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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE: No Mercy -– 10/15/06 -- Review
‘Gade, I’m back, so I thought I’d drop some comments for No Mercy.

Starting with the opening video package which was just alright, yet I believe it could’ve been done in a better fashion, even in recap. Good, fast-paced match to kick off and I really liked seeing Helms getting mentioned most of the time in this match up. Great match, and nice to see Hardy retaining the title, but I think that someone else needs to win that title now.

Even though this is a recap pay per view, I was still expecting more to hear from JBL which wasn’t the case here. But anyway, this was fine to add more hype in his feud with Jericho.

Finlay vs. Benoit always looks impressive to me, but I hope this feud ends here because this isn’t original seeing that it has been done before in the real WWE. Anyway, a good fifteen minute match up here, and seeing Benoit getting the victory over Finlay was expected.

JBL already hyped this feud, so I think Jericho’s promo wasn’t needed right now. Maybe it would have fit later, but anyway, this was better than JBL’s promo because it actually had some length into it. Looking forward to see who’ll wins that match because I can’t pick up anyone from this match.

Expected to see a nice and sweet tag team match between these three teams, but I didn’t expect AMW to retain the titles. However, I still believe that FBI should’ve won this match, especially because you’ve hyped them greatly before this pay per view.

To be honest with you, I don’t really like seeing Hell of a Cell here because it would’ve suited later. Anyway, the match was just fantastic, with 34 minutes in it. All of the spots were awesome, especially when Goldberg speared ‘Taker through the Cell, and when ‘Taker chokeslammed Goldberg through the announcing tables from the top of the cell! The light then going off, Goldberg’s trick, etc. Finish was also awesome. Good match, but didn’t just like the order of this match. Aftermath just wasn’t needed in my opinion. Goldberg won, he should’ve been happy, and that’s it.

All I can after reading that segment is that SmackDown! is focused, big time. And then after it we see a Goldberg promo? Ah, a big no no from me just because I don’t think he’d have that much energy left in him after going through with ‘Taker in a 34 minute Hell in a Cell match. Maybe it could’ve been saved for next SmackDown!

Good to see Nunzio retaining the Cruiserweight Championship in a fast-paced match up. I’m not fond of seeing Nunzio retaining clearly though. He should’ve cheated to win, but anyway, nice to see him winning, and getting some momentum back to FBI.

Lesnar’s segment was just alright. Onto the next match, I’m surprised to see Orton and Booker T defeating Austin and Sting. As Brandon said, I would have also liked Orton RKO’ing Sting onto the chair. But anyway, SmackDown! picks up the victory, and reading Bischoff’s promo from next RAW would be awesome. Haha. By the way, aftermath was nice, with Austin stunning the ref.

Whoa, JBL beats Jericho, but I’m glad that he didn’t beat him cleanly. Jericho will most likely come back for revenge in my opinion. I’m interested to know what’ll happen between these two guys in the future.

Main event was no doubt the match of the pay per view, and maybe a match of the year candidate. Awesome match, and the finish was extremely awesome. Angle winning the title doesn’t surprise me, but I think Lesnar will not keep quiet. Good briefly recapped pay per view.

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