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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Bleach: Shattered Blade Review

Basically, I am putting it here because it will probably be most looked at by Anime fans.

So, the game was released for Wii on Tuesday. I received my copy today.


Its for the Wii, so I wasn't really expecting great graphics. Though, the graphics really underachieved in this game. The biggest problem is the sharpness of the characters. Increase the sharpness, and it would have been pretty close to my expectations graphic wise.


I was really hoping for the option to use the GameCube controller for this game, but regardless, the gameplay is great. They have everything set up perfectly. I honestly picked up the controller and five minutes later I had it on lock.

The Wii remote works as a perfect Zanpakutou. The motions may be limited to 5 different moves, but it works well and you can really get a feel for it. This is something they definitely did right.

Episode Mode

I didn't even know they were including any type of story mode. I thought it was just going to be a straight versus system. The story mode obviously is lacking. The story doesn't relate with anything in the manga, or even the anime. Basically, you have a terrible 35 second dialouge about some shards before you fight someone. They have you fighting your allies for shards, its just all over the place

Versus Mode

This is pretty straight forward. Its simple one on one against the computer, or multiplayer. For the most part, I was pretty satisfied with this mode.


This is definitely one thing that made me quite happy. They included 32 characters. I figured they would just keep Kurosaki's crew and the Soul Society crew. Though, they are including arrancar and such. Great move, imo.

Overall, I am going to give it a 6/10. Honestly, it probably wouldn't earn that much if someone who wasn't so attached to the series was rating it, but yeah.

Best part of the game? 32 characters and the Wii Remote Zanpakutou.

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