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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

ROH: Live in Osaka

ROH World Tag Team Title Match
Jay & Mark Briscoe vs Jimmy Rave & Genki Horiguchi - **

Never been a big fan of Genki, & Briscoes didn't put out there "A Game" for this match, Rave was Rave.

BJ Whitmer vs Nigel McGuinness - **
An exhibition match, and not a very good one at that since it seemed Nigel was taking it easy after his hard match against Morishima the previous night.

No DQ Match
Jack Evans vs Roderick Strong - *** 1/2

I don't think many people will end up liking this match all that much and I thought it was match of the night. It will probably dissipoint a lot of people because one it doesn't make great use of the "No DQ" gimmick, and it very slow and methodical and not too heavy on the highspots like you'd expect. That being said I thought it was the best worked match of the night with Jack consistantly getting little pockets of offence before Roddy would cut him off and methodically break him down with Backbreakers and sick stretches, but Jack being in what is pretty much his home promotion now wouldn't give up and kept getting more and more momentum on Strong as the match went on. Thought the match could have been better but for what it was it was pretty good.

Dragon Gate Rules
Delirious/Masato Yoshino/Naruki Doi vs Matt Sydal/Dragon Kid/Ryo Saito - ** 3/4

Typical DG 6 man except I just didn't think the match flowed as well as it could, and it was fairly tame as far as spots go. I was pretty dissipointed in this match.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match
Jay & Mark Briscoe vs SHINGO & Susumu Yokosuka - *** 1/4

Good but not great as you could tell Susumu and SHINGO were a makeshift team (no bXb Hulk ) and I got the feeling the Briscoes didn't bring there "A Game" again, then again it could have just been communication issues.

Dream Tag Match
Bryan Danielson/Naomichi Marufuji/CIMA vs Davey Richards/Rocky Romero/Masaaki Mochizuki - ***

Again I think this match suffers a bit due to communication and the crowd (for the whole show really, only CIMA and Evans were really getting good reactions) was a bit dead except for CIMA. Some nice workover on Danielson's arm in the match especially on the part of Romero, and lol @ Davey for all his failed attempts at getting the crowd riled up (actually I felt a little bad for him). And Mochizuki fails to impress me (when he's not a green rookie getting his ass handed to him by Shinjiro Ohtani ) i'm just not into that guy at all.

Overall Rating - ** (Pretty Passable Show IMO)

For the guy who asked, I have Danielson vs McGuinness at Unified at *****

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