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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

WWE SmackDown!

California, U.S.A

Fireworks start flying into the air, a SmackDown! Video is played and then a video is played of Angle announcing at the The Great American Bash, Eddie Guererro will defend his WWE Title against Rob Van Dam and John Bradshaw Layfeild

Cole: Welcome, to WWE SmackDown!, and l am Michael Cole, joined with Tazz, ringside..

Tazz: And SmackDown! Will be one, hell of a night.

Cole: I have to agree with you, Tazz, we have Rene Dupree and Torrie Wilson going one on one against John Cena in a handicap match!

Tazz: Yeah, that match will be great, but RVD is coming out!

RVD Pyro’s go off and What A Kind plays and RVD show up on the stage, he walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring, he does the R..V..D pose and gets the microphone off the announcer

RVD: Well, last week, we all saw Eddie Guererro attack Me and JBL, but he attacked me for no reason..thats why l am out here, to find out why Eddie Guererro attacked me..

I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal plays throughout the arena and all the fans get to they’re feet and start cheering like crazy, Eddie then appears on the stage with a microphone in his hand, he then walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring, he raises his microphone to his mouth and speaks

Eddie: Hey, ese..

The Fans Cheer

Eddie: So, your wondering why l attacked you. Holmes?

RVD: That’s why l am out here..

Eddie: Well, the reason l attacked you, was because l couldn’t trust you..l couldn’t trust you because remember that time, you attacked me at Insurrextion, when l had the Intercontinental Title around my waist, you attacked me because you lost, you attacked me with my Title belt after the match, so that is wh…

John Bradshaw Layfeild’s music then hits, Bradshaw drives through onto the stage with his limo, he gets out of the limo and starts yelling at the driver, Bradshaw then walks onto the ramp and up the steps, and gets into the ring, he gets a microphone and speaks

JBL: Stop your crying, Eddie..l’ve had enough from you already..

Fans Boo

JBL: Eddie, for once you need to shut your mouth, like a decent man would..

Fans Boo

RVD: Dude, we are trying to sort out something..

JBL: Do you think l care?

Fans Boo

JBL: I am JBL Dammit, the next WWE Champion!

Fans Boo

Eddie: Bradshaw, Why don’t you go away, ese..

Bradshaw looks in disbelief, he then clocks Eddie in the head with a punch to the head, RVD, then superkicks JBL in the head which almost knocks him out, all of a sudden Kurt Angle’s music hits and he appears on the Stage with Luther Reigns behind him

Angle: Stop it right there, all of you..

Fans Boo

Angle: SECURITY!, Escort these men out of my building!

Security then come down to the ring and take all 3 men

Angle: Don’t you ever, try to spoil SmackDown!

Security then takes them all away

Angle: Thank you, now, SmackDown! Will be better then RAW, tonight, because, we all know that RAW sucks!

Fans Boo

Angle: And if you don’t like it, l’ll have to take every one of you fans out of my building!

Fans Boo

Angle: Now, Luther and l have been thinking about, a issue..an issue that has been bothering me for weeks, and that person, is Chavo Classic and Chavo Guererro, now, l have awarded Chavo Guererro a match at The Great American Bash, and that is a Cruiserweight Title shot, but tonight, actually, right now, it will be Shark Boy, defending his Cruiserweight Title..against Rico!

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Shark Boy© VS Rico w/ Miss Jackie
Rico blows a kiss at Shark Boy, but Shark Boy ignores it and makes a grapple with Rico, but Rico overpowers Shark Boy by flipping him over, Shark Boy gets back up to his feet and Rico goes for a Karate Kick but Shark Boy ducks and starts hitting Rico, Shark Boy throws Rico to the ropes and dropkicks him down to the ground, he then nails a suplex near the turnbuckle and signals for the Deep Sea Drop, he climbs to the top turnbuckle and nails a Deep Sea Drop, Shark Boy covers but the referee is paying no attention because Miss Jackie is on the apron distracting the referee, Shark Boy gets up and grabs her by the hair and flips her over the ropes onto the canvas, Shark Boy then signals again for another Deep Sea Drop onto Jackie, Shark Boy climbs to the top turnbuckle but Rico grabs Shark Boy and flips him over onto Jackie by accident, Jackie rolls out of the ring while Rico covers, 1…2…thre, kickout by Shark Boy, Rico picks up Shark Boy and goes for a DDT but Shark Boy throws him off and locks up a Sharkshooter, Rico is stuggling to get to the ropes but he can’t reach it, he has no choice but to tap out
Winner: Shark Boy

Aftermath: Rico and Jackie start arguing, Chavo Guererro then runs down to the ring with his uncle and start pounding on Shark Boy, they pick him up and nail a double Powerbomb, Chavo Guererro then picks up the Cruiserweight Title and stares at it, he then drops it onto Shark Boy and he leaves with his Uncle[/B]

Cole: Nice stuff from the Cruiserweight Champion!

Tazz: Yeah, impressive skills from Shark Boy..

Cole: And here comes Rene Dupree with his bitch, Torrie Wilson..

Tazz: Oh, that’s nice Micheal.

Rene Dupree and Torrie Wilson walk out to the ring, Torrie is wearing a French hat, they then roll into the ring, Torrie gets the microphone for Rene and she kisses him on the lips, she then passes the microphone to Rene and speaks

Rene: I bet your all wondering why, Torrie got with me..and not Jown Ceena

Fans Boo

Rene: It was because, she knew that l was hotter then John Cena, and she knew that l, was a lot smarter, then that trashmouth!

Fans Boo as Rene passes the microphone to Torrie

Torrie: John, your just not the type for me..

Fans Boo

Torrie: And, l have a thing, for you know, French People..

Fans Boo

Torrie: Especially, Rene Dupree..

Torrie then drops the microphone and walks over to Rene, and she kisses him on the lips, the fans boo them

Torrie: And, John, l’ll see you tonight..

Torrie and Rene then leave the ring, holding hands

Tazz: Well, Torrie has some tough words for Cena..

Cole: Yeah, it should be interesting to see how this turns out..


Non-Title Match
The FBI VS Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio
Johnny Stamboli and Billy Kidman start, they grapple, Johnny pressures him into the turnbuckle but Kidman turns it around and throws Stamboli into the turnbuckle and starts nailing punches to Stamboli, Kidman throws Stamboli to the ropes and nails a dropkick to nearly take Stamboli’s head off, he walks over to to Mysterio and is about to tag him in but Nunzio charges inside of the ring and pulls Kidman away, Stamboli and Nunzio start double teaming Kidman, they both throw Kidman to the ropes but Kidman goes for a crossbody onto the two but they catch him and throw him over their head onto the ground, Mysterio then charges into the ring but the referee pulls him away into the corner, as the referee isn’t looking, Nunzio and Stamboli double low-blow Kidman, they both pick up Kidman and nail a Double Suplex, Nunzio gets up and clocks Rey Mysterio in head and he falls off the apron and onto the steel baracade, Stamboli hooks Kidman’s leg, 1…2…thre, kickout by Kidman, Stamboli gets up and pulls Kidmans hair up to his feet, Stamboli grabs Kidman and nails an Alabama Slam onto Kidman, landing on his neck in a bad way, Mysterio rolls into the ring and fires away away at Stamboli, Nunzio comes into the ring but Mysterio ducks as Nunzio tries to clothesline Mysterio, but Mysterio ducks and Nunzio goes flying over the ropes onto the outside, Mysterio Leg Sweeps Stamboli onto the middle rope, he signals for a 6.1.9, he nails a 6.1.9, Mysterio is about to go for a West Coast Pop but Nunzio pulls him off and he head-first onto the apron, there are a lot of ooooh’s and ahhhh’s, Kidman goes for a Shooting Star Press but Stamboli gets his legs up, Nunzio rolls into the ring and they both grab Kidman, they pick him up in the suplex position and change it into a DDT, Stamboli then hooks the leg, 1…2…3
Winners: The FBI

Cole: What a move from the FBI!

Tazz: Yeah, that move look like he hurt his neck..

RAW Rebound
-clips of Triple H pedigreeing Chris Benoit to capture the win for Evolution
-Eric Bischoff telling Shawn Michaels to call the match straight down the middle
-Chris Benoit walking past Rosey and Hurricane with that ‘Green Gas’
-Steve Austin returning before the show ends

Cole: RAW was one hell of a night

Tazz: Yeah, Steve Austin returning was great..

A Gong has been heard, the lights turn out, and some music is being played, Paul Bearer then appears on the stage with an urn in his hand, he walks down the ramp and to the ring, he points to the entrance and The Undertaker appears, the fans cheer him as he walks down the ramp and he rolls into the ring, he takes off his coat and his Jacket and passes it to Paul Bearer, all of a sudden..’Can You Dig It? Sucka?, Booker T is shown on the stage, he walks down the ramp and he rolls into the ring with some VooDoo dust, he throws the Voodoo dust into Paul Bearer’s eyes and Paul starts screaming, Taker goes to boot Booker down but he moves and throws some Voodoo dust into Undertakers eyes!
Booker T then kicks Taker in the gut and nails a Scissors Kick, Booker T does the same to Paul Bearer, Booker T then takes the urn and leaves

Tazz: Well, Booker T just laid out Taker and Bearer..

Cole: Booker T is just jealous!


Mordercai VS Spike Dudley
Modercai immediately knee’s Spike in the gut, Modercai throws Spike to the ropes and Modercai nails a clothesline knocking down Spike, Modercai goes for a quick cover, 1…2…thre, kickout by Spike, Modercai picks up Spike and gets him in the Cruisifix Powerbomb Position, but Spike reverses it into a Backslide, 1…2…thr, kickout by Modercai, Mordercai gets angry and picks up Spike and goes to DDT him, but Spike throws him off and climbs the turnbuckle and jumps on Modercai’s face, Spike then covers, 1..kickout by Modercai, Spike then picks up Modercai and goes for a Dudley Dog but Mordercai puts Spike above his shoulders and nails a Cruisifix Powerbomb and Spike lands on his neck, Modercai hooks the leg, 1…2…3
Winner: Modercai

Aftermatch: Mordercai rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair, he rolls it into the ring and starts to choke Spike with it, Trainers then run down to the ring and pull Mordercai away while the EMT’s rush Spike to the hospital

Cole: Poor Spike..

Tazz: Eh? Who cares?

Cole: I am discusted with you, Tazz!

Tazz: Why?

Cole: Because, Spike is your friend..


Cole: Fine, Tazz..

Camera’s cut to Kurt Angles Office

Angle: A nice day, without Eddie Guererro, How great is that?

Angle then tastes a sip of his coffee

Angle: I have made, some matches for The Great American Bash..

Fans Cheer

Angle: It will be, Shark Boy defending his Cruiserweight Title..against Chavo Guererro..

Fans Boo

Angle: And it will be, John Cena defending his United States Championship..against Rene Dupree!

Fans Boo

Angle: And that’s not all, The FBI will be defending their Tag Titles against the Dudley Boyz!

Fans Boo

Angle: And one..last match..it will be, The Undertaker going 1 on 1 with Booker T!

Fans Cheer

Cole: What an announcement!


Cole: Tazz, Get over it..

Torrie Wilson and Rene Dupree VS John Cena
Rene and Cena start, they grapple, Rene nails some elbows to the mid-section of Cena, he then throws Cena to the ropes, Torrie sticks her leg out and Cena gets kicked in the back, Cena then turns around and grabs Torrie by her hair and flips her over, hard onto the mat, Rene charges at Cena but he flips Rene over the ropes to the outside, Cena then picks up Torrie and throws her to the ropes, she goes for a clothesline but Cena ducks and picks her up onto his shoulder, he goes for an F-U but Torrie reverses it into a headscissors, Rene then rolls into the ring and they lift Cena onto their shoulders, Rene doing all the work, nail a Double Suplex, Rene covers, 1…2…kickout by Cena, Rene then walks over to Torrie and tags her in, Torrie lifts Cena to his feet and throws him to the ropes, Cena flies back with a crossbody, 1…2…thre, kickout by Torrie, Cena lifts up Torrie and nails a suplex, hard onto the mat, Cena hooks the leg, 1…2…thre, Rene pulls Cena off Torrie, but as Cena gets up he delivers some right hands to Rene, Cena lifts Rene onto his shoulders and nails an F-U, Torrie gets up and jumps onto Cena’s back but he rams her into the turnbuckle, Cena then picks up Torrie and slams hard onto the mat, he then nails a Hard Knuckle Shuffle, he hooks her leg, 1…2…thre, Rene pulls Cena off Torrie again! Cena then clocks Rene’s head with a hard punch, almost knocking him out, Cena then picks up Torrie and puts her onto the top turnbuckle, Cena then nails a big Super-Plex onto Torrie, Cena then pick her up and nails an F-U, Cena hooks the leg, 1…2…3
Winner: John Cena

Aftermath: Cena takes something out of his pocket, its his brass knucks! Cena clocks Rene in the head with them, making blood pour out of his head, Cena does the same to the lifeless Torrie Wilson..

Cole: What a match!

Tazz then rolls into the ring and grabs the microphone

Tazz: Now, ladies and gentlemen! l would like to introduce, one half of the SmackDown! Commentators, Micheal Cole!

Micheal then rolls into the ring

Tazz: All l would like to say is..

Paul Heyman’s music hits and Heyman walks down to the ring with the Dudley Boyz..

Heyman: Before you say anything, Tazz, l would like to offer you something..

Tazz stares at Micheal Cole

Heyman: l would like to offer you a spot in Paul Heyman’s Revolution..

Fans Boo

Tazz then kicks Micheal Cole in the gut and nails a DDT, Tazz then picks up Cole and jumps onto Cole from behind and nails a Tazzmission, leaving Cole unconscious in the middle of the ring

Heyman: Welcome, to Paul Heyman’s..Revolution

Fans Boo as The Dudleys, Paul Heyman and Tazz raise each others hand
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