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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Alim's Raw Review

Sorry for the lateness, been busy with homework, school, etc. Let's see if you got any booking rust from your last thread.

The opening promo had some anticipation, because usually after the night after a ppv, a new number one contender is announced, or some new matches, and that's exactly what happened. Orton coming out, and mocking Cena was pretty good, but I don't understand why Hulk Hogan was mentioned. CM Punk coming out was a no brainer, since Raw is in his hometown of Chicago. I'm glad to see you used the ECW title somewhat to bring Punk into a feud with Orton. Him not having a match sucks, but it's understandable seeing as how Vince McMahon is like that.

The 8 man tag match was pretty good. Richards are Dreamer are a bit odd, randomly teaming up with London and Kendrick, but I guess you had to feature some of the now extinct ECW on your show. Could this mean a somewhat push for Tommy Dreamer, Steven Richards, and Londrick? We'll see.

Good promo by Triple H and Vince McMahon. They both seemed in character, and Triple H seemed to be spot on. One thing, I think Triple H would have asked for another title shot, instead of just having a match with Umaga. No disqualifications, should be good, and I expect interference.

Really, really solid promo by Kennedy. I love writing him, and I sure hope you do too. He stated his message, loud and clear, and he wants the IC gold. Match itself, meh. Summary was kind of short for my liking, and didn't really explain much.

Pretty not bad promo. Morrison seemed on and off, Punk seemed pretty spot on characters. This definatly sparks up some heat, and maybe an upcoming feud between these four. Steven Richards didn't serve a purpose here though.

Hahahahah! Santino promos are awesome, this one wasn't an exception. The guy is hilarious, and I think you did a good job on getting some good heat from the crowd. I don't suspect anything here, but the diva battle royal should be good.

I'm not a fan of Cody Rhodes to be honest. Him getting a win over Carlito is half and half. One on side, it's bad because I think Carlito is a great talent, and is overlooked by a lot of people, and him losing to a rookie doesn't help much. On the other hand, we have Cody Rhodes getting a victory over a former IC champion, could gain some credibility there.

I hate Hacksaw Jim Duggan. He wasn't anything special twenty years ago, and he isn't now. I hope Elijah Burke gets rid of him. Good to see Val Venis get some airtime though.

Another great promo. Orton seemed in character, but I prefer the opening promo over this one. Like the others, with this promo, it's pretty much confirmed Triple H will be added to the Cyber Sunday poll for who to face Orton.

Really happy Mickie James won the battle royal. The feud between her and Beth Pheonix, I've been waiting for it ever since Beth debuted in the WWE. Aftermath was weird though, possibily a three way title feud with Victoria? That's even better.

The Kennedy/Regal/Hornswoggle/McMahon promo was a bit confusing. Glad to see Kennedy/Hardy is confirmed for the IC title at Cyber Sunday, with us picking the stipulations. The part I didn't get was when Hornswoggle entered, then Vince entering, and saying something to Kennedy. Maybe this could mean you're bringing back the bastard son storyline, and Kennedy turns out to be the real son?

Umaga getting a win over Triple H?! That was definatly a shocker. I was expecting McMahon to run in, but I guess not. This confirms Triple H in the voting, and possibily Umaga too. I was kind of hoping for CM Punk to also run in to help Triple H, but I guess you're probably saving it.

Overall, the show was good. I enjoyed your promos, and most of your matches. Cyber Sunday is shaping up to be great, good luck!


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