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RAW & SMACKDOWN presents, WWE Clash of the Champions;

Long Island, New York; Nassau Coliseum, September 12th 2004

On screen we are shown the RAW locker room, and then we cut to the Smackdown locker room. Then a picture of RAW GM Mick Foley appears, followed by a picture of Smackdown GM Bret Hart.

Opening Video: The opening is played with the Event music, Saliva, Your Disease in the background and the video contrasts between RAW and Smackdown superstars starting with the two General managers Foley and Hart then we are shown Goldberg and Jericho going head to head, A clip of Flair in action, then Regal in action, both making an opponent tap, Sting and Benoit holding their belts, Trish and Torrie posing, Test and Steiner defecting, then the Dudley Boyz gaining revenge, Matt & Lita celebrating a win, followed by A-Train and Dawn laughing, then we are shown Edge & Christian hitting a conchairto, then Hurricane and Storm winning the tag titles. We are then shown Rhyno, followed by Rey Mysterio, and then finally we come to a quick shot of each competitor in the Ten man tag main event, followed by a clip of each man in action. The video ends with the voices of both Bret Hart and Mick Foley saying, ďLet the Clash begin!Ē

And now, Subway presents, a RAW and Smackdown production of WWE Clash of the Champions!


J.R: We are live in the Nassau Coliseum for what is surely going to be one historical night for the WWE, RAW vs. Smackdown!! And tonight, for one night only, I am joined by Smackdownís Tazz to call this evenings event!

Tazz: Thatís right, J.R. Tonight, you are working with a professional, and by the way, itís Smackdown vs. RAW!! I know I will be pulling for Smackdown, but Iíll try to keep as even minded as possible.

J.R: Well, Iíll be pulling for RAW as always Tazz, but Iím extremely pumped for what promises to be a truly world class event!

Hurricaneís music hits in the arena and we are set for our opening match.

Tazz: Look, JR, itís not a bird, itís not a plane, itís the HURRICANEÖ. and that other guy.

J.R: Hurricane, and Citizen Storm Tazz, the Smackdown Tag Team Champions, what a way to kick off the event, and this will be truly a Clash of Champions!

1st Match: Tag Champions vs. Tag Champions:
Edge & Christian vs. Hurricane & Citizen Storm
Overview: E&C enter the ring and ask Storm and Hurricane to leave the ring for a moment as they want to give the fans a 5 Second pose. Hurricane and Storm decide to in favour of the fans. E&C then say tonightís pose is in homage to their opponents tonight. They take out a green wig and a mask. Christian puts on the props and Edge then stands in the ring with a very serious face. Christian does the Hurricane pose to perfection while Edge still stands in a serious manner, mimicking Storm. Hurricane and Storm have enough and attack E&C.

Hurricane starts off with Christian. They trade punches back and forth, with Hurricane surprisingly coming out on top. He pummels Christian in the corner and then stands on the middle rope and hitís the ten punch with the crowd counting with him. Then Edge runs across the apron and pulls Hurricane down by the hair, and Hurricane straddles on the top rope. Christian takes advantage with a reverse DDT, and tags in Edge.

Edge stomps on Hurricane and then picks him up and hitís a suplex. He gets a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT! Edge then picks him up again, but Hurricane ducks the punch, and hits one of his own. He tags in Storm. Storm hitís a clothesline on Edge, and then hitís a mule kick on Christian, sending him to the floor. He hitís a dropkick on Edge and then hits an elbow. He tags Hurricane and they hit a double suplex. Both then do the superhero stance, but Christian comes in from behind and hitís a double clothesline. He then makes fun of both by doing his own stance. He is warned by the referee, and banished to the apron. Edge then hitís the buzz killer on Hurricane. He tags his partner and they begin to double team Hurricane. Christian then hitís a side suplex and begins to work on the back of Hurricane. He and Edge begin to make constant tags, leaving Hurricane isolated from his partner.

Edge and Christian become cocky and play around with Hurricane. They let him crawl halfway across the ring to make a tag, but as he thinks he will, they pull him back and work on his back again. Edge goes for the Edgecution, but Hurricane reverses and hitís the Eye of the Hurricane. He crawls to make a tag to Storm, but Christian pulls him back, however, Hurricane kicks him away and rolls through to tag in Lance Storm.

Storm cleans house and batters the RAW tag champions with a number of clotheslines. He then hitís a DDT on Edge, and throws Christian out of the ring. He then applies the Maple Leaf, but Christian breaks it up just before Edge taps out. Christian goes at it with Storm, but Storm is still fresh and overpowers Christian. He hitís a German suplex with a bridge. He gets a count, 1...2...KICK OUT!! Christian pushes Storm into the path of Edge, who Spears down the Smackdown Tag champ.

Hurricane then re enters to make the save for his partner. He knocks down Edge and then hitís a dropkick on Christian. He goes to the top rope and hitís a Blockbuster on Edge. He gets a cover, 1...2...Christian breaks up the count. Christian then goes for the Unprettier, but Lance Storm hits Christian in the gut, and he lets go. Storm whips him off the ropes and then he and Hurricane hit a double drop toe hold, followed by a double leg drop. Storm gets the cover, 1...2...Edge breaks up the count. He goes to the outside with Hurricane, leaving Storm and Christian in the ring.

Storm goes for a super kick, but Christian ducks and then kicks Storm in the nuts. The referee doesnít see as he is too busy watching the fight on the outside. Christian the hitís the Unprettier on Lance, and gets a cover, but the referee realises that he isnít the legal man. Christian is irate and goes to the outside. He helps Edge beat up Hurricane, and then tells Edge to get in the ring. He gets in and goes for a cover, but Storm cradles Edge and gets a two, but Edge kicks out.

Hurricane and Christian get back in and Hurricane takes control. He hitís a double clothesline, and then sets up Edge for the shining wizard, but Christian pushes Edge out of the way, and Hurricane hits Storm instead. He turns around and walks right into an Edgecution. Edge kicks Hurricane out of the ring and then covers Storm, Christian runs to the outside and grabs Storms legs to stop him from kicking out, and Edge gets the three and the victory!! E&C quickly leave after stealing another victory, getting RAW off to a great start at Clash of the Champions. Hurricane and Storm argue with the referee in the ring as they insist that E&C cheated.

We then cut to Bret Harts office where he is talking to Torrie. He tells her it is vital that she wins this match tonight, especially after SD lost the first match. She tells him that like she has said for the last two weeks, tonight, she WILL beat the best Womenís wrestler in the world, Trish Stratus.
E&C talk with Trish. They tell her that all she has to do is follow their lead and do whatever it takes to win the match.

A Video package airs showing the rivalry between the two Premier divas in the WWE today, Trish and Torrie.

2nd Match: Womenís Challenge:
Trish Stratus vs. Torrie Wilson
Overview: The two divas begin with a stare down in the middle of the ring. Trish laughs at Torrie and walks away. Torrie runs at Trish and takes her down from behind. He hits Stratus with a number of right hands. She then gets up and hitís an elbow on the champion. She gets a cover, but Trish kicks out at two. Trish jumps up and nails Torrie with a clothesline. She then begins to stomp on her, and pulls her by the hair. She then grabs her and talks trash while pulling her hair. She hitís a snap mare on Torrie, and then stands on her hair. Torrie then tries to get up, but cant as Trish is standing on her hair. Trish then drives an elbow, followed by a knee to the face. She gets a two. Trish then pulls up Torrie and talks trash again before slapping her to the ground. She pulls her up again and talks more trash. She goes to slap her again, but Torrie counters and hitís a DDT. Both women crawl to their feet, and go punch for punch with Torrie coming out on top. She hitís a neck breaker on Trish and gets a cover, 1...2...TRISH KICKS OUT!!!

Torrie pulls Trish up and goes for a suplex, but Trish counters into the Stratusfaction, Torrie fights out and throws Trish into the ropes and follows up with a dropkick. She gets a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Torrie pulls Trish up again, but Trish reverses and gets a small package on Torrie, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! The ladies get back up, and Trish ducks a clothesline and hits Torrie with the Chick Kick. She gets the cover, 1...2...TORRIE KICKS OUT!!!

Trish is shocked. She starts to panic and begins to punch at Torrie. She hitís a clothesline, but Torrie kicks out again. Trish is irate. She starts to kick her opponent on the ground and stomps on her head. She covers again, but again, Torrie kicks out. Trish goes to the outside and picks up her title belt, but the referee stops her from using it. She argues with the referee, and Torrie takes her by surprise with a school boy, 1...2...TRISH KICKS OUT!!!

Torrie then hitís a Spinebuster on Trish and gets another cover, 1...2..FOOT ON THE ROPE!! Torrie is shocked. She sets up Trish for a Spear, but Trish side steps it, and Torrie goes into the ring post. Trish then hitís the Stratusfaction and quickly gets the cover, 1...2...3!!! Itís over. Trish wins. She cant hide her relief and grabs her title belt before walking out, as she walks up the ramp, she shakes her head in disbelief of the challenge she was given by Torrie. Torrie is helped up, but she is upset after losing a hard fought battle.

A Preview airs promoting WWE Nemesis, on October 17th. This will be a RAW & Smackdown production and the narrator refers to it as the event that will be known for going to the extreme.
Matt & Lita prepare for their match up next.

Eddie Guerrero interview. He talks about tonight, in the main event, Smackdown will beat RAWís assess thanks to some Latino Heat.

We then see a limo pull up. We see the driver open the door to let out the passengerÖ.VINCE MCMAHON They arena begin huge BRET chants to his dismay.

3rd Match: Inter Gender Challenge:
Matt Hardy & Lita vs. A-Train & Dawn Marie
Overview: The two teams stare down in the ring, and then both back away. Matt & Train start things off. They tie up, with A-Train showing his strength, shoving Matt to the corner. Matt gets up and runs at Train, but A-Train catches him and hits an enormous beil.

A-Train then throws Mattís head into the middle ropes and presses his knee into the back of his head. He then chokes him in the corner until the count of four. He then whips him into the opposite corner and runs after him to the corner, hitting a big clothesline. He then looks to Lita and smiles. He goes toward her and grabs her by the hair, but she gets him away with a huge slap. He is irate. Train grabs her, but Matt saves Lita with a dropkick from behind to Train. He then bounces off the ropes and hitís a big side effect on his larger opponent. He gets the cover, 1...2..A-Train kicks out with authority.

Both men then make the tag to their partners, and the two divas run at each other, taking each other down. Lita gets the better of the action and hitís a number of right hands to her opponent while Dawn is on the mat. She picks her up and goes for a twist of fate, but Dawn fights out and runs to tag Train back in immediately. Lita goes to make the tag to Matt, but he catches her just before she can. He hitís a power slam on her, and then a big splash, 1...2...Matt breaks the count. Hardy then throws a few right hands at A-Train before being pulled away by the referee. He is banished to the outside by him, and meanwhile, Lita nails a low blow on A-Train, and then jumps to the top. She hitís a Litacanrana on Train, but Dawn nails her with the Inter Gender belt, while the referee is still arguing with the referee.

Dawn makes a tag with A-Train and begins to stomp on Lita. She hitís a number of elbows on her and then makes a cover, 1...2...Lita kicks out. Dawn then hitís a suplex, and rolls into another cover, 1...2...Lita kicks out again. Dawn then gets frustrated. She tags A-Train back in and he stalks Lita around the ring. Matt Hardy then loses his patience and runs in to attack A-Train. He brawls to the outside with him as Dawn get back in to fight with Lita.

She goes for a clothesline, but Lita ducks and hitís a Twist of Fate on Dawn as she turns back. Lita then goes up top and hitís the Moonsault. She gets the cover, but the referee tells her that Dawn is not legal. Lita is shocked. She turns around, and is met by a Baldo Bomb from A-Train. He gets the cover, 1...2...3!!! Matt tries to break the count but he is too late, A-Train picks up Dawn and he carries her out of the arena. Matt consoles Lita in the ring and apologises for not being there. They walk up the ramp to a great response after a great effort.

Backstage, we see Vince stop outside Bret Hartís dressing room. He waits outside for a moment before bursting in. Bret jumps up and asks him, ďWhat the hell do you want?Ē.
Vince just smiles. He says that not too long ago, Bret greeted his boss with a big smile, and would be willing to do anything. He says that this is his last chance to back out of the match at Survivor Series.
Bret tells him that nothing will stop him from going to Survivor Series. He then goes face to face with Vince and asks him if he wants to back out. Vince shakes his head. He says that he has been waiting for this match for the last seven years. Bret then tells him, that not only has he been waiting for this match for seven years, in his head he has lived this match for seven years. Vince then loses his smile and looks almost worried. He back away and slowly walks out.
Backstage we see Shawn Michaels preparing for the Ten Man tag match later tonight.

4th Match:
Rhyno vs. Rey Mysterio
Overview: The match stars off with Rhyno running at Rey. Rey leaps over Rhyno, and as Rhyno runs at him again, he hits an arm drag. Rhyno bounces up again, and again is met by an arm drag. He whips Rhyno, but this is reversed, and Rhyno goes for a Powerbomb. Rey rolls through and goes for a roll up, but Rhyno kicks out at two. Rey goes for a Hurricanrana, but Rhyno counters and hitís a Powerbomb this time Rey kicks out at two. Rhyno looks surprised at this.

Rhyno picks up Mysterio, and then goes for a Piledriver. Rey counters with a Hurricanrana on the Hardcore Champion with a cover, 1...2...Rhyno powers out. Rhyno goes for another clothesline, but Rey again is too quick and ducks. He then goes for a German suplex, but doesnít have the power, and Rhyno reverses and attempts a German suplex, but Rey grabs the rope, the then gets the cradle on Rhyno, but he kicks out at two.

A frustrated Rhyno then goes to the outside to think for a minute. He slowly gets back in the ring and asks Mysterio to go for a test of strength. Rey looks around to the crowd before deciding to accept. Rhyno lures him in and hitís a kick to the gut. He then hitís a big clothesline to Mysterio, taking him down. He hitís an elbow before applying the body scissors. He locks the hold in for a long 40 seconds. Rey looks set to pass out, and the referee puts his hand up twice with the hand falling each time. He lifts the hand again, but this time, it stays up and Rey fights out of the move with a succession of punches. Rhyno gets up and runs at Rey, but Mysterio trips him with a drop toe hold into the ropes. He goes for a 619, but Rhyno moves. He hitís a spinebuster on Mysterio upon his return, but only gets a two count.

Rhyno then sets up Rey for the Gore. He runs at him, but Rey sees him coming and hitís a dropkick to Rhyno, followed by a bulldog. He goes to the top rope and hitís a 450* Splash. He gets the cover and thinks itís over, 1...2...RHYNO GETS FOOT ON THE ROPES!!!!

Rhyno then pulls himself up into the corner to get his senses back whilst Mysterio argues with the referee. Rey runs to the corner and goes for a Tornado DDT, but Rhyno reverses into a modified Press Slam. He then goes for the Gore again, but this time, Mysterio moves and Rhyno runs into the ring post.

Rey then gets a roll up, but Rhyno kicks out immediately. Rey goes up top for a splash, but as he jumps down, Rhyno hitís the Gore!!!! He gets a cover, 1...2...MYSTERIO GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES!!!!

Rhyno argues with the referee and then goes for Rey again, however, Rey leapfrogs him, and pushes Rhyno into the middle rope. Rey hitís the 619, and then goes for the West Coast Pop. Kanyon then appears through the crowd and pushes Mysterio off the ropes. The referee doesnít see Kanyon, and therefore the match continues.

Rhyno then sets up Mysterio for the Gore again, but Rey moves, and Rhyno Gores the referee. He turns around and is met by a DDT from Mysterio. He gets a cover, but there is no referee. Kanyon gets in the ring and hitís the Grand Kanyon on Rey. He then tries to revive the referee. He gets the referee half awake, and then gets Rhyno up. He holds Rey up for the Gore, but Rey moves again, and Rhyno hits Kanyon.

Rey then dropkicks Rhyno into the ropes and hitís the 619, followed by the West Coast Pop. He gets the cover, 1.Ö.2.Ö.3!!!!!! Mysterio wins!!!!
Rey goes up the ramp and laughs at Kanyon as he tries to pull himself to his feet.

Evolution are seen chatting in their locker room. They talk about Flairís submission match later, and then talk about the ten man tag later.
Cena interview. He cuts a rap badmouthing his team mates and then moves onto a rap about the RAW team. He says tonight he is the MVP, because nobody can see me!!

We are then shown highlights of the sit down interview between Jericho and Goldberg from Smackdown. J.R and Tazz then talk briefly about that match, later tonight.

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