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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Chavo is making his way down to ringside when ESPN returns to NGW Mayhem. Chavo Guerrero, takes a seat next to Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross.

*Live for the Moment* plays, and Matt Hardy walks down to the ring, he the ‘V1’ to the crowd.

*Rey Mysterio’s theme* plays, as the crowd cheer for one of the most entertaining Cruiser-Weights in NGW. Chavo is watching Rey making his way to the ring, with a not so he pleased look on his face.
Rey jumps over the ropes and inside the ring, as the match begins…

(Matt Hardy Vs Rey Mysterio)

…4 Minutes Into the match…..

After Mysterio had controlled most of the match, Rey took Matt Hardy down with a head scissors takedown. Matt slowly crawled over to the middle rope, Rey signals the 6-1-9. Mysterio runs to Matt Hardy and hits the 6-1-9. The impact is heard around Madison Square Garden. Rey stands up on the apron ready for the ‘West Coast Pop’. However Chavo Guerrero takes off his headset, and jumps out of his seat at the commentary table. Chavo goes over to Rey, but Rey notices Chavo and hits a Asia Moonsault to the outside and onto Chavo. Mysterio rolls back inside the ring, Matt Hardy Version.1.0 gets back to his feet, He kicks Rey in the mid-section before attempting a ‘Twist Of Fate’. But Rey Mysterio counters it and jumps on the shoulders of Matt Hardy. Rey executes a hurracurana, as he then pins Matt Hardy…1…..2…..3.

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match……Rey Mysterio!

Chavo runs inside the ring and starts assaulting Rey. Hardy gets up, and Chavo and Matt go on a two-on-one attack on the defenseless Rey Mysterio. Suddenly Kidman comes running down the ramp. He slides inside the ring and Chavo and Matt escape the ring as quickly as possible. Kidman helps Rey up, as Matt and Chavo walk back up the ramp with a grin of their faces!

ESPN goes to a Commercial Break…


*Haas and Storm are seen backstage*

Lance Storm: We have a big important match coming up next, our chance to capture the NGW Tag Team Titles. We will dominate the Tag Team Division here in NGW, and we will Dominate Tonight!
Lets get out there!

*Haas & Storm walk out of their Locker Room, as ESPN have another Commercial Break…


Announcer: The following contest is for the NGW Tag Team Championships…..

*RIP it up by 28 Days* blast on the PA, as Charlie Haas and Lance Storm make their way down the ramp. As soon as the two get inside the ring……….

*Drop The Bombshells* sounds around Madison Square Garden, as the Dudley Boys rush down to the ring.

(Dudley Boys vs Haas/Storm - NGW Tag Team Title Match)

…….6 Minutes Into the match……
Storm & D’von are the legal men in, when Lance Storm goes for a superkick on D’Von. D’von catches Lance’s foot. D’Von turns Lance around and lifts him up, and Bubba helps executing the 3-D on storm. The fans yell ‘3-D’ as Lance hits the Canvas. Two men come running down the entrance ramp all of a sudden.

Lawler: Are they who I think?

JR: Yep, one of the most dominate tag team in wCw….Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire!

O’Haire & Jindrak belt down both the Dudleys and Storm/Haas. O’Haire goes to the turnbuckle and finishes D’Von Dudley with a Seanton Bomb! Jindrak & O’Haire taunt to the crowd as they get mixed reactions then go back up the ramp…

JR: It seems like the team of Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire have made a big impact here in NGW. But we still don’t have tag team champions…..

ESPN Cut to a Commercial Break


*Evolution is a mystery....* plays! Batista walks down to the ring, and awaits his opponent........

*Shelton Benjamin* music sounds, Shelton runs down the ramp and the match begins....

(Dave Batista vs Shelton Benjamin)

(5 Minutes Into the match)

Batista gets knocked to the canvas by a calf kick from Shelton. Shelton rushes to the turnbuckle, he climbs the turnbuckle. He waits until Batista gets back to his feet and jumps across the ring for a dropkick, but however Batista shoves the referee in front of him......Shelton accidently knocks down the referee. Batista goes to the outside to grab a steel chair, Batista rolls back into the ring with chair. However Shelton dropkicks the chair into Batista's face and covers him, however the Referee is down...Shelton goes over to the referee to help him up.
As Shelton is doing so, Randy Orton runs down to the ring and slides in.
He stands behind shelton, Shelton hasn't noticed yet, Shelton turns around to Randy Orton and Randy Orton connects a Huge RKO to Shelton.
Randy helps the Referee back to his feet. Batista picks up Shelton Benjamin, and slams him down with a Spinebuster, Dave Batista pins Shelton...1....2....3

The winner of the match.....Batista!

Batista and Randy Orton shake one anothers hand, and taunts to the crowd, who boo the two members of evolution. NGW Mayhem go to a Commercial


Terri is backstage, as Shawn Michaels is walking past her.....

Terri: Shawn, you have an important match coming up....

Michaels: Yes I do Terri, it is important. I need to be victorious tonight to get my title shot at the upcoming PPV. I take on the biggest Giant of them all tonight....The Big Show, He may be a 7 foot giant, but however he is not one thing..... He isnt....Me! And he isn't the Heart Break Kid, or even the ShowStopper!
I am! And i will live up to my name 'The Show-Stopper' and I shall steal the show tonight......

(Michaels walks off as the cameras cut back to JR and KING)

JR: What a match it should be tonight! Our first of our quarter-final matches of part of the NGW Title Tournament that Eric Bischoff announced earlier tonight! NGW continues to bring the big matches, when later this week NGW Present Rampage!
We have two huge matches, Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho, and Kane vs Triple H.
Both matches are part of the 8-man tournament, they should be great.

KING: I can't wait JR...


Announcer: The following contestant is the first match of the Quarter-Final Match-Ups…

*Sexy Boy* sounds around the arena! As the showstopper ‘Shawn Michaels’ makes his way down the to the ring with a huge cheer! He taunts as the fireworks blast down the entrance ramp, HBK slides in the ring as he awaits for his opponent…

*"Well……..Its The Big Show"* plays, as the fireworks blast across the set! Big Show walks down to the ring…As the match begins…

……8 Minutes Into The Match…..

Big Show grabs HBK’s neck, for a chokeslam. Shawn Michaels kicks the 7 Foot Giant in the groin. Big Show feels the pain, and slowly falls to the knees. Shawn Michaels connects a ‘Sweet Chin Music’
to the face of Big Show. The heart break kid covers Big Show….1…..2…..3..

Announcer: The Winner of the match, and qualifying to the Semi-Finals of the Road to the NGW Title….The Heart Break Kid….Shawn Michaels!!!

JR: Shawn Michaels wins! He is just one more step closer to the New Generation Wrestling Title!

We Cut to Eddie Guerrero walking out of his locker room and down the corrider for his match against Kurt Angle

JR: Eddie Guerrero takes on Kurt Angle next!


*’I lie, I cheat, I steal’* plays, Eddie strolls down to the ring. He is walking down the ramp when he sees a ‘Kurt Sucks’ sign. Eddie goes over to the fan and grabs the sign showing it to the crowd! Eddie drops the sign as he climbs on the arpon and enters the squared circle…

*Medal* hits the PA…..The crowd chant "YOU SUCK", Kurt comes out behind the curtain, but tries to ignore the crowds chant. Kurt slides inside the ring, as the Referee rings the bell for Mayhem’s Main Event!

………10 Minutes Into the Match………

Kurt Angle takes Eddie down with a Belly-To-Belly Suplex, Kurt locks on the Ankle Lock. Eddie counters, and he kicks Kurt Angle in the face with his other foot. The American Hero is dazed, Eddie gets up and runs towards Kurt. Kurt out of nowhere plants a ‘Angle Slam’. Both men are down on the canvas……Kurt Slowly crawls over to Eddie and covers him….1…….2………At the last second….KickOut!
Kurt can’t believe it! He gets up furious and complains to the referee that it was a 3 count, during this time Eddie crawls over to The Gold Medalist and gets him in a roll-up….1….2…..Kick Out!
Eddie then jumps on Kurt, and mounting punching him. Eddie picks Kurt Angle up for multiple suplex’s. Eddie signals a Frog Splash is coming. Guerrero climbs the turnbuckle. Kurt suddenly gets up and knocks Eddie from standing up on the Turnbuckle, Eddie falls on his groin on the Turnbuckle. Kurt Angle climbs to the 2nd Rope of the Turnbuckle. Out of nowhere he slams Eddie to the canvas with a top rope Angle Slam! Eddie is knocked down, Kurt hurts himself as well with the impact! Kurt slowly makes the cover as the referee counts ….1…..2…….3!

Announcer: The Winner of the match, and advancing to the Semi-Finals for the NGW Championship…Kurt Angle!!!

Jerry Lawler: What a match!
JR: It sure was! What a great night it has been! NGW can only get better, we will see you next week............

(NGW Mayhem fades out, as Kurt Angle is taunting on the Turnbuckle to the crowd)

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