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Re: Being the booker

Okay, this is the first update for my thread. Here I will update the first two Smackdown’s on the road to Nemesis as well as the second RAW. I will post a report followed by match results, a bit like WWE.COM would do for a RAW or Smackdown.

Smackdown; 16th September 2004, Madison Square Garden;

Triple H made his presence on Smackdown felt this week as his much talked about debut overshadowed the events which surrounded it.
Firstly, on the top of the show, Bret Hart officially confirmed that he had scooped The Game from RAW, and he would be at MSG tonight. This then seen the WWE Champion enter the fray. He demanded a piece of Triple H tonight, but this request was denied by Bret Hart as he informed Goldberg that he would be in action against William Regal - with the WWE Title ON THE LINE!!!
Later Bret Hart would also name Kurt Angle the MVP at COTC, and awarded the Olympian with a Title Shot at some stage down the line.
Kurt Angle would then be involved in a confrontation with Brock Lesnar later in the night, as Brock claimed he was the deciding factor in Team smack down’s victory at COTC. The two engaged in a war of words before Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman would sneakily attack Angle leaving him a bloody mess.
Two titles were also on the line this week, as Chris Benoit successfully defended his United States Championship against Big Poppa Pump, thanks to John Cena who stopped any interference from Test after a brief confrontation earlier in the night. Also, Hurricane and Lance Storm successfully retained the Tag Team titles against the Basham’s, and afterwards Shaniqua LEFT the Basham’s after they once again let her down. What is next for the Basham’s now after being ditched by their mentor?
Rey Mysterio and Kanyon ended their feud in an epic encounter which saw Mysterio kick out of a Grand Kanyon, before picking up the victory with a 619, followed by a West Coast Pop.
Goldberg refused to be interviewed throughout the night, as he waited eagerly for Triple H to arrive, but as the night wore on it looked less likely that Hunter would appear.
Torrie Wilson was also rewarded by Bret Hart for her efforts at COTC as Bret Hart awarded her with a shot at winning the Inter Gender Tag Titles next week.
In the main event, Goldberg crushed William Regal within five minutes, even after an early Brass Knucks shot. Afterwards he called out HHH, and immediately HHH appeared on the tron, as he bad mouthed Goldberg, we see a figure run in through the crowd and attack Goldberg with a Sledgehammer. The camera then closed in on the attacker, and it was TRIPLE H!! HHH carefully outwitted Goldberg as he closed the show, standing over Goldberg, with the Hammer and Title raised in the air.
Match results;
Hurricane & Citizen Storm defeated The Basham’s to retain the Tag Titles.
Rey Mysterio defeated Kanyon
John Cena & Eddie Guerrero defeated La Resistance
Chris Benoit defeated Scott Steiner via Submission to retain the U.S Title
Goldberg defeated William Regal to retain the WWE Championship

20th September 2004; Corpus Christi

A unforgettable RAW started with a bang as Vince McMahon opened the show, declaring that with Mick Foley due to compete at Nemesis, he has acted in the best interest of the WWE by suspending his Commissionership until the night after Nemesis, he then announced that a stand in GM would be named later in the night.
Throughout the night, Mr. McMahon was asked if he would reveal the GM, but he declined to answer.
When the time came, McMahon stated that this GM would be fair, impartial and wouldn’t take any crap from anybody, even Vince himself……..JESSE ‘THE BODY’ VENTURA!!! A shocked capacity looked on as Ventura entered to a huge pop from the crowd. He then made an immediate impact as he booked a match between Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels next week on RAW, in order to teach Orton some respect for turning on HBK and his team mates at COTC, and also made his intentions clear that he would make up for the loss of Triple H by signing a Smackdown talent before his departure.
If that wasn’t enough, Ventura made sure his presence was felt as he gave Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo a shot at the Tag Titles next week.
Neither Mick Foley or Randy Orton were at RAW this week, but next week Jim Ross will interview Mick Foley from his home, and as mentioned previously, Randy Orton will meet HBK in the main event.
FOUR championships were also on the line on RAW as Sting successfully defended the Intercontinental Title in a triple threat match against Cade and Jindrak, Rhyno pinned Raven in a chaotic Hardcore Title Match, Edge & Christian defended the Tag titles against the makeshift team of Matt Hardy & Maven. However, this wasn’t to be all of E&C on this night, as later it appears that they ambushed Goldust, leaving him unconscious. This triggered a side in Booker T never before seen as he unleashed some furious anger on referees and officials as E&C quickly left.
The most surprising and high profile title match was when Chris Jericho defended the World Heavyweight Championship in an impromptu match against Christopher Nowinski after a brief war of words.
Also throughout the night, Matt Morgan relived his assault on Sting from last week, and asked some big authority figures for advice after losing control. Both Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura suggested that he hire a manager.
As if everything else wasn’t enough, there was also the matter of a #1 Contenders match for Nemesis at stake between Kane, Booker T, RVD and Shawn Michaels. Booker T never made it to the match due to the assault on Goldust, leaving a triple threat match. RVD and HBK began by double teaming Kane, but soon they came to blows, and RVD began to team up with former tag partner Kane, but this also was short lived. Then most shockingly, HBK and Kane double team RVD, and then went at it one on one. Both men came close to victory, but RVD re entered to send the match back to square one. RVD and Kane were left in the ring, as RVD went for a 5* but he was caught by Kane and choke slammed, but as soon as Kane turned around, he was met with Sweet Chin Music from HBK, who gained the victory, and a title shot against Jericho at Nemesis. HBK ended the show celebrating with the fans as Kane and RVD both left dejected.
Match Results:
Sting defeated Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak to retain the I.C Title in a 3 way.
Edge & Christian defeated Matt Hardy & Maven to retain the Tag Titles.
Rhyno defeated Raven to retain the Hardcore Championship.
Chris Jericho defeated Christopher Nowinski to retain the World Title.
Shawn Michaels defeated Kane & RVD to earn the #1 Contendership at Nemesis.

Smackdown; 23rd September 2004; Dallas;

Another blockbuster Smackdown was dominated by two reborn longtime feuds; Kurt Angle & Brock Lesnar, and Triple H - Goldberg. This week, it was announced that Goldberg and Triple H will meet at Nemesis with the WWE Championship on the line - in a Last Man Standing match.
It was also announced that HHH will make his in ring debut on Smackdown next week against an opponent of his choice. Who will the Game choose to face next week, there is only one name he is unable to choose and that is Goldberg as the WWE Champion has been ordered to stay away from Smackdown next week to ensure there is no interference in Triple H match.
As mentioned before, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar have ignited there flame of hate again. After last weeks attack, Angle was desperate to gain a measure of revenge against Lesnar, and was granted a tag match with Eddie Guerrero to face Big Show and Brock Lesnar later in the night. However, Kurt would reveal to his tag partner that he was suffering with a broken rib after last week.
In the match, Lesnar soon realised that Angle wasn’t 100% and soon moved in for the kill dismantling Angle and ending the match by Pass out after locking in a Bear hug. This could only worsen Angle’s condition, will Angle even make it to Smackdown next week?
Test & Scott Steiner have also began to isolate John Cena with a sneaky win, and a backstage attack this week on Smackdown. They then had the audacity to challenge John Cena to a two on one match at Nemesis, unless he can somehow find a partner. What will Cena have in response. Find out next week.
Also, Torrie Wilson & Billy Kidman were crowned the new Inter Gender Tag Champs, after an upset victory over Dawn Marie and A-Train. However, their celebrations were short lived as Ivory & Bull Buchanan immediately challenged them to a match next week.
In other action, the APA crushed the Basham Brothers within seconds as the Basham’s still seem to be reeling from the loss of their manager, Shaniqua.
But, the biggest shock came when Kanyon won the United States Championship from Chris Benoit after interference from William Regal. It seems as if there is still unfinished business between Regal and Benoit. What will be Benoit’s response next week on Smackdown.

Match Results;
Torrie Wilson and Billy Kidman defeated A-Train and Dawn Marie to become the NEW Inter Gender Tag Team Champions.
Chavo Guerrero defeated Spanky to retain the Cruiserweight Title.
Test defeated John Cena
A.P.A defeated Basham’s.
Kanyon defeated Chris Benoit to become the NEW United States Champion.
Brock Lesnar & Big Show defeated Kurt Angle & Eddie Guerrero
***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Current Card for WWE Nemesis
17th October 2004
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Event Music: TBA

WWE Championship; Last Man Standing:
Goldberg vs. Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels

Street Fight:
Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton

Let me know your thoughts on this report, and the current card for Nemesis. Next report is up next week.
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