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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

7th June 2004
Albany, New York

A film clip is shown of the Austin Gauntlet from last week, and then it goes off to the entrance video and pyro.

JR: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to WWE RAW, we’re just 6 days away from Bad Blood and what an event it is shaping up to be King!

Jerry Lawler: Your right about that JR, but Bad Blood is not only going to be a great event, tonight will be too.

JR: Tonight we have Evolution members, Randy Orton and Batista facing off against Shelton Benjamin and Edge, what a smash mouth brawl that will be King, these 4 men hate each other more than anything….. Also tonight we will see Stone Cold Steve Austin, I’ve been trying to talk to him all week about the events that that took place last week but I haven’t been able to get in contact with him.

Jerry Lawler: You mean when Christian handed Austin his ass to him last week in the Gauntlet?

JR: Well yes, that’s what I was referring to King……

Jerry Lawler: Well why didn’t you just say it JR? or are you just afraid of the truth?

JR: What the Hell are you talking about King? I know Austin got his ass beat last week, what’s your point?

Jerry Lawler: There’s no point JR, just your friend Stone Cold got beat by my friend Christian.

JR: Oh King would you grow up!!

Christian’s music fills the arena and he makes him way down to the ring with Trish and Tomko.

Christian: Last week on RAW, I defeated….. Single handedly I might add, the great Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rattlesnake, the Bionic Redneck, the washed up joke who should retire from the wrestling business once and for all.

Crowd gives major heat to Christian

Christian: I mean would Austin have ever had a women like Trish on his arm? Would Austin have ever had his own problem solver that could tear apart anyone who stood in his way? I don’t think so……

The glass shatters and Austin struts his way down to the ring and goes to all the turnbuckles and comes face-to-face with Christian.

Steve Austin: Christian, when are you gonna stop running that whiny little mouth of yours and actually do something useful like get your ass kicked by Stone Cold Steve Austin?

The crowd erupts

Steve Austin: You say I’m washed up you little bastard, the only reason your here is this damn ring is cause I put the damn company on the map and the only reason I lost to you last week was I had 8 other matches before I got to your pun…….

Christian: Austin do wee look like we care for your little excuses, I beat you last week and it will always go down in the record books tha…….

Steve Austin: Don’t interrupt me you little bastard, I’m currently in the worst mood you will ever see me in and I don’t……..

Christian: I’ll interrupt you anytime I want you bald son-of-a-bitch!

Austin smiles and looks to the crowd and goes to punch Christian but Tomko grabs his arm and shakes his head, Christian takes a cheap shot on Austin and all 3 of them start beating him down to the mat before Christian hits the Unprettier on Austin before leaving the ring.

{Commercial Break}

JR: Welcome back to RAW ladies and gentlemen as we just saw that Christian and his problem solver, Tyson Tomko just laid a beating down on to Stone Cold and this happened during the commercial break ladies and gentlemen.

A clip is shown of Christian, Tomko and Trish all getting in a car and leaving together.

JR: It seems to me King, your little friend Christian hightailed it out of here because he didn’t want to be around when Austin wakes up.

Jerry Lawler: Well I’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation why they left in such a hurry, maybe Tomko needed to get the hair dressers…

JR: I can work out 2 problems with the comment at the moment….

Match 1
A-Train vs. Garrison Cade

A-Train wins after he hits a DeRailer on Garrison Cade following a Pinfall.
Winner – A-Train – Pinfall

After the match Jericho runs down to the ring and attacks A-Train and eventually takes him down with a Bulldog and hits the LionSult before calling to the fans for the Walls. Jericho pumps the crowd and goes for the but Train pushes him off, gets back up and waits for Jericho to turn around to hit him with a huge DeRailer.

A-Train gets out of the ring and grabs a chair and gets back in the ring, he drops it in the middle of the ring and picks Jericho back up for another DeRailer onto the chair, A-Train leaves the ring with a huge smile on his face as trainers run down to see if his ok.

We go backstage and see Hurricane talking to a backstage member and Eugene walk up behind him and tap Hurricane on the shoulder.

Eugene: Excuse me Mister Hurricane sir…..

Hurricane: Holy Fruit Loop, its citizen Eugene, what can I do for you my young, un-mischievous friend?

Eugene: Ummmmm, Mister Hurricane, can I please try on your cape? I’m a huge fan of yours…..

Hurricane looks around and takes his cape off

Hurricane: I suppose a little try won’t help, but Eugene, if a dastly person like the Evil Master-mind Rosey comes along I need it back right away.

Eugene nods and claps and jumps up and down and puts Hurricane’s cape around his neck. Eugene runs around with his arms out like he’s flying but Rosey shows up and challenges Hurricane to a duel, Hurricane accepts and Rosey flies off while Eugene still is running around; Eugene starts to lift off the ground (special effects) and rises up to the roof.

Eugene: Ummmmm Mister Hurricane, sir, a little help?

Hurricane turns around and looks for Eugene before looking up and seeing him holding onto a pole extending along the backstage roof.

Hurricane: Holy Flying Nut, hold on Eugene I’ll fly up to save you

Hurricane tries to fly but realizes he doesn’t have his cape and jumps up trying to grab it off Eugene’s back as we fade into a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

Match 2
Matt Hardy vs. Sylvain Grainer

Matt Hardy picks up the win with the Tornado Leg Drop on Grainer for the 3 count.
Winner – Matt Hardy – Pinfall

As soon as the match finishes Matt leaves the ring in a real hurry and heads backstage, Lita comes out onto the stage and the two’s eyes meet, Lita meets Matt on the ramp and he starts telling her to get out of the arena, cause Kane is going down tonight, Lita just kisses him and then leaves leaving Matt speechless.

{Commercial Break}

We come back and see Matt chasing Lita down the hall backstage, she runs past a corridor of which Kane steps out of and Matt runs into him, Matt gives a look of shock as he looks at Lita down on the ground crying, Matt tries to attack Kane but Kane blocks it and starts beating the hell out of Matt, Kane tells Matt his blood will flow at Bad Blood before Chokeslamming him through the wall.

Smackdown Rebound
- Shows Shane O’Mac running out on stage and the crowd going wild when he announces he is the new Smackdown! General Manager.
- Shows Shane telling JBL he has a NO DQ match against The Undertaker next week.
- Highlights of the Dupree & Torrie vs. Haas & Dawn Marie match.
- Shows Angles come back match against Dudley’s & Luther Reigns
- Shows the highlights of the RVD / Eddie match with RVD holding the WWE Championship as SD! Goes off the air.

We go back to the announces table

JR: I got a bad feeling for Bad Blood between Kane and Matt Hardy, I got to say in my gut I feel Matt won’t be walking out of the arena.

Jerry Lawler: I know what you mean JR, poor old Matt Hardy he’d have to hit Kane with a Semi Trailer to get the same effect of one of Kane’s punches on him…

JR: And it’s all thanks to that Son of a Bitch Eric Bischoff, some day someone is going to show him what it’s like to ruins someone’s life, and God I hope they do it soon.

We go backstage and see Eric Bischoff in his office

Eric Bischoff: Due to the events that occurred earlier tonight, I’ve just made a match, another match for Bad Blood, it will be, A-Train vs. Chris Jericho…….

We hear the door slam


We then see Eugene run over and give Bischoff a big hug and then wave

Eugene: Hi Uncle Eric, I’m here cause I’m a RAW superstar, thanks for sending me to Smackdown! to see what it was like Uncle Eric….

Eric Bischoff: Send you to……. Eug………. Send……. EUGENE, I sent you to Smackdown! to become a Smackdown! Superstar, your not on RAW any more, your on Smackdown! of a Thursday, not RAW of a Monday….

Eugene: You mean I’m not on RAW anymore?

Eric Bischoff: YES Eugene that’s exactly what I’m saying!!!

Eugene: But Uncle Eric, I like it here on RAW, I mean I got friends like Chris Beniot and William Regal….

Eric Bischoff: Eugene I’m sure you’ll make new friends on Smackdown! Now would you please leave my office…… Wait, would you like one more match on RAW before you leave?

Eugene starts jumping up and down while clapping

Eric Bischoff: Alright let me see, hmmmmmm let’s make it Eugene versus Kane……. Oh and to warm him up for Bad Blood, we’ll make it a Street Fight…. And it’s next!

{Commercial Break}

Match 3
Street Fight
Eugene vs. Kane

Kane beats the hell out of Eugene for the whole match but he finishes it with a Chokeslam through a table.
Winner – Kane – Pinfall

As soon as the match ends Kane grabs a mic and gets back in the ring

Kane: Matt Hardy, do you see this? This is only a slight view of what our match is going to be like at Bad Blood, and I promise the match will be unforgettable.

We go backstage and see Evolution in their locker room

Triple H: Alright guys, Bad Blood has the chance of being Evolution’s night, I’ve got the chance of finally getting rid of Shawn Michaels, Randy can regain the Intercontinental Championship and Batista can get rid of that snot nosed kid Shelton Benjamin…. But let’s talk about tonight, Dave, Randy you have a chance of injuring Shelton and Edge before the Pay Per View, of course I’m not hinting for you guys to do this anything like that….

Evolution laughs as we fade to a commercial

JR: What the hell does he mean by that?

{Commercial Break}

JR: What was Evolution on about before the break King? Triple H wants Orton and Batista to deliberately injure two great Superstars, on purpose!

Jerry Lawler: What JR? Triple H said himself he wasn’t hinting anything, it’s possible Shelton and Edge to be injured, every time some walks out from behind the curtain… Triple H just pointed out something important….

JR: Oh please, how gullible are you?

Jerry Lawler: What?

The camera goes and scans around the arena and the add of Bad Blood comes up, ‘Bought to you by Subway; Eat Fresh.’ Sexy Boy fills the arena and Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring, he gets the mic and proceeds to get in.

Shawn Michaels: Triple H, you and me both have had these past couple of weeks off to rest up and be ready for Hell in a Cell, but H I gotta tell you something, if I see you tonight, don’t be so sure you’ll be able to make it to Bad Blood, you see since I got back I drew a line for myself….. of what I wouldn’t do….. But Triple H, at Bad Blood, I can’t promise I won’t cross that line, and Triple H, I can’t guarantee I’m gonna be professional, only thing I’m guaranteeing, is that you won’t be walking out of the Nationwide Arena.

Shawn Michaels drops the mic and heads backstage.

{Commercial Break}

JR: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, a bold statement just made by Shawn Michaels here tonight, promising Triple H won’t be walking out of Bad Blood…

Jerry Lawler: He didn’t just promise, he guaranteed it JR, he guaranteed it…… Shawn Michaels is going to look like a real joke if Triple wins, not only wins but walks out of the arena this Sunday.

Match 4
Chris Beniot vs. Val Venis

Beniot wins after he locks in the Crossface while catching
Winner – Chris Beniot – Submission

Straight after the match Rhyno runs down to the ring to attack Beniot but he’s waiting for him, they both start slugging it out, Rhyno gains the advantage and tries to hit a Gore but Beniot takes the momentum and tries to force him into a Crossface but Rhyno fights out, they start exchanging blows again, Beniot gains the advantage and hits a couple of German Suplex’s and slits his throat and heads up top. Beniot comes off for the Headbutt but Rhyno moves and lines him up for the Gore, he runs towards Beniot and sidesteps him and gives him a Gore to the back, Rhyno waits for Beniot to get up again and hits him head on with another Gore. Rhyno grabs the belt and holds it in the air as we fade to the last commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

We come back to the arena to Evolution’s music filling the arena and Batista and Randy Orton walk out on to the stage, followed by Ric Flair and Triple H, all of Evolution makes their way down to the ring and Edge’s music fills the arena followed by Shelton Benjamin. All 4 are in the ring ready to start the match until Evolution all get in the ring.

Shawn Michaels music fills the arena and he makes his way down to the ring to even the odds, they all start fighting it out but Eric Bischoff’s music then hits and he comes out on stage.

Eric Bischoff: HEY…. HEY, you all want each other so bad fine, it will be a Handi-cap Match, Evolution versus Edge, Shelton Benjamin and Shawn Michaels…… right now!

Bischoff leaves leaving Triple H irate yelling he shouldn’t have to wrestle before his Hell in a Cell but Shawn just smiles as the referee moves them all into their corners.

Match 5
3-on-4 Handi-cap
Evolution vs. Edge / Shelton Benjamin / Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels picks up the win after he gets a Sweet Chin Music on Triple H.
Winners – Edge / Shelton Benjamin / Shawn Michaels - Pinfall

After the match they all start fighting it out, Triple H gets back to his feet but Edge hits him with a Spear, Michaels and crew soon gain the advantage over Evolution and beat them down till they retreat out of the ring and up the ramp leaving Shawn, Edge and Shelton celebrating in the ring.

JR: Oh my God what a night, we’ll see you at Bad Blood, good night everybody.

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