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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hello Nige, I said I would review so ...

D-K-L's Raw Review

Opening promo:
This was a good way to start the show. Orton seemed very much in character as he was his usual cocky self. I like 'the champ is here' comment. Punk coming out was good since it's in illinois, it would come off well IRL. The announcement by VM was good but I was quite suprised that Punk was given an automatic title shot, I think he deserves it and it would of been a good match to have in his home town. I don't know if Punk will win the vote since HHH might be involved, but I just read that we decide, so Punk might have a chance afterall.

8-man tag:
This seemed like a good match. Dreamer and Richards could be getting a push now which would be interesting. We might see them at Cyber Sunday maybe with soem sort of extreme match? It's good seeing them on teh roster as Raw needs more teams.

Vince/HHH segment:
This was a good, intense segment here. I don't know where this HHH/Vince stroy is going but I wouldn't be suprised if they had another match. HHH/Umaga should be good.

Jeff vs. Kennedy:
This seemed like a good match too. Kennedy getting the win is a good way to continue the feud. Kennedy is on top now and I can see him going on to win the title.

Punk/Morrison/Dreamer seg:
This was good too. If Punk doesn't win the vote I can see him continuing a rivalry with Morrison, which would be good as they can put on some great matches.

This was OK but slightly strange, it is obviously going somewhere though. I wouldn't be suprised if he goes around the whole diva roster or something.I don't really know how Torrie could get him back on her own. I'm a big fan of Marrella as a heel so it's good to see him being used.

Carlito vs. Rhodes:
This was another decent match. It was a good ending with the sunset flip, and a good way to get an upset. Carlito attacking Cody at the end will surely lead to anotehr match which should be good. I can see Rhodes getting a decent push in the coming weeks and Carlito is a good guy to put Rhodes over.

Burke segment:
This was short, but good. It's a good and simpel way to build a feud. Burke is one of my favourites so I can only hope this will lead up to a squash. Hopefully Burke will do well on Raw, but for now a midcard feud is good for him.

Orton interview:
This was good also, he continued boasting and was in character. What he had to say about HHH was good.

Divas battle royal:
It was a good as it can be really. I was hoping that Victoria picked up the win, but with the champ being a heel, it's good booking. Victoria attacking Mickie is a bit strange, so it will be interesting to see what happens from here.

Another interesting segment. I think it's leading up to something but I don't know what.

HHH vs. Umaga:
You may have got some stick for having Umaga beat HHH, but I think it's good. Having Orton come down was a good way to keep their fued going and having Umaga win keeps his rep up.

This was a good show mate. The only dissapointment for me is that it might of been good to see Punk have a match, possibly involving Orton since it's in his home town.

Another good thing is that a lot of your superstars are involved in many different storylines which keeps us guessing. For example Vince - HHH/Kennedy/Hornswaggle, Orton - Punk/HHH, Punk - Morrison/Orton.

Also it might be good to have a bit more detail with matches and promos, but since it's in recap form it is understandable.

Good show and i'm looking forward to Cyber Sunday already, keep it up mate!

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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