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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey Nige, I just wanted to say welcome back and good luck with this I think it should be good.

Heyman Deciple's RAW REVIEW

Orton-Punk-Vince: Good opening segment especially just coming off the pay per view with Randy Orton gloating about the fact that he's the WWE champion and then out comes CM Punk for a confrontation with Randy Orton. Good stuff.

8 Man Tag: This was a solid match and a nice win for Kendrick, London, Dreamer, and Stevie. Plus I really liked that Tommy Dreamer got deciding pinfall for his team.

Vince-Triple H: Solid segment here with Triple H obviously upset over at what happened at No Mercy and this set up the No Disqualification match between Triple H and Umaga later in the show.

Hardy vs. Kennedy: Solid promo from Mr. Kennedy leading into the match. The match itself was good and I was really happy with Mr. Kennedy getting the win.

Punk-Morrison: This was good as Punk along with Dreamer and Richards are confronted by John Morrison. I liked how Morrison was being all cocky and was then kinda put in his place by Punk and Tommy Dreamer.

Maria-Santino-Torrie: This was great, as Santino talked to Maria as she was getting ready for the Divas battle royal he then starts hitting on Torrie Wilson, she turns him down and he bumps into her knocking her down. This was really good and sets up Santino as a really good heel.

Cody vs. Carlito: This was a nice upset win for Cody over Carlito and I really enjoyed what happened after the match with Carlito leaving Cody laying.

Burke-Val & Duggan: This I found to be very entertaining as Elijah Burke is great as the superior arrogant heel.

Orton Interview: Solid Interview here with Randy Orton as we get his thoughts on the possibilities for Cyber Sunday.

Divas Battle Royal: This featured some solid Divas action and it was great to see Mickie James pick up the win, even though when it was over she was attacked and hit with the Widows peak by Victoria.

Kennedy-Regal-Hornswaggle-Vince: Kennedy knocking over Hornswaggle and his reaction to it was just great. Kennedy rules.

Triple H vs. Umaga: Good main event with Umaga picking up the win with some help from Randy Orton.

This was a good show, I give it 7 out of 10.

It's like 1993 all over again... Mainstream pro wrestling in the United States sucks.

WWE sucks. TNA sucks.

Thank god for Japan, Mexico, and the indies... And the Internet making alternative forms of pro wrestling more accessible than ever.

If it wasn't for YouTube and podcasts I don't know where I'd be as a wrestling fan in 2014.

*taking a break from WWE, beginning October 2014.

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