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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Hey Guys,
Finally I have the show up…yay! Sorry for the inconvenience, the show is a bit rushed,and doesnt have pretty colors :P .
Better late then never…
I have got my pc back, however now my modem is stuffed.
So I will try to get some shows up next week, I’ll find a way.
I guess I can look at some positives about having 2 weeks without a pc…
I’ve been able to think of storylines for the next 4 months, and the card for wrestlemania, lol
Hopefully this fed can last…

So without any further ado here is NGW Rampage, week 4 (I think). The Rampage Aftermath of UpRising!

NGW Voltage (Alike Velocity/Heat)
Mark Jindrak def Tommy Dreamer
Rey Mysterio Jr def Jamie Noble
Shelton Benjamin & RVD def M.Hardy/ Test

NGW Rampage

NGW Rampage begins with backstage footage of a limo arriving at the limo…

Tony Schiavone: Who is in that limo?

(NGW Rampage Intro)

Fireworks Set off on the set on Rampage…and the New Rampage theme ‘Lost Control’ by Grinspoon blast throughout the arena.

Tony Schiavone: Hello and Welcome to NGW Rampage, as always I’m Tony Schiavone and beside me Jonathon Coachman.
Last Monday we witnessed the Return Of The Deadman, The Undertaker. But what has got me wondering is who was in that limo?

Coach: Well I’m hoping we will find out tonight.

Tony Schiavone: We have a few matches already made for tonight, Booker T will face Buff Bagwell, Psychosis verses Sakoda, and Shawn Michaels teams up with Chris Jericho to take on Triple H and Kurt Angle….

*Medal* plays, and Kurt Angle walks down to the ring, with a microphone in his hand. He walks inside the ring with boos from the crowd…

Kurt Angle: Last Sunday at UpRising, I must admit Shawn Michaels got the better of me. However I must point out that it was just a fluke. So that’s why I’m saying I deserve a shot at that NGW HeavyWeight Championship, and lets face it…I the true number one contender here in New Generation Wrestling, since I am the best wrestler in not only this company, but in the whole wrestling industry…. Oh Its True…It’s Damn True!

*I’m Back* plays across the arena, as Eric Bischoff walks from behind the curtain with a microphone and climbs into the ring:

Eric Bischoff: Ok Kurt, since you seem so confident and you were the first to ask I’ll give you that shot, but you better make sure you win Kurt. And what better place to prove yourself than at our next NGW Pay Per View Bad Blood!
………… So at Bad Blood for the NGW World HeavyWeight Championship it will be………..

*The Game* hits the PA, as Triple H walks down to the ring. He climbs inside the ring….

Triple H: Kurt….you have had your chance….and you blew it. Now its my time, it’s my chance…Shawn and I have got some unfinished business. Since last Monday The Undertaker interfered…so the way I see it, that is my title shot, not yours!

Kurt Angle: I deserve it more than you do….

Eric Bischoff: Guys, Guys, Guys…I think I have an idea that the both of you will enjoy. I feel you are both worthy of that title shot, and if both of you were fighting Shawn Michaels then it would be more of a chance Shawn not being Champion.
So at Bad Blood for the NGW World HeavyWeight Championship it will be Shawn Michaels defending his championship against Triple H and Kurt Angle, in a Triple Threat!


Lance Storm Vs. Rhyno

(5 Minutes Into The Match)

Lance Storm attempts a Superkick, however Rhyno grabs the Leg of the Canadian and hits a clothesline on Storm. Rhyno picks up Storm, and takes him down to the canvas once again with a swinging neckbreaker.
Rhyno awaits for Lance Storm to get back to his feet…Rhyno goes for a ‘Gore’, Storm quickly dodges Rhyno’s ‘Gore’ causing Rhyno to go head on to the turnbuckle pole. Rhyno is dazed when Lance Storm hits a ‘Superkick’. Lance Storm locks on the ‘Canadian Maple Leaf’…Rhyno tries to crawl to the ropes, but gives up finally to tap out!

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match…Lance Storm


Shawn Michaels is walking into the arena with his gear and NGW Belt when Michael Cole approaches him…

Cole: Shawn Michaels how do you feel about the match that Eric Bischoff has made for the upcoming Pay Per View Bad Blood?

Michaels: What match?

Cole: Haven’t you heard, Eric Bischoff has said that it will be you defending your championship against Triple H and Kurt Angle in a triple threat match…

Michaels: Eric Bischoff can do whatever he likes to try and get me to lose this NGW title of mine, but it’s going to take a lot more than that to put the Showstopper down!
So I say…Bring It On!

Michaels walks down the corridor to his locker room


*Backstage* - Parking Lot

A Car drives into the arenas Parking Lot. The car parks and Chris Jericho gets out of the car, he is walking into the arena when he is attacked by both Orton and Batista while Benoit is watching. Batista smashes Jericho’s skull on the bonnet of a nearby car. Batista then powerbombs Jericho on the bonnet of the car.
Benoit, Orton and Batista walk off leaving Jericho hurt…


Sakoda w/ Akio Vs. Psychosis

Tony Schiavone: If Psychosis wants a title shot next Monday on Mayhem, He will need to defeat Sakoda here tonight. And its not going to be any easier with Akio being at ringside.

(7 Minutes Into The Match)

Psychosis takes down Sakoda to the canvas with a ‘Powerbomb to facecrusher’. Psychosis climbs up the turnbuckle.

Tony Schiavione: Psychosis must be going for his finisher, the ‘DDT Legdrop from the top rope’.

But before Psychosis is about to hit his finisher, Akio climbs up on the apron. Psychosis notices Akio and dropkicks him off the apron. Psychosis climbs up the turnbuckle once again, however Sakoda gets up and knocks the rope. Psychosis loses balance and hits his groin on the turnbuckle. Sakoda climbs up to the 3rd rope, both men are on the top rope. Sakoda does a ‘frankensteiner’ to Psychosis, Sakoda covers……..1…….2……..Kick Out.
Akio jumps back on the apron, but this time with his NGW CruiserWeight Championship, he throws in the title to Sakoda before distracting the referee. Sakoda grabs the title, and tries to hit Psychosis with it…Psychosis ducks and grabs the championship title out of his hands. Psychosis smashes the CruiserWeight Title across the head of Sakoda. Psychosis punches Akio off the apron, and covers Sakoda….1…….2…….3!

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match…Psychosis!

Tony Schiavone: Psychosis wins! He beats the odds, and now next Monday he will take on Akio for the CruiserWeight Title… I can’t wait!

Psychosis celebrates the Victory. He picks up Akio’s CruiserWeight belt and wears it across his waist, before throwing it to Akio…


Dudley Boys Vs. Randy Orton/ Batista

(6 Minutes into the match)

Dominating the match, Orton tags in Batista who takes Bubba Dudley down with a powerful clothesline. Batista is picking up Bubba, when Bubba eye racks Batista, he scoop slams him down to set up ‘WASSUP’.
D’Von climbs the turnbuckle, but Orton rushes over to the turnbuckle and knocks D’Von out of the ring.
Bubba picks up Batista, Bubba attempts a Suplex, but Batista kicks him in the gut followed with a ‘Spinebuster’. Batista lifts Bubba up from the ground to finish him off with a ‘Sit-Down Powerbomb’. Batista covers Bubba Ray Dudley…1……..2……..3!

Announcer: The Winners Of The Match….Batista and Randy Orton!

Orton and Batista celebrate their victory walking back up the ramp….When Jericho attacks both men with right hand punches. Jericho then ‘DDT’s’ Orton on the ramp. Chris Jericho then grabs the legs of Batista and locks on the ‘Walls Of Jericho’. However Orton gets back up and buldogs Jericho’s face on the ramp. Batista and Orton stomp on Jericho before walking backstage…



Christian, Tomko, and Trish Stratus Backstage

Christian: Tyson…us two should be having those tag team titles around our waists. We are without a doubt a great tag team. But don’t worry….Buff Bagwell will pay.


An Unusual theme plays from the PA, and walking from behind the curtain….John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield walks out and down to the ring.

Tony Schiavione: So that’s who was in that Limo earlier tonight.

JBL climbs into the ring, as the crowd boos. JBL grabs the microphone off the announcer:

JBL: That’s Right! John Bradshaw Layfield is here in New Generation Wrestling. Not only do I have more intelligence then most other wrestlers here, I have more skill and ability. I am a multi-talented man, as I have proved in my success in CNBC. And I will continue my success here in New Generation Wrestling. I have been a success in everything I’ve done…except for one thing…wrestling. That’s where it will come to an end here in NGW, where I assure you I will have success….

*Never Gonna Stop Me* blasts through the speakers, as smoke fills the entrance ramp. Out of the smoke appears Edge…

Edge: I think I speak for everyone here, but can you just shut your mouth for a moment. No one here really cares about your success. I must admin you do have some great, but I think that ability is being a really good ass-hole and having the ability to bore a crowd. Honestly these people didn’t come here tonight to listen to you talk about yourself. So if the NGW Crew backstage could cut off Bradshaw’s microphone…

JBL: Edge!…don’t you do that…..don’t you……………(Microphone cuts off)

Edge grins and walks back up the ramp to the backstage



Miss Jackie and Rico in their locker room…

Miss Jackie: That’s It Rico! I’ve had it, your career is going nowhere, I don’t know why I even became your manager.

Rico: All will change soon, Mr Bischoff has booked me in a match next Monday on Mayhem.

Miss Jackie: How will that change your career? You know what Rico? Next Monday you will be walking down the ring by yourself…that’s right I am no longer your manager!

Miss Jackie leaves the locker room

Rico: Please Jackie….Please Don’t Go…


Booker T Vs. Buff Bagwell

(13 Minutes Into the match)

Booker T ‘Harlem Sidekicks’ Bagwell to the canvas. Booker T attempts a clothesline to Bagwell, but Bagwell ducks the clothesline. Booker T accidentally clotheslines the referee. Buff gives a few right hand punches. Buff irish whips Booker T, before taking Booker T down to the canvas with a hip toss. Booker T gets back up to his feet, and Bagwell ‘Atomic Drops’ Booker T, followed with a Swinging Neckbreaker.
Buff Bagwell climbs the turnbuckle, and signals the ‘Buff BlockBuster’. Christian comes running down the ramp with a Steel Chair, he climbs on the apron without Buff realising. Christian smacks the steel chair across the back of Buff Bagwell. Bagwell falls off the turnbuckle, Booker T gets back up and hits an ‘Axe Kick’ on Bagwell. Christian laughs of what his done and walks back up the ramp.
Booker T covers Bagwell, but the referee is still down. Suddenly from the crowd, John Cena jumps the barricade and enters the ring. John Cena picks up Booker T and executes the F-U on Booker T. Cena drags Buff over Booker T for a pinfall and helps the Referee get back to his feet, the counts the pin …….1……….2………….3!

[b]Announcer:[b] The winner of the match…Buff Bagwell

Christian still walking up the ramp, turns around and can’t believe it that Buff won.


*I’m Back* plays, as the co-owner of NGW walks down to the ring. Eric Bischoff climbs inside the ring and grabs the microphone from the announcer:

Eric Bischoff: As you all know I have made the Main Event match-up for the NGW Championship earlier tonight, and now I’m ready to announce a few more matches…but not for the Pay Per View, but for Monday Night Mayhem next week.
Firstly a match that has been semi-announced… Akio will be defending his CruiserWeight Title against Psychosis. And now for the newly made matches…. We will have a 4-man elimination match, where the winner will verse Christian for the IC Title at Bad Blood. It will be JBL verses Edge verses Booker T verses Rob Van Dam!

Tony Schiavone: What about Buff? Why isn’t he in the match?

Eric Bischoff: And the other match I have made for this Monday….well tonight we have seen some heated fights between Chris Jericho and Batista/ Orton. So it will be Chris Jericho versing Batista ….where both Chris Benoit and Randy Orton are banned from interfering in the match, and just to make sure that is going to happen. Surrounding the ring and Jericho and Batista will be a 15ft Steel Cage!
So this Monday…get Ready for some Rage In A Cage!!!

Eric Bischoff hands the announcer the microphone as he then walks back up he ramp.


*Undertaker’s Theme* plays throughout the arena, and Undertaker walks down to the ring. Smoke fills around the ring, Undertaker climbs up the steel stairs and climbs into the ring…

Undertaker: People have been saying to me why? Why did you have to interfere in the World Title match on Mayhem? Well I will tell you why, I came to NGW wanting to make an impact and it seems like I have done it!
Over my long career there is one thing that I have noticed, I have learnt to never trust the fans. You see you fans, turn on us wrestlers quicker than Triple H getting a title shot…and believe me that’s fast.
In the past, I have always been nice to the fans, but what good does that do to me? He has gotten me nowhere. The only thing that has gotten me anywhere is being the Bad Guy, doing things the way I want to do them.
So I no longer will want to listen to what the fans want, and what the fans have to say. (Crowd Boo) You can boo you all you want but it won’t change anything, so you fans can just stick it!

*The Lights Go Out*

*The Lights Turn Back On*

Undertaker is knocked down on the canvas…

Coach: What was that?

Tony Schiavone: I have no idea, but it shut the Undertaker up.


Tony Schiavone: Now its time for the Main Event of the evening, but is Chris Jericho fine to wrestle, twice tonight he has been assaulted by Batista and Randy Orton.

Kurt Angle & Triple H Vs. Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels

(15 Minutes Into The Match)

Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle are the two legal men, as Kurt Angle misses a Moonsault on Shawn. Shawn Michaels gets up from the canvas and hits a ‘Sweet Chin Music’ on Kurt Angle…Michaels covers……1………..2…………Triple H makes the save and gives Shawn a few punches. Chris Benoit walks behind from the curtain and awaits at the ramp….Chris Jericho sees Benoit and walks up the ramp. Orton and Batista come out from the crowd, and attack Jericho from behind. Batista nails a Spinebuster on Jericho, followed with a Powerbomb on the ramp.

Coach: Ouch! Jericho hit the ramp hard!

Tony Schiavone: But now Shawn is left to fight against both Angle and Triple H.

Coach: Well that’s what it’s going to be like at Bad Blood!

Batista, Orton and Benoit leave Jericho on the ramp and walk back up the ramp…
Inside the ring Triple H attempts a Pedigree on HBK, but HBK flips Triple H over his back. Michaels clotheslines Triple H over the top rope.
Kurt Angle is getting back up slowly, when HBK signals Sweet Chin Music for a 2nd time on Kurt Angle. But this time Angle grabs the foot of Shawn Michaels, spins him around and plants an Angle Slam, Kurt Angle covers……….1………2…………3!

Announcer: The Winners of the match…Kurt Angle & Triple H

Tony Schiavone: Angle pinned the champion!

Triple H rolls back into the ring, and the referee raises the hand of both Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels. Triple H then kicks Angle in the gut, and slams him down for a ‘Pedigree’.
Triple H taunts to the crowd as Rampage fades off-air…..

Quick Results:
Lance Storm def Rhyno
Psychosis def Sakoda
Orton & Batista def Dudley Boys
Buff Bagwell def Booker T
Kurt Angle & Triple H def Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho

The NGW Insider:

*NGW has announced that they will tour the UK later on in the year, for a house show, NGW Rampage and NGW Mayhem, tickets are now available from www.ticketmaster.com
*NGW are not happy with the recent work of Rikishi and Roseys ring performances in house shows.
*UpRising had great buyrates, ESPN is currently happy with NGW’s performance.
*Tickets for NGW WrestleMania are on sale next month, and it will be held at the Georgadome in Atlanta.
*NGW have booked out an arena in San Diego to hold a show around September/October. It is not known why they have booked out the arena. NGW personal have confirmed that it is not a house show, Rampage, or a Mayhem. But we did find out that this event will take place on a Saturday night, stay tuned…

*The Jericho/Benoit feud most likely will stretch till the rest of the year.
*The SummerSlam poster will be available soon on NGW Insider, it is rumoured to have a returning superstar on the poster.
* The World’s Greatest Tag Team will reform before SummerSlam.
* A lot of talk backstage is rumoured to say that Triple H would like to face Eddie Guerrero in the future.
* 2 Former ECW workers were seen backstage talking to Eric Bischoff.
*La Resisitance are complaining that they want a push is some storylines.

Next Weeks Mayhem

Join NGW next week, when Batista and Jericho battle it out in a steel cage.
Also the CruiserWeight title is on the line, when Psychosis faces the moment of turth.
Plus Bischoff makes an announcement, and the 4-man IC Title #1 contendership matchup....that and a whole lot more!

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