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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Opening Promo
Randy Orton was his usual cocky self and nobody gets heat from the crowd better than RKO. Good idea to use Punk infront of his home crowd, but I think he should have been involved in a match to keep the crowd happy.

8 man tag
Good match to use up a bit of time, but I would have liked to see Cade and Murdoch steal the win by distracting the ref rather than the other way round.

McMahon/HHH promo
Good promo to set up the main event and keeping Trips out of the title picture for a while could be a good idea.

Kennedy v Hardy
I'm a big fan of Kennedy and am interested to see what you do with him. An intercontinental title run could be good for him.

ECW promo
Another use of Punk to satisfy the crowd, don't quite think Morrison is ready for the Raw title picture just yet.

Santino/Maria promo
Any promo that contains the divas is good, and a good use of Santino's character as well.

Rhodes v Carlito
A big win for Codey in this one, and a feud with Carlito could really help his career. Not sure what it will do for Carlito though, who I think should be in the IC title picture.

Burke promo
Two good superstars to boost Burke's ratings, but I wouldn't like to see this feud go on for too long as I think Burke is better than that.

Womens Battle Royal
The divas seemed to be eliminated in the order that you'd expect. The Mickie/Beth feud should be good, but I would expect Victoria to have something to say.

Kennedy/Regal/Vince promo
Poor little Horny getting knocked over. Good to see Kennedy get his title match, but you don't cross the boss.

Superb main event, and a good heel win for Umaga. The appearance of Orton seems to indicate a HHH title feud.

A good first show with good use of the main characters. The feuds that were used look strong and could indicate some good storylines in the future.

7/10 - Keep it up mate!!!

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