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Re: Being the booker

5th Match: Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Sting vs. Chris Benoit
Overview: The two champions shake hands and then circle the ring. They tie up and struggle for power, Benoit backs Sting into the corner, but Sting powers back and backs Benoit into the opposite corner. The referee then makes the two back away from each other.

The crowd begins a Benoit chant, but when that stops, a Sting chants begins. The crowd seem totally split between the two superstars at this point.

Then, they tie up again, this time, Benoit takes down Sting. He then applies a waist lock as Sting tries to struggle out. The two tussle around the canvas, until both back off and grab the ropes. The crowd give another huge mixed response as the two warriors get to their feet.

They tie up again, this time, Sting gets a headlock, but Benoit reverses and whips Sting into the ropes and hit’s a shoulder block. Benoit goes for an elbow, but Sting moves out of the way, and hits Benoit with a clothesline. Sting gets a cover, 1...2...Benoit kicks out. Sting then drops an elbow on Benoit and gives a WOOOO to the crowd. He picks up Benoit and places him in the corner. He hit’s a chop to which the crowd reply WOOOOO!! He hits another, and then Benoit reverses and hits five chops of his own. Benoit then whips Sting to the opposite corner, but as he runs at him, Sting hit’s a reverse elbow to the U.S Champ. He then hit’s a suplex on Benoit and gets a cover, 1...2...Kick out! Sting picks up Benoit and goes for another, but Benoit blocks it, and hit’s a suplex of his own. He then gets a cover, 1...2...Kick out! Benoit stomps on the grounded Sting, and then picks him up for a German suplex. Sting blocks it and rolls through for a pin, 1...2...Benoit kicks out!

Sting then picks up Benoit and attempts a Scorpion Death drop, but Benoit counters and rolls through to hit a German Suplex. He hangs on to Sting and hit’s another, he keeps the grip for one more German. The crowd then comes to it’s feet as Benoit signals for the Headbutt. He takes a while to get to the top due to being a little fatigued. He goes for the Headbutt, but Sting rolls out of the way at the last second.

Sting then quickly tries to lock in the Scorpion Deathlock, but Benoit tries to fight it, Sting however, overpowers Benoit and locks the submission in.

Benoit screams in agony as he tries to make the ropes. He looks set to grab the bottom rope at one stage, but Sting pulls him back into the centre. Benoit then in one last attempt, hooks the leg of Sting and counters the move. Benoit then locks the move in on Sting, but Sting scurries to the ropes immediately.

Sting then goes to the outside, but he is followed by Benoit. Benoit whips Sting into the steel steps, and then bounces his head off the announce table. He hit’s a German suplex to Sting on the outside and then throws him back in the ring.

Benoit then grabs the arm of Sting and goes for a crossface, but Sting fights out and hit’s an atomic drop on Benoit, followed by a Death drop. He gets the cover, 1.…2.…BENOIT KICKS OUT!!!

Sting is shocked. He gets Benoit up and goes for the move again, but Benoit reverses and hit’s a Northern Lights Suplex. He gets the bridge for a cover, 1...2...Sting kicks out!! Benoit picks up Sting and hit’s a back drop. He then signals for the Headbutt again. He goes up top, but this time, Sting jumps to his feet and stops Benoit. They go punch for punch on the top rope, but Sting gets the better of the exchange. He then hit’s a superplex on Benoit to a huge ovation from the crowd.

Both men are laying motionless on the canvas as the crowd split their favourtism for the two men. The referee begins a ten count, 1.……2.……3.……4. Sting then begins to show some life, 5.……6, Sting begins to move and slowly places an arm over Benoit, 1...2...BENOIT KICKS OUT!!!

After a short while, both men begin to stir, and eventually they make it to their feet. They then go punch for punch, back and forth. Sting drives a knee into Benoit’s sternum and goes for a Belly to Belly, but Benoit fights out, and cradles Sting, 1...2...STING KICKS OUT!!! They both shoot up to their feet and Sting nails a clothesline. He then whips Benoit into the corner and hit’s a Stinger splash. Benoit staggers out and Sting hit’s a bulldog. He then goes to the top rope and looks for a body splash, but Benoit has it scouted and moves out of the way, and Sting hit’s the canvas.

Benoit takes the opportunity to get to the top rope and finally hit’s the Headbutt. He struggles to make the cover, but he does eventually, 1.…2.…STING GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Benoit is shocked. He gets Sting and puts him in the corner. He whips Sting hard, but Sting then has a sudden burst. He throws right and left hands at Benoit, backing him into the opposite corner. He kicks him and chops him in the corner, and then hit’s another Stinger Splash. He goes for another, but this time, Benoit moves, and as Sting bounces back out, Benoit applies the Crossface.

Sting looks set to tap after failing to make the ropes, but he then rolls through and gets a roll up, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Sting then ducks a clothesline, and gets a crucifix pin on Benoit, but Benoit reverses and takes Sting by surprise by getting a cradle, 1.…2.…3!!!! BENOIT WINS!!!!! Benoit celebrates in the ring afterwards, and helps Sting to his feet. They share a hug, and Sting raises Benoit’s hand, acknowledging he was beaten by the better man.

Backstage we see Test & Steiner preparing for the Tables match up next.
A video package plays for the Tables match coming up.

Interview with RVD. He says that tonight, Team RAW will triumph, because Smackdown don’t have….R…V…D!!!!

6th Match: Tables Match:
Dudley Boyz vs. Test & Steiner
Overview: The Dudleyz enter first and wait for Test & Steiner, but as the music plays, Test & BPP come through the crowd and attack the Dudleyz from behind beginning the match. Test goes at it with D’ Von, and Steiner goes at it with Bubba. Test and Steiner kick Bubba out of the ring and assault D’ Von. They hit a double suplex on him and then Steiner pushes Test hard, and they mimic the Dudleys.

Steiner: “TEST!!!”
Test: “WHAT!!!”
Steiner: “GET THE TABLES!!!”
This gets a very unpleasant reaction from the crowd, as they boo the duo. Test goes to the outside and grabs a table, but he is stopped on the way back by Bubba who tackles Test to the ground. This distracts Steiner who looks to the outside, giving D’ Von the chance to attack him. He hit’s a dropkick on BPP and then pounds him in the corner. Bubba gets back in and they hit the Dudley Device on Steiner. Bubba then sees Test trying to re enter and hit’s a Bubba bomb on him. They then hit the WASSSSUPPP!!!!! on Test, and he squirms to the outside again. Then the Dudley’s do their trademark saying when Bubba shoves his brother,

Bubba: “D’ VON!!!”
D’ Von: “WHAT!!!”
Bubba: “GET THE TABLES!!!!!”
This gets a huge response from the crowd as they chant, “We want tables!!”. They get a table and carry it into the ring. They then go for the 3D on BPP, but Test pulls the leg of Bubba as he bounces off the rope, and Steiner counters on D’ Von into a reverse DDT. He then hit’s a Belly to Belly. And a T-Bone on Bubba as he gets back in. He then attempts to hits another T-Bone to D’ Von through the table, but as he hit’s the move, Bubba frantically moves the table out of the way.

Test then re enters and goes for a Boot on Bubba, but misses. Bubba hits his combination of punches on Test, and knocks down Steiner in between as he tries to intervene. Bubba then picks up Steiner, and goes for the Bubba bomb through the table, but this time, Test makes the save with the Boot to Bubba.

Test and Steiner then go for a flapjack on D’ Von through the table, but Bubba somehow, manages to stop them. The four men then go punch for punch, and Steiner brawls with D’ Von to the outside, leaving Bubba and Test in the ring. Bubba get the better of the action, but Test comes back with some shots of his own. He ducks a clothesline and hit’s the Pump handle slam, but not through a table.

He goes to the outside where he helps BPP take down his brother. They get back in the ring and go for a double suplex through the table, but Bubba fights out, and hit’s a double clothesline. He tries to take on both, but soon they overpower him.

Suddenly, D’ Von runs into the ring with a steel chair and lays out Test. He goes for Steiner, but he ducks, and hit’s the referee instead.

He then hits Steiner with the chair and he and Bubba then set up Steiner for the 3D through the table. They hit the move, but there is no referee to call for the bell. They look to the outside, and Bubba goes outside and begins to argue with the time keeper. Meanwhile, Test grabs the chair, and hits D’ Von from behind. Bubba runs in and hammers away on Test, but he hits Bubba with a low blow. He then hit’s the Test Drive, and pulls Steiner out of the broken table and replaces him with Bubba.
They run up the ramp as the referee comes to his senses. He calls for the bell, and Test and Steiner are declared the winners.
They leave the arena all smiles as D’ Von recovers and helps Bubba to his feet. They are both irate over the decision as the camera cuts away.

We then see backstage, Eddie Guerrero talking to team mate John Cena. Big Show then enters and tell them as long as he is in the ring, they needn’t worry. Lesnar then enters. He laughs at Big Show’s claim, and says that as long as HE stays in the ring, Team Smackdown has no problems. The four then get in an argument. Angle then steps in and tells all of them to settle down. He reminds them that the MVP gets a title shot, providing they work as a unit. He tells them to remember that later.
We then see Ric Flair making his way backstage for the Submission match up next. J.R reminds us that RAW now trails Smackdown 4-2 overall, and this match is vital.

7th Match: Mc Mahon’s Choice Match; Submission rules.
William Regal Vs Ric Flair
Overview: Regal and Flair walk around the ring. Regal stops and looks around at the crowd. They begin to chant that Regal sucks. He gives the fans a dirty look and then looks at Flair. The crowd begin to chant WOOOOOOO. Flair smiles and nods his head. He then gives the crowd a WOOOOOO back. This upsets Regal and he goes for a tie up. Regal uses his power advantage on Flair and forces Flair into the corner. He rubs his forearm into the face of Flair, until the referee calls for a break. Regal back out, but hit’s a knee to the gut of Flair as he backs away. Flair drops to a knee as he has been winded. Regal is told off by the referee, but he ignores him and walks around the ring and then waves to the crowd. This generates huge heat from all those in attendance. Flair then gets up and tells Regal it’s time to go to school. They lock up again, but this time Flair breaks it and rakes the eyes of Regal.

Regal complains to the referee as Flair begins to strut around the ring. This angers Regal. He lays a stiff right hand on Flair and punches him to the ground. He then whips Flair into the corner. He walks over to the corner and chops Flair. Flair then reverses and hit’s a number of stiff chops to Regal, bringing Regal’s chest to a bright red colour. He then WOOOOOOOOOO’s at the crowd, and they WOOO right back. Flair brings Regal out of the corner and Irish Whips him, Flair goes for a chop, on Regal but he ducks and then hits a neck breaker on the Nature Boy.

Regal then goes to work on Flair, stomping on him, then picking him up. Regal then delivers a suplex to his opponent. He then floats over and tries to apply to STF, but Flair struggles out and rolls to the outside.

Regal follows and comes after Flair. He turns him around, but Flair kicks Regal in the knee. He then throws Regal back in. Flair picks up Regal’s left leg and then slams it back down. He then drops an elbow to the knee. He then smiles to the crowd and gives a small WOOO. Flair delivers a second elbow drop to the knee of Regal. Flair drags his opponent to the ropes and places William’s leg on the bottom rope. He hits another elbow to the knee, followed by a knee. Regal writhes in pain and tries to leave the ring, but Flair drags him to the centre by the injured leg. Flair then grabs the leg and drops a knee to the knee. He then picks up the leg again, and then signals for the figure four with the nature boy strut, and a WOOOO. He then goes for the figure four, but Regal kicks him away and as Flair turns around, Regal nails a low blow. He is admonished by the referee, but he just pushes him away and goes to work on Flair. He picks him and then hit’s a back breaker. Flair rolls around in agony. Regal then kicks Flair right in the back, sending Flair to his knee’s. Regal follows up with another stiff kick. He then tries to apply a Mexican Surfboard, but fails to execute the manoeuvre. He then hit’s the Regal Stretch neck breaker on Flair, before going to the corner, and undoing the top and middle turnbuckles.

He picks up Flair and whips him into the corner. Flair is in agony as he bounces out. He then begins to stagger and eventually he falls on his face. Regal raises his arms in victory to a major chorus of boo’s from the crowd. He then goes for the ultimate insult, and attempts to lock in the Figure Four. Flair though, fights back with a number of right hands. He fights to his feet and bounces off the ropes and shoulder blocks Regal, but Regal doesn’t budge. He comes off the ropes again, and again he fails to knock down Regal. He goes for one last try, but as he bounces off the ropes, he stops before hitting the shoulder, and instead kicks Regal in the knee.

Regal falls to the ground in agony as Flair struts around the ring to the fans delight. Flair then again attempts to lock in the Figure Four, but this time, as he turns, Regal sits up and hits Flair in the back with Brass Knucks.

Flair falls to the ground, a crumpled mess, and Regal begins to do his own strut around the ring. He then picks up Flair and hit’s a German Suplex. He jumps to his feet and waves again to the crowd, gaining huge heat. He then picks up Flair, and whips him into the unprotected corner again. He then goes for a Superplex, but Flair pushes him off. Regal though, jumps right back up and pulls Flair right off the top rope. He then quickly locks in the Texas Cloverleaf on Flair.

Flair screams in agony, as he desperately crawls to the ropes. He looks set to make it, but Regal lets go of the hold, and pulls Flair back to the centre and applies the STF. This time, Flair seems to be in twice as much pain. He screams and doesn’t look like making the ropes at all, but out of nowhere, he makes a last sudden move for the ropes. He makes it to Regal’s disbelief. He refuses to let go until the referee counts to four.

Regal then kicks Flair in the back again, and then whips Flair into the corner. He runs at Flair, but Flair sticks up his boot blocking Regal away. Flair then grabs Regal by the hair and walks toward the referee. He blocks the referee from view and hits his trademark low blow to Regal. He then hit’s a chop block, and goes for the figure four. Regal writhes in pain from the hold, but instead of going for the ropes, he reverses the hold on Flair, and now Flair is in agony. Flair, uses all the strength he has remaining, and reverses the hold again on Regal, but this time, Regal is too close to the ropes.

Both men make it to their feet, and go punch for punch. Flair then hit’s a few chops on Regal, but Regal hit’s a clothesline on Flair. He then picks out the Brass Knucks again, but this time, he is spotted by the referee. Regal has the weapon discarded by the referee, but as the referee turns his back, Regal pulls out another pair. However, he turns around to Flair, he rakes his eyes. Regal drops the knucks and Flair picks them up and nails him with them. Regal is KO’d by the shot, and Flair takes advantage by locking in the Figure Four. The referee sees that Regal is out and calls for the bell, ending the match via Pass out.
He raises Flair’s hand in victory to a huge WOOOOOOOOO from Flair and the audience. J.R and Tazz say that this was vintage Flair, and that has also brought the scores to RAW 3, Smackdown 4, in terms of victories tonight.

McMahon - Hart VP for Survivor Series

Team RAW meeting with Mic Foley. Foley asks them to put their ego’s aside tonight and work as a team. Then Randy Orton enters the room late. He sits in a corner alone as Foley says it was good of him to join. Orton takes no notice and looks on as we cut away to a graphic for the Jericho - Goldberg match up next.

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