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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Blue Cross Arena
Rochester; New York

*Opening Video*


JR: Hello and welcome folks to the sold out Blue Cross Arena here in Rochester for Monday Night RAW! King, New York is in for a treat tonight aren't they?

King: Without a doubt JR, Vince McMahon will be in the building tonight for a major announcement, despite his recent condition, the boss is still able to make his way out here to address his beloved fans!

JR: It's been a month King, I'm sure Vince has healed up after he was made an example of by Triple H at Unforgiven. And speaking of our WWE Champion, are we finally going to find out what is going to happen with this situation he seems to be in at the moment with five other men all making their intentions for his title known?

King: I dunno JR, but you'd hope so.

Just as the arena dies down a bit *Erk-Crash* and the crowd erupts with a big pop as Mick Foley makes his way out to a generous ovation from the fans. Foley doesn't seem as cheerful as normal, which is understandable after what happened in the Inter Promotional tag match last night. Foley takes a mic off Lilian Garcia and rolls into the ring, doing the dishgun taunt to another pop from the fans

Foley: It sure does feel good to be back in Rochester!

Cheap pop as Foley raises his thumb

Foley: But, as most of you can tell, I am not in the best of moods tonight. Last night at No Mercy, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Sting travelled to the PPV to take on Randy Orton and Booker T in an Inter Promotional Tag Match, to supposedly as Paul Heyman put it "settle which brand is superior". Well, I can tell you all that after last night, even though it reads in the results column as a victory for SmackDown!, it was more like a travesty. I was sure that RAW was moments away from securing back to back wins on PPV's against SmackDown! when Paul Heyman decided to get involved and ultimately cost RAW the match. Now I'm sure I speak for each and every fan when I say that for the ending of that match to go down like it did, is a joke!

Crowd agrees with Foley with a pop

Foley: Paul Heyman, I didn't want any of this in the first place. You pushed and pushed for some stupid fight with a RAW superstar, you got your wish at Unforgiven and your man Hardcore Holly, despite having a bunch of your minions appear to try and help him, couldn't get the job done. You lost. You could've taken the loss like a man and go back to running your show, staying out of RAW's business but you just couldn't. You kept showing up on this show, wanting one more chance to prove that SmackDown! was the dominant brand, and that you were the better General Manager. You even went as far as to assault your own superstars to get our attention, until I finally had enough of your crap. I gave you a match, I allowed Steve Austin & Sting to go to No Mercy for a fair tag match to resolve this stupid situation. But last night Paul E, you showed just how sneaky, how cowardly and how dastardly you can be. You ruined what was well contested match and soured the victory for your own brand. Wherever you are Paul, you can be assured that I won't accept this as the closing page in this. Paul, you've taken the fairness out of this. You've lost any shred of respect I had for you. And now, I am going to SmackDown! this Friday...

*Extreme* hits to a response of surprise from the fans as PAUL HEYMAN makes his way out on stage, mic in hand, grinning from ear to ear

Heyman: Mick, there is no need for that. I wouldn't want you to travel all the way to SmackDown! this Friday and bring the standard of my show down, so I'm out here now instead, lifting the standard of yours.

Cheap heat

Heyman: I just happened to be backstage tonight Mick, seeing how the competition is run, and I couldn't help but overhear you calling me some very contradictory things. If I was the coward, then why did you continually refuse a challenge for a match between your superstars and mine? If I'm dastardly, why did you announce yourself as the Guest Referee back at Unforgiven in the Rhyno/Bob Holly match?

Foley: Don't bring that kind of crap back at me Heyman. You cheated last night. Plain and simple, cheated. Your guys couldn't get the job done and you were about to be shown up on consecutive PPV's in front of a world wide audience, so you decided that you'd turn the match in your favour.

Heyman: I told the world, you included, that I would do ANYTHING to make sure that SmackDown! was reigning as the superior brand, and I think after my actions last night, well they speak for themselves...

Heat for Heyman, as Foley shakes his head

Heyman: I mean it's no wonder your brand is faultering. Mick, you have no common sense left. Too many chair shots to the head, too many times dropped on thumbtacks. It's all caught up on you Mick. In case you haven't noticed, RAW is a shambles at the moment. You've got DX running amock backstage, with BBQ's, casino's and betting schemes, you've got your Champion the target of five men who seem to want to stop at nothing to get to him. You have two gangster's going around stealing from the locker room, and bugging your tag champions beyond belief. It's a total shambles. You don't know how to run a show Mick. Face it, you're past it. RAW was NEVER superior, it's always been below par, and now that I'm running SmackDown! we are seeing the true colours of RAW shine, and I tell you now Mick it ain't a pretty sight.

Loud heat to Heyman

Foley: Correct me if I'm wrong Paul, but weren't you the one who ran a company that had the potential to make it big time, right into the ground?

Crowd "Ooo's" at Foley's shot at Heyman, obviously reffering to ECW

Foley: And if you continue to fuel your own ego without caring about your superstars you're gonna drive another down into the ground with it!

Crowd gets behind Foley, while Heyman seems taken aback from Mick's sudden attack on him

Foley: Your own brand's Champion hates you! The fans hate you! Yet you're here, lecturing me on how to run a successful company? Paul Heyman, you're pathetic! I have the support of most of my locker room. I have the support of my fans...

Another cheap pop for Foley

Foley: And I will not take the garbage you've shoved down everyone's throat recently and let it go on any longer!

Foley is intensifying, and Heyman is looking slightly worried. The two GM's share a stare of sheer hatred when to the shock of the fans *NO CHANCE* fills the arena and VINCE MCMAHON struts out on stage. Both Foley & Heyman seem stunned to see the Chairman here, and Vince power walks to the ring not looking pleased at all. Vince looks at both men with what almost looks like a glare before speaking

Vince: For the last month, I have sat at home recovering my injuries. And each and every week I tune in to see how my product is going, all I've seen is RAW and SmackDown! fighting with each other. Well quite frankly, I have had enough of this! I am going to make this short and sweet, so both of you listen closely to me. In a month's time, we have the upcoming joint brand production of Survivor Series, and I think what better way to end this brand war, than to really find out which is the better team?

Crowd pops

Vince: So therefore, at Survivor Series, in a 5 on 5 Inter Promotional Survivor Series Tag Match, it will be RAw vs SmackDown!

Another pop

Vince: Five superstars selected by Mick Foley to represent RAW against five superstars selected by Paul Heyman to represent SmackDown! The winner gets all the bragging rights, the loser shuts his mouth and we don't hear another word about which show is superior. Do you both understand what I'm saying?

Foley nods his head while Heyman speaks

Heyman: Vince I think that is a brilliant idea. Mick, you can pick anyone you want but at the end of the day, the story will be SmackDown! reigning supreme and RAW wollowing in self pity.

Foley: Paul, all I'm gonna say is good luck and may the best brand win.

Foley extends his hand to Heyman, who looks bemused as to why Foley would offer him a handshake, and Heyman looks to Vince who advises Heyman to shake Mick's hand. Heyman thinks about it then decides to accept the handshake, but Foley pulls his hand away! The crowd pops as Foley shakes his head at Heyman

Foley: I think it's time for you to leave Paul...

With that said a bunch of security escort Heyman from ringside with Heyman glaring back at Foley who waves him goodbye from the ring

Foley: O Paul.

The security stop escorting Heyman and allow him to turn around


Crowd erupts as Foley plays to the crowd and Heyman is taken backstage while Foley's music hits again and he begins to head backstage too

JR: Well King, it's been announced. At Survivor Series, the brand war will come to an end in a traditional Survivor Series Tag Match! Five men from each brand going at it to prove which is the superior brand in sports entertainment!

King: I can't wait JR, I really can't!

JR: There's still a helluva lot more to come tonight folks, don't go anywhere, we'll be right back!


We return and *Brookyln, Brooklyn*
hits to a nice reaction from the fans as Shad & JTG make their way out ready for their shot at the Tag Team Titles after winning a Number One Contender's match against The Johnnies last week on RAW. Cryme Tyme play to the crowd as they make their way out, then get into the ring and high five each other

*Perfection Reflected* plays as the current Tag Champions head to the ring. Cade & Jindrak look as cocky as ever and snicker at Shad & JTG. The two hold their titles up in the face of Cryme Tyme

Match 1
World Tag Team Championships
Cryme Tyme
Lance Cade & Mark Jindrak (c)

Pretty good opening contest, sees Cryme Tyme impressively out do the cocky young champs in the beginning, really getting under the skin of Cade & Jindrak. JTG knocks down Jindrak with a Raised Calf Kick and then does a hip hop dance, getting a rise from the crowd. JTG however gets too lively and Cade snaps him down with a Powerslam, almost getting a three count from it. From here, the isolation of JTG begins as Cade & Jindrak work over him, keeping him far away from his much bigger partner Shad who watches on, looking concerned for his partner. Cade nails a Hammer Blow Clothesline and covers 1.....2....kickout! Close call, as JTG is being rough housed here by the champs.
Jindrak & Cade score with the Perfect Finish (Sweet & Sour) but Shad breaks up a certain pinfall, stomping on Cade's head!
Cade takes exception to this and yells at Shad, then brings up JTG, only for JTG to break free from the grasp on Cade and fire away with right hands to Lance, before going for a kick, only for Cade to block it, but then JTG scores with an Enziguri! Cade goes out like a light, and both men are down. As usual, both men struggle to their corner and Cade is able to tag in Jindrak, but JTG makes the hot tag to Shad!

Shad comes in and cleans house, running through Jindrak with a clothesline, then another, then gives one to Cade. Shad whips Jindrak to the ropes and sticks a Big Boot in his face on the rebound! Cade attacks Shad from behind, wrestling the big man into the corner. Cade now attempts to whip Shad across the ring, but Shad counters and pulls Cade towards him, drilling him with a Back Body Drop! Shad is now joined by JTG as the duo send Jindrak to the ropes and go for the G9, which connects! The crowd is going wild as Shad covers Jindrak, with RAW about to have new Tag Champs 1.....2....CADE BLASTS SHAD OVER THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH THE TITLE!
Cade then blasts JTG with the belt! The ref sees this and calls for a DQ
Winners @ 10:11 via DQ - Cryme Tyme
Cade & Jindrak Retain Tag Team Championships

Cade pulls his partner from the ring and the two take their belts backing away from the ring smirking while Cryme Tyme are layed out in the middle of the ring. The crowd gives major heat to the Champs as they once again escape with their titles, unfairly

JR: This is disgusting! These two men have never won a match for their titles fairly since they won the belts back in May!

King: But they're smart JR. They bend the rules to their advantage and they don't care how they do it either.

JR: One of these days, these two are gonna get what's coming to them!

Backstage now and AJ Styles is talking with Val Venis. The two laugh about something, then they shake hands and AJ walks off, but stops as he runs into Chris Masters! Masters eyes up AJ and laughs before fixing his stare on the Intercontinental Championship which is across AJ's shoulder

AJ: Got a problem?

Masters: Yeah I do. It hurts me to see a little pip squeek walking around with one of wrestling's most coverted Championships.

AJ: Pip squeek huh?

AJ steps right up to Masters showing no fear of the bigger man

Masters: You heard me. What do you weigh? 200? You ain't got nothing on the Masterpiece...

This time it's AJ who can't help but laugh

AJ: You know just because you're bigger than me, doesn't mean I still can't kick your ass!

Crowd pops and an *AJ* chant begins which Chris Masters rolls his eyes at

Masters: Look at you. You're a string bean, and I'm a walking example of perfection. You wish you had huge guns like these.

Masters flexes his arms

AJ: Well you know what they say about guys like you. Big guns upstairs, but a tiny water pistol in the basement...

Crowd erupts into laughter as Masters jaw drops to the floor at the insult from AJ

Masters: Nuh-uh. You're all talk Styles. How about you and I go out there and we'll see who can back their words up?

AJ: You're on!

AJ walks off while Masters looks down at his crotch area and shakes his head still in disbelief AJ made that insult

King: That may not have been the wisest thing for our Intercontinental Champion to do JR! He's accepted a match with The Masterpiece and insulted his...well..."male stature"...

JR: AJ Styles never backs down from a challenge folks, and it looks like we have another match coming up!

We switch now to see Cade & Jindrak looking pleased with themselves walking down the halls. Mick Foley is standing there and he stops them

Foley: I'm glad you two are having fun.

Cade: We're on top of the world Foley, we cannot be beaten!

Foley: Even if it means cheating to win? Or intentionally getting DQ'd?

Jindrak: So, there's nothing in the rule book that says we can't...

Foley: That's true, but there's nothing you two can do when next week I book you and Cryme Tyme in a rematch for the Tag Team Titles, with the remaining tag teams acting as Enforcers, to make sure you two don't get counted out, DQ'd or especially cheat!

Cade & Jindrak look worried and upset by that and Foley smiles at them and walks away, leaving our tag champs in a state of disarray


We come back to ringside and the crowd erupts with a big pop as *I Am* hits and AJ Styles makes his way out on stage, flipping back the hood from his attire and extending his arms out as the golden pyro falls behind him. AJ slaps a few hands at ringside before getting into the ring and climbing the turnbuckle, pointing out to the capacity crowd

*Masterpiece* the crowd boos as Chris Masters walks to the ring with a purpose, forgoing his usual posing on the ramp, wanting a piece of Styles right away

Match 2
Singles Match; Non Title
AJ Styles vs Chris Masters

Decent match which sees Masters take AJ down and ground him, hitting some big power moves to stop AJ from getting into a rhythym, and dominates the majority of the match. Masters however cannot seem to put AJ away, as Styles kicks out of the Polish Sledge at 2 and 1/2!
Masters attempts to lock on the Masterlock now, but AJ slips free before Masters can fully get the grip on and connects with the Pele Kick! Masters wobbles back into the ropes and stumbles out into AJ who rolls him up with a Small Package 1.....2...kickout. AJ comes at Masters with a series of right hands and attempts to whip him to the ropes, but Masters reverses it, sending AJ to them instead. AJ rebounds off and Masters goes for a clothesline, but AJ ducks it, comes off the other side and connects with a wheel kick! The Masterpiece gets up groggily and AJ manages to hit the Starmaker to Chris Masters! AJ now leaps onto the top turnbuckle and flies off, connecting with the SPIRAL TAP! The crowd pops the move and AJ hooks the leg 1.....2....3!
Winner @ 6:34 - AJ Styles

AJ celebrates his victory with a few fans in the front row as we switch views backstage and see Triple H taking a sip of water as he walks down the halls

JR: Folks when we return, Triple H will be heading out to the ring to try and get some answers on what's happening with his title and the pack of superstars chasing it. It's coming up NEXT!


*THE GAME* hits as we return and the crowd erupts with a huge pop as the WWE Champion Triple H makes his way to the ring title slung over his shoulder. The Game poses with his title on the turnbuckle, before placing it back over his shoulders and speaking

Triple H: You know, you'd think I'd come out here and pump you all up and give a one hundred percent positive speech about how I'm gonna kick someone's ass.

Trips pauses

Triple H: But not tonight. These last few weeks have been nothing short of hell for me. I put myself out there, asking anyone who thought they were good enough to come and take a shot at The King of Kings, but instead I've suddenly become the most marked man in the entire business. Just like that. I got beaten bad two weeks ago, but I hit back last week and let everyone know that I am the WWE Champion, THE GAME AND I AM THAT DAMN GOOD!

Crowd erupts and a *Triple H* chant begins

Triple H: These last few weeks, I have gone from a man with no enemy, to a man with many. Just one month ago I had no one who wanted a piece of me, and now all of a sudden there's five men who all want a piece of The Game.

Trips pauses before continuing

Triple H: And I've sat down and thought about it myself, do any of these guys deserve to come after me? I mean what have they lately? And t didn't take me long to realise, that none of them have done anything to earn a match with me. I am the King of Kings, and quite frankly, I don't plan on just putting the belt up for someone else to come and grab. I worked so hard just to get that belt back, and keep it fairly. I lost tons of blood, I fought back tears in the most extremely painful situations, I sweat my body dry to work back to the top of this mountain and I will not be leaving any time soon!


Triple H: I wa-

*Metalingus* plays and cuts off Triple H mid sentence as Edge makes his way out with a mic in hand, Edge slowly walks down the ramp while he speaks

Edge: Hunter, do you have any idea how boring you have become these past few months? I mean come on man, I know you used to come out here and talk yourself up for so long it made that nose of yours seemingly shrink, but now it's just pitiful.

Heat for Edge as he makes his way up the steps

Edge: Now it's just hit an all time low. "I bled this" "I sweat that". Big woop Hunter. You've been fighting the same guys since July and to be honest, it's been bugging me. I've been forced down the food chain because of you and your damn personal vendetta's! I crave to be at the top Hunter. I was there before and I guarantee you I'll be up there again shortly.

More heat for Edge who steps into the ring

Edge: I've had to take a back seat and see you fight Shawn Michaels for what the 100th time at Summerslam? And then right after Summerslam, you have the 101st meeting at Unforgiven. And since then you've taken a seat and cruised for a month. Well let me tell you Hunter, this is where the cruise control stops and you get your ass into gear, because I'm coming for you! You don't deserve a title like the WWE Championship. When I was Champion, ratings went through the roof. People loved it Hunter. And now you're Cha-

Triple H: Wait, hold on a sec. You were Champion?

Edge nods

Triple H: When the hell did that happen?

Crowd laughs as Edge glares at Hunter and grits his teeth

Edge: You know damn well when it happened chump! I beat a man you could never manage to get the win over! I pinned John Cena at the Royal Rumble!

Triple H: O that's right, you did too. You'll have to forgive me Edge, I have a terrible short term memory. I mean I swear all I did was blink and by the time I'd opened my eyes back open, you'd lost the title!

Crowd erupts as Triple H burns Edge down with the insult, and Edge doesn't take the comments lightly, getting into Triple H's face and the two stand there glaring at each other when

*My Time Is Now* hits and John Cena makes his way out to huge heat from the fans. Cena stands on the ramp shaking his head at Triple H and Edge in the ring

Cena: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold the phone!

Crowd boos Cena loudly

Cena: Edge, you claim that when you were Champion that the ratings went through the roof. You claim the people loved it. But you are fogetting one thing. When I came here to RAW last year in the draft, I claimed the top spot. I was the one who carried this show and this company, the weight of it all on my shoulders. Now I know you ain't trying to say to our Champ here that you deserve a chance at that title, when all you have next to your name recently is Spearing a woman so your slut of a girlfriend could win a match?

Crowd "Ooo's" at the insult

Cena: I have been on my own career defining journey ever since I was left in your preverbial shoes of being "screwed" at Bad Blood earlier this year. I toom Stone Cold Steve Austin to school at Summerslam. I made him bleed, I made him hurt and I made him pass out. Completely knock the stuffing out of the "Toughest SOB in the WWE". I took his pride, and he didn't surface for another five weeks afterwards. Then at Unforgiven, I got one over Kane and made him look like the sluggish fool he really is. And now, the next man in my crosshairs is you Triple H, and believe me I'm gonna take your pride and your title next!

Edge: Cena, incase you haven't been tuned into the real world lately I have already put my name down to be the next in line, so you can go back and make another box office flop of a film or a Vanilla Ice insult rap record, while I do what everyone wants me to do.

More heat for Edge

Cena: Hey I want you to leave the business too, don't feel like you have to wait for me to make some more money before you do that.

Triple H is just standing there, laughing as Cena & Edge go back and forth at each other

Edge: And what are you laughing at Hunter? Do you want another Spear like you had last week?

Triple H: I'm sorry, it's just that you two have been acting like a bunch of little school girls these past few weeks. You've resulted to insulting each other instead of letting your fists do the talking. Neither of you deserve to take me on, because quite frankly, I don't hit girls.

Crowd erupts as Triple H smirks at both men, who take the insult to heart and Cena is first to respond

Cena: You're calling me a girl? I find that so rich, considering it was you who was reduced to tears when you got your ass handed to you by Vince McMahon and lost your WWE Title! You're the one who hasn't even had a proper match since Unforgiven. Now if anything, I'd call you nothing more than a joke of a WWE Champion! You ain't got what it takes Hunter, and that's why I would gladly take that belt back from you home boy, coz you've tarnished it's prestige for too long...

Triple H: Tarnished? You know what I've gone through to keep this damn title Cena? I think I started off by kicking your ass back at Bad Blood.

Crowd pops

Triple H: I then went through one of the year's best matches with Shawn Michaels at Summerslam, and a hellacious September which ended by me getting this title back in a Last Man Standing match! If anything, I raised what it takes to be the damn man, and both of you believe me when I say I AM THE MAN!

Crowd pops as Triple H holds the belt up at Edge & Cena who look ready to team up again like the last few weeks when

*IF YA SMELL* hits and the crowd goes apeshit with an electric ovation and The Rock makes his way out, with the three men in the ring immediately turning to him. The Rock stands on the ramp, soaking up the tremendous ovation from the fans


Crowd erupts into a huge *Rocky* chant

Rock: You know The Rock thought this was Monday Night RAW. The Rock thought this was prime time! But obviously, The Rock was wrong. Instead, The Rock finds himself in the middle of the Shrek 3 extra's tryouts. I mean we've got Goldilocks (points to Edge), Shrek himself (pointing to Cena) and Pinocchoio! (points to Triple H)

Crowd erupts again

Rock: The Rock has come out here to say a few things.

Edge: NO! NO! NO! Rock, don't even start. I am sick and tired of you and your stupid, childish insults. You don't deserve to be out here. You don't deserve to go near the WWE Championship ever again!

Heat for Edge, a *You Suck* chant starts

Rock: Actually, you'll find that it's his girlfriend that sucks.

Crowd erupts

Rock: And swallows. And blows. And c-

Edge: Shutup! I am sick of your crap Rock. Everytime you're out here, you feel the need to make distasteful remarks about my girlfriend!

Rock: And The Rock says SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!

Crowd pops

Rock: Now, as The Rock was about to say. John Cena you stand out here, talking all tough. You think you're a hard man? You think you "gangsta"?!?

Cena: Rock I th-


The crowd goes wild as The Rock catches out Cena who glares back at Rock

Rock: The Rock says you can take your poor Slim Shady impersanation, scrunch that thing up real tight, and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!

Another *Rocky* chant starts

Rock: Now, Triple H. The Game. The King of Kings. The Rock says why don't you and him go one on one, a battle of the ages, a battle of the best RAW has to offer, mono e mono at Survivor Series?

Crowd loves what The Rock says, while Cena shakes his head and Edge quickly blurts out

Edge: I don't think so Ro-


Again, the crowd erupts

Rock: The Rock is gonna make this very clear. The Rock has been away from the top for far too long. And he's willing to do what it takes to get back there. And if that means whippin' some candy ass right here in Rochester, than so be it. Edge, Cena, Hunter. The Rock says JUST BRING IT!

Rock dares someone to take a shot at him, but no one seems ready to do so. Rock continues to stare at Cena, while Edge sneaks behind him and attacks him!

Edge goes at The Rock while Cena turns and tries to cheap shot Triple H, who blocks Cena and levels him with a right hand. The Game clotheslines Cena out to the floor as we see Edge attempt to send Rock to the ropes, only for Rock to reverse it and pull Edge into a SPINEBUSTER! Cena drags Triple H out of the ring as Rock nips up to a huge reaction from the crowd and connects with the PEOPLE'S ELBOW to Edge! The Rock gets up, ready to soak up an ovation from the fans, but instead is met by JOHN CENA, WHO LOADS ROCK UP AND SLAMS HIM DOWN WITH AN FU! Cena gives Rock a "You Can't See Me" taunt to heat from the fans, but all of a sudden the crowd comes alive as RVD LEAPS THE BARRICADE! Van Dam rolls into the ring and chucks a chair at Cena, who catches it, VAN DAMINATOR! Cena eats a chair to the face and RVD gets up, doing his thumb point pose "R-V-D" when

*SLOW CHEMICAL* cuts in after the pyro's shoot off and Kane makes his way out with a purpose

RVD shows no fear of the Big Red Machine however and leaps over the ropes with a Plancha, BUT KANE DRILLS RVD WITH A BIG BOOT IN MIDAIR! RVD is flattened by Kane. Inside the ring, Triple H has grabbed his sledgehammer and is sizing up Edge. Trips swings the hammer shot but Edge ducks, rebounds off the ropes and scores with a SPEAR! Edge breaks the Champion in half with a Spear. Edge has no clue however that Kane is standing in the ring behind him, and the Rated R Superstar gets up and Kane CHOKESLAMS HIM TO THE MAT! The crowd pops as Kane stands tall, surveying the damage before pulling John Cena up to his feet. The Rock also staggers back to his feet and KANE CHOKESLAMS BOTH MEN WITH ONE ARM EACH TO THE MAT! The crowd gives it a mixed response. RVD is now back on the top rope and leaps off looking to catch Kane with a kick, but Kane meets him with a goozle, CHOKESLAM TO RVD! Now Kane runs his thumb across his throat, signalling for more carnage. Kane brings Triple H to his feet and scoops the Champion up, before drilling him with a TOMBSTONE in the middle of the ring!

Kane gets to his feet with The Rock, Triple H, RVD, Edge & John Cena all out in the ring thanks to him and let his pyro's shoot off again, as Kane stands tall, surveying the damage as we go to a commercial

JR: Good lord, The WWE Champion and four other men have just been destroyed by Kane! What a statement to make just weeks away from Survivor Series to not only the Champ, but the other men who want a shot at the WWE Title!

King: It's like a car wreck in there JR!

JR: Folks don't go anywhere, we've still got alot of show left when we return soon!


JR: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW folks, we are live from Rochester, New York and King what a wild night it's been so far...

King: JR, it's been crazy. Especially what happened just before we went to the commercial, and what developed over the commercial!

JR: We have a huge match made for tonight's main event, as the team of The Rock and Triple H will take on John Cena and Edge! Kane and Rob Van Dam have been barred from ringside for it aswell, huge news and a huge match made by Mick Foley, King?

King: Of course it's huge JR, and you can bet Kane and RVD won't be too happy they've been shafted out of the equation tonight either!

*Hello Ladies* plays and the crowd gives a pop as Val Venis swaggers down to the ring, looking happy to be back on RAW again. Venis gives his towel to a very attractive girl in the front row before getting into the ring

*Serenghetti* hits and the crowd boos as Monty Brown storms out, accompanied by his new manager The Coach. Coach applauds Brown who poses before charging to the ring and starting the match with Venis

Match 3
Singles Match
Val Venis vs Monty Brown w/The Coach

Nothing more than a glorified squash, as Brown dominates Venis throughout the majority. Brown continually looks to Coach after he does something, seeking applause from his manager.
Venis mounts a short comeback and comes close to scoring the win with a Blue Thunder, but Monty kicks out.
Val Venis goes upstairs for the Money Shot, but Coach distracts him long enough for Brown to toss him off the turnbuckle. Venis gets up gingerly and Brown rebounds off the ropes, crashing into Venis with a POUNCE! Monty however isn't finished after the impressive finisher and pulls Val up, connecting with the Circle Of Life! Monty covers and it's over emphatically!
Winner @ 3:52 - Monty Brown

Brown gets up and lets out a yell, before kicking Venis out of the ring. Meanwhile, The Coach takes a mic and enters the ring via the steps

Coach: Once again, The Alpha Male has proved that he is unstoppable. Once again, The Alpha Male has proved he is a force to be reackoned with! Mick Foley, I know you're either watching or listening right now, so get this. Monty Brown is officially making himself available for Team RAW at Survivor Series, and you'd be a damn fool not to take advantage of this offer! Because The Alpha Male is gonna take...SmackDown!...out...

Brown: PERIOD!

Brown's music hits again as he and Coach leave the ring

JR: Well it seems like already we have someone putting their name in the hat for the RAW Team ahead of Survivor Series, and his name is Monty Brown!

King: He's an animal JR, and he very well could tear SmackDown! apart by his lonesome!

JR: I hate to agree with The Coach, but I do. Monty Brown is a dangerous man.

Backstage now, and Maria is standing by

Maria: Hi I'm Maria! And I'm here with Christian!

Crowd boos as Christian steps into the picture

Maria: Christian, you requested this interview?

Christian: You got that right! I'm amazed, I truly am. It's shocking isn't it Tomko? Maria was right!

Tomko just nods, as Christian looks at him as if to say "That's all?" before turning back to the camera

Christian: You see, Captain Charisma was backstage popping open a bottle of New York's finest wine, which cost me a wallet splitting four dollars!

Cheap heat as Christian grins cheesily and Tomko laughs to himself also

Christian: I was kicking back and relaxing with some of the most beautiful women, with that bottle of fine wine, living the high life of Captain Charisma when I heard the announcement from Vince McMahon! It will be RAW and SmackDown! in an Inter Promotional Tag Match at Survivor Series and immediately it hit me. What better way to show everyone, even our doubting General Manager Mick Foley, that Captain Charisma is not only the future, but the present. I right now am putting my name at the top of the list. I am announcing right now that I, Christian, am ready to Captain RAW to a victory at Survivor Series. I'll be expecting the conformation from Mick Foley next week on RAW, so tune in everyone because you don't wanna miss Captain Charisma on your screens for more than a cheap interview with a cheap trick...

Christian looks at Maria who looks ready to sob from the insult

Christian: Coz that's how I roll!

Christian & Tomko walk off leaving Maria looking upset as we go to a commercial


We return and see Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas and Matt Striker inside the ring

The pyro shoots down and crashes on stage as *Drop Da Bombshells* hits and the crowd erupts with a big pop as the Dudley Boyz make their way out, playing to the fans at ringside before waiting on the ramp for their partner

*Debonaire* hits and the crowd pops as Rhyno charges to the ring with the Dudleyz following him, and the match is underway

Match 5
Six Man Tag Match
Rhyno & Dudley Boyz
Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas & Matt Striker

Entertaining fillerish matchup has the crowd involved early on as the faces clean house after the beginning brawl. Rhyno uses his power arsenal to dominate Matt Striker, before Bubba takes his time to work over Striker in the corner with a series of slaps to the chest and jabs, before finishing the combo off with a Bionic Elbow to a pop from the fans.
As the match goes on, sneaky tactics from Haas who raises a knee as Dvon comes to the ropes, causing him to stumble away into a DDT from Striker, allows the heels to take control of the match. Dvon survives a few near falls, before Bubba saves him from a certain 3 count after Dvon was taken down by Haas and a Tiger Suplex! From this Haas goes to apply the Haas Of Pain, but Dvon boots him away and then takes him down a cyclone shoulder block! Dvon makes the hot tag to Rhyno!

Rhyno comes in and dominates again, taking out the newly tagged in Striker with a clothesline, before knocking Shelton off the apron with a right, and then turning back and double clotheslining Striker & Haas! Rhyno sends Striker to the ropes and elevates him up into a Powerslam! Rhyno covers 1.....2....broken up by Shelton & Haas! This brings the Dudleyz into the ring as the ref loses control of proceedings and in the ensuing action, Rhyno sets up Striker for a GORE, but Shelton blind tags in from Striker as Rhyno scores with the GORE! Rhyno makes a cover in Matt Striker, but the referee Chad Patton tells Rhyno he isn't the legal man, and as Rhyno gets back to his feet he is rolled up from behind by Shelton 1.....2.....3!
Winners @ 8:31 - Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas & Matt Striker

The crowd gives heat as Shelton scores the win and the heels retreat up the ramp celebrating while inside the ring Rhyno and The Dudleyz are clearly looking like they were robbed

Backstage now and we see Trish Stratus talking with a few officials but she stops when she is approached by none other than Lita. Trish rolls her eyes as Lita stands there, looking at the officials as if to give them the hint to go away

Lita: Why don't you tell your customers to come back later Trish?

Trish: Customers? O honey I didn't realise you were still doing the rounds while we are live. They're all yours...

The crowd laughs as Trish goes to walk off when an infuriated Lita slaps Trish harshly across the cheek! Trish staggers and holds her cheek while Lita taunts her

Lita: Aw, did that hurt princess?

Lita gets too cozy and is levelled by Trish with a right hand! The two divas struggle with each other, screaming and kicking as security and a few low card wrestlers like Maven and X-Pac arrive on the scene to split the two up. However, after Trish pretends to compose herself, she leaps on Lita again and yanks her top off! The crowd pops as Lita covers up her exposed breasts and runs away, humiliated by Trish here tonight. Lita sprints off screen, running right past Ron Simmons who just stands there with his eyes wide open. Simmons then snaps out of his daze

Simmons: DAMN!

The crowd pops as Simmons shakes his head and we go back to ringside

JR: Trish and Lita are still at each other's throats!

King: Puppies JR! Puppies!

JR: I know King, I can hear you.

King: And you know what else I can hear JR? That's "Riot" by Three Days Grace and it's the official theme song for the upcoming joint brand PPV production WWE Survivor Series!

JR: The WWE would like to thank Three Days Grace for providing the rockin' tune for us!

We are now again backstage and see a four screen split view of The Rock, Triple H, John Cena & Edge all walking through the halls

JR: Well folks, coming up after the break, the main event! The Rock and the WWE Champion Triple H teaming up against John Cena and Edge!

King: Huge JR!



*IF YA SMELL* and the crowd goes apeshit with another superb reaction as The Rock makes his way out. Rock poses on the turnbuckle before getting into the ring and again climbing the corner, raising his hand and soaking up the huge ovation for him

*The Game* hits and the crowd again comes alive as Triple H is greeted with a huge pop. The Game goes through his usual routine before getting into the ring and sharing an odd glance with The Rock, before Trips climbs the buckle and raises the WWE Title to a big cheer from the fans

*My Time Is Now* and the crowd boos loudly as John Cena struts to the ring looking at both Rock & Trips with a glare. Cena makes a "You Can't See Me" taunt to them both

*Metalingus* hits and the boos continue to flood in as Edge makes his way out. Edge looks ready to stamp his name on this match, and ready to back up his big words from earlier

Main Event
Match 5
Tag Team Match
The Rock & Triple H (WWE Champ)
John Cena & Edge

Nicely done main event sees all four men assert themselves as the front runner in the match. The recent Rock/Edge feud comes to the fore front in the beginning, before Triple H/Cena takes over and as we fade out to the commercial break, Rock & Triple H are looking good despite constantly keeping one eye on the other just in case.

As we come back from the break, it's show on WWE Unlimited that a mix up between Rock & Trips has lead to the isolation and beatdown on The People's Champ. The Rock fights back at Cena, scoring a near fall with a Samoan Drop before Edge comes back in and grounds Rock with a cheap shot. This brings in The Game which means he has to be restrained by Mike Chioda, and as he is, Cena & Edge put an akward beatdown on The Rock to heat from the fans. Edge takes over, talking trash to The Rock as he beats on him. However, as Edge tries to mock The People's Elbow hilariously, Rock nips up and takes Edge down with a People's DDT! Edge crawls and tags in Cena, who darts across the ring and attempts to lock the STFU on The Rock, who counters and loads Cena up onto his shoulders, SPINEBUSTER! Rock then gets onto his hands and knees and leaps across the ring TAGGING IN TRIPLE H!

The crowd comes alive as Trips gets into the ring and runs through Edge and Cena with clotheslines galore, before hitting a High Knee to Cena and tossing Edge out of the ring.
Triple H goes for a Pedigree to Cena, but Edge grabs Triple H by the leg and distracts him long enough for Cena to trip The Game down and go for the STFU! HHH grabs the ropes! Edge gets into the ring and joins in a 2 on 1 beatdown on Triple H, but The Rock recovers and hits right hands to both men, before cracking their skulls together! Cena stumbles around into a Rock Bottom position, but Edge comes through looking to Spear The Rock, but Rock moves and EDGE NAILS CENA WITH A SPEAR! Rock unloads with right's to Edge who is still shocked he Speared the wrong man and attempts an Irish Whip, but Edge counters and takes Rock down with a Edgeacution! Edge gets up and turns around into the Pedigree! NO! Edge counters and catapults Triple H into the ref Mike Chioda!

The ref is down and Edge is smiling. Edge goes to the outside and grabs two steel chairs, tossing them into the ring. Edge lays one down, then places HHH's head over it. Edge takes the other chair and is about to deliver a Conchairto when RVD COMES FLYING FROM SIDE VIEW AND SCORES WITH A VAN DAMINATOR TO EDGE! The crowd goes wild as RVD who is supposedly barred from ringside saves the WWE Champ from a creaming. Cena stumbles back to his feet as does The Rock and Cena attempts to FU Rock, who counters and connects with the Spinebuster! Rock follows up with a Double People's Elbow to both Cena & Edge! The Rock brings Mike Chioda back to the match while Triple H drapes an arm over Edge's body 1.....2.....3!
Winners @ 16:27 - The Rock & Triple H

The crowd goes wild as Rock & Triple H win a crazy match embroiled with turmoil. Rock & Triple H stand there, hands raised, eyeing each other up, with The Rock's gaze firmly locked on the WWE title in the hands of Triple H, before both men notice Rob Van Dam standing on the stage, nodding his head at both men and the show comes to a close with a dejected Cena & Edge on the outside looking in, and RVD from the stage, Rock in the ring, all at Triple H's title

JR: What a show folks! What a main event! You can bet next week there'll be alot to discuss as far as what has gone down here tonight regarding the WWE title situation!

King: That was frantic JR!

JR: Goodnight everyone, cya next week!


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