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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

OK, well I have some time to bother with this BTB before Tuesday so...

I am not going to bother with the final RAW & SD! leading up to Survivor Series, as I couldn't bring myself to get motivated to write them after my exams, I want to get right onto the PPV itself.

Hence this post, will explain what happened with the RAW/SD! feud, there was as many people would've noticed, still a spot remaining on Team RAW. During the final RAW show, JBL & Orton cut a promo over the titantron, while Stone Cold was in the ring, running him down and talking that Austin is leading a failing side into SS. As the night went on, SD! superstars tried to sneak into the building, but all the entry/exits had been blocked off by RAW superstars and security.

As the show looked to come to an end, Paul Heyman made his way into the ring to confront Mick Foley. The two traded insults and cut a power promo, with Heyman saying he's holding all the right cards and Foley's running a horrible bluff. Foley smiled and said if Heyman has all the right cards, why does Foley have the "Ace up his sleeve?"

With that being said, the camera man in the ring dropped his camera and SUPERKICKED HEYMAN DOWN! The went wild as the man took off his hat and fake beard to reveal SHAWN MICHAELS! Foley then announces that Shawn will be the fifth man in the Team RAW for Survivor Series, despite not being contracted to RAW anymore, being given a "One night return" granted by CEO Linda McMahon. The show ended with Austin hitting the ring and pouring a beer over Heyman and then sharing one with HBK.

Also, the table stipulation from the Tag Title gauntlet match has been scrapped, as it doesn't fit in with the theme of the match without a team like the Dudleyz in it.

So yeah, that tells that story. Here is the official card for Survivor Series. The PPV may take a few weeks to go up, but I'm hoping to see it up by mid September if all goes well, which it usually doesn't...


WWE Survivor Series
Thomas & Mack Center
Las Vegas; Nevada
Event Music: "Three Days Grace - Riot"

WWE Championship
6 Pack Challenge; Elimination Match

Triple H (c) vs The Rock vs Rob Van Dam vs Kane vs John Cena vs Edge

World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle (c) vs Brock Lesnar

Buried Alive Match
Undertaker vs Goldberg

Inter Promotional Match
5 vs 5 Survivor Series Tag Match

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Christian, Sting, Monty Brown & Shawn Michaels w/GM Mick Foley
JBL, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Batista & Booker T w/GM Paul Heyman

5 vs 5 Survivor Series Tag Match
AJ Styles, Rhyno, Carlito & The Dudley Boyz
Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Matt Striker, Test & Chris Masters

5 vs 5 Survivor Series Tag Match
Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Lashley, Rey Mysterio & Hardcore Holly
Mr. Kennedy, Finlay, Muhammad Hassan, Gregory Helms & William Regal

World Tag Team Titles
Elimination Gauntlet Match

Cryme Tyme (c) vs Cade & Jindrak vs New Age Outlaws vs La Resistance vs Goldust/Eugene vs The Johnnies

WWE Tag Team Championships & Cruiserweight Championship
Triangle 9 Man Tag Elimination Match; Winning Team Takes All

America's Most Wanted & Paul London
MNM & Jamie Noble
"The FBI" Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo & Vito (c)


Feel free to leave predics etc. The person who gets the most right/all right will receive, not much, a gift and 5000 pts I guess. Predict away.

And as stated earlier, hopefully should be up in about a month (no guarantees, will keep updating)


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