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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

The Smackdown pyro hits complimented with a massive crowd pop

Cole – Good evening and welcome to Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole and alongside me is Tazz. Today we kick off what may be an unforgettable era for Smackdown. This will be the first show under the reign of Shane McMahon.

Tazz – That’s right Cole, and today will also be a special day for The Rock. Today is the debut of the Rock new segment, “If Ya Smell”. This is definitely gonna be a great…

*Here Comes the Money*; massive pop; Shane McMahon comes out dragging a tombola followed by Torrie Wilson.

Cole – It looks like our new General Manager is gonna get things started off here. And it seems Torrie’s assistance will be needed.

Tazz – I wouldn’t mind rolling around in that tombola with Torrie, I can tell you that!

Cole – You need a cold shower, Tazz.

Shane and Torrie bring tombola into the ring. Shane gets a microphone, the music stops and the crowd dies down.

Shane – Welcome to a new era of Smackdown, led by yours truly, Shane O’Mac.

The crowd cheer

Shane – For those who didn’t witness what happened on last week Smackdown, here’s a recap.

Video of last week’s Smackdown is shown. Shane was in a cage match with Kurt Angle, the former G.M. It was a long and gruelling match which could have gone either way. Kurt Angle managed to land the Angle Slam on Shane. Kurt began to climb the cage. Shane managed to get himself up from the ring mat and pulled something from his trousers. He went over to Angle and grabbed his leg. Suddenly, Angle wasn’t able to move. Shane had handcuffed his leg to the cage. Shane then climbed out of the ring and won the match, making himself the new G.M.

Massive pop from the crowd

Cole – That was one of the best matches we have ever seen here on Smackdown.

Tazz – You can always count on Shane O’Mac to bring in the ratings. I can see a great a future ahead of us here on Smackdown.

Crowd dies down

Shane – Thank you, thank you. Well let’s get down to business. Since this is a new era to Smackdown, we’re gonna have to make some alterations, starting right at the top. I won’t sugar-coat anything, I’ll bring it straight out, the WWE Title is now vacant.

Massive pop

Shane – The new WWE Champion will be decided in the Smackdown Tournament. In this tombola I have placed the names of those who I think are worthy of holding the WWE Title. In a few minutes, my lovely assistant Torrie is going to pick out 2 pairs of wrestlers who will face each other tonight. The winners of the two matches will go to Summerslam where they will compete for the WWE Title.

Cole – “Those who are worthy” Tazz. Who do you think that involves?

Tazz – Well I’m hoping it will include the Undertaker.

Cole – Well Tazz we’ll just have to wait till after this commercial break. Stay tuned.

Commercial break

Shane – And now for the first match. Torrie would you do the honours?

Torrie spins the tombola, opens it, bends down (crowd cheer) and takes out two balls

Tazz – Boy I wish they were my balls.

Shane opens the first ball

Shane – John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs.….

Shane opens the second ball

Shane - …………………….The Undertaker.

Tazz – Oh my God!!! What a match!! The former WWE Champion versus the unstoppable Deadman.

Shane – Torrie, next match please.

Torrie spins the tombola, opens it, bends down (crowd cheer) and takes out two balls

Shane – Thank you Torrie. And the next match will be between……. Kurt Angle and……………………. Brock Lesnar.

Massive crowd pop

*Here Comes the Money*; Shane and Torrie exit the ring

*Chavo Guerrero music starts* Chavo Jnr comes out accompanied by Chavo Classic. Chavo Jnr has the cruiserweight title around his waist.

Crowd boo

Cole – And the Chavitos have entered the ring first for this singles cruiserweight match.

Tazz – The Chavitos have been a great team. Thanks to Chavo Classic, Chavo Jnr has managed to have a long title reign, all thanks to their lying, cheating and stealing.

Cole – Yeah, that motto sure does run through the family.

*Billy Kidman’s music starts* Billy Kidman comes out

Mild crowd cheers

This will be a singles, non-title, non gimmick match. There will be no time limit; disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

The match starts with the two wrestlers grappling. Kidman gains the upper hand and puts Chavo Jnr into a head lock. Chavo Jnr tries to break loose but Kidman gives him a few shots to the face. Kidman throws Chavo Jnr to the ropes and gives him a running clothesline. Kidman runs to and bounces off the ropes and baseball slides into Chavo Jnr’s head. Kidman then goes to pick up Chavo Jnr by the head but receives a blow to the face. Chavo Jnr then lifts up Kidman and gives him a snapmare and drop kick. He then taunts Kidman by putting his foot on his face. He picks Kidman up by the head, grapples with him then body slams him. He covers him for the count. 1…2... Kick out.

Chavo Jnr dominates most of the match.

Chavo Jnr grapples with Kidman, then whips him into the corner and Kidman lands back first in the turnbuckle. He runs at Kidman to attempt a clothesline, but Kidman moves out of the way. Kidman lands some good punches onto the face of Chavo Jnr then hits him with a DDT. Kidman begins to climb the turnbuckle, looking for the Shooting Star Press (mild crowd cheer). Kidman stands up straight on the turnbuckle, not seeing Chavo Classic edging closer to him. The referee is concentrating on Chavo Jnr on the floor. Kidman is about to leap of the turnbuckle… when Chavo Classic knocks his leg off. Kidman lands crotch first on the turnbuckle. Chavo Classic pushes Kidman off the turnbuckle into the ring. Chavo Jnr. Picks himself up off the floor, picks up Kidman and lands a Brainbuster DDT on him. He climbs on top of him for the count. 1…2…3.

Crowd Boo; the Chavitos celebrate in the centre of the ring. Suddenly, someone appears on the titantron.

Crowd cheer

??? – Hey Chavo!! You think you’re so big huh? You think you’re unstoppable with that title don’t you? We’ll guess what? I’m coming for you Chavo. I’ll be here next week. You better kiss goodbye to that title.

Crowd Cheer

Cole – Oh my God, that was… that was A.J. STYLES!!!

Tazz – A.J Styles is coming to the WWE!!! And he’s after Chavo Jnr!!!! Chavo better watch out next week.

The Chavitos look around worriedly, and then hurry out of the ring.

Shane is backstage talking on the phone, when JBL enters his office.

JBL – Shane, I have a bone to pick with you!!! I REFUSE to wrestle the Undertaker. I demand a new opponent be picked. The Undertaker isn’t worthy of holding my title!!! How dare his name be put into the draw!!! I demand a new opponent.

Shane – Ok, calm down Bradshaw. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. Since you were the last champ, I’ll grant you your wish, I’ll pick another ball from the draw.

Shane goes to the corner of his room and gets the tombola. He tells JBL to pick a ball. JBL spins it then picks a ball.

JBL – Ok, let’s see the unlucky victim…. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! NO, THIS CAN’T BE POSSIBLE!!!

The camera zooms in to reveal “The Undertaker” written on the paper.

Crowd cheer

JBL - I’m picking again!!!!

JBL picks another ball.


The camera zooms in to reveal “The Undertaker” written on the paper.

Crowd cheer

JBL picks another ball and opens it, then another, and another, and another, until all the balls are gone. He throws all the papers on the floor. Camera zooms in to show “The Undertaker” written on all the papers.

Massive pop

Shane – Sorry Bradshaw, must be fate. It looks like you’re going to be the unlucky victim today.

JBL storms out of Shane’s office.

Commercial break

Cole – Welcome back folks. We’re sorry that are about to return to some bad news. The Rock was savagely attacked in his locker room during the commercial break. The Rock was found laying unconscious in his locker room and is being rushed to the local hospital as we speak.

Tazz – We sure hope he will back in action next week so he can debut his new segment. Damn, I was looking so forward to it.

Cole – Well Tazz, you can look forward to the upcoming match, John Cena has been scheduled to face Batista in this next match up.

*Basic Thuganomics* John Cena comes out with U.S. Title around his waist.

Massive pop

Cena does a little rap for the crowd

*Batista’s music plays* Batista comes out accompanied by Ric Flair

The following match will be a singles, non-title, no gimmick match. There will be no time limit; disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

Batista takes early advantage in this match by hitting Cena with a running clothesline. Batista Picks up Cena the neck and throws back to the ring mat. Batista goes over to him and gives him a few stamps on the head. Batista then looks towards the crowd with a look of anger on his face and tenses his muscles. Cena gets onto his hands and knees, and then Batista grabs him around the waist, lifts him up and gives him a bear hug. While still holding Cena, he then runs Cena, back first, into all four turnbuckles, and then drops him to the floor. Cena lies on the ring mat clutching his chest and coffing.

Batista dominates most of match, with Ric Flair making little interferences behind the ref’s back. Cena manages to make some comebacks which are quickly shut down by Batista.

Batista picks Cena off the floor and hits him with a scoop slam. He then grabs him by the head and locks him in the sleeper hold. Cena slowly begins to lose consciousness. The fans start to stamp their feet while chanting “Cena, Cena”. Cena’s body becomes life less and the ref goes to check up on him. He lifts and drops his arm once….. He lifts and drops his are twice…. He lifts and…NO!!! Cena’s arm doesn’t drop. The crowd goes wild. Cena has been given a sudden burst of energy. He makes his way to his feet and elbows Batista till he releases him. Cena runs to and bounces off the ropes and runs into a boot to the stomach from Batista. Batista then places Cena’s head between his legs then lifts him over his head and lands a double powerbomb-into-pin. 1….2…. Kick out. Ric Flair goes mad, climbs onto ropes, and argues with the ref. Batista goes to pick up Cena but receives a low blow. Cena then lifts Batista onto his shoulders. F-U!!!!! F-U!!!!!! The ref turns around after hearing how wildly the crowd cheers. Cena has Batista pinned in the centre of the ring. 1….2….3!!!!!! Cena wins.

*Basic Thuganomics* Cena slides out of the ring, grabs his belt and exits through the crowd.

Cole – What a match Tazz.

Tazz – You’re right Cole. That has to be one of Cena’s best matches. But I'm feeling this isn’t the last we’ll see of Batista. I think Batista will be looking to get revenge.

Cole – Well there’s no time to wonder now. The next match is coming up soon.

*JBL’s music starts* A white limo with bull horns stuck onto the front enters the stage. The driver comes out and opens the door for JBL. JBL makes his way to the ring.

*Undertaker’s music starts*

Massive pop

Paul Heyman leads the entrance holding the golden urn, followed by Undertaker who is guarded by the Dudley Boyz.

This will be a singles, Smackdown Tournament match. The winner will go to SummerSlam and face the winner from the other match in the Smackdown Tournament. There will be no time limit; disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

JBL stays on the opposite side of the ring staring in fear at eh Undertaker. The Undertaker stares back, rolling his eyeballs into the back of his head. JBL sees an opportunity and runs to take advantage of it, but is met with a big boot to the face. JBL manages to scamper his way back to the other side of the ring and get to his feet. Paul Heyman shouts to the Undertaker and the Undertaker rushes to JBL. JBL has no time to decide what to do, so does the first thing that seems to have come into his head, he punches the Undertaker. The punch has no effect so JBL lands some more punches. The Undertaker stands there and stares at JBL. He reaches out towards JBL but he ducks underneath his arm, moves behind Undertaker and lands a drop kick to the back of his head. The Undertaker falls onto the ropes then JBL runs at him and lands a clothesline which knocks Taker out of the ring. The momentum also causes JBL to fall out of the ring.

JBL works on Taker’s back outside the ring by throwing him into the ringposts and stairs. He manages to evade attacks from the Dudley Boyz and dominates much of the match.

JBL stamps on Taker’s back a few times while he’s on the ring mat. JBL picks him up and lands a body slam on him. JBL turns to the crowd and taunts in triumph. The crowd boo. However, the boos quickly change to loud cheering as Taker rises from the mat and stares and stares at the unrealising JBL. JBL turns around and is met by the staring eyes of the Undertaker. JBL attempts to land a punch but the Undertaker grabs his fist, grapples with him and lands a sidewalk slam. He then raises JBL from the mat, takes him to the corner and goes Old School. He then turns to the crowd and gives a signal that the Tombstone is coming. Taker picks him up, turns him upside down, and lands the Tombstone. 1…2…3 Taker wins, and claims his place in the WWE Title match at Summerslam against either Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar.

Cole – John Bradshaw Layfield will definitely be disappointed with that match.

Tazz – He had it won Cole. He could have been one of the few to beat the Deadman.

Cole – JBL put on a good performance, and was unlucky not to win.

Tazz – I know Cole. Well we’ll just have to look forward to the next match.

Cole – Yes, Angle and Lesnar have put on some great matches against each other, the most memorable being their Ironman match last year on Smackdown and their title match at Wrestlemania. No doubt this match will be one to look forward to. This match will start right after this commercial break.

Don’t Try This At Home video

Commercial break

WWE Diva Search Promo

Cole – We’re back and both wrestlers have already entered the ring ready to fight.

This will be a singles, Smackdown Tournament match. The winner will go to SummerSlam and face the winner from the other match in the Smackdown Tournament. There will be no time limit; disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

The two wrestlers start off circling each other while the crowd pelt Angle with “You Suck!” chants. The two wrestlers leap at each other and enter into grapple, both struggling to gain the upper hand. They push away from each other, neither of them gaining the upper hand. They leap at each other again but this time Angle dives for Lesnar’s legs, bringing him to the floor. Angle then gets Lesnar into a headlock while he’s lying on the floor. Lesnar manages to break out of it. Both wrestlers enter another grapple. This time, Angle gains the upper hand landing a side slam.

Both wrestlers battle in this evenly matched contest, the result likely to go either way.

Lesnar hits Angle with a Belly to Belly Suplex, sending Angle to the other side of the ring. Lesnar picks him up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Lesnar hits him with a few headbutts to the gut, and then whips Angle into the opposite corner. He runs at Angle attempting a spear, but Angle moves at the last minute and Lesnar hits the ringpost shoulder first. Lesnar wanders away groggily from the turnbuckle and wanders into four German Suplexes from Angle. Angle goes for the pin, 1…2… so close from Angle!!! Lesnar makes it to his feet, turns around and turns into an Angle Slam. Lesnar hits the floor hard. Angle goes for another cover. 1…2… Lesnar kicks out. Angle has become frustrated. He removes the shoulder straps of his vest and prepares to give Lesnar another Angle Slam. Lesnar makes it to his feet and turns around, straight into the Angle Slam. Angle raises Lesnar above his head, but Lesnar counters it, and kicks Angle in the stomach and raises him to his shoulders. Lesnar throws him through the air in the F5. Angle is out on the mat, and Lesnar drops on top of Angle for the pin. 1…2….3 Lesnar wins. Lesnar goes through to face the Undertaker at SummerSlam.

Tazz – Once again, Lesnar and Angle deliver a great match.

Lesnar helps Angle to his feet and they hug.

Cole – Both these wrestlers respect each other greatly after all their fierce encounters. Just look at…. What’s…. what’s going on?

All the lights in the arena turn off, and a gong is sounded

Massive cheer

The lights come back on and the Undertaker is standing over the non moving bodies of Angle and Lesnar

Cole – Oh my God!!! The Undertaker has appeared out of nowhere and taken out Angle and Lesnar!!! I can’t believe….

All the lights go out again, then back on and the Undertaker is nowhere to be seen.

Tazz – And there he goes. It’s gonna be a long and hard road to SummerSlam for Lesnar, with the Deadman doing everything possible to knock him off it.

Cole – If the Undertaker can do this, imagine what he could do to Lesnar at SummerSlam!!!

Tazz – Imagination won’t even come close Cole. We’ll just have to wait till SummerSlam to see what happens.

Show ends with EMTs removing Lesnar and Angle from the ring.

Show Summary

Chavo Guerrero Jnr defeated Billy Kidman
John Cena defeated Batista
Undertaker defeated John Bradshaw Layfield
Brock Lesnar defeated Kurt Angle

Current PPV Card- SummerSlam

Date: 15/08/2004

Venue: Toronto – Canada

Theme Tune: Ill Nino – This Time’s For Real

Announced Matches:


Hardcore Championship Match: Scott Steiner © v Matt Hardy


WWE Title Match: Brock Lesnar v The Undertaker

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