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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Bradley's Smackdown review
Not a fan of MVP and Matt Hardy opening the show, it should have been Batista since he did regain the world title 5 days ago. Decent interaction between MVP and Matt Hardy but it is a case of same old, same old. I was hoping for more of a unique twist. Also I didn't get why Matt Hardy was 'bigging' MVP up. OK so BDV comes out, interesting to say the least, something different I guess. Nice to see MVP act cowardly and Striker had intellect in that promo. A decent match but BDV beat the tag champs, I know you are pushing him and MVP ran away but I felt it was the wrong decision.

Massive announcement from Steph! I just hope Shawn Michaels comes to RAW, imagine the rivalries! It opens up a lot of innovative feuds. Thorn is getting a push straight away, good thinking as he was misused in ECW.

I see a character change from Mysterio, he isn't the one to bring intensity to the table so his imminent battle against Finlay could be a classic.

Seemed like filler but turned in to something more, I hope you expand the CW division, and possibly the tag division. I hope you push Dykstra like you did at Backlash in your old thread.

Is MVP a face? He sounded like it at first but they slowly went at loggerheads. Matt sounded like he could turn heel then but didn't. Rather confusing.

Thank God! Khali's gone. You actually spelt heal wrong. I am not in favour of Masters getting a push but I guess it's your decision.

Surprised to see Yang win but I guess Rey did interfere. I also noticed Finlay controlled the match so I guess it was win-win.

Uhhh... yay? Funaki got squashed, I guess to put over Thorn's dominance.

Good to see the Undertaker win, I sense him facing Thorn at Cyber Sunday. Surprised to see Thorn actually get any offense in but Undertaker HAD to win that.

A good, in-character promo next. Estrada was great, basically begging but thank God. I don't want him as GM. An interesting decision and I think one that will pay off with a new GM every week.

Masters seemed to dominate the opening, weird. Batista getting out of the masterlock was a fantastic way to put him over and in the end it was academic. Edge coming back is going to be huge.

Overall, a decent show, not as good as RAW and some questionable decisions. Like no D&D and no Kane.

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