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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: EWR Version 4.0

I started a EWR game today and its great. Ive not updated it and I'm doing WWE when Mack and Goldberg are there.


WHC - The Rock
WWE - Brock Lesnar
Hardcore - Raven
World Tag Team - Briscoe Boys
WWE Tag Team - Christian & Jericho
IC - Edge
US - Chavo
Womens - Retired
CW - Sabin

Linda McMahon saids Im doing an average job which is annoying and I'm putting on very good matches every show.


Aaron Stevens - Developmental
Abyss - Bounty Hunter who randomly attacks guys
Air Paris - Developmental
AJ Styles - Tweener & mid card.
Antonio Banks - Developmental
A-Train - Big credible jobber
Batista - Still a member of Evolution
Brian kendrick - Teams with London
Brock Lesnar - My top heel and is the champ
Carly Colon - Developmental
Charlie Haas - Doing nothing
Chavo Guerrero - US champ and he's had a great series of matches with Eddie
Chris Benoit - #1 contender
Chris Hero - Puts on class matches with Punk, Cabana etc
Chris Jericho - #1 contender for Rocks belt & 1/2 of the tag champions
Chris Sabin - In a feud with Kazarian for th eCW belt. He's the champ
Christian - Teams with Y2J
CM Punk - Teams with Cabana and they are mid card heels.
Colt Cabana - Teams with Punk
David Flair - Developmental
Eddie Guerrero - Main Eventing soon.
Edge - IC champion and is feuding with Christian.
Elix Skipper - Set to debut. Tweener
Frankie Kazarian - CW contender.
Garrison Cade - Tags with Jindrak and they mostly job to 2nd city saints
Harry Smith - He teams with TJ Wilson and they are the New Hart Foundation
Hurricane - Thinking about turning him heel.
Jamie Noble - Usually wrestles Hero, Punk, Styles.
Jay Briscoe - Tag team champion who is a face
Jeff Hardy - In Mattitude with his bro, Moore and Lita. They are heels
Jerry Lynn - Face. Mid-card.
Jimmy Rave - Developmental
Joey Matthews - Underused. Teams with Shane & Matthews. Heels.
JBL - Big heel but I have no plans for him
John Cena - Also a heel and he is also underused by me.
John Hennigan - Developmental
Kane - Still a monster psycho who is feuding with Taker
Kurt Angle - He's injured for 9 months after taking a big bump.
Lance Storm - Anti USA gimmick.
Lita - Mattitude member
Mark Briscoe - Tag team champ.
Matt Cappotelli - Developmental.
Matt Hardy - In his v1.0 gimmick and is the leader of Mattitude.
Michael Shane - With Matthews, possible contenders for tag titles
Nunzio - Jobber
Paul London - Teams with Kendrick and they wrestle regurlarly.
Psychosis - Signed to bolster CW division
Randy Orton - Turned face.
Raven - Hardcore champ.
Rey Mysterio - Struggling to think of ideas for Rey.
Rhyno - Feuding with Raven
Ric Flair - HHHs manager
Rikishi - Jobber
RVD - Mid carder who could be pushed.
Rodney Mack - Client of T.Long and they have had feuds with Raven & Rhyno.
Ron Killings - Set to debut. Tweener
Sean O'Haire - Heel.
Shane McMahon - Authority figure
Shannon Moore - Disciple of Mattitude
Shawn Michaels - Color commentator for Smackdown
Shelton Bejamin - TWGTT.
Stephanie McMahon - ????
Steve Austin - Might feud with HHH soon.
The Rock - The main guy who can draw 90% segment ratings
Teddy Long - Macks manager
Tito Ortiz - Developmental.
TJ Wilson - Part of the New Hart Foundation.
Triple H - Big heel who is losing overness because I am pushing him too much?
Trish - Don't need her.
Undertaker - Feuding with Kane.
Val Venis - No longer a porn star but a heel. Lower mid card.
Vince McMahon - Heelish authority guy.
William Regal - Underused.
Xavier - Developmental

Any tips?
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