The match itself looked decent. MVP leaving was good as it's the type of thing his character would do. Striker and Big V will no doubt get a title match now. I can actually see MVP and Hardy pulling together once again and getting the win. Striker and Big V as a team is interesting, at least Striker gets to fight now he's teaming with Big V as opposed to just managing him. I'm a fan of Striker.

Stephanie Promo:
This was good. It's interesting what you're doing with teh GM situation. It's good that lots of other potential GM's get their chance too. I can see Estrada getting a chance, and maybe the Coach? I think you will have the best untill last, probably someone like Stone Cold. The open house announcement was a bit out of the blue, it should be interesting though. It's a good way to get the superstars you want on the right brands though.

Crazy/Moore vs. Noble/Dykstra:
A take it you are using Dykstra as a cruiserweight. This match was good with a good ending. I don't know if you are using Dykstra and Noble as a team or it's just a one-off, but it looked like a good tag match.

Wang Yang vs. Finlay:
This also seemed like a good match. Finlay working on the leg is realistic as it's what he tends to do IRL. The ending was well done, but I was expecting Rey to actually attack Finlay after what he said earlier. But he cost Finlay the match which is a good way to continue the feud.

Thorn vs. Taker:
This also seemed like a good match. I'm suprised Thorn got Taker in his first match on SD though, I would of expcted Thorn to win on his debut. Taker is looking strong though, I wouldn't be suprised if he's the one who faces Batista at C.S.

Steph/Estrada seg:
This was good also. It looks like Estrada won't get his chance now. Estrada storming out at the end after shouting in another language was funny.

Masters vs. Batista:
This was a good match too. I was actually expecting Masters to win the match and go on to Cyber Sunday, but it wasn't to be. I think it's the right decision too as I don't think it is a World Title match material. Batsita getting the win keeps him looking strong. The Edge video at the end was very nicely done, I wasn't expecting it at all. I can't wait for him to return. It's a shame it didn't say when he's returning and if he's back for Cyber Sunday but leaving it a suprise will be good.

This was a good show. There was some good matches and some interesting backstage segments. I don't think it was as good as Raw but that is a bit expected. But I think Smackdown will get better and better now with the GM thing and the open house thing, along with Edge returning. I can't wait to find out who takes charge next week.

Good show mate, keep it up!

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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