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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

SmackDown Recap Review

Bobby the Brain? Awesome. As soon as you get rid of Cole, you’ll have one of the best announce teams ever. *Thumbs Up*. Heyman announces that Booker and Randy Orton are already part of the SmackDown team. Not a bad start and not surprising considering they are main focal points in the interbrand war. Batista defeats Finlay emphatically, earning himself the third spot and SD is looking really strong at the moment.

Jericho adds a bit of hype to his match with Goldberg later on tonight before we move onto the cruiserweight contenders match. London hit’s a spectacular move off of the top and picks up the win before he gets completely walloped by Jamie Noble. After this attack and the interview, Noble is coming off like a dominant killer. Nice booking and explanation for his actions.

Nice match up with Benoit and JBL going at it. The Crippler earns himself the fourth spot on team SmackDown which I assume will be his last appearance in this thread. Nice segment with Lesnar and Angle, continuing the feud between the two. Brock gains the advantage this week, taking Kurt out with a belt shot.

Oh shit! Wasn’t expecting that. The FBI steal the tag team titles away from America’s Most Wanted. This feud is far from over and I expect AMW to get some sort of a rematch next week or at the pay per view. As expected, Lesnar versus Angle is made for Survivor Series. Should be a really good one.

Three way brawl between the FBI, AMW and MNM. The tag team scene is solid at the moment and some sort of three way match might as well be penciled in for Survivor Series. Solid hype. Helms beats Holly. Good, future > past. How much things change. The last time I checked out the SmackDown brand, Kennedy was a face. Now, he’s trash talking Hardy and putting himself over. I sure as hell hopes he takes the title off of Hardy. But that will have to wait, at Survivor Series, its team versus team. Should be interesting.

Hardy accepts the match and Jeff Hard is the first member of his team. Kinda glad to see the Hardy Boyz back together. Hassan seems pretty upset and I think we know one of the members of Kennedy’s team. Solid match up between Jericho and Goldberg. The lights go out and I can pretty much figure out that Goldberg is screwed from here. Undertaker makes his presence known, beating the crap out of big Bill with a Chokeslam and a Tombstone, giving Jericho the win, and the final spot on Team SmackDown.

Survivor Series is looking strong and this recap did a great deal to push the event. Nice recap.

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