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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Alrighty, here is the SD! recap. Thanks for all the late comments that came through on the RAW recap yesterday, I have been busy returning alot of reviews lately so if I haven't gotten to you yet, know that I will when I can.

SmackDown! (Recap)
St. Pete Times Forum
Tampa; Florida

*Opening Video*


The show kicks off with JBL, the captain of Team SmackDown! hitting the ring to heat from the fans. JBL gets on the mic and gloats about the smart attack on RAW this past Monday as they took out Austin, Christian, Sting and Monty Brown with ease. Bradshaw says it was sloppy preperation by RAW who still have tons of problems, still not having a complete team with only four members and the fact that they are split in half because the captain can't control his team mates.J BL goes onto say only a genius could've developed such a smart invasion of RAW and he then congratulates himself by bowing to himself on the titantron to heat. JBL says this is totally unlike Team SmackDown! were he has been given orders direct from Paul Heyman to keep his partners "in line" and that they WILL stay in line otherwise there will be trouble. Right after he says this CHRIS JERICHO steps out to a big pop from the fans. Jericho says firstly JBL should never have been given the SmackDown! captaincy as he is full of himself, which therefore means he is full of crap. Jericho says that everyone knows had the match gone differently, Randy Orton would've beaten JBL. The two banter back and forth and almost look ready to come to blows when BATISTA, ORTON & BOOKER T head to the ring and calm them down, followed by GM Paul Heyman. Batista restrains Jericho while Orton & Booker talk to JBL and Team SmackDown! Heyman meanwhile says he will not tolerate any bad blood between Jericho & Layfield and until after Survivor Series, they will have to quash that beef. But he will give them the chance to vent their anger just for tonight in a strictly supervised match up between the two! The crowd likes that, a big main event made in Jericho vs JBL. Heyman says however that they WILL do it by the book because he will officiate the contest, and he won't tolerate anything but a fair, clean match. The team stands in the ring in edged unison when all of a sudden *GLASS SHATTERS* rocks the arena sending the crowd into a frenzy and imediately Team SmackDown! look around, preparing themselves for a fight and Heyman looks like he'll shit a brick as he cowers behind JBL & Orton, but there is no sign of any of Team RAW's members. The music dies off and Heyman laughs it off, hoping it just a trick, but he and Team SmackDown! are still cautious as we head to a commercial, wondering if the threat was real or not


We return and see Paul Heyman talking with some members of the security team. Heyman says he wants a full lockdown of the building, and NO ONE is allowed in OR out

Back to ringside we are treated to our first match of the night, which sees the "Rightful Contendership" 6 Man Tag take place with America's Most Wanted teaming with Paul London to take on MNM and their partner Jamie Noble. The match turns out to be a frantic, fast paced and lively opener with the crowd really getting behind AMW & London who are the big faces in this angle. The two teams trade dominance of the match with the faces starting off the better before an isolation period from the heels sees Paul London made the sacrificial lamb. London however refuses to lie down and he mounts a comeback, firing up on Jamie Noble to get revenge from last week's attack by Noble on London when London had the CW title won from Nunzio. Noble goes for the BRAINBUSTER, but London slips out and scores with a Dropsault! London makes the hot tag to Chris Harris and before you know it, the faces are rolling, cleaning house and the ref has lost control of the match. AMW in the end have Noble set up for the DEATH SENTENCE, but the FBI STORM THE RING WITH LEAD PIPES IN HAND! Nunzio clobbers James Storm over the head, causing him to fall off the turnbuckle and smack onto the apron on his way down to the outside. Palumbo & Vito slide into the ring and lay waste to Harris, Nitro, Mercury & Noble while Nuznio cracks London over the back of the head! The ref calls for the DQ as this goes on, leaving The FBI standing tall and no clear cut contenders for their respective titles. The FBI stand above the damage, raising each others arms up with their Tag & CW titles too, gaining huge heat as we go to a break with Cole, Tazz & Heenan putting over the dominance The FBI are having at the moment


We come back and are in the presence of Team Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy says that last week, they were close to losing their head start on their opponents at Survivor Series, which is why it is critical tongight that he goes out there and keeps them in the momentum seat when he beats Rey Mysterio in his "official" in ring return and his first "official" match since May. Once again Kennedy, Finlay, Helms & Regal all seem to be eager and on the same page, and while he isn't quite the outcast he was last week, Muhammad Hassan doesn't make any effort to involve himself in the talk. Kennedy asks him what's wrong, and Hassan simply replies "You guys do what needs to be done, but you leave Matt Hardy for me!" before Hassan walks out, leaving the rest of his team to ponder

We now switch and see The FBI trio of Nunzio, Palumbo & Vito celebrating with champagne in their locker room, bobbing up and down shouting "No challengers!" repeatedly, like they were off scott-free. However, the party is soon interrupted by Paul Heyman which immediately causes The FBI to stop celebrating. Heyman jokingly asks where his champagne is, and The FBI try to kiss up to the GM, to no avail. Heyman says seeing as there was no winner tonight, instead of having no one to face at Survivor Series, The FBI can defend their Tag Titles & Cruiserweight Title against both the teams of AMW & Paul London and MNM & Jamie Noble! The crowd pops big time while The FBI look stunned. Heyman leaves with a smile on his face while The FBI can't believe they've been put in this position, a prime one to lose their titles so soon after claiming them

*Yeah, the next guy is completely random as fuck and just a made up jobber name off the top of my head...*

Up next we see a local jobber by the name of Jack Archer in the ring, looking ready for his upcoming squash match against none other than GOLDBERG! Goldberg hits the ring, Archer shits his draws and Goldberg runs right through the poor kid in under a minute with some devastating moves, ending the match with a savage SPEAR and then drilling him into the mat with a thunderous JACKHAMMER for an emphatic 3 count on the youngster. After the match however, Goldberg isn't done as he gets up and walks to the outside of the ring, grabbing a steel chair and sliding it into the ring. Goldberg notices the ref helping young Jack Archer to his feet and Goldberg blasts him over the head with the steel chair, bursting the young man's head open! The crowd boos Goldberg as he places the chair around Archer's neck before mounting the middle rope. The crowd knows what's coming and Goldberg smiles sadistically and is about to jump off when THE LIGHTS GO OUT! *GONG* *GONG* *GONG*. The crowd goes wild and the lights come back on with UNDERTAKER STANDING IN THE RING, FACING GOLDBERG! The crowd loves it and Goldberg is shocked to see Taker back. Undertaker stands there, staring a hole deep through Goldberg, before The Deadman rolls his eyes back into his head and runs his thumb along his throat, signalling Goldberg's time is up. Goldberg looks slightly spooked and hops out of the ring, backing up the ramp, wanting no part of Taker to heat from the fans but as he backs off he yells "You're mine next weekend Taker! I'm gonna bury you forever!"


Back and we are standing by with Randy Orton & Booker T, who are talking about the Jericho/JBL match tonight when Batista walks into the picture to a huge pop. Batista smiles at both men and asks what they're talking about. Orton says they're discussing the stock market in China, to which Batista replies by laughing out loud sarcastically and quickly switching to a frown. Batista tells them both he knows what JBL is capable of and if Bradshaw has indeed been in either one of their ears about helping him to a victory tonight, they can forget about it, because Batista will be watching aswell tonight, and he says that Jericho and Layfield are going to end their dispute without any influence on the match. He asks them if they "get it" and Booker replies first. Batista turns to Orton, awaiting his answer but only gets a "whatever" from Orton. Batista says he's not asking, he's telling, and Orton rolls his eyes and finally agrees. Batista says he doesn't like either Orton or Booker, or JBL for that matter, but they are gonna have to work together at Survivor Series. Batista says he doesn't like it either, but that's what's gonna happen. Batista walks off, while Orton & Booker just watch him, not looking too pleased with Batista's words

Next up we get treated to a really good mid show match as Rey Mysterio representing Team Hardy takes on Mr. Kennedy of Team Kennedy. The two produce a really good match which keeps the crowd on their toes with both men going close with numerous near falls before Kennedy tries to slow the match down and work over Rey's back, but it doesn't last as Mysterio comes back with a Hurricanrana and pins him for 1.....2....NO! Rey and Kennedy go back and forth and Kennedy attempts the GREEN BAY PLUNGE but Mysterio counters it with a headscissors off the top rope! Rey now quickly attempts to hit the 619 as Mr. Kennedy is draped over the middle rope, but Kennedy evades it and meets Rey with a boot to the face as he swings back around! Kennedy covers for a close count! Kennedy keeps the pressure on Rey and goes for the GREEN BAY MEATPACKER but Rey holds onto the ropes, stopping Kennedy from attempting it. Kennedy struggles with Rey and Rey trips him down, onto the middle rope and scores with the 619! Rey now hops to the apron and looks ready to DROP THE DIME but Kennedy rolls out of the ring holding his face, and retreats up the ramp to big heat from the fans as he is counted out of the match, once again not wanting to lose heading into SS


Backstage now and both Team Hardy & Team Kennedy are getting into a heated verbal exchange over the cheap tactics Kennedy has employed over the past few weeks, causing security to get in between the two teams and seperate them before they come to blows. The two teams share a strong glance at the other before walking their seperate ways

Next up, Mark Henry again has a dominant showing, this time taking on Paul Burchill, who hasn't been on TV for months. Burchill tries his best to make a decent match of it, but in the end is no match for Henry's raw power and "The World's Strongest Man" plants Burchill with the WORLD'S STRONGEST SLAM before following it up with a big BODY SPLASH for the victory


Kurt Angle hits the ring after the break to a wonderful ovation. The WHC gets on the mic and says that he may be labelled an underdog going into his match with Lesnar at Survivor Series, but that won't stop him from showing why he is the Wrestling Machine when he gives Lesnar the fight of his life and comes out still the champ. Lesnar appears over the titantron and laughs off Angle's words, saying that these silly speeches that Angle has been giving the past weeks aren't anything but a way to try and stall the inevitable, and that is Lesnar embarassing Kurt Angle to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar then says Angle had better be ready because next week, it is "Pick Your Poison" time and Lesnar has already made his selection and he has no doubts that his man will be able to soften up Kurt so much, Lesnar won't have to break a sweat in the ring come Survivor Series. Angle says Lesnar won't be breaking a sweat because Angle is gonna break Lesnar's ankle instead! The promo ends with Angle's music hitting and him holding the WHC up, as he and Lesnar lock eyes over the titantron, before Lesnar smirks and kicks the camera over, with Angle's words maybe getting under his skin a little bit


The main event is a hotly contested match between Jericho the raging fan favourite and JBL the heel and captain of Team SmackDown! With Paul Heyman watching over both men as the referee, he doesn't allow for anything much to happen, the two men can barely breathe without being checked by Heyman, making sure both men are still intact. On the outside, Batista, Orton & Booker watch on. Jericho trips down JBL and goes for the WALLS OF JERICHO but JBL sends Jericho backwards, causing some seperation. The crowd starts to make an awfully loud noise, grabbing everyone's attention and we see why because darting through the crowd, chased by a stack of security are MAVEN & VAL VENIS from RAW! Heyman immediately urges the security at ringside to help get after the RAW guys, and the match continues on with JBL setting up Jericho for the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL when *RIDE THE LIGHTNING* hits and the crowd erupts as Sting's music blares out across the arena, causing all members of Team SmackDown! to turn immediately to the stage, but no appearance. Heyman yells to Orton, Booker & Batista to go backstage and check out what's happening backstage. The trio agree and head off, with Batista behind Orton & Booker as if he doesn't fully trust them. Meanwhile, back in the ring the match continues as Jericho recovers and ROLLS UP JBL 1.....2.....3! JERICHO WINS!

The crowd erupts as Jericho steals a win, but before anything else can happen from seperate parts in the crowd come STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN, CHRISTIAN, STING & MONTY BROWN! RAW has invaded! Team RAW get's into the ring and AUSTIN DROPS HEYMAN WITH A STUNNER! The crowd pops for that, but Monty Brown drills an unsuspecting Jericho with a huge POUNCE! JBL tries to fight off Sting & Christian, but Christian brings JBL down from behind with the UNPRETTIER! The crowd gives a mixed reaction, with loud boos over the slight cheers for Austin and Sting, but then break out into a huge cheer as Batista, Orton & Booker return, running down the aisle, flanked by other lower card members of the SmackDown! locker room, causing Team RAW to split and hop out into the crowd, with Austin gleaming his evil smile, laughing at SmackDown! and flipping Orton off with the bird as RAW retreat through the crowd, getting one back on SmackDown! as revenge for this past Monday's surprise attack


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