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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

17th May 2004
San Diego, California

The RAW opening video and theme goes off leading up to the usual pyro.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WWE RAW, along side me is Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and King what a main event we have tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Your right JR, Evolution versus Chris Beniot, Edge, Shelton Benjamin and Tajiri. What and explosive match it will be JR.

JR: Your right there King, We’ve also been told Eric Bischoff has a major announcement tonight regarding the 8-man tag.

Jerry Lawler: I heard it’s gonna be huge JR.

‘I’m Back’ fills the arena and so does a large amount of boos.

JR: I guess we’re gonna find out now King.

Bischoff makes his way down to the ring and gets in the ring and gets the mic of Lillian.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn Michaels, last week I threatened you by firing you if you interfered in the Triple H, Shelton Benjamin match last week on RAW.

Crowd boos

Eric Bischoff: Well Shawn, you were very smart in the way acted last week. You made sure the match never started, I admire you for that Shawn. So for the main event tonight, I’m making Shawn Michaels the special guest referee.

Crowd erupts

Eric Bischoff: Oh wait, but Shawn…… another thing…….. if you don’t call this match down the middle, I promise once again…. I WILL FIRE YOUR ASS!!!!

Crowd boos as Bischoff drops the mic and walks out.

The screen the cuts to backstage where we see the V.I.P Rosey and a different attire but more dressed like a villain now.

Rosey: Hurricane, my arch nemesis, I believe that you will have finally met your match…. For I have concurred a plan to take over the world…..

The crowd laughs

Rosey: For I have an item that will bring the world to my knees and make you my lap dog.

The crowd boos and he pulls something out from behind his back.

Rosey: This item here, for when it is released will bring chaos and terror to the earth…

Rosey walks over to a table but trips over and the container falls out of his hands and breaks on the ground releasing a green gas (just effects).


Rosey then falls to the ground as Hurricane ‘fly’s’ in

Hurricane: Citizen Rosey, It seems you have foiled your own plans….. I, Hurricane will now take you to the authorities and you shall be punished for you dastly deeds. But first I must clean this area of this evil product.

Hurricane takes a deep breath (breathing it all in) but he soon drops to the ground and the crowd laughs again. Beniot then walks past with his belt to a huge pop and looks at them both out on the ground, rolls his eyes and continues walking while the crowd laughs again as we fade into a commercial.

{Commercial Break}

We come back and Lita’s music hits to a huge pop

Match 1
Lita vs. Molly Holly

Fairly basic chicks match nothing much exciting. Molly goes for a ‘Molly Go Round’ but Lita moves and brings out the Twist of Fate and signals for the LitaSult and heads up top. Molly gets back up and takes Lita’s legs out from under her.
Molly goes for a Super Backdrop but Lita flips off and pulls away a Neckbreaker and pins Molly for the 1 2 3
Winner – Lita – Pinfall

Victoria gets in the ring and her and Molly start brawling while Lita starts to get back up. Kane’s pyro and music hits and everyone in and around the ring stops. Kane walls down to the ring and gets in and grabs Lita by the throat until Matt runs down to a huge pop and slides in the ring with a chair and whacks Kane on the back and continues to hit him till he falls onto the ground.

Matt yells at Lita to run before Kane pops back up and Matt gives him another face full of chair knocking him back down. Kane pops up again and Matt gives him another face full of chair knocking him flat again. By this time the chair is totally screwed up and Kane pops up again and Matt doesn’t have anything. Kane gets up and Chokeslams Matt then picks him up again and tombstones him.

Bischoff’s music hits and he walks out onto the stage

Eric Bischoff: Matt Hardy, I’ve been watching you over the past few weeks and I’ve seen you provoking Kane into doing numerous attacks, so Matt I’m going to do something for you, I’m going to give you a match against Kane, at Bad Blood…. But it won’t be a normal match; it will be a street fight……

Lita screams ‘NO’ while Kane stands in the ring and smiles

JR: oh my god!

We then fade backstage and see Evolution talking

Triple H: What the hell does that pain in the ass Bischoff think he’s doing?

Ric Flair: Hunter, calm down…. Like Bischoff said if Shawn doesn’t call it down the middle he’ll be fired….

Triple H: Ric, what happened last time Shawn got fired, that pain in the ass Austin reversed it…...

Randy Orton: H, Austin’s gone fired, there’s no one to cover Shawn’s ass this time and after the match I guarantee Shawn will be out of a job.

Evolution laughs as we fade into the break

{Commercial Break}

We come back and JR and King are at the announce table

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen, before the break we had a major announcement regarding Bad Blood….. it will be Kane versus Matt Hardy in a Street Fight, what kind of Sick Son of a Bitch would do something like that King?

Jerry Lawler: Well JR, you have to admit, Matt Hardy has been attacking Kane over the past few weeks for no apparent reason…

JR: What the hell do you mean King? Kane has been terrorizing this young woman Lita and Matt’s just been trying to help her….

Jerry Lawler: Well Matt should just learn to mind his own business.

JR: Your sad King, you’re very sad…….. Anyway also before the break we saw Evolution saying Shawn Michaels will be out of a job.

Jerry Lawler: They guaranteed he would be out of a job JR, guaranteed it.

Val Venus’ music hits and he makes his way down to the ring.

Match 2
A-Train vs. Val Venus

A-Train wins with a De-Railer after Val misses with the Money Shot
Winner – A-Train – Pinfall

A-Train continues to celebrate in the ring as we go backstage and see Shawn talking to Team Beniot (hey I needed a name)

Shawn Michaels: There is nothing more that I would like than you guys to win tonight but you all know I can’t do anything to help you win, or I lose my job.

Edge: We all understand Shawn, but I think all of us can beat Evolution, I mean we got me the risk taker, Shelton the grappler, Beniot the technical submission machine and Tajiri the……… um……… yeah and Tajiri

The crowd laughs as Tajiri hangs his head in shame

Shawn Michaels: So I guess you could say you the Ultimates?

Edge: Yeah, I guess you could…

[b]Smackdown Rebound:
- Shows Shark Boy appearing on the stage and the Cruiserweight Title match, also Jacqueline going over the apron and landing head first on the mats out side before showing her getting taken out by the Paramedics
- Shows the WWE Tag Team Championship match between FBI and Too Cool and the RBI winning the belts
- Shows Torrie kissing Cena and then costing him the match and Low Blowing him
- Finally it shows the Main Event and Angle announcing at Judgment Day it will be a 3-Way Ladder Match.

The camera then cuts to Trish talking to Christian about last weeks match with Christian and battered up

Trish Stratus: Christian, I got you the night off tonight, but I had to do something for Bischoff……

Trish bows her head

Christian: What did he make you do Trish, did he touch you?

Trish shakes her and looks back up at him

Trish Status: I had to sign a match……… to face Kane next week on RAW…….

The crowd erupts and Christian hugs her

Christian: Don’t worry Trish, I’ll make sure you win….

Trish pulls away from Christian and looks up at him puzzled

Trish Stratus: What are you talking about???? The match I signed was for YOU to face Kane next week.

Christian’s eye’s open wide as we fade to a commercial

{Commercial Break}

Match 3
Grand Master Sexay/ Eugene w/ William Regal vs. La Resistance

A funny match with Eugene and GMS, Eugene picks up the win after GMS hits his Leg Drop.
Winners – Grand Master Sexay / Eugene w/ William Regal – Pinfall

Eugene celebrates with GMS by ‘trying’ to dance with him, Eugene convinces Regal to get in the ring and celebrate as well but he rolls back out when Eugene tries to waltz with him.

JR: Eugene won again King, Eugene won again!!!!!

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe it JR, for the second time in two week, Eugene has beaten Rob Conway, but how dare Eugene try and dance with William Regal, that’s just uncalled for.

JR: The kid’s just trying to have fun King, which you wouldn’t know anything about.

Jerry Lawler: JR, my sort of fun is sitting on a beach with binocu……

JR: I don’t think we need to go there King……

Jerry Lawler: HA HA (King’s laugh), why not JR, it’s great.

Chris Jericho’s count down hits and he makes his way down to the ring.

Match 4
Chris Jericho vs. Garrison Cade w/ Jonathan Coachman

Jericho wins by the Walls when Cade misses a Splash in the corner.
Winner – Chris Jericho – Submission

Jericho continues to celebrate while Coach gets in the ring. Jericho notices him and points and the crowd erupts, Chris runs after him and grabs his pants. Jericho pulls him back in and gives him the Walls of Jericho much to Coach’s dismay and the crowds delight.

{Commercial Break}

We come back and see Evolution walking to the ring and then Team Beniot and then Shawn Michaels in a triangle screen.

Evolution’s music hits and they all come out and then Beniot’s music hits and they all come out.

Match 5
8 – Man Tag
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels

Evolution vs. Chris Beniot / Edge / Shelton Benjamin / Tajiri
Triple H wins with the Pedigree on Chris Beniot
Winners – Evolution – Pinfall

Shawn and Triple H come face to face after Shawn makes the count on Beniot, soon after they start a slugfest and so does everyone else. They all end up in the ring fighting it out till Glass Shatters……….. The crowd blasts the roof off the arena as Stone Cold Steve Austin walks through the curtain and the crowd goes even louder. Austin does his trademark strut down to the ring and gets in the ring and goes to all the turnbuckles. Austin comes face-to-face with Triple H and then kicks him in the guts and gives him a much awaited Stone Cold Stunner. Team Beniot starts slugging it out again while Austin stunners the rest of Evolution.

Austin signals for beer and passes one to everyone in the ring, by this time Beniot is back up and celebrates with them. Austin holds the beer up to Shawn and then Stunners him and everyone else while they are in disbelief, although the crowd erupts from it.

Austin then grabs the mic

Steve Austin: You know, (what?) While Stone Cold was at home (what?) he sat in his chair (what?) and thought to himself (what?) he should be in the ring whippin as much ass and raising as much hell as humanly possible (what?)

Crowd erupts

Steve Austin: So what I did was (what?) I went down the road to the doctors (what?) and I had him run some tests (what?) to see how my back is doing (what?) and he told me (what?) that I (what?) Stone Cold Steve Austin (what?) was able to come back to the ring full time again

The crowd erupts again

Steve Austin: So I called up Vince McMahon (what?) and told him I’m commin back to raise some hell (crowd erupts again) Now Vince said as long as I don’t get myself in anymore personal troubles (what?) so I agreed (what?) hung up the phone looked at my girlfriend sitting in my house (what?) told her to get her ass up (what?) and get it out of my house (the crowd erupts again). Now (what?) I only came back for one thing (what?) and that is for (what?) the World (what?) Heavyweight (what?) Championship

The crowd erupts while he gets the belt and gets the beer and then salutes the beer and hits his beer against it and drinks more beer as RAW goes off the air.

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