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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE RAW Review:

So far, the promo from Mick Foley is going great. Mick is understandable upset after Heyman cost his brand the tag match, which means this feud isn’t over. Heyman comes out and brings up some pretty accurate points, but Foley uses ECW as a low blow. Nice one. Oh snap, Vince is here to settle things. Survivor Series being around the corner is perfect timing. I’m interested to see who will be taking place in the RAW verses Smackdown matchup.

The opening match is going well. Cryme Tyme looks as if they are going to take home the tag team gold, but Cade cheats to retain! Do I see a match at Survivor Series?

The Styles and Masters segment was interesting to say the least. The whole insult trade was pretty childish and made both men look a little stupid.

I was right. Cryme Tyme looks to be on the road to the gold.

Another good match in which AJ easily defeats Chris Masters.

So far, the Triple H promo is great. You really captured the face version of Triple H and kept him as a badass guy. Edge comes in and brings in a bit of a reality check to Triple H. Good of Triple H to bring him in off his high too. Sluggish fool that he is? I find that rich? Cena went from saying “I find that rich” to “home boy.” The Rock comes in with his usual goofy style before all hell breaks loose. Kane is left the last man standing. It looks like we’re going to have a six-man style match at Survivor Series. I see an Elimination Chamber in the future.

Monty Brown and The Coach is a pretty good team. Brown on Team RAW would be a good idea.

Christian’s insult of New York was odd. If he hates New York’s wine, why drink it? It made him look stupid. I don’t know if that was what you’re going for. Christian on Team RAW is good for business.

Another good match.

Haha, a Simmons’s DAMN moment. Priceless.

Great main event with the face team of The Rock and Triple H going over the heels. I’m surprised things didn’t break down again to end the show, but the ending you used was good as well.

Overall, this was a great show. The only complain I have is how you work the characters in your promos. Cena’s character mistakes were major because they are the exact opposite of Cena. Still, the show was great and enjoyable to read, which is rare in BTB at times. I like all the feuds you have and I am interested in Survivor Series.
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