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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

Here's my live report of FATR.
First off, the new building is AWESOME and so much roomier than the Braintree Armory. Major upgrade. AND, I got front row to DBDVN1 as I walked in, so that's four straight Boston shows I sat front row at. Diesel. And Rhett Titus is quickly becoming the top student prospect.

BJ Whitmer vs. Brent Albright - This was decent enough and much better than BFF. Started with them trowing each other into barricades and brawling, then led to some arm work leading to a crowbar nearfall. Finnally, BJ got "screwed" out of a three count and flipped, headbutting the ref and throwing shit all over the place. Strange ending that no one understood, but seems to be leading to a BJ heel turn. Probably about **1/2.

Then, Daizee called out Lacey, leading to Jimmy coming out. Lacey ttacked Jimmys leg, leading to Lacey attacking and worrying about Jimmy instead of attacking Daizee. No signs of a face/heel switch here.

Bryan Danielson vs. Jimmy Rave - Dragon seems to have not lost a step, but this was only about 10 minutes. Raves shit was boring, but Dragon looked like a star without having to bust out any big moves, no Cattle Mutilation, No Dragon Suplex, etc. Rave fell victim to elbows out of a crucifix pin and tapped. Damn good techincal match, ***1/4, maybe. After the match, Dragon stared into the hard cam and called out Morisima.

Mark Briscoe vs. Kevin Steen - Awesome fucking brawl. These two beat the fuck out of each other with Mark flippin all over the place and Kevin killing him, powerbombs into the crowd, everything. I didn't see the in the crowd portions, but the area around them was exploding. At least ***3/4, I'd say. After the match Jay and Generico came out, and Jay challenged them to a Boston Street Fight on 8/10. Huge pop for that, Steen accepted.

After that, Bobby Cruise announced DBDV was here to maybe the biggest pop of the night, and that the winner of the next match would get a title show.

Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli - Felt weird being the only one throwing a streamer for Quack, but whatev'. He was clearly the star here, as his interactions with Claudio and Hero got HUGE pops and were all crisp and awesome. Everyone got good time fighting each other except maybe Hero vs. Claudio which led to many awesome and interesting math ups. Great heat segment on Quack, too. Claudio wins with a uppercut on Quack to a huge surprise. I'd go ***3/4 on this one too, but that could definartly go up or down on DVD.

At intermission everyone was really pumped up about the show and loving it, a great sign.

Eddie Edwards vs. Pelle Primeau - Started well and good, then near the end, Pelle kicked out of like, 5 super finishers. Fucking retarded and got no pop, everyone was just like, what? It finallly took CIMA's cross legged side brainbuster to put him away. Ugh.

El Generico vs. Matt Sydal - Big pop for Generico, and a great match. Everyones heard about the chanting, but there was a lot of great stuff here, and Generico got HUGE pops for his through-the-turnbuckle DDT and his flipping suplex. Maybe not on the level of Generico vs. PAC or CIMA, but close. A good ***1/2, I'd say.

No Remorse Corps vs. Resiliance and Delirious - This was three matches, kind of. First, it was an awesome heated brawl, then Sinclair stopped that and everyone was like "relaxed rules, dude". So it turned into a LONG hot tag sequence that kinda lost the crowds interest, then it turned into a DG style tag that wasn't that heated due to the long hot tags. Plus, every other move was a kick or chop, which doesn't fit into the DG style. It worked with Shingo cause he was normally the only one doing it, but with Strong, Davey, Rocky, AND Erick, all throwing strikes as their big moves, it loses its impact. Still good, but these guys could do SO much better. Delirious pins Roddy after a bunch of confusion and a Chemical Imbalance #2. ***1/4, perhaps.

Takeshi Morishima vs. Jay Briscoe - No one seemed to know who Morishima was, or maybe they heard of him but had seen nothing. You have to remember this was his first Boston show and his DVD matches have only been out around two months. Thus, his big spots (knocking Sinclair around, cartwheel, super dropkick) got big pops but his other good brawling stuff wasn't as over. Jay, however, got MASSIVE pops for stuff like his DVD and suplex. He got the best nearfall ever off a DVD into a Frog Splash. Unfortunatly, no one saw him wining because Briscoes vs. Steen and Generico AND ROH Champ vs. Claudio had been booked for 8/10 before this started. That was dumb. Anyway, Jay hits a superplex, but Shima no sells, hits a HUGE lariat, and a Backdrop Driver for the win. Fun stiff little match, under 15 minutes. ***1/4-***1/2, I'd say. After the match, we got a big Briscoes-Steen/Generico brawl, going into the locker room.

OVERALL: Damn good show if not great. Much better than Dedicated. However, Philly should definatly be the better of this weekend. Check this out if you can, not to the level of 5YF-Mania that I've seen but better than both January shows. Clearly a setup show for 8/10 though, which I have no problem with. If anything, be sure to search out the 4 corner survival.

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