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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Raw Review- ORRY

Opening promo was booked very well indeed, and sets up an awesome match at Survivor Series which should be amazing. Foley seemed off bigtime to me throughout, which affected the quality of the promo I'm afraid, but you rebounded strongly with a good showing from Heyman, and Vince's interruption came at just the right time. Flow was used very well here, and like I said, the Raw vs. SD! Match at Survivor Series should and no doubt will be off the charts!

Decent choice for an opener here, with two talented teams going at it for the Tag Team gold. In a good move by you mate, Cade cheats to help his team retain their Championships, which leads me to believe a rematch for the belts may be happening sometime down the line, possibly at Survivor Series?

Mehish segment here between Masters and Styles. Some of the insults seemed a little lame, but nether the less the point of the segment was expressed well; to get a match between Styles and Masters booked on the card. No doubt AJ will retain tonight, and hopefully move on to someone a little more interesting to feud over the Title with. Benjamin?

Cryme Time will get a rematch for the belts, but it will be next week in a Lumber Jack Match. I like the concept of this match, and hopefully, with a bit of luck, the Champions manage to find a way to keep hold of the belts again.

AJ/Masters sounded pretty solid, and got a decent amount of time with 6 minutes. No suprises to see Styles retain, and now that, that is over, a more exciting feud may spring up! Or could AJ take part in the big Survivor Series main event?

This next segment was a bit off a hit and miss for me. It started off well enough with the Game seemingly in character playing his face role, but after a while it tended to drag, with Triple H slipping in and out of what I would define as being in character. Edge's appearance was more than welcomed, but the exchane between the two (concerning Triple H blinking and missing Edge's reign), was almost word for word used during their feud after Mania in 06, which is not cool. Cena's arrival came and went, with him sounding very good at times, poor at others. Then The Rock made an appearance, and got all his signature lines in, which was good to see. From there all hell broke loose, with RVD and ion particular Kane making a huge impact, laying out every single man in the ring. An awesome end to a decent segment.

I like the duo of Brown and Coach, and feel Brown can and will go far with a manager by his side. As expected Brown squashes Venis, and the idea of Brown respresetning Raw at SS is a good one indeed.

More attempts at getting on Team Raw, this time from Christian himself, who should be a shoe in for a spot IMO. Solid segment from CC, some of his insults, also were a little lame, but in any case the promo came across relitively well, and got CC a spot on the show.

This 6 Man Tag would have been awesome to see live, considering everyone bar the Dudleyz are terrific in ring workers. From my point of view at least, the result was no suprise, with Shelton gaining some big momentum by pinning the Manbeast Rhyno. Great stuff.

Lol at the Simmons "DAMN" moment, and it's nice to see the most famous Women's feud of all time will see yet another chapter take place.

Great main event, with a particularly good finish. My only concern was that none of them men, none of them, were selling any injuries from Kane's beat down earlier in the show, which was a big 'no no' in my opinion. Other than that, a well structred main event, that only further builds this big 6 man feud.

Overall, a decent show from you. As always, the matches and booking were the highlights, whilst the promos were lacking slightly, but as long as you continue to concentrate on your strengths, you will always be a great booker in my eyes. Well done mate, keep up the good work, and check out Raw 8/10

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