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Default Re: Your Favourite Anime?

Originally Posted by -NFR-
I somewhat agree with your opinions on Bleach.

Soul Society arc was money.

The Bount arc was a complete filler arc. Nothing at all about Bounts was ever addressed in the manga.

The arrancar arc is going to be great, it's not even near completion. Though, I am quite disappointed that there has been so many filler episodes the past 7 weeks.

FLCL: This is a great anime. Even though it only has 5 episodes, I feel it has a great replay value.\

Full Metal Panic!: I really get into this for a while. It was the only thing I watched. It kinda dried up on me though. Great anime non the less.

Elfen Lied: After the reviews I have been given on this anime, on this board. It's pretty much mandatory that I check it out. It's absolutely on my to watch list.

Fist of the North Star: I really haven't gotten too far into this one. I pretty much got side tracked while trying to watch it.

Evan: One of the first series I watched. <3 for this series and it has a big nostalgia factor for me.

The rest I have either already reviewed or I haven't seen, or I possibly forgot.

Anime is just like American Television shows, in the aspect that there are many different sub-genres. People also have very different tastes.

EDIT: Also, I am currently downloading Death Note, based on your recommendation.
I watched the first season of Full Metal Panic! after a friend recommended it to me. To be honest I don't see what the big fuss what about. I probably didn't enjoy it much because I'm not a fan of Mecha.

I've heard a lot about FLCL so I'll probably be watching that soon myself.

Death Note and Elfen Lied are great. You won't be dissapointed.
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