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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

Originally Posted by Hailsabin
Ok I trust you on it, I just got my years confused. I am guessing that TOD 6 happened this year and 5 was Gage's year.

My bad, I feel stupid now Thanks too Dman.

Well does anyone have ratings(like it matters) or thoughts on TOD 4, the one where Necro wins?
Tournament of Death 4
1. Sexxxy Eddy vs. JC Bailey - Barbed wire Madness (**1/2)
-Decent Opener, nothing to exciting.

2. Toby Klein vs. Mad Man Pondo - Light tube Rope and Corners (***)
-Ok match, again only a few things stood out to be big, like Klien's DVD onto the Pencil Board.

3. Brain Damage vs. Beef Wellington - Ultraviolent Tables match (*3/4-**)
-Boring match with only 3 good spots. Funny when beef tries to get himself disqualified.

4. Ian Rotten vs. Necro Butcher - Homerun Derby Deathmatch (***1/4)
-Good match. Alot of broken glass and thumbtacks.

5. Nate Webb vs. Nick Gage - Light Tubes and Ladders Match (***1/2)
-Another good match. Gage tries to destory webb the entire match.

6. Zandig vs. Eddie Kingston & Robbie Mireno - Fans Bring the Weapons (***3/4)
-Great Match. Alot of action and heat. Mireno and Kingston impress in this one.

7. Necro Butcher vs. Brain Damage - Fans Bring the Weapons (***1/4)
-Ok match. Not the greatest, the fans kind of sucked during this one. Some good stiffness from both men, but the finish is botched.

8. Nick Gage vs. JC Bailey - Panes of Glass Match (***1/4)
-Decent Match. Only really 4 spots to speak of in this one, but 3 of them were good. The ending was pretty brutal.

9. Zandig vs. Toby Klein - 2/3 Light Tube Cabins Match (**1/2)
-Slow match. Quite boring actually.

10. Ultraviolent Rumble (***)
eh. Some people enjoyed this, some didnt. I felt it was ok, but alot of shit was botched and there was alot of slowness in this.

11. Nick Gage vs. Zandig vs. Necro Butcher - Circle Of Fear & Pits of Pain Match (***1/2)
-Brutal match. Alot of shit gets used in this. Thumbtacks, light tubes, barbed wire, glass, salt, lemons, etc. etc. Some crazy bumps in this one. But Zandigs elimination was one of ths dumbest things i have seen in a while.

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