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Re: EWR Version 4.0

Originally Posted by stjimmy1991
Nitro would be a kinda good choice i guess. Its a shame you cant have a 3 way fued though. How about Punk?

Added June update to first page.
i didnt use Punk or Nitro as the partner as i was thinking to myself. Who im not going to use much. so i thought i'd choose Super Crazy as his partner

Here are my Fueds and Champions so far:

Fueds: John Cena Vs The Great Khali-Heat:69

Batista Vs Edge-Heat:84

Bobby Lashley Vs Chris Benoit-Heat:82

Worlds Greatest Tag Team Vs Santino Marella and Super Crazy-Heat:70

Finlay Vs The Boogeyman-Heat:65

Paul London and Brian Kendricm vs Deuce 'N' Domino-Heat:50

Champions:ECW World Champion:Bobby Lashley
World Heavyweight Champion:Edge
World Tag Team Champions:The Hardy Boys
WWE Crusierweight Championmy Wang Yang
WWE Champion:John Cena
WWE Intercontinental Champion:Santino Marella
WWE Tag Team Championseuce and Domino
United States Champion:Montel Vontavious Porter
WWE Womens Champion:Melina

anyone have any other good Fueds in mind or who will be better champions?

the Deuce 'N' Domino vs London and Kendrick Fued is going well. here is what happened when the fought in a Ladder match at The Great American Bash.

Deuce 'N Domino vs London and Kendrick.

Match Background: This will be a ladder bout. Deuce 'N Domino and London and Kendrick have been feuding recently. London and Kendrick have yet to beat their rivals in the ring since the feud began. This match is for the WWE Tag Team titles.

The Match: Whip into the ladder by Domino. SUPER frankensteiner on Deuce, who hit hard and is loopy as a result. London takes a vertical suplex, but pops right back up. Deuce kicks Brian Kendrick in the gut to reverse the momentum. Fallaway slam by Deuce puts down Paul London. Frying pan shot by Domino. Whip into the ladder by Deuce. Paul London avoids a Deuce avalanche by getting out of the damn way! DDT from the top rope by Brian Kendrick. That looked KILLER. Brian Kendrick scoops up Deuce. London bounces off the ropes and hits a flying Hart Attack clothesline. Paul London has Domino down on the canvas and is ascending the corner. Through the air, 450 Splash! Brian Kendrick sets Deuce up in the corner. Backflip DDT! Perfectly executed! Paul London and Brian Kendrick go up the ladder and grab the prize for the win.

My Opinion: Let me practice my math. 13 quarter stars equal a ***1\4 rating, right? Yeah, it does. That's what you get.

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team Vs Santino Marella Fued also went well at the PPV with this:

World's Greatest Tag Team vs Santino Marella and Super Crazy.

Match Background: This will be a tables bout. World's Greatest Tag Team and Marella \ Crazy have been feuding recently. Marella \ Crazy hold the edge, as they have yet to be beaten in the ring by World's Greatest Tag Team during the feud. Santino Marella is the reigning WWE Intercontinental champion.

The Match: Big dropkick by Charlie Haas, who got a ton of air on the move. DDT from the top rope by Shelton Benjamin. That looked KILLER. Shelton Benjamin scoops up Crazy. Haas bounces off the ropes and hits a flying Hart Attack clothesline. Charlie Haas pulls Marella onto the table for a piledriver, but he uses a backdrop to survive. Super Crazy once again takes the advantage after blocking a few punches and connecting with some forearms. Hard impact Russian Leg Sweep by Marella. According to some other reviewers around here, 'legsweep' is one word. Santino Marella goes to suplex Haas through a table, but he slips out the backdoor. Diamond Dust from Super Crazy and Shelton is out! Marella sets up the table, then grabs Charlie Haas and uses a belly to belly suplex to break the table and get the victory. Marella \ Crazy climb opposite turnbuckles, working the crowd as they celebrate their victory.

My Opinion: I really shouldn't drink when I'm reviewing matches. Especially with Scotsman, I can't drink nearly as much, so I try too hard. It was either ** or ****, but I guess I'll have to compromise and say ***.

The Lashley Vs Benoit Fued also going well after a Submission Match:

Bobby Lashley vs Chris Benoit.

Match Background: This will be a submission bout. Lashley and Benoit have been feuding recently. Benoit has yet to get an in-ring victory in this feud. This match is for the ECW Heavyweight title. Bobby Lashley has been ECW Heavyweight champion since 10 July 2007.

The Match: Double arm suplex by Chris Benoit connects as Lashley hits hard. Stun Gun from Chris Benoit! I still can't believe that was Austin's finisher at one point. Lashley gets caught with a short powerbomb from Benoit. Lashley reverses a waistlock. Lashley hits a piledriver on Chris Benoit. That used to end matches, you know. Chris Benoit reverses a hip toss. Benoit almost belly-to-belly suplexes Bobby Lashley through the mat. What? It's possible. Corkscrew BRAINBUSTAH~! Lashley gets destroyed by it. Benoit drops an elbow...but Bobby Lashley moves out of the way. Bobby Lashley connects with rights and lefts and Chris Benoit is down! Lashley drops an elbow...but Chris Benoit moves out of the way. Lashley tastes a high angle back suplex. If Spike Lee can sue TNN over the Spike TV nonsense, then Kurt Angle should be able to sue SOMEONE for that. Chris Benoit has Bobby Lashley down...and locks in the Crippler Crossface for the submission victory! Bobby Lashley offers a handshake to Benoit...and he accepts it!

My Opinion: Some blown spots really drag this match down a notch, so its ***1\2 for you.

The Batista Vs Edge Fued went ok at the PPV in a Hell in a Cell match but not as good as it could've been:

Batista vs Edge.

Match Background: This will be a hell in a cell bout. Batista and Edge have been feuding recently. So far, Batista hasn't managed to get a pin or submission over Edge since the feud started. This match is for the World Heavyweight title.

The Match: Edge scoops and slams Batista. What's the difference between a scoop slam and a body slam anyway? Edge with a spinning neckbreaker on Batista. Edge slams Batista down and motions to the crowd. Batista pulls a mule kick out of nowhere. Batista hits a piledriver on Edge. That used to end matches, you know. Edge backdrops Batista out of a piledriver attempt. That took a lot out of Edge. Batista walks into a side slam. Think about how much talent it takes to side slam someone. Nash can do it. Spear! Batista is down! Edge goes for a splash but Batista puts the knees up. Edge takes a headbutt from Batista. Edge reverses a hip toss. Running knee lift from Edge. Edge moves in for the kill. Here it comes - Spear. 1....2...3, it's finished. Edge gives a murderous look toward Batista...and attacks! Batista gets dropped to the canvas, then battered with a barrage of rights and lefts. Edge leaves the ring having left Batista down and out.

My Opinion: It was close to a *** match, but I just can't stand too many blown spots. **3/4

The other two Fueds being The Boogeyman Vs Finlay and Khali vs Cena didnt really go well

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