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Re: Being the booker

Main Event: Clash of the Brands; 10 Man Tag:

Team RAW: (Led by RAW G.M Mick Foley)

Shawn Michaels, Kane, Booker T, Rob Van Dam & Randy Orton


Team Smackdown: (Led by SD G.M Bret Hart)

Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Big Show & Eddie Guerrero

Overview: Bret enters first, followed by Mick Foley to a fantastic home town response. The five superstars of each team then make their way to the ring, Orton is the last to be introduced and he is met by a huge chorus of booís from the crowd. He looks very disinterested by the match and stays on the apron.

The remaining superstars from each team then argue over who will start. Bret orders that Big Show start the match for Smackdown. The RAW team then nominate Kane to start for them.

Kane and Big Show lock up, and right away, Big Show drives a knee to the mid section. He clubs Kane to the ground and then drops an elbow. He covers Kane, 1..2..kick out. He then picks up Kane and hitís a short clothesline. He chucks Kane into the corner and tags in Lesnar.

Brock hits five hard shoulder thrusts in the corner to Kane, and begins to wear him down in the corner. He whips him off the ropes, but Kane ducks a clothesline and hitís a boot to Brock. He then tags in Booker T.

Booker takes Brock to the ropes and lays a number of vicious chops and punches. He moves Brock into the corner and hits another bunch of chops and punches to Lesnar. He whips Brock and then hitís a sidekick to him. He goes for the cover, 1...2...Brock kicks out. Booker then goes for another whip, but Brock reverses and hitís a Belly to Belly on Book. He then tags in Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie hits an arm drag on Booker, and then a dropkick. He then stomps on his opponent, and then lifts him up and goes for a suplex, but this is blocked and Booker hitís a suplex of his own. He goes for another cover, 1...2...Kick out. Eddie jumps up, but is met by an arm drag from Book. Book then hitís a spine buster, and then whips Eddie off the ropes for a flap jack. He makes the cover, 1...2...Eddie kicks out again. Booker then whips Eddie into the corner and runs at him, but Eddie gets a foot up on Booker. He then goes for a whip, but this is reversed by Booker T into a Book End, but Eddie fights out. They go punch for punch, but Booker ducks and hitís a reverse elbow. He then offers to tag Orton, but Randy looks away and refuses to tag, so Book shakes his head and makes the tag to RVD.

RVD goes up top and hitís a kick on Eddie right away. He then bounces off the ropes and hitís a leg drop, 1...2...Eddie kicks out!! RVD picks up Eddie and goes for an Irish Whip, but Eddie reverses into a suplex, and floats over into a cover, 1...2...RVD kicks out!! Eddie and RVD begin to throw punches at each other, and then both bounce off the ropes and duck each other, eventually Eddie holds the rope, and RVD falls. Eddie then hitís a Senton on RVD and jumps up to tag in Angle to a big pop.

Angle comes in and nails RVD with a clothesline. He follows up with another, and then he goes for a Belly to Belly, but RVD counters and goes for a German, but Angle reverses and hitís a German of his own. He hangs on and hits another, he hangs on again, but this time, RVD reaches out his hand, and to everyoneís surprise, KANE of all people extends his hand to make a slight tag. Angle doesnít notice, and hangs on to RVD for another German, but Kane stops him with a punch to the kidney.

Kane then hitís a clothesline to Kurt, and then a huge upper cut knock down. Kane then picks up Angle on his shoulder, and delivers a running power slam. He makes the cover, 1...2...Cena makes the save for Angle. Kane is unhappy, but continues the beating on Angle. He then hitís a side slam, and then goes up top and hits his flying top rope clothesline. He then gets a cover, 1...2...Eddie this time makes the save. The referee warns the Smackdown team about interfering in future.

Kane then hitís a big time power slam, and reaches out to HBK for the tag. HBK look around and nods his head and makes the tag with Kane.

He lays into Angle with a number of right hands. He then whips him off the ropes and hitís a flying forearm on Angle. He gets the cover, 1...2...Kurt kicks out. The Smackdown team start to become agitated on the outside as Angle is unable to make the tag to any of his team mates. HBK then whips Kurt into the ropes, but Kurt reverses the whip, and lowers his head for the return, but HBK has it scouted and stops himself before kicking Angle in the head. He then hitís an atomic drop, followed by a clothesline. He then picks up Kurt and hits a suplex. He whips Kurt into the RAW corner and offers the tag to Orton, but he jumps off the apron and goes walk about. HBK then tags RVD back in.

RVD lays in a number of punches at Kurt, before hitting a monkey flip, followed by a rolling thunder. He gets the cover, 1...2...Kurt kicks out. RVD then bounces off the ropes, but Kurt ducks and hitís a Belly to Belly. Both men crawl to their corners to tag, but Kurt gets their first and tags John Cena to an amazing pop.

Cena pulls RVD back to the centre and drops an elbow. He then gets up and taunts the RAW team with the ďYou cant see meĒ taunt. This riles up the RAW superstars, which distracts the referee, meaning Cena can choke RVD without being seen. Strangely, this even gets a great cheer from the crowd. He lets go, and then hits another elbow. He jumps up and then bounces off the ropes for the 5 knuckle shuffle. He covers Van Dam, 1...2...HBK stops the count. He is told off by the referee, and Cena continues the punishment. He hitís a reverse elbow to RVD, and back away into the corner, but Lesnar makes a blind tag. Cena is irate, but Bret calms him down.

Brock picks RVD into the air, and hitís a rib breaker, he then tackles RVD into the corner and stomps on his opponent. He lifts him in the air and beils RVD to the middle. He then charges RVD with a clothesline, and makes a cover, 1...2...RVD kicks out again!

Lesnar then picks him up with ease and goes for a Belly to Belly, but RVD punches his way out, and bounces off the ropes, but he is met by a knee to the gut, followed by a Belly to Belly. He then whips RVD into the Smackdown corner, but Show then makes a blind tag. Lesnar is irate and shoves Show. The two then argue, until Angle steps in and tells Brock to get out and Show to get on RVD.

Big Show raises RVD into the air with ease and taunts the RAW team before dropping him with the press slam. He puts a foot over RVD for the cover, 1...2...RVD kicks out. Big Show then signals for the choke slam, but RVD blocks it and bounces off the ropes, but right into the boot of Big Show. He covers Van Dam, 1...2...Kick out. Big Show then trails RVD to the corner and tags in Guerrero.

Eddie enters the ring with a heilo to RVD. He makes the cover, 1...2...RVD kicks out. Eddie then lays into RVD with repeated right hands in the corner. He then hitís a suplex, he holds on and hits another, and then continues to hold on and hitís the third suplex. He still holds on after the triple, and goes to the top rope for one big superplex to Van Dam. RVD then blocks it and knocks Eddie off the top rope. He goes for the 5 Star, but Eddie rolls out of the way. He then gets a cover, 1...2...RVD kicks out again!!! Eddie then whips RVD off the ropes and hitís a reverse elbow. He then applies a backbreaker for a short spell before RVD begins to fight out with a number of kicks. RVD then bounces off the ropes and the two men collide with a double clothesline.

Both men are down, and slowly they crawl to their corners for a tag. They make a tag at the same time, RVD to Michaels, and Eddie to Angle.

HBK and Angle sprint to the centre of the ring and go blow for blow, Angle gets the early advantage and whips HBK into the ropes, but HBK ducks and hitís a Flying Forearm to Angle. He then whips Kurt, but he reverses and hitís a Belly to Belly on HBK. He whips HBK into the ropes with velocity, and Michaels is all over the place. Angle then goes for an Angle Slam, but HBK rolls through and gets a school boy on Kurt, 1...2...Kurt kicks out. HBK then hitís a clothesline, and then goes for a whip into the corner, but this is reversed by Angle, but HBK jumps to the top rope and moonsault onto Kurt, 1...2...Kick out!! HBK knocks down Angle and then tags in Booker T.

Booker kicks at Angle and then goes for a side kick, but Angle ducks and hits another Belly to Belly. He covers Book, 1...2...Kick out! Angle then hitís a chop block and goes for the Ankle lock, but Booker turns it and gets a cradle, 1...2...Kick out from Kurt!! Both men jump up and go for a clothesline, But Booker ducks and hitís a kick to the gut, followed by a scissors kick. He does the spin-a-roonie, before tagging in Kane.

The Big Red machine then begins to work on Angle in the corner. He then whips Kurt off the ropes and hitís a boot to the face. He then grips Kurt by the neck with both hands and raises him up in the air in a choke hold. Angle rolls through and rolls up Kane, 1...2...Kane kicks out!! Kurt then runs straight into an uppercut from Kane, and then Kane hitís a back breaker. He is then blind tagged by RANDY ORTON. Orton then enters the ring very slowly smiling. Kane isnít very happy, but he leaves the ring anyway.

Orton then stomps on Angle, and picks him up for a neck breaker. He gets a lazy cover, 1...2...Kurt kicks out. Orton continues to stomp on Kurt, and hitís a suplex. He then goes up top for a cross body, but Angle moves out of the way. Orton quickly tags in HBK, who quickly brings Kurt back to the centre of the ring. He applies a figure four to Kurt, who shows a lot of pain, and tries to reach the ropes. His shoulders fall to the ground, 1...2..Kurt kicks out. He still tries to get out of the move, but again his shoulders hit the floor, 1...2...Kurt again barely kicks out. He then tries to grab the leg of Michaels, and manages to apply a variation of the ankle lock on HBK. HBK soon breaks the Figure Four, and Kurt has the Ankle lock, locked in. HBK reaches in desperation for the ropes, but then twists and kicks Angle to the corner. Angle makes the tag to Big Show, who immediately, begins to work on the ankle of HBK.

He stands on the ankle with full body weight applied, and then applies a leg lock. He then lets go and hitís a leg drop to the bad ankle. HBK rolls around in agony. Big Show picks up HBK and hitís a huge Beil to the Heart break kid. He beats away at him in the corner with an illegal choke, before breaking and tagging in John Cena.

Cena stomps on HBK in the corner and then pulls him out for a suplex. He then applies a sleeper, with HBK seemingly fading. The referee raises the arm twice, and both times it falls to the ground. The third time it stays in the air, and he breaks the hold with repeated elbows to the mid section. He then bounces off the ropes, but Cena hitís a throwback, followed by the 5 Knuckle shuffle. He gets a cover, 1...2...HBK KICKS OUT!! Cena then slams HBK to the ground and tags in Eddie again.

Eddie beats at HBK and hits an arm drag. He then goes for the Laso from El Paso, but HBK kicks him away. HBK tries to fight back, but Eddie drives a knee, followed by a DDT. He then tags in Brock Lesnar.

Brock enters and hitís a Belly to belly with ease. He hitís another, and then smiles at Heyman. He makes the cover, 1.Ö2.ÖHBK kicks out!! Brock is irate. He then applies the Brock lock. HBK breaks the hold with repeated head butts to Lesnar, but as he comes off the ropes, he walks into an F5. Lesnar looks to deliver the move, but HBK reverses with a DDT. The crowd then get behind HBK to make the tag, but as looks set to, Big Show runs in and hits an elbow drop, sparking a mass brawl.

All ten superstars then engage in a mass brawl. Cena fights it out with Book, Eddie goes at it with Orton, Big Show fights with Kane, RVD with Kurt, and HBK with Brock. It then comes down to just Show and Kane in the ring. Show goes for a choke slam, but Kane blocks it and goes for his own. The two tussle for supremacy, until, Cena and Booker enter. Cena hits Kane and Book hits Show, but both men get choke slammed. Kane then turns around and walks into a choke slam from Big Show. Then Orton runs in and takes Show to the outside, and Lesnar tries to cover Kane, but he is stopped by RVD. They fight it out, and Brock goes for the F5, but RVD fights out, and hitting a spinning kick. He then goes up top for a 5 Star, but he is pushed off the top by Heyman into the crowd. Brock then picks up Booker T, but Booker takes him by surprise and hitís a Book End. He then goes for a cover, but Cena stops him. He hitís the FU on Booker, before being kicked out of the ring by Kane. Angle then comes in from behind and hits Kane with an Angle Slam to the outside.

Meanwhile on the outside, Orton and HBK team up to the surprise of everyone, and hit a double suplex to Big Show through the table. As soon as this happens, Orton is met by Eddie, and HBK runs into the ring to take on Angle. They go punch for punch, with HBK on top. He hits an Angle slam on Kurt, followed by a top rope elbow. He then set him up for Sweet chin Music, but Lesnar gets up first, and he is hit with it instead. Kurt then goes for a clothesline, but HBK ducks and hits Sweet Chin Music. Cena then comes in from behind and hitís a DDT on HBK, but then Booker is up and fights with him to the outside. Eddie then puts Orton down on the outside and gets to the top rope. He hitís the Frog Splash to Kane and goes for a cover, but HBK somehow stops the cover.

He and Eddie go at it, with Eddie on top. He hitís the brain buster, and then goes up top for the Frog Splash, but he is pushed off by Orton. Orton then enters the ring and nails Kurt with the RKO. He then lines up Lesnar for the RKO also, but as he runs at Lesnar, Orton decides to change his mind, and RKOís Michaels instead.

Randy leaves the ring with a huge grin on his face as Foley looks on shocked. Orton walks up the ramp as Brock Lesnar covers HBK, 1.Ö.2.Ö.3!!!!!! SMACKDOWN WIN!!!!! Mick Foley, Bret Hart, and the audience are in a stunned silence and a state of shock as Smackdown is crowned the Champions. We look at the carnage in the ring and on the outside as Foley stands on the outside shocked. His face then turns into a fit of rage as he storms out. We end the show watching Foley walk up the ramp with a purpose and we take one last look at the carnage in the ring as we end the showÖÖÖÖ..

Let me know what you thought of the PPV, all comments are welcome.
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