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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE: Friday Night SmackDown -- 11/07/06 -- Review
It just looked like an okay promo to kick off SmackDown. If you would have had JBL and Jericho confront each other more, it would've something special. JBL looked fine, but I can't really throw my opinion on Jericho's character because you just had him say one line, and in that line, he didn't really said his famous phrases. The other guys of SmackDown Team coming out and calming JBL and Jericho was okay, and Heyman making a match between the two for the main event was okay as well. Whoa, the ending was good. It looked like RAW's guys will come out, but it didn't happened. Good surprise, but I do sense the RAW guys invading on SmackDown in the main event.

This really looked like a good fast-paced match to kick off SmackDown. And, I liked how this match ended, with The FBI's coming out, showing their dominance, and beating the hell out of MNM, AMW, Paul London, and Jamie Noble. Great dominance showed by them, and believe me, you're the only booker who have pushed FBI. That's definitely originial, and amazing.

Team Kennedy looks damn good, especially with Muhammad Hassan in it. And speaking of Hassan, I liked his line, in which he said that he wants Matt Hardy. Overall, the promo was just okay, and I guess it was not enough to add some hype to their rivalry against Team Hardy. It definitely could've been better.

The FBI's celebrations are ruined -- thanks to the GM of SmackDown, Paul Heyman. This sounded a good promo to me, and the look on their face would've been priceless to watch when Heyman threw them in a titles match for Survivor Series.

Jack Archer? Haha. Nice name. Anyway, the squash match was fine, and I liked the aftermath, with Goldberg trying to show his dominance, but The Undertaker returns, and then they face each other man to man, but Goldberg flies away. That was good, but I didn't like what Goldberg said in the end of this promo, and that's only because Goldberg scaring from The Undertaker would've been better.

Interesting segment here with Booker T, Batista, and Randy Orton. It added some hype to their major match against Team RAW at Survivor Series. Batista looked okay. Booker looked okay. Randy looked good. Nice and neat segment.

I don't really like reading a count-out finish to this match because you already had one match with a no contest, and two matches with (somewhat) a same result isn't special. Anyway, the match itself was fine though. Kennedy and Mysterio looked damn good, and Kennedy leaving out the ring was in character, and that also added some hype to their match, but I just didn't like what I said earlier about having two matches in (somewhat) same results.

I liked the messy-confrontation between the Team Kennedy and Team Hardy, which eventually lead to a messy-brawl. This added even more build up to their rivalry, which looks cool to my eyes, and no doubt that their match will be something special.

Mark Henry's victory was fine: it showed his dominance, and him rising up on the ranks, but I just don't like seeing two squash matches on a same night.

Great segment. Kurt Angle and Batista were portrayed birilliantly. Great confrontation between the two, which had intensity in it. The ending was even better, with Lesnar venting out his frustrations on the camera. Good way to hype the World Heavyweight Championship match, and once again, there is no doubt that this match will rock Survivor Series.

I liked the main event. Yeah, everything was perfect, and the way you explained Val Venis and Maven came out to invade was perfect way to add suspense, and then Sting's music was a good way to add suspense as well. Great main event, which Y2J wins with a roll up, but one thing I don't like, is that JBL got pinned, and he's the captain of SmackDown. JBL should've won in my opinion. But anyway, RAW invades, and takes out SmackDown! Good way to end a nice show.

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