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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

Death Before Dishonor V: Night 1 - Takeshi Morishima(c) vs. Claudio Castagnoli

great match. i was totally into it the whole time and Claudio was the man. that suicide dive to Mori on the outside was just sick. i've never seen those guardrails fly apart like that before :P.

i seriously hate Sinclair

*** 3/4

Manhatten Mayhem II - Takeshi Morishima(c) vs. Bryan Danielson

WOW! at about 4-5 minutes into the match Morishima just decks him with a right to the face and for the rest of the match after that flurry of punches, Danielson is favoring the eyes and looks like he's in real pain. i have so much respect for Danielson after seeing him tough it out for that almost 25 minute match with the eye injury.

i loved the story being told with Danielson trying to take out the legs and keep the big guy from being too mobile. the crowd was absolutely fucking great throughout the match and i loved the huge pop when Morishima finally fell after Danielson put tons of punishment to his left thigh/leg.

lots of great stuff in this match. if you intend to order the 3rd PPV, make sure to watch this match at least before their rematch at the PPV. their match at Man Up just means a whole lot more now that i see they played off their first encounter and WHY Morishima got the win like he did (not gonna spoil it for you guys).

Danielson is a monster. he's a fucking tough SOB and truly one of the best wrestlers today. SEE THIS MATCH NOW!

**** 3/4


that is the same rating as i gave Danielson/Nigel from Driven, but i think the #1 Contender's match edges the title match by a hair. i can't wait for Morishima vs. Dragon 3 and i have no doubt that it'll top all previous encounters and the beforementioned #1 Contender's match.

is it just me or is Dragon on a fucking roll since returning this year?

RIE Main Event - ****
KENTA/Danielson III - **** 3/4
Danielson/Go - **** 1/2
Danielson/Morishima - **** 3/4
Danielson/Nigel - **** 3/4
Danielson/Morishima II - **** (i would have probably bumped this up 1/4 if i had seen their first encounter before seeing the rematch)

plus every match he's been in besides those have ranged from *** - *** 3/4. only the quick squash matches he's had have been lower.

i really fucking hope that the Misawa announcement this week isn't Misawa vs. KENTA but Misawa vs. Dragon. after watching Morishima vs. Dragon I, i have NO DOUBT that if he faces Misawa that not only will it seem like a credible challenge, but it will be fucking outstanding and if Joe/Kobashi can get 5 stars thanks to the crowd/atmosphere, in ring quality of the match, and the importance of the match...then i have no doubt Misawa vs. Danielson has the potential to be a 5 star match.

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