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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

SmackDown! (Recap)
Bradley Center
Milwaukee; Wisconsin

*Opening Video*


As soon as the crowd is calmed down, Tony Chimel introduces the newest addition to the SmackDown! announce team to be none other than BOBBY "THE BRAIN" HEENAN! The crowd gives Heenan a terrific reception as he joins the broadcast team at ringside and shakes hands with Tazz, before ignoring Cole's gesture right in front of the camera's and talks about being back before eventually noticing Cole has his hand extended and shakes it, laughing it off while Cole already realises he could be in for some long night's with Heenan & Tazz at the same table

The show kicks off with Paul Heyman hitting the ring to resounding boos from the crowd. Heyman takes his time to vent on Mick Foley and RAW for a few moments, before announcing that for the spots on Team SmackDown!, two are already certain. Heyman announces RANDY ORTON first to a surprisingly loud reception, with him being a Milwaukee native. Heyman then says the second man in his team to be none other than his second partner in crime, BOOKER T!
Heyman says that the other three spots are up for grabs tonight in three singles matches pitting Chris Jericho against Goldberg, JBL against Chris Benoit and right now Batista against Finlay

In a fairly competitive but far from pretty match up, Batista and Finlay open the show's action vying for a spot in Team SmackDown! for Survivor Series. Batista uses his power to dominate early but with his left shoulder still heavily taped up, it soon becomes the focal point of Finlay's attack as he sends it into the ring post on the outside, and then Irish whips Batista shoulder first into the steel steps. As we come back from a commercial, Finlay is still in control with a Fujiwara armbar locked on The Animal, however Batista mounts a comeback after managing to load up Finlay with a Powerslam. Batista hits the SPEAR to Finlay but the impact hurts his weakened shoulder and he cannot immediately take advantage of a downed Finlay. Finlay survives and the match goes back and forth with some close calls, before Finlay tries to sneak attack Batista with the Shillelagh as Little Bastard distracts the referee, but Batista catches him coming and connects with the SPINEBUSTER! Batista then just manages to summon enough strength to load up Finlay and drop him with a BATISTA BOMB! Batista covers and picks up a hard fought victory, working through his shoulder injury to cement himself in Team SmackDown!

Cole, Tazz & Heenan discuss Team SmackDown! already looking strong with Batista joining Orton & Booker


After the commercial we are backstage with Chris Jericho, who gives a typically cocky promo ahead of his match with Goldberg. Jericho says he's running purely on Jerichohol tonight which brings a rowdy reception from the fans, and then Kristal asks him how he feels about losing to JBL at No Mercy, and the possibility of he and JBL being able to co-exist on Team SmackDown! should both men make it. Jericho just laughs and smirks before leaving saying "Wait and see..."

We now switch and see the FBI trio talking amongst themselves as later they prepare to face the current Tag Team Champs, America's Most Wanted later tonight

Back to ringside and next up is a Fatal-4-Way match between Paul London vs Kid Kash vs Jamie Noble vs Psicosis, with the winner set to face Nunzio for the CW title next week on SmackDown! The four men give us a riveting showing with all four men coming close and taking some typically high flying bumps. The ending comes with Kash hitting the Money Maker to Psicosis, and looks to score the winning fall but Jamie Noble attacks him and clotheslines Kash out of the ring. Noble pounces on the downed Psicosis 1.....2....LONDON COMES OFF THE TOP WITH THE LONDON CALLING ONTO NOBLE, BREAKING THE COUNT! The crowd erupts for the move as Noble rolls off Psicosis holding his back and London has his arm draped over Psicosis' chest 1.....2.....3! London gets his well earned rematch next week against Nunzio much to the joy of the crowd

Kash leaves dejected, and Psicosis follows limping out. Meanwhile, Jamie Noble comes to and realises what's happened as he sees London on the turnbuckle playing to the fans, Noble snaps and grabs London by the trunks, POWERBOMBING LONDON OFF THE TURNBUCKLE TO THE MAT BELOW! Noble stands over London grinning while the crowd gives Noble huge heat


As we return from the break Cole, Tazz & Heenan show a video of London winning another shot at Nunzio's CW title, only for Jamie Noble to take exception at coming so close and losing, by Powerbombing him off the turnbuckle. The three men share their different views on things before we go backstage

Jamie Noble is interviewed by Steve Romero. Noble says he's sick of seeing London get "fluke" wins to get shot after shot at the Cruiserweight title while the real talent like himself has to sit back and watch in pain as London comes up short again. Noble says he made a statement earlier, that he simply deserves the title chance more than London, and that he'll make sure of it, by any means necessary

We now see Goldberg arrive in the building ahead of tonight's main event with Chris Jericho for a spot on Team SmackDown! The crowd gives MAJOR heat to Goldberg following his actions at No Mercy were he brutally assaulted The Undertaker post match. Goldberg slams his door shut in his locker room as we come back to ringside

JBL takes on Chris Benoit in a fiery affair midway through a packed show. Both men get extremely physical going to really hurt the other and stamp their authority on the match, but it's Benoit who has all the running, out wrestling JBL at every move attempt and frustrating the "Wrestling God". Benoit seems to already have the match in the bag as he climbs upstairs looking for the Diving Headbutt, but JBL moves and Benoit crashes and burns! JBL covers for a near fall. After this JBL takes over and works on Benoit, but nothing seems to be able to put the Rabid Wolverine down for a 3 count. JBL whips Benoit to the turnbuckle and attempts a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL as Benoit rebounds off, but Benoit ducks it and takes JBL down with a trifecta of German Suplexes! Both men down. Benoit acts first and comes back into the match with Knife Edge Chops. Benoit attempts the Sharpshooter but he is shoved off into the ropes, then comes back to get a Big Boot right to the face! JBL now brings Benoit up and hits the Last Call for a near fall. JBL drags benoit up sensing victory and goes for a Powerbomb, but Benoit counters, tripping JBL down and going for the Sharpshooter! JBL struggles for a while before just grabbing the ropes in time, as he was looking like he would tap out. Benoit brings JBL up and nails another chop before whipping him across the ring into the corner. Benoit comes following in but JBL avoids it and Benoit runs sternum first into the turnbuckles, as JBL rebounds off the ropes and nails the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! NO! Benoit counters it, using JBL's momentum to take him down and lock him in the CROSSFACE! The crowd erupts as JBL tries to fight it and make it to the ropes but to no avail, as JBL TAPS OUT! Benoit gets a well deserved spot on Team SmackDown! here tonight


As soon as we return *MEDAL* hits and Kurt Angle makes his way out to a huge ovation from the fans. Kurt Angle speaks on his big title win over Brock Lesnar on Sunday night, saying he proved he's still got what it takes to be the brand's Champion. Angle goes onto say that at this moment in time, he has proved he is unstoppable. This all goes down well with the fans until *Here Comes The Pain* hits and Brock Lesnar comes out. Lesnar says that firstly, he was exhausted from weeks of rigorous fighting to get to the match at No Mercy while Kurt was fresh after only fighting guys like Doink The Clown. Lesnar tells Angle his win was nothing more than a fluke and had it happened under fair circumstances, we would be looking at a new World Champion in Brock Lesnar. The crowd boos Lesnar as he goes onto rain all over Angle, until the Champ tells Lesnar to shut it. Angle says he can take Lesnar anytime, anywhere on any given day and still come out ontop. Lesnar storms the ring, taking exception to Angle's comments, and the two get into it, trading blows to a huge reaction from the fans. Angle seems to get the upper hand as he ducks a shot from Lesnar and attempts an ANGLE SLAM, but Brock counters it, shoving Angle into the ropes and kicking him square in the groin! The crowd boos heavily as Lesnar scoops up Angle's WHC and clocks him across the head with it! Lesnar stands over Angle as we head to a commercial break with the WHC in his hands and Angle downed in front of him, with Brock smiling


We get back into the wrestling tonight as AMW put their Tag Titles on the line against The FBI. After a pretty standard tag affair, the two teams begin to brawl with each other and order is lost from the referee. In all of this, The FBI with the help of Nunzio on the outside, steal the win as AMW attempt the DEATH SENTENCE on Vito, Palumbo shoves Harris off the top turnbuckle all the way down to the floor, while Nunzio distracts the ref, and then Palumbo gets into the ring and nails a Jungle Kick right to the jaw of an unsuspecting James Storm! Vito rolls Storm up right away, using the tights for leverage 1.....2.....3! We have new Tag Team Champions on SmackDown! The FBI trio grab their titles and head to the back celebrating their numbers gain victory, while AMW are furious with what went down and try to tell the referee, who has none of it

Paul Heyman is in his office when Brock Lesnar barges in. Lesnar asks Heyman if he say what happened earlier. Heyman said that he did indeed see what happened, and because of this he feels like Lesnar has earned himself another chance at the World Heavyweight Championship, making it official that at Survivor Series, Kurt Angle will go one on one with Brock Lesnar with the WHC on the line! Big pop for the announcement as Lesnar looks happy as he exits and Heyman too grins as we fade out to a break


Backstage now and we see The FBI fresh off their Tag Title success here with Steve Romero. Romero asks what it's like to be the new Champions, and Palumbo barely gets a word out when they are interrupted by MNM. MNM say that now the FBI are champs, they should get ready to lose the belts when MNM come for the challenge. The two teams get in each other's faces, and then America's Most Wanted appear on the scene, immediately yelling at the cheating FBI for their actions earlier, and then MNM butt in on AMW, talking themlseves up and AMW have had enough, as they hit out at MNM and all of a sudden the three teams begin embroiled in a wild brawl backstage. Tons of security rush to the scene to seperate the six combatants, but to no avail as they end up breaking free from the grasp of the guards and going at each other again. Finally, enough order is restored and the teams are escorted away in different directions

Next up Hardcore Holly is in singles action, taking on Gregory Helms. The two put on a solid but short contest, and the end comes around as Holly who gets the crowd behind him attempts the ALABAMASLAM to Helms, but Gregory counters it with a roll through, then springs up and catches a surprised Holly with a SHINING WIZARD! Helms gets the win and has no problem rubbing in his victory, while Holly holds his head, knowing he just came up short here

Backstage Mr. Kennedy talks up his chances of becoming the next US Champion. Kennedy says that his name instantly attracts ratings and that Matt Hardy only attracts women that will turn and cheat on the next guy. Kennedy ends his speech by announcing at Survivor Series he is leading a team against Matt Hardy, and his team mates will be announced soon, after he has carefully selected who he wants to partner with

We now switch and see Kurt Angle being taped up around his ribs. Angle gets up gingerly, holding his taped area and the EMT's advise Angle not to put any pressure on them for the next week, which Angle winces off saying "I might have taping, but next week Lesnar is gonna need a wheelchair!" to a huge pop from the fans as the Olympian storms off in a sour mood


Matt Hardy is now with Kristal. Hardy says he accepts Kennedy's challenge for a Survivor Series match at the upcoming PPV and says he already has one certain partner, his brother Jeff who steps into the picture to a big pop. The Hardy's walk off as we switch and see Muhammad Hassan staring at the monitor, glaring at Hardy. Hassan spits to the ground in disgust as we cut back to ringside

The main event is a thrilling contest between Chris Jericho and Goldberg, who battle it out for the remaining spot on Team SmackDown! Goldberg is dominating Y2J in the majority of the exchanges with his hard hitting offence which has Jericho reeling badly. Goldberg attempts a SPEAR, but luckily Jericho avoids the contact and Goldberg smacks head first into the middle turnbuckle, buying Jericho some time! This is Y2J's key, as he comes back with a variety of right's and chops to Goldberg. Jericho rebounds off the ropes and plants Goldberg with a Facebuster, before quickly springing onto the ropes and coming back with the LIONSAULT! Jericho covers 1.....2....NO! Goldberg kicks out to the shock of Y2J and the crowd. Jericho tries to lock the Walls Of Jericho to Goldberg, but Goldberg powers Jericho away with his legs. Jericho comes for Goldberg but he is met with a messy Side Kick to the chest, taking the wind out of Jericho's sails. Goldberg Military Presses him into the air and catches him on the drop with a Catch Slam! Goldberg covers 1.....2....NO! Jericho just gets a shoulder up, keeping in the match. Goldberg now goes to the corner and sets up Chris Jericho, ready to uncoil on him. Jericho is back to his feet and Goldberg is ready to unleash when


The crowd erupts as the light's are out and the commentators apologize, saying there must be a technical glitch. The lights come back on a few moments later and Nick Patrick, the referee is out! Goldberg doesn't see this and snaps out of his wonder, running through Jericho with a SPEAR! Goldberg sees that the ref is down and snarls, before bringing a rag doll like Jericho to his feet and looks ready to load him up for the dreaded JACKHAMMER


You can hear Goldberg yell out in frustration, as this is obviously no technical glitch, and the lights come back on AND UNDERTAKER IS STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING, STARING A HOLE RIGHT THROUGH GOLDBERG! The crowd goes apeshit and Goldberg looks stunned, he drops Jericho to the mat and comes for Undertaker, who catches him with a CHOKESLAM! Undertaker now slaps Jericho across the back of the head, getting Y2J wary of his surroundings, before going back to Goldberg and scooping him up into the air and drilling him to the mat with a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! Undertaker practically places a near lifeless Jericho attop Goldberg's downed body and leaves the ring to a huge reaction, standing on the ramp as the ref Nick Patrick finally comes to and slowly makes the count, seeing Jericho laying across Goldberg 1.....2.....3! Jericho is on Team SmackDown! thanks to the Undertaker! The crowd comes alive as *Millennium* hits and Patrick raises Y2J's hand up

Slowly, Jericho gets to his feet and properly has his hand raised to a huge pop from the fans who chant *Y2J*. Jericho sees Taker on the ramp and nods to him, while Taker just rolls his eyes back into his head as the show comes to a close, we go to the commentators

Cole, Tazz & Heenan wrap up the night's big points, the fact we have Angle/Lesnar signed for the WHC at Survivor Series, and also Team Hardy vs Team Kennedy and then they run down Team SmackDown! before signing off


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