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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

SmackDown! Recap Review

Nice way to kick the show off, capitalizing on the momentum created from the end of Raw. JBL is in great spirits and as always, puts himself over. Seems like Jericho is being positioned as the ‘top’ face of the SmackDown team instead of Batista, which is fine. Huge match set for tonight and we can expect some sort of retaliation from the Raw team most definitely.

AMW have the win in hand but the FBI cost them the victory and lay waste to everyone. Putting these guys over huge here and essentially keep all of the feuds going on with nothing being resolved. Team Kennedy prep talk just adding a bit of hype to their matches tonight and at Survivor Series, while further establishing Hassan as an outcast. Solid stuff. As should have been expected, we get a very intriguing match up with the FBI forced to put all the gold on the line. Should be a good one.

Goldberg smokes some poor bastard and we get more Taker mind games and the obligatory staredown. This feud between the two has been going on for a while, so it should be interesting to see if this comes to an end at the PPV. I actually loved the segment between Batista, Orton and Booker. Came across really realistic and both Batista and Orton were particularly in character. Wouldn’t mind seeing a feud between the two sooner or later.

Mysterio picks up the count out win over Mysterio. Really not a fan of having both a count out and disqualification finish on the same show but it further advances the pattern Kennedy has been going on as of late and keeps both strong heading into the PPV. Thought Burchill might’ve been used as a star in this thread but he’s fodder for Henry. No complaints here. Burchill’s a solid talent but nothing monumental. Solid exchange from Lesnar and Angle. Has me wondering whom Angle’s opponent is.

After Jericho defeated JBL, you did what you could to make the Raw attack a surprise but that was almost an impossible task, as I knew they would make an appearance. Raw executes their plan well and Austin stuns Heyman while Brown and Christian take out the two competitors in the main event. Solid way to cap off a very nice recap.

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