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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

Originally Posted by McQueen
BetterThanYou I just wanted to throw in that I personally preferred NOAH Departure 2004 (7/10/2004) just a tad more than Destiny but both a tremendous shows. Speaking of NOAH...

ROH: Live in Tokyo

Jack Evans & Kotaro Suzuki vs Rocky Romero & Davey Richards - ***
Decent opener, wasn't anywhere near being a flawless match but it got across both the cross promotional feel of the show and the NRC/Evans fued.

Shuhei Taniguchi vs Akihiko Ito - ** 1/2
Basically this was two of the "youngboys" in NOAH getting some ring time and putting on an exhibition match. Nothing spectacular but it was a well structured but basic match, no real heat to it or memorable spots. Sadly it honestly was from a "work rate" standpoint better than half of ROH's regular matches.

BJ Whitmer vs Jimmy Rave - **
Take my description of Taniguchi/Ito and take away the fact this match wasn't as well worked. Although nice to see the TP entrance for Rave again.

Bryan Danielson vs Go Shiozaki - **** 1/2

MOTN, such a well worked match from both Go and Dragon. Go looked like he totally belonged in the ring despite the fact this match was all about "testing" him. Nice work with Go's power & strikes getting the advantage on Danielson until he managed to capitalize on Go's shoulder, which afterwords Go's strikes had visibly less effect on Danielson but Go wouldn't give up. Lot's of subtle great work between both guys and I hope NOAH & ROH manage a deal to bring Go over more often.

Fight Without Honor
Roderick Strong vs Delirious - ***

Much better than the previous matches from this fued but honestly this was a lackluster blowoff to a lackluster fued. Couple of hardcore spot's here and there but honestly the best thing in the match was the Japanese starting a "Holy Shit" chant, that was worth a chuckle. This would be my vote for worst Fight Without Honor ever but then I remembered the Maff/Whitmer vs Carnage Crew shit from 2004.

All Star Six-Man Tag
Noamichi Marufuji & The Briscoes vs Matt Sydal/Atsushi Aoki/Ricky "The Man" Marvin - **** 1/4

Wow, this was a great match and a lot better than I was expecting. First of all having Aoki take KENTA's place was probably a blessing in disquise as his work in his heat segement was fantastic, further more Marvin stole the show with his hot tag segement and hopefully this match makes some more ROH fans "Marvinmaniacs" (I made that up, so what if it's no so original) because the guy is consistantly a fantastic Luchadore. The Briscoes didn't overkill ther match for me and Marufuji looks pretty comfortable as there partners and they jelled really well as a team. Matt Sydal didn't do much but what he did was about what you would expect from the guy and fit in with the tone and pace of the match.

ROH World Title Match
Takeshi Morishima vs Nigel McGuinness - *** 3/4

Neither match between the two really blew me away but I'd have to see I liked the first one just a bit more because the atmosphere seemed a little better. The second match seemed to be a worked a little smarter than the first which is all fine and dandy but I honestly got less of an impression that Nigel threw everything at Morishima in this match than in the first one despite the fact Nigel cut a promo earlier in the show basically saying he knew thats what he had to do since his Lariat took out Morishima a show or two ago. Not at all a bad match just didn't blow me away.

Mixed feelings on this show cause I loved the big six man match and Go vs Danielson, the Title match was good but not great & IMO everything else was so-so to lackluster.
Show Rating - ***
Sorry to be an ass-kisser here, but man McQueen, you're reviews are excellent!

Originally Posted by Spartanlax
^Hero vs Quack on a 'Best Of Indys 2007' collection makes me weep. Hero/Claudio definitely belongs though,

Quack/Hero SMOKED Hero/Claudio.

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