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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Just to clarify a few things for you NatureBoy™...

Always feel as though multi-person matches work best with a championship retain, so I expect nothing less here. Is there a Money in the Bank contract floating around though?
Yes. Rob Van Dam currently holds the MITB contract, which he won at WM22.

Erm, who are the Johnnies? Anyway, picking the champs to retain.
The Johnnies are one of the unique teams I had towards the end of my WIWA run. They are Johnny Parisi & Johnny Jeter. I've always liked keeping them around, so thought why not bring them back, even if it is to WWE instead.

Three classic SS matches, a 6 Pack challenge, and two multi team tag matches. Again, must've been/currently is being a bitch to write. Perhaps the addition of the two other tag matches was unecessary, as it's tag and multi-man matches galore already. But whatever. Just do your best to make them all unique, and follow-able. Which I am sure you will, and that it will end up being a successful show. Looking forward to it my friend. By the way, GREAT, to see the Reaper back, SOMEGUY!!
Yeah lol I always wanted to find that pic again, and I found it, so I was like, why not bring it back? I got the idea from the interview with KOP after he said he loved WIWA and remembers my old name of SomeGuy999, but my avatar scared him. I thought, cool, gotta get that Reaper back haha.

And this SS is shaped like my WIWA one, fair go 8 matches instead of ten and certainately not as chock a block as my WIWA SS was, considering the smaller rosters and such, but I prefer SS to actually be about Surviving, rather than just another "Big Four" event, like winter's bastard cousin of Summerslam or something. That's why it's all about Survival again, like my WIWA SS was.

So yeah. Thanks for the predics too.


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