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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Smackdown! Recap Review- ORRY

First up tonight; Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan is introduced as the newest member of the announce team! A great choice in my opinion, as I feel Heenan, being completely fresh BTB wise, can add a lot of input to the show. The announcement of Booker and Randy as members off Team Smackdown! straight off the bat was a great choice in my opnion, because not only does it allow you to automatically involved the two main focuses of the interbrand war in the match, but you also don't need to worry about putting on two more qualifying matches.

Speaking of qualifying matches, Batista defeats Finlay in the first of three tonight, and by the sounds of things the match would have come across very weel on TV with Finlay working over Batista's shoulder for the majority of the contest. Jericho's promo adds a bit of hype to his match against Goldberg tonight; I really, really hope Y2J wins that one, as well as teasing the fact JBL and Jericho may have to co-exist on the same team. FBI warming up in their locker room adds a little bit of build to their match with AMW tonight, nice stuff.

London winning the 4way to face Nunzio next week for the belt was a great decision, and after Noble's post-match attack, I think London will defeat Nunzio and feud with Noble, or the three men will compete in a three way feud for the strap. Either way, some awesome matches are sure to be produced. The promo from Noble pretty much confirms that now, and I can't wait to see where you go with this angle. Goldberg arrives to huge heat, and I expect to see him go down in tonight's main event, due to an appearance from the Deadman. In an amazing contest, and Benoit's last bout in this thread, the Wolverine goes out in style, forcing JBL to tap to the Crossface. A great end to an amazing career, and I'm sure JBL will get himself into the team anyway now, so I'm happy with this result.

The Kurt Angle/Brock Lesnar segment came across very well for mind, with the feud between the two likely to continue into Survivor Series. Lesnar gaining the upper hand by nailing the low blow was also intelligent booking, as it saved Angle from losing any credibility. Wow, didn't expect to see the FBI win the Tag Titles at all, and now with Nunzio holding the CW strap, the FBI are most certainly looking the goods here on SD!. Lesnar/Heyman segment was short and sweet, and now Lesnar/Angle is confirmed for SS! I can't wait!

The brawl between the three tag teams was effective, and almsot guarentees a three way fued between the 6 of them. Helms defeats Holly, which was a great decision, as he most certainly has Bob covered in nearly all categories. Kennedy promo was gold, and Team Hardy vs. Team Kennedy at SS should and will be amazing. Hardy accepts the challange, and announces that is first partner will be none other than his brother Jeff ..... AWESOME!

Main event time and as I predicted Undertaker makes his presence felt, costing Goldberg the win and earning Y2J a spot in Team Smackdown! at SS. I expect Taker and Bill to face off in a Rubber Match at the PPV, and with Team Hardy/Team Kennedy, Lensr/Angle and Raw/Smackdown! already confirmed, what a show it should be!

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