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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by -NFR-
I am now on episodes 10 of Death Note. It's pure greatness. It easily surpasses Bleach in everything, besides fighting, and that's because it's not really focused on "fight scenes". Simply perfect story, great animation, great characters, and great music. Seph is my hero irl for recommending this to me.

Episode 139 of Bleach has come and gone. It was decent, but it didn't live up to the "First non filler episode in 2 1/2 months" hype. Pretty good fight scenes, but it didn't stick to them as most people would have liked. Bleach, traditionally, has more then one battle going on at once, and flips between them in an episode. Instead of flipping between fights, they flipped between fights and stupid filler dialogue. The battle between Hichigo(Hollow Ichigo) and Grimmjaw was pretty good, and it left us anticipating next week. I absolutely loved Grimmjaw's reaction to Ichigo's hollow form. Hitsugaya and the rest of the Soul Society squad's fight didn't get a lot of air time, but they got owned while it did. I personally think it was a great time to bring in Urahara.

So, as of right now, I am anticipating next weeks Bleach episode and continuously watching Death Note.
I tried Death Note up to about 12 episodes. I just felt like it was going in circles and I got bored with it. I was thinking about getting into it again.

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Originally Posted by the metatron
Well if it isn't Bartleby and Loki. Was Wisconsin really that bad?
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