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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Video of last week’s Smackdown shown, where Undertaker and Brock Lesnar won their matches to go through to SummerSlam to face each other for the WWE Title, and Taker left Angle and Lesnar unconscious in the ring.

Massive pyro hits, accompanied by a loud cheer from the audience.

Cole – Welcome to Smackdown! We’re coming straight to your home from the HSBC Arena in New York. For those who are first time viewers of the show, I’m Michael Cole and alongside me is Tazz. Today is our second week under the reign of Shane McMahon and things have already began to change.

Tazz – That’s right Cole. Last week we saw Shane strip Bradshaw of his title and make a Smackdown Tournament to decide the to who will face each other for the title at Summerslam. The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are the two who will face each other. Cole, that is gonna be one hell of a match at Summerslam. But also on tonight's show, a big match has been scheduled. Kurt Angle was due to face Eddie Guerrero tonight for the number 1 contender spot for the U.S Title. But on last week's Smackdown, he was sent to the hospital along with Brock Lesnar by the Undertaker. So John Bradshaw Layfield will take his place. Let's see if he can bounce back from his defeat last week.

*If Ya Smell* The Rock comes through the curtains with a bandage on his head and is welcomed by a massive cheer from the crowd.

Cole – The Rock has come out quite early. He’s not scheduled to be out here till later.

Tazz – It looks like the Rock wants to get down to business right away.

Rock – Finally the Rock has come back……to New York City!!!!

Massive cheer

Rock – The Rock would like to thank all his loyal fans who sent him those get well cards while he was in hospital. But the Rock is back and out for revenge. That is why he has decided to start “If Ya Smell” much earlier than scheduled. There is one man in the back of this arena. One jerbrony-kissing-candyass son of a bitch that sent the Rock to the hospital last week. That man will be my special guest for the show. Would you kindly bring your punkass out here.

*Booker T’s music starts* Booker T comes out to a loud boo

Cole – So Booker T is to blame for the Rock’s injuries last week.

Rock – Welcome to “If Ya Smell”. And boy, the Rock can sure smell you!!! But enough of the funny business. The Rock only has one question then you can take your candyass off my show. That question is why? Why did you take it upon yourself to try and attack the Rock? You can’t even take care yourself yet you want to try and take me out. Look at your hair for goodness sake. It looks like a mop. You can see all the nits jumping up and about.

Booker T – You think your some big shot Rock. Wrestling made you who you are today, then you left it for Hollywood. Now you think you can make your one appearance every 6 months and that’s it. Well let me tell you something sucka, I’ve had enough. You either stay, or you get the hell out and leave the wrestling to the really committed people.

Crowd boo

Rock – Who do you think you are? You think you can come out here on the Rock's show, running your mouth and giving the Rock ultimatums on the Rock’s shows? You think you can come out and tell the Rock to pick between the two things the Rock loves, and the two things the people like to see the Rock do?

Tazz – Two things? I know wrestling’s one of them, but what’s the other?

Rock – Well Bucker T, Buck Tooth, Bookshelf, whatever you name is….

Booker T – It’s B…


Loud cheer

Rock – What matters is that the Rock is about to whoop your ass all over this ring, then he’s gonna use your mop head to clean up your sweat and blood from the ring.

Crowd cheers and Rock takes off his shirt. He and Booker T go face to face and exchange words. Booker T attempts to punch the Rock, but it is blocked and the Rock “Lays the Smackdown” on him. The Rock then bends down preparing for the Rock Bottom.

Crowd cheer

Cole – Look, our G.M Shane McMahon is heading for the ring.

Shane – Hold it, hold it. This is not the right time for this. You two have already delayed the start of the first match. You both have to leave this ring right now. But don’t worry, you’ll both get the chance to go at each other’s throats at SummerSlam.

Crowd cheer

Tazz – What a match, Booker T vs. The Rock!!!

Cole – Summerslam is developing in the one hell of a show!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ll be right back with our first match after this break.

Commercial break

Cole – Welcome back, and just in time for our first match. Chavo Jnr has already entered the ring accompanied by Chavo Classic.

*Rey Mysterio’s music starts* Mysterio enters the ring with a massive cheer from the crowd

Cole – Chavo better watch his back during this match after what happened last week.

Clip from last week of A.J Styles appearing on the titantron sending a message to Chavo Jnr.

This will be a singles, non title match. There will be no time limit; disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

Chavo attempts to get the upper hand by running at Mysterio early in the match, but fails. Mysterio moves out the way and lands a drop kick on Chavo Jnr who rebounded off the ropes. Mysterio lands a Flip Splash onto Chavo Jnr. Mysterio picks up Chavo and hits a few quick elbows to the face, whips Chavo into the ropes and hits the rebounding Chavo with a Spiining Wheel Kick. Mysterio attempts an early pin. 1… He only manages a 1 count.

Mysterio dominates most of the match and manages to evade Chavo Classic’s interferences.

Mysterio whips Chavo into the ropes, attempts to hit a running attack, but Chavo counters it into a Back Drop. Chavo picks him up and a cross backbreaker. Mysterio holds his back in pain, squirming like a worm. Chavo taunts to the crowd and receives boos. Chavo picks up Mysterio and hits him with his signature DDT. Chavo has this match won. He struts to Mysterio to make the pin.

*A.J Styles music starts* A.J Styles makes his way to the ring to the surprise of Chavo Jnr.

A.J Styles slides into ring. Chavo runs to try and clothesline him but Styles ducks, turns, and hits Chavo with the Styles Clash. The ref signals for the bell. Mysterio has been disqualified. A.J Styles continues his assault despite the many bell rngs. Styles then leaves the ring, takes the belt and poses with it over Chavo.

WWE RAW REBOUND: Footage from this week’s RAW is shown. The outcome of the main event involving Chris Benoit and Kane with HHH as special guest ref is shown.

Cole – Time for the next match, this time a tag match.

*Too Cool music starts* Grand Master Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty come out and enter the ring

*Drop The Bombshell* Dudley Boyz come out, belts around their waists, carrying a table and set it up outside the ring.

This will be a tag team, non title match, with no time limit. Disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

D-Von and Sexay start in the ring together. D-Von gains the upper hand in a finger grapple and brings Sexay to his knees. He then grabbed him by the head and put him into a headlock. Sexay pushed him off into the ropes, but D-Von hit him with a Diving Shoulder. D-Von ran to the ropes and hit a Running Leg Drop on Sexay from the rebound. D-Von then dragged Sexay to the Dudleyz corner, and tagged in Bubba Ray. They then continued to double team him, hitting him with the Diving Headbutt to the Groin.

The Dudley Boyz control most of the match, getting many tags in, while Too Cool struggle to get in their tags.

Bubba Ray has managed to isolate Sexay from his corner for a while. Bubba has Sexay on the ring mat, locked into a Camel Clutch. Bubba lets go to make sure Sexay doesn’t pass out, so he can give him more of a beating. Bubba picks up the groggy Sexay and lands a DDT. Bubba taunts and receives boos from the crowd. He then walks to his corner and tags in D-Von. D-Von decides to take his time when going over to Sexay. D-Von attempts to pick up Sexay but receives a shot to the gut, followed by a kick to the face. Sexay slowly crawls to his corner while D-Von slowly tries to get to his feet. D-Von manages to get to his feet, but Sexay has already tagged in Scotty. D-Von receives an unexpected shot to the face and is knocked to the ground. Scotty’s adrenaline takes over and he runs to the Dudley’s corner and takes out Bubba Ray. D-Von is on his feet again but Scotty drop kicks him and knocks him back down. Scotty looks at the crowd, and the crowd knows what’s coming. W-O-R-M, UH-UH-UH-UH, Scotty lands the Worm on D-Von. Scotty gets up and turns around and is nailed in the face by Bubba Ray. Sexay rushes into the ring and attempts to hit Bubba. Bubba ducks, and Sexay inadvertedly knocks out the ref. Sexay turns around, and walks right into a Bubba Cutter. D-Von sees an opportunity and leaves the ring, then re-enters with a table and sets it up in the centre of the ring. Bubba rolls Sexay - who was still on the floor - out the ring, and he and D-Von stand ready to give Scotty the 3-D while he tries to climb to his feet. Scotty uses the ropes as leavage to raise himself to his feet, then turns around and…. 3-D. Scotty is out cold. The Dudleys remove the evidence of any foul play before the ref wakes up. Then Bubba exits the ring and returns to his corner, knowing he isn’t the legal man. D-Von walks to the ref and attempts to wake him up, but sees no results, so decides to wait a while. D-Von turns away from the ref….. and is struck by a chair! Sexay had entered the ring without D-Von’s notice and took him out. Bubba runs into the ring to stop Sexay but is also struck with a chair. Sexay throws the chair out the ring, then place Scotty on top of D-Von. After a while, the ref manages to wake up and sees Scotty on top of D-Von and crawls over them to give the count. 1…2…3. Too Cool wins.

Cole – What a match. Too Cool will definitely be looking for another match against the Dudley Boyz. And they’ll probably be looking to take their gold.

Tazz – I’ll definitely be looking forward to that match.

Josh Matthew’s SummerSlam promo


Brock Lesnar is shown entering the arena; massive crowd cheer

*Ric Flair’s music starts* Ric Flair and Batista come out

Cole – It looks like Brock has managed to recover from last week’s beating and has arrived in the arena.

Tazz – He must be looking to get revenge on the Undertaker. I don’t know about you Cole, but I think it’s gonna be damn hard for Brcok to get revenge on the Deadman. He’s the immortal force.

Flair – Last week we saw Cena cheat his way to a victory over Batista. Cena couldn’t beat Batista legitimately so he decided to use some dirty tactics. And I for one am disgusted. You call yourself the U.S Champ, yet look at how you represent the U.S. You bring shame to the country.

Tazz – He’s right you know.

Cole – Shut up.

Flair – Cena, I demand you bring your….

*Basic Thuganomics* Cena comes out to a massive pop


Massive pop

Flair – I’ve had enough of you Cena. I’ve watched you strut around here like you own the business. You think you’re the best. But can never be the best, until you beat the best!!!! WOOOOOO!!!

Flair takes off his blazer and jumps into the ropes and struts around the ring.

Flair – It’s time for me to put you in your place!!!

Flair and Cena exchange punches, until Batista intervenes and delivers a Double Powerbomb to Cena. The ref runs out and signals for the bell to start a match between Flair and Cena.

This match will be a singles, non title match with no time limit. Disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

Flair takes off his trousers to get comfortable for his match. He struts back over to Cena – who is still on the floor – and gives him a few stamps on the back to keep him down. Flair picks him up by the head then give him a punch which sends him back to the floor. Flair then brings him back to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle and delivers a few chops to the chest. He then whips him into the opposite corner and delivers a few more chops.

Flair dominates most of the match.

Flair picks up a groggy Cena from the mat and deivers a Scoop Slam. Flair then rebounds off the ropes and lands an elbow onto Cena’s head. Flair tries a quick pin. 1…2… kick out. Flair decides to try and finish the match quickly and goes for the Figure Four Leglock. However, Cena is too close to the ropes and breaks the submission. Flair goes to pick up Cena and receives a poke in the eyes. Cena then delivers a bulldog to the temporarily blinded Flair. Flair manages to get to his feet, but is whipped into the turnbuckle. Cena then delivers 10 punches to the head of Flair. Flair dazily moves away from then turnbuckle and walks right into the F-U. Flair hits the floor hard. Cena goes for the pin. 1..2… Batista jumps into the ring and kicks Cena in the head. The ref signals for the bell. Flair is disqualified, but Batista continues the assault. Batista lifts Cena and hits him with his signature Powerbomb. Batista comtinues to stomp on Cena till Flair gets up, and puts Cena in the Figure Four Leglock. Cena tries in vain to get out. He is finally relieved when the ref manages to convince Flair to stop.

Cole – What sick minded human beings. I don’t know how Cena is going to survive against these two.

Tazz – It looks like Cena is destined for a number of run ins with these two.

*Lie, Cheat, Steal* Eddie Guerrero comes out to a massive pop

*JBL's music starts* JBL comes out to loud booing

This will be a singles match to decide the number one contender for the U.S Title. Disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

Eddie and JBL start out in a game of mercy, neither able to get the upper hand. While still in the finger grapple, JBL kicks Eddie in the leg to bring him down to one knee. JBL breaks the grapple and elbows Eddie in the face, trying to knock him to the floor, but not succeeding. Eddie gets some punches back on JBL, then JBL whips him into the ropes. Eddie rebounds off and ducks under a clothesline from JBL, rebounds off the other side and lands a Slingshot Body Splash. Eddie goes for a quick pin. 1... kick out. Eddie quickly goes to work on JBL by giving him some Angry Stomps to the legs.

Both battle in an evenly matched contest, both coming close to taking the victory.

JBL picks Eddie from the mat, grapples and delivers a Scoop Slam. JBL runs to the ropes, rebounds and delivers an Elbow Drop. JBL picks up Eddie, delivers a knee attack, then whips him into the ropes and spears him on the rebound. JBL attempts the pin. 1...2... kick out. JBL goes to pick up Eddie, but receives a shot to the gut, followed by a DDT. Eddie picks up a groggy JBL, and lands a Hurracaranna. Eddie beats his chest, signalling he aims to end the match now with a Frog Splash. Eddie climbs to the to turnbuckle, preparing to land the Frog Splash. However JBL quickly gets to his feet and knocks Eddie Guerrero off his feet and he lands on his groin. JBL climbs the turnbuckle and suplexes Eddie off. Eddie lands hard on his back. JBL then moves into position at the opposite side of the ring. Eddie slowly gets to his feet. JBL runs towards him... and lands the Clothesline from Hell. JBL quickly covers Eddie. 1...2... Eddie kicks out. JBL is furious at the ref. He feels that was a 3 count. JBL gives up his argument... and turns right into a Multiple Suplex. Eddie once again climbs the turnbuckle. He beats his chest ready for the Frog Splash... and lands it. He pins JBL. 1...2...3. Eddie wins and is now number one contendet for the U.S Title.

Cole - What a match.

Tazz - I thought Bradshaw had this won. That's why you should never turn your back on an opponent. Bradshaw should have known that.

*Brock’s music starts* Brock Lesnar comes out to a massive pop from the crowd

Cole - Brock must be calling out the Undertaker.

Tazz - I have a bad feeling about this....

Brock – I can’t be bothered to come out here and express my feelings about last week’s attack, I just want the Undertaker to bring his sorry ass to the ring, so I can tear him limb from limb!!!!!

Brock paces around the ring

Brock – COME ON!!!!!!!!!! BRING YOUR ASS OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!

A gong is sounded (massive cheer), and then the lights go out. The light then come back and Undertaker is standing in the ring (massive cheer).

Cole – Oh my God!!!!

Tazz – It’s the Deadman!!!!!

Lesnar goes to strike the Undertaker, but the lights go out again. The lights come back on and the Undertaker is on the other side of the ring. Brock goes to strike him again, and the lights go out again.

Cole – What’s going on?

The lights come back on, and the Undertaker has Lesnar in position, ready to deliver the Tombstone.

Cole – Oh my God!!! This is incredible. The Undertaker has…

The lights go out again, and then come back on. Now Lesnar has the Undertaker in position for the F5.

Tazz – F5!!!!! F5!!!!!!!!

Lesnar spins the Undertaker through the air, but before the Undertaker hits the floor, the lights go out again.

Tazz – Did he do it?!?!?!?! Did he F5 him?!?!?!?!?!

Cole – I don’t know!!!! What’s happening?

The lights come back on, and neither the Undertaker nor Lesnar are anywhere to be seen. Instead, a tombstone is left in the middle of the ring.

Tazz – Cole, what is that?!?!?!

Cole – It’s looks like a tombstone.

Tazz – It looks like there’s an inscription on it.

Cole – Yeah, it says, “REST IN PEACE, BROCK LESNAR. BORN JULY 22 1977, DIED AUGUST 15 2004.”.

Tazz – Oh my God!!! That’s the day of SummerSlam!!! Brock’s gonna die at SummerSlam!!!!

Show ends with camera zooming in on tombstone.

Show Summary

Chavo Guerrero Jnr defeated Rey Mysterio by disqualification
Too Cool defeated The Dudley Boyz
John Cena defeated Ric Flair by disqualification
Eddie Guerrero defeated John Bradshaw Layfield to become No. 1 Contender for the U.S Title

Current PPV Card- SummerSlam

Date: 15/08/2004

Venue: Toronto – Canada

Theme Tune: Ill Nino – This Time’s For Real

Announced Matches:


Hardcore Championship Match: Scott Steiner © v Matt Hardy


WWE Title : Undertaker v Brock Lesnar
The Rock vs. Booker T

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