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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

ROH Good Times Great Memories

Delirious vs. Gran Akuma vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Pelle Primeau vs. Hallowicked vs. Jigsaw
Great way to start the show. The crowd was red hot. Fast paced, just like you'd expect, and Delirious is so damn funny. Crowd chanted please come back after the match.

Christopher Daniels vs. Erick Stevens
Not taking anything away from the match, as it was pretty good, but Daniels cut an amazing promo afterwards. A lot of things he said were true, but a lot of the fans didn't like it. Back to the match, Stevens took a gordbuster, I guess you could call it that, onto a chair that was set up. Looked like that really hurt. His midsection was cut open.

Brent Albright vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Homicide vs. Jimmy Rave
Good FCS, nothing special though. Some nice moves, but a lot of things we've seen before.

Austin Aries vs. Rocky Romero
I had high expectations for this match. Not saying it let me down, it just could've been a lot better. I don't think it really picked up til the end, where they're were some nice counters and submissions. Still a very good match though.

Takeshi Morishima vs. Shingo (ROH World Title)
Awesome match here. NOAH vs. Dragon Gate and it didn't dissapoint. Very hard hitting as you'd expect, and it REALLY looked like Shingo was gonna win the title. He could very easily be a top guy in ROH. Very strong and a high workrate. MOTYC that kinda caught me by surprise.

Tank Toland vs. Alex Payne
Nothing to say. Don't know why Toland is even in ROH

Roderick Strong vs. Jack Evans
I don't know why this match was getting low ratings from other people. I thought it was very entertaining and fun to watch. Jack came out flying all over Roddy and had him running away from him, but then Roddy stretched the shit out of him and tossed him around. I'm sure it wasn't as good as the ASE3 match, which I haven't seen yet, but it was still good. Just as good as Rocky/Aries IMO.

The Briscoes vs. Murder City Machine Guns (ROH World Tag Team Titles)
WOW. I can not descibe how great this match was. You gotta see it for yourself. Just like the Shingo match, the near falls in this were insane. MOTYC. Easily top three for me. Oh and by the way, Alex Shelley hates rednecks.

Colt Cabana vs. Adam Pearce (Colt's last match in ROH)
Not the best match, as you'd expect, but very fun. Colt just gets the best of Pearce and it's pretty funny. They also wrestle in streamers for the first part of the match. A LOT of streamers. Pearce is a real dick too. Grade A asshole. You gotta see what he does post-match.

Overall: ***3/4
This show is so easy to watch. Just phenomenal. Two MOTYC. I'd put GTGM as #3 on the list of best shows so far this year.

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