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New Generation Wrestling!

This is my first go of a Booker Company...

New Generation Wrestling!

No Brands, No GM's!
NGW is mostly combined of WWE Wrestlers, but also has former/current wCw/Indy and TNA wrestlers.
There is only 1 brand, and that is NGW itself. Only 1 true champion in all divisions!

H- Heel
N- Neutral
F- Face

World HeavyWeight Division:
Chris Jericho (F)
Kurt Angle (H)
Sting (F)
Kane (H)
The Rock
Triple H (H)
Big Show (H) - Injured
Ric Flair (H)
Chris Benoit (H)
Shawn Michaels (F)
Undertaker (H)
Eddie Guerrero (F)

Intercontinental Division:
Lance Storm (F)
Charlie Haas (F)
Randy Orton (H)
Batista (H)
John Cena (F)
Edge (F)
Shelton Benjamin (F)
John Bradshaw Layfield (H)
Booker T (H)
Scott Steiner (H) - Unactive
Christian (H)
Rob Van Dam (F)
Sean O'Haire (H)
Rene Dupree (H)
Chris Kanyon (H)
Shane Douglas (H)
Buff Bagwell (F)

United States Division:
William Regal (F)
Rob Conway (H) - Unactive
Johnny Nitro (H) - Unactive
Rico (F)
Doug Basham (H)
Danny Bashams (H)
Al Snow (H)
Bubba Ray Dudley (F)
D'Von Dudley (F)
Tommy Dreamer (F)
Billy Gunn (F)
Tyson Tomko (H)
Rikishi (F)
Orlando Jordan (F)
Rosey (H)
Rhyno (H)
Mark Jindrak (H)
Test (H)
Sylvan Granier (H)
Johnny Stamboli (H)
Mike Awesome (H)
Eugene (F)
Garrison Cade (F)

Crusier-Weight Division:
Nunzio (H)
Akio (H)
Sakoda (H)
Matt Hardy (H)
Rey Mysterio Jr (F)
Billy Kidman (F)
Paul London (F)
The Hurricane (F)
Chavo Jr (H)
Grand Master Sexay (F)
Psychosis (F) - Injured
Spanky (F)
Shannon Moore (F)
Jamie Noble (H)
Ultimo Dragon (F)
Tajiri (F)
Lash LeRoux (H) - Unactive
Blitzgrieg (F)
Scotty 2 Hotty (F)

Womens Division:
Stacy (H)
Ivory (F)
Victoria (F)
Jackie Gayda (F)
Lita (F)
Torrie Wilson (F)
Nidia (H) - Unactive
Trish Stratus (H)
Dawn Marie (H)
Molly Holly (H)
Gail Kim (H)
Jacqueline (F)


Tag Team Division:
Charlie Haas & Lance Storm
Bubba & D'Von Dudley (Dudley Boys)
Danny & Doug Basham (The Basham Brothers)
Akio & Sakoda
Randy Orton, Batista & HHH (Evolution)
Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrak
Christian & Tyson Tomko
Rene Dupree & Sylvan Granier (La Resistance)
Orlando Jordan & Garrison Cade
Billy Kidman & Paul London

CruiserWeight Tag Team Division:
Akio & Sakoda
Rey Mysterio Jr & Kidman
Billy Kidman & Paul London
Chavo Jr & Lash LeRoux
Grand Master Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty
Ultimo Dragon & Tajiri


Teddy Long (Managers: No-one as of yet)

Male/ Female Relationships:
Trish Stratus / Christian
Stacy/ NBT


Monday Night- Mayhem
Thursday Night- Rampage

-Eric Bischoff
-Vince McMahon (Behind Scenes)

Commissioner :

Mayhem- Jim Ross/ Jerry Lawler
Rampage- Tony Schivione/ Jonathon Coachman
PPV: Jim Ross/ Mike Tenay & Jerry Lawler

-Michael Cole
-Josh Matthews


January - Royal Rumble (Last Man Standing)
February - Nowhere To Run
March - WrestleMania (The All-Star Showdown)
April - Voltage Impact
May - Uprising
June - Bad Blood
July - Uncensored
August - Summer Slam
September - Bad Company
October - No Mercy
November - Survivor Series
December - Royal Bash

*Please Note: PPV Names are subjected to change...


NGW World HeavyWeight Championship
NGW IC Championship
NGW United States Championship (Euro Division)
NGW Tag Team Championship
NGW CruiserWeight Championship
NGW CruiserWeight Tag Team Championship
NGW Womens Championship

......Opening Show shall be next week!



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