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WWE.com - Smackdown Results - 12th October 2007


Allstate Arena
Rosemount, Illinois

***“Live For The Moment” blasts out & Matt Hardy makes his way down to the ring***

***BIG POP***

Matt is passed a microphone and straight away says he wants MVP to come out and join him because they’ve got something they need to sort out.

***“I’m Comin’” hits after a short pause and MVP walks down in his ring gear looking confused, getting a mixed reception but mainly boos***

MVP asks Matt what the hell he wants. Matt says that over the last few weeks he’s forgotten what being a Tag Team Champion is all about and says that he needs to apologise to MVP and that’s why he’s asked him out here to do just that. MVP tells Matt that he agrees with him, he has treated him with no respect, they’re Tag Team Champions and he should have known better, especially considering he is the partner of the Franchise Player and the future of Smackdown. Matt then tells MVP he is happy to apologise but that MVP has to look at himself too because all he does is talk about himself, but MVP then gets in Matt’s face and says that the only reason they’re still the champions is because of him, saying he has carried Matt through all of their matches. Matt is about to respond when. . .

***Matt Striker with a microphone in hand & Big Daddy V walk out to the entrance in their ring gear***


Striker says that he doesn’t want to break up this tender moment but he says he has something important to say. He says that he has been watching Smackdown recently and says that both MVP and Matt Hardy have been nothing but a disgrace to the Tag Team titles and that they should have been stripped of the titles by now, but because there has not been a General Manager with any intelligence, that hasn’t happened. MVP looks pissed and tells Striker that it’s got absolutely nothing to do with him and to get the hell out of his business. Striker tells MVP that it is his business because along with the most feared man on Smackdown, they deserve to be wearing gold more than MVP and Matt, saying they would make a better example to everybody who watches Smackdown.

He says that no one wants to see champions arguing because it sets a bad example and that there is no better role model than Matt Striker for all the young children watching at home. MVP looks really pissed and is about to respond when Matt beats him to it and tells Striker that he doesn’t fear Big Daddy V and he’s damn sure that The Franchise Player isn’t either, then invites them down to try their luck. MVP looks round in shock at Matt as Striker says that they’re going to make an example out of them, but MVP tells them as they’re walking down the aisle that there’s no way he’s putting up the tag titles which Striker says is fine because once they’ve beaten them tonight, they’ll get another chance and drops the mic.

Matt Hardy & Montel Vontavious Porter vs Matt Striker & Big Daddy V

Striker started the match with Matt and was largely dominated but was able to low blow Matt and tag in Big Daddy V who dominated Matt. As the match went along, Matt was able to duck a clothesline attempt, ran through the ropes and dropkicked Big V in the knee, then went to his corner to try and tag in MVP, but he dropped off the apron to the floor. Matt got pissed and started shouting at MVP, but as Matt turned around, Big V was up and planted Matt with a Samoan Drop. He then ran off the ropes and nailed Matt with a big splash, then went for a cover, but MVP ran into the ring and stamped across the back of Big V to stop the count. When Big V got up, he stared right through MVP who left the ring and got back on the apron. Matt started to move and ever so slowly across the mat towards with MVP with Daddy V just looking on and staring at MVP who as Matt reached out, jumped down off the apron and left ringside, grabbing his belts first. Daddy V just laughed as he then pulled Matt up to his feet and then hit a version of the World’s Strongest Slam, then hit an elbow drop across the chest and covered him for the win with MVP looking on at the entranceway, not sure of what to do.

AFTERMATH: Striker got in the ring and raised Daddy V’s arm as Matt remained motionless on the mat

We see Stephanie McMahon walking through the back, appearing to be on her way to the ring


***“All Grown Up” hits & Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring***


She says that as everyone should be aware by now, Vickie Guerrero is no longer General Manager of Smackdown, and with Teddy Long recovering from a heart attack several weeks ago, it leaves Smackdown without a General Manager. She then says she is sure everyone here tonight must be dying to know who will be the new General Manager, but the fact is that she doesn’t even know who that person will be just yet as the Board of Directors have had more important things to discuss this week with ECW coming to an end, which she will come to later. Steph then says one thing that the Board has decided is that tonight, she will take charge of Smackdown and that for the next few weeks, potential General Manager’s will have the chance to do the same as her tonight and then the Board will decide on a permanent replacement.

She then moves on to the topic of ECW being finished and says that both Raw and Smackdown have received superstars from the brand and that her first official decision tonight is that one of ECW’s superstars will make his Smackdown debut tonight, and that superstar is Kevin Thorn when he goes one on one with The Undertaker (Pop). She then says that she has something very important that she needs to say and says that until the end of the year, Raw and Smackdown is open house, saying that any superstar from either brand can switch between brands if they so wish but says it doesn’t mean that any superstar can just turn up on either show because they feel like it but that any superstar who wants to switch show can do so. She then says that she hopes everyone enjoys the show tonight and leaves the ring to her music playing once again to a decent reception.


At the interview set we see Josh Matthews who introduces Rey Mysterio as his guest, getting a huge pop from the arena. Josh then tells us all what happened at No Mercy with Rey’s match against Finlay, then we see the attack after Finlay was placed on the stretcher. The picture goes back to Josh and a serious looking Mysterio as Josh then asks Rey how he’s feeling after the attack. Rey says that he’s a little beat up, it’s noting too serious but he can’t compete tonight. Josh then asks him if he knows or understands why Finlay did what he did at No Mercy and Rey says that he doesn’t know, maybe he wants his attention. He then says that if Finlay did want his attention, he already had it, but now you’ve got more than his attention because Rey Mysterio doesn’t let anyone walk all over him and Finlay is about to find that out the hard way (Pop). Rey then walks out of the shot with a real intense look on his face.


Super Crazy & Shannon Moore vs Jamie Noble & Kenny Dykstra

A real quick paced match with Noble trying his best to slow it down after countering moves from Crazy and Moore into submission holds on the mat. Towards the end of the match, Noble was working hard on Moore, but as he tried to pull him back from the corner, Moore turned over onto his back and pushed Noble off with a boot to the face and tag in Super Crazy. He came in all guns blazing and hit Noble with a couple of clotheslines before hitting a springboard hurricanrana, taking Noble down. He then went to the top rope but was pushed off by Dykstra as the ref checked on Noble. Moore back on his feet, tried to get at Dykstra but the ref held him back and pushed him back to the corner, but Dykstra took advantage and hit a Guillotine Leg Drop off the top as Noble then took advantage by going for the cover as Dykstra ran across the ring and knocked Moore off the apron to stop him from breaking up the count as Noble gets the win.



Matt Hardy
is getting his ribs taped up by a doctor in the back when MVP walks in and asks him how he’s doing. Matt sees him and shakes his head, as MVP then asks him why he’s shaking his head at him. Matt asks him if he’s kiddin’, then tells him maybe it’s something to do with MVP leaving him to get his ass kicked by a four hundred pound animal. MVP then tells Matt there’s no way he’s gonna risk himself getting his ass kicked by Big Daddy V, saying he’s not stupid. Matt then says that everything he said earlier tonight about trying to apologise doesn’t mean anything now because he’s not the selfish one in this team and from now on, he’ll be looking out for number one too. MVP tells Matt he can do whatever he wants because he couldn’t give a rats ass what happens to him anymore. Matt says that’s great and tells him to get the hell out, which MVP does, saying that’s no problem and slams the door on the way out as Matt finishes getting his ribs taped up.


a getting a big pop, walks into Stephanie McMahon’s office and says that he got a message saying she wanted to she him. Steph says that she did and that she has something to tell him. She says that after his Punjabi Prison match with The Great Khali at No Mercy, The Great Khali had to be taken a local medical facility where he was diagnosed with a fairly serious back injury that will take at least six months to heel. Batista asks Steph what it’s got to do with him and Steph tells him that it means at Cyber Sunday he will be defending his World Heavyweight Championship, just not against The Great Khali like he thought. Batista says he is fine with that and doesn’t care who he faces when Chris Masters walks through the door, getting a heat from the arena.

Masters gets right to the point and tells Steph that he’s sick and tired of being disrespected around here and wants to be taken seriously or he’ll take advantage of this open season and go back to Raw. Batista laughs to himself as Masters then asks him what he’s laughing at and Batista says that he’s laughing at what a joke Masters is, telling him you have to work at getting respect and that it’s not just given to you on a plate. Steph then cuts in and says that she might have an idea. She tells Masters that Batista needs an opponent for Cyber Sunday and that she’ll give Masters a chance tonight, and if he can beat Batista in a non title match, he will get a World Heavyweight Championship match at Cyber Sunday. Batista says he’s fine with that if Masters is, and he agrees, then tells Batista he’ll be seeing him later and at Cyber Sunday before leaving the room with Batista smiling.


Jimmy Wang Yang vs Finlay

Finlay controlled the most part of the match with Yang getting a few bits of offence in. Finlay worked over Yang’s left leg for the most part of the match and as the match reached its finish, Finlay tried to set Yang up for the Celtic Cross, but Yang used all his energy to slip down the back of Finlay, but as he spun Finlay round, he was met by a hard right hand to the head. Finlay then lifted him onto his shoulders by the ropes and was gearing up for a Rolling Fireman’s Carry when Rey Mysterio ran down the aisle to a huge pop. Finlay was distracted and Yang held onto the top rope and Finlay let go of him as Rey jumped onto the apron. Finlay then ran towards Rey on the apron as Yang then climbed up to the top. Finlay went to knock Rey off the apron but he dropped down, and as Finlay turned round, Yang leapt off the top and hit a corkscrew hurricanrana and hooked the leg to get a shock win.

AFTERMATH: Yang quickly slips out of the ring and Rey raises his arm on the outside with a shocked Finlay looking on very angry towards Rey


We see a very intense Kevin Thorn walking through the back. He walks past several officials and then towards Funaki who looks at him strangely. Thorn stops for a second or two and stares at Funaki before smashing him in the face with a right hand, then pushing him back into the wall and then tossing him into the opposite wall of the narrow hallway. The crowd can be heard booing inside the arena as Thorn looks down intensely before turning round and walking up the hall.


The Undertaker vs Kevin Thorn

Thorn took the early part of the match by storm and shocked Taker with a string of vicious attacks in the corner, having to be warned several times by the referee to calm it down. Taker managed to recover and put Thorn on the back foot with a few hard right hands before hitting a few trademark moves including Old School. Thorn managed to counter a few moves but Taker took his game up a notch or two and managed to hit Thorn with a big boot to the face. Taker then was in control and after a chokeslam and then a Tombstone Piledriver, he was able to put Thorn away for a difficult victory.

AFTERMATH: The lights go out and Taker celebrates in the ring and as he gets up off one knee, he sees Thorn coming round and looks down at him, then nods his head as at him


There’s a knock on Stephanie McMahon’s door and she tells them to hold on as she’s on her cell phone. She looks a little shocked and asks the person she’s talking to if they’re serious and checks with them that they want to be General Manager next week. She listens for several seconds before saying that she agrees with them and then says that they’ve got a deal, next week they will be in control of Smackdown and wraps up the call before telling the person outside to come in and Armando Alejandro Estrada walks in. He sucks up to Steph saying she looks beautiful tonight and that she’s done a great job so far tonight to which she thanks him. He then says that since he was the General Manager of ECW, he technically should be the new General Manager of Smackdown.

Steph says that it was unfortunate what happened to ECW, but she doesn’t have the power to appoint a full time GM and she’s just agreed for someone to take charge next week. She then tells him that the Board of Directors have been discussing this matter and ECW all week and they seem to believe that part of the reason that ECW went out of business was to do with Estrada. He gets really angry and tells her that it’s not his fault ECW had to be closed, but Steph soon cuts him off and says that they have discussed his name for the job but they have decided against it and says she’s sorry but that’s the final decision. Estrada gets fired up and shouts in a different language before storming out of the room with Stephanie shaking her head in disbelief.


Batista vs Chris Masters

Masters went full throttle at the start of the match, not letting Batista get any kind of offence in, but as the match went on, Masters started to run out of gas. He managed to get The Masterlock in on Batista, but was not able to get his full force behind it and Batista fought it. He ran backwards with Masters behind him and into the corner, Masters then let go and pushed Batista to the centre of the ring where he tried to lock it in again, but Batista countered with a suplex. For the finish, Batista reversed another Masterlock attempt and whipped Masters into the ropes, then hit a spinebuster. As Masters slowly came round, Batista took advantage and finished him off with the Batista Bomb for the win and Masters won’t be facing Batista at Cyber Sunday.

AFTERMATH: “I Walk Alone” hits and Batista gets his arm raised by Micky Henson and celebrates in the ring until. . .

On the tron, a video of Edge winning the World Heavyweight Championship after cashing in his Money in the Bank is shown, then a highlight reel of his time on Smackdown, ending with him handing over the World Title. It fades to a black background with a Rated R Superstar logo and the words “HE’S COMING BACK”

Batista looks on at the screen a little confused as the camera zooms on in him as Smackdown goes off the air


Matt Striker & Big Daddy V df. Matt Hardy & MVP
Jamie Noble & Kenny Dykstra df. Super Crazy & Shannon Moore
Jimmy Wang Yang df. Finlay
The Undertaker df. Kevin Thorn
Batista df. Chris Masters

Harry Smith & TJ Wilson df. The Major Brothers
Paul Burchill df. The Miz

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