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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Just finished watching Destination X 2007...I recommend to anyone looking for some great entertainment. I've said this a million times before, but to me, this is TNA's version of The Great American Bash 2000: it's full of gimmick matches ranging from fitting to stupid, but somehow the whole show is entertaining. Full review:

Latin American Xchange vs. Team 3-D - Ghetto Brawl
Surprisingly entertaining opener. Their first match was stilted, the "Little Italy" fight was hampered by a truly ridiculous set, and the electrified cage match was atrocious. But this was a good old fashioned brawl: through the crowd, lots of weapons, good interference, and all-around good action. My only two complains were that 1) this was yet another non-title match on ppv, which to me defeats the purpose 2)the feud continued after this despite LAX winning like 4 matches in a row.


Petey Williams & Gail Kim vs. James Storm & Jackie Moore - Bullrope match
On paper, it sounds stupid, and when they're brawling, it is. But I have to admit it, as a short bullrope match between Williams and Storm, it's alright. Not great, but alright.


Austin Starr vs. Senshi
Good x division match, but the "crossface chickenwing submission" stip is just ridiculous, and Backlund's involvment hampers it. This would have been better as a straight forward x division match, nothing else.


VKM vs. The Heart-Breakers
What were you expecting. Whether they're VKM or The James Gang, they're not good. BG is always gold on the mic, but watching him and Kip wrestle for almost 10 minutes, all for the purpose of moving forward this amazing stupid and offensive storyline just kills it.

X Division Champion Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn - 2/3 Falls match
The match itselt was good, but if most x title matches are 11-14 mins long, then why would the same goe for a 2/3 falls match. This one was good, but it felt rushed. 20 minutes in total and it might have been a masterpiece.



Rhino vs A.J. Styles - Elevation X match
This one has certainly grown on. Surprisingly suspensful, never boring, and reasonably good action. Of course, TNA would have been better off just letting these two wrestle straight matches, but this was fitting finale.


Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner
Not a "dream" match, per se, but a nice "what if." It happened, it was alright, and I enjoyed it. Nothing special, nothing terrible. There was only so much these two could do, and they did it.


Abyss vs. Sting - Last Rites match
I love casket matches, I love the fact that TNA tried to give their own spin, and I thought the video before the match was great, but I really never liked this match. They pulled out chairs, hit each other, and the spots were weak, at best. Aside from Sting getting busted open with the "candlebra" and the chokeslam onto the casket, this was nothing special. The "set" looked ridiculous, too, with the plastic candles that wobbled during the attempted superplex, the tombstones, and the change of lighting. Still, entertaining...would have been better on TV.

NWA Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe
Not quite the MOTYC that everyone was saying, but the last few minutes were INTENSE. The ending f*cked with everyone so bad, I think that's why I liked it.


Overall: ***1/2
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