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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Sephiroth
pretty much everyone that has replied to this thread has said how awesome Naruto is. i hope you are watching the subbed version and not the toned down for kids dubbed version they air on Cartoon Network.

grr, i hate it when people say Anime shows have "seasons." that's complete crap. yes they do take breaks usually every 12 or 13 episodes, but that's normal and doesn't mean it's split up into "seasons"

if anything, episodes of an Anime show should be reffered to as "arcs" instead of seasons, which is what most knowledgeable anime fans say.

sorry if it seems i'm directing this at you, above poster. it's more generally at most people than anyone in particular.

also today at work (i'm an assistant manager at a Movie Gallery) i was helping a lady look through our VHS tapes for sale and i hit the jackpot! two Ah My Goddess! tapes! the back of the first one said something about it only having one episode, but i hope it's wrong because most anime DVDs or Tapes have 3-6 on them.

Yup, watching the subs, I can't stand watching Americanized anything really, unless its American to begin with, sorry bout' calling it seasons, but thats what I show on the site I'm watching it on V_V

Mostly everyone I talk to says every "real" anime fan DESPISES Naruto, like...Naruto is to Anime, what slipknot is to music, or what George Bush is to politics anywho, I'm up to a badass part of the show ^_^ the...um...Chunnin training arch...? ^_^

Oh and are all anime themes as catchy as Naruto's have been ?
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