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WWE: Afterlife

This is my first time at writing shows, I will be helped by another person who will write Smackdown. I am starting after Vengeance but am not keeping all the storylines.

(P.S I will be on holiday this coming Saturday, for 3 weeks. I will try and post some if I find a computer but if not I will just post all of my shows leading up to SummerSlam, this week, before Saturday and when I come back I will post the actual PPV.)

Cheers. This is the Roster, It might change slightly.



Chairman of the Board – Vince McMahon (H)

Superstars Subject to Change

General Manager: Eric Bischoff (Both)

World Heavyweight Championship

Chris Benoit (F)
Chris Jericho (F)
Goldberg (F) ©
Kane (H)
Shawn Michaels (F)
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin (F)
Triple H (H)

Intercontinental Championship

Charlie Haas (F)
Christian (F)
Diamond Dallas Page (H)
Edge (F)
Matt Hardy (w/ Lita)
Randy Orton (H) ©
Shelton Benjamin (F)

Hardcore Title

Hardcore Holly (F)
Maven (F)
Perry Saturn (H)
Raven (H)
Rob Van Dam (F)
Rhyno (H)
Scott Steiner (H) ©
Tajiri (F)
Tommy Dreamer (F)
Tyson Tomko (H)

World Tag Team Championships

La Resistance (Sylvan Grenier and Rob Conway) (H)
New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg + Billy Gunn) (F)
Rosey & Jamal (H)
Right To Censor (Steven Richards +Val Venis) (H)
Viscera & Mark Henry (H)
William Regal & Eugene (F)
World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) (F)©

Women’s Championship

Gail Kim (H)
Ivory (F)
Jazz (H)
Molly Holly (H)
Sable (H)
Trish Stratus (F)©
Victoria (F)

Jonathan Coachman (Backstage Interviewer + Wrestler) (H)


Superstars Subject to Change

General Manager: Shane McMahon (F)

WWE Title

Big Show (H)
Booker T (H)
Brock Lesnar (F)
Eddie Guerrero (F)
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield (H)
Kurt Angle (H)
Ric Flair (H)
The Rock (F)
Undertaker (H) ©

United States Championship

A-Train (H)
Batista (H)
Goldust (F)
John Cena (F) ©
Lance Storm (F)
Rene Dupree (H)
Sean O’Haire (H)
Test (H)

WWE Tag Team Championships

Akio and Sakoda (H)
Basham Brothers (Doug and Danny Basham) (H)
Chavitos (Chavo Jnr & Chavo ‘Classic’ Guerrero) (H)
Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley) (H)
Full Blooded Italians (Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo) (H)
Too Cool (Rikishi + Scotty Too Hotty) (F) ©

WWE Cruiserweight Title

A.J Styles (F)
Billy Kidman (F)
Chavo Guerrero (H) ©
Dean Malenko (H)
Funaki (F)
Grand Master Sexay (H)
Hurricane Helms (F)
Jamie Noble (H)
Jerry Lynn (H)
Nunzio (H)
Paul London (F)
Rey Mysterio Jr (F)
Shannon Moore (H)
Spanky (F)
Spike Dudley (F)
Taka Michinoku (H)
Ultimo Dragon (F)

Paul Heyman (Managing:Undertaker) (H)


Jackie Gayda (F)
Stacy Keibler (F)
Torrie Wilson (F)

This is my first ever attempt at ‘Be The Booker’ so please take mercy on my soul…. all opinions are welcomed.

Raw – July 12th

The Show kicks off with footage of Chris Benoit retaining his World Heavyweight Championship against Triple H from Last Night’s PPV, Vengeance.

The Pyro sends a chorus of explosions throughout the arena as we kick off what should be an unforgettable night.

J.R – 15,000 Packed into the Staples Centre, Los Angeles as we welcome you to Monday Night Raw. J.R along side Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and King what an unbelievable night, it was last night King when Chris Benoit regained his World Heavyweight Championship.

King – What a night it was J.R but we can’t forget the promise that our G.M, Eric Bischoff made last night, because the Hardcore Title is back.

J.R – That’s right King, There will be an open invitational, for any man who wishes to hold the Hardcore Title, Tonight could be your night.

King – This is going to be great, I can’t wait!

Triple H’s Theme is played

J.R - Folks, last night, that man was only seconds away from regaining The World Heavyweight Title, which he lost to Benoit at WrestleMania. The visible gash on his forehead, the result of being busted open at the hands of our Champion.

King – J.R, That man can barely walk. He had that title won. Benoit doesn’t deserve to have the title.

J.R – King, How can you say that, Benoit is a very good Champ and is what gives this company a good name.

King – Be quiet J.R. The Game is about to speak.

Chants of ‘’You Tapped Out’’ Echo throughout the whole arena.


King – Does this crowd have any respect for this man? He is one of The Best in This Business.

J.R – Well King, you can’t take that away from him. He is the Cerebral Assassin.

The Chants have slightly died down.

HHH- Benoit. You think you can outwit The Game? Huh? I had you beat, that title should be around MY waist, not yours MINE!! No one beats me. I am The Game and I am that damn good. Benoit, your not getting away with it this time.

J.R – Senior Official, Earl Hebner was in charge of the match, when Triple H inadvertently knocked him down.

HHH – Eric, I want you to get your ass out right now, I want my title rematch tonight.

Eric Bischoff’s Theme is played

Eric – Triple H, I know you want your rematch, I saw you get robbed out of that victory last night….

J.R- Give me a break.

Eric – So Triple H, you will be involved in a match for The World Heavyweight Title, Tonight.

Crowd Boo

Eric – However there is just one slight problem, I have a man who keeps telling me that you have already had your shot, and you should now be at the back of the line. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but I need to make him get off my back.
So, Tonight, in that very ring we will have a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, it will be Chris Benoit versus Triple H versus…STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN.

The crowd go wild whilst Triple H is left in the ring with a look of complete horror.

Commercial Break

J.R - And we’re back with the Women’s Tag Match, The Women’s Champion Jazz & Sable v Trish Stratus & Victoria.

King – PUPPIES!!!

J.R – King, Will you ever grow up?

Jazz’s Theme is played, followed by Sable’s, Victoria’s and Trish’s.

The match starts with Jazz and Victoria in the Ring. Victoria nails a Running Clothesline followed by a Scoop Slam, and gets a 2 count. Jazz then follows up with 2 punches of her own and a knockdown. Victoria gets back up and both women Tag out. Sable and Trish lock up, Trish hits a swinging neck breaker followed by a slap to the head, covers but Sable puts foot on rope. Victoria enters the ring and both women stomp Sable in the corner. Sable is looking desperate and needs a Tag. Sable ducks a punch and follows up with a Swinging Valley Driver Followed by a Jawbreaker. Jazz enters but is pushed away by Ref. Victoria enters and plants the Widows Peak on Jazz. Trish is still down following that Driver by Sable. Finally she gets up and plants a kick on Sable, Covers and gets a 2 count before Jazz interferes. Trish gets up and punches Jazz, the ref is distracted whilst Victoria plants another Widows Peak. Ref finally splits the 2 Divas up and Trish goes for the cover. Remarkably Sable kicks out.
Finally Sable makes the tag to an already fired up Jazz. Jazz throws punches everywhere, she then misses Trish, Trish then nails a Kick and Victoria, a modified Sidewalk Slam. Victoria then runs and knocks Sable off the Apron whilst Trish covers Jazz and gets the 3 Count.

Here are your Winners: Trish Stratus and Victoria

Steven Richards and Val Venis are shown backstage in the Locker Room.

Steven – Tonight is the night when we finally get rid of that baby boy Eugene. He has the intelligence of an Amoeba. He must be taken off our screens IMEDIATELY!!!

Val- Yes Sir.

Steven – I want him off. And what I want, I get.

J.R – What an idiot King, all Eugene wants is to live his dream as a WWE Superstar and you get people like the ‘Right To Censor’ trying to squash that dream. It’s just not fair.

King – Life’s not fair J.R.

J.R - Anyway Folks we have the moment you have all been waiting for, the return of the Hardcore Title is up next in an Open Invitational. We will be right back.

Commercial Break

The Participants in the match are Rob Van Dam, Tajiri, Shelton Benjamin, Scott Steiner, Rikishi and Rhyno. This match will have a 10 Minute Time Limit according to our General Manager Eric Bischoff

Rikish starts by clearing house, then provides the Stink Face to Rhyno. RVD with Martial Arts Kicks galore to Scott Steiner. Tajiri is brawling with Shelton Benjamin. Shelton executes a perfect Release German on Tajiri, whilst Rikishi, Stink Faces Rhyno again this time on the opposite Turnbuckle. RVD then grabs a chair and tries to hit Tajiri but misses. Rhyno then gets that chair and tries to hit Rikishi with it but misses, Rikishi then plants Rhyno with a DDT onto the Chair. Steiner then hits a Steiner Recliner on Rikishi, whilst Shelton hits RVD with a Trash Can. Cover 1,2,3 Shelton Benjamin is champ on 6:27. All the competitors are busted open. Steiner Recliner on Shelton by Scott Steiner, Shelton refuses to tap as Tajiri breaks the hold. Rhyno then brings a Table into the Ring and Gore’s Shelton through it. Covers him, 1,2,3 Rhyno is champ on 3:30. Shelton then wins it back on 2:47 with a Sucker Punch. Rikishi meanwhile has put RVD through another Table. Tajiri then Pins Rhyno after a Ladder Shot brought into the Ring by RVD on 1:43. Steiner then gets a Metal Bar and knocks Tajiri to the Canvas and covers him with 50 seconds left, Tajiri is then pinned by Steiner. Rhyno then gets a Chair Shot on Steiner with 10 Seconds remaining but he doesn’t have the remaining strength to go for the cover.

Here is your winner and the NEW Hardcore Champion: Scott Steiner

A bloody, Bruised and Battered Scott Steiner celebrates on the Turnbuckle with his new title.

Commercial Break

An angry Triple H storms into Eric Bischoff’s office, asking why he added Stone Cold into the match to make it a Triple Threat. Bischoff says that he has various reasons for his decision and that Triple H has many more important things to think about other than what Eric thinks. For starters he has his Triple Threat Match to worry about. Triple H leaves the office with more questions being asked than answered.

J.R – King, what was that all about?

King – I don’t know J.R but this Triple Threat match is going to be one hell of a battle.

Right To Censor’s Theme airs Followed by that of Eugene and William Regal

Regal starts in the ring along side Val Venis. Many Rest holds are executed, as Val is getting anxious. Eugene is seen jumping up and down urging his friend and mentor, William Regal on. Val Venis worms his way out of a sleeper hold and packs a couple of Delayed Vertical Suplexes on Regal. Venis makes the Tag to Richards. Richards gets a few punches in but after every punch layed into Regal, Eugene is seen getting angrier, finally Eugene snaps and knocks the daylight out of Richards. Venis is seen bringing in a Steel Chair and hits Eugene on the Head. The referee calls for the Bell.

Your Winners due to a Disqualification: William Regal and Eugene.

Eugene is seen remaining motionless on the floor. Venis hits the Money Shot, and he and Richards squirm their way out of the ring. EMT’s then rush to the aid of Eugene who is pictured with blood pouring from his head. Regal signals with a ‘’slit throat type motion’’ that they are his.

J.R – Those actions that we just witnessed by RTC were just disgusting and out of order. That was Vile, That was sick.

All 3 members in the Triple Threat Match are shown coming out of their respective lockers. All making their way to the ring. This match is announced as being no DQ.

Stone Cold’s Theme hits, then that of Triple H, and Finally that of the World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit.

All 3 men stand in the middle of the Ring.
The ‘What’ Chants begin

Austin locks eyes with HHH, and then puts 1 middle finger up at him. HHH then runs and attacks him. Benoit then punches HHH.
The match then starts with Benoit grabbing a Steel Chair immediately and hitting both Austin and HHH with the Chair. Benoit then Suplexes Austin on the Chair. HHH and Benoit then exchange blows.

You Tapped Out is heard throughout the Arena

J.R – It’s virtually all against all. Everyone is fighting everyone. The unlikely team of Benoit and HHH are working together, but for how long? We need to take our last Commercial break but we will be back right after for the conclusion of this Title Match.

Commercial Break

We return with a Dragon Sleeper being applied to Stone Cold by HHH. Benoit then hits Austin with A Steel Chair and a DDT on the Chair. Austin somehow then counters a Pedigree. Benoit then turns on HHH with Rolling German’s followed by a Back Drop and a Headbutt. Benoit then hits the Sharpshooter on Austin but can’t make him tap. Austin the Stunners HHH and Benoit hits Austin with a Sledgehammer brought to the Ring by HHH, Moments Earlier. Austin is knocked out. Benoit then gets the Crossface locked in on HHH and makes him tap.

Here is your winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit.

J.R – He’s done it again King, Benoit has made HHH Tap,, for the second night running. Austin looks as if he needs medical attention

King – What an explosive night, I told you it was going to be great.

J.R – Thank You Folks for inviting us into your homes, what a win for Benoit. Goodnight, Everybody.

The show ends with Benoit celebrates on the Ramp whilst an angry HHH looks up at him

Match Results:

Trish Stratus & Victoria defeated Jazz & Sable.
Scott Steiner defeated five other men to win the vacant Hardcore Title.
William Regal & Eugene defeated RTC (Steven Richards & Val Venis) via DQ.
Chris Benoit defeated Triple H and Steve Austin to regain The World Heavyweight Championship.

Tune in next time for more.

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